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Old 15-May-18, 21:52
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Default Swinging & Wrestling (True Story)

Hi, I would like to share this experience, i know its not mixed wrestling, however we are big into all types of wrestling as a couple, so i would like to share. Feedback would be amazing.

My partner and I agreed to do some swinging added into our wrestling/bondage-wrestling/cat-fighting. We have done all of the above before but never the swinging. We got talking to a couple into the same thing (wrestling etc) but also did swinging so we thought we would give it a try.

I am 24 and my bf is 30, the other couple were both 24. My bf is nearly 6ft and the other guy, Joe was slightly taller a bit slimmer but really muscly and well built. My bf wore denim shorts just above knee and a sports t-shirt, Joe had a tight t shirt on with some football shorts. I was wearing gym leggings and sports bra the other girl had short tight shorts on and t shirt. The more sporty clothing was due to the wrestling. I fought the other girl first and won he he.

Anyway the fight.

They started wrestling, the style was a submission fight. They started fighting, the Joe seemed to get my bf down pretty easily but my bf put up a good fight but ended up started wearing out. He had a good struggle but i could see he was wearing out and getting frustrated as he couldn't get him off. Joe eventually got my bf face down with his arm twisted up his back, one knee on his back and one on back of his neck. I could see it in the face of my bf he really didn't want to submit but the other guy seemed just enjoy having him in that position. I was ridiculously turned on seeing the guy about to fk me having my bf like that. Anyway after a minute or two it pushed his arm further and further up his back until he submitted. He did scream in pain at first then he verbally shouted his submission and tapped his free hand in submission. After he submitted he kept him pinned down with his arm up his, released the pressure so he wasn't in pain any more, but he still couldn't do anything. He said what next, and i had an idea, so i said keep him there a second and i ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. I came downstairs and stood by my partner and the guy holding him down with the handcuffs in my hand smiling. I don't i will ever forget the look on his face as i stood there, he was kind of looking up at me with an angry/pathetic look in his face. I think he knew what i had in mind, and again started to struggle, so he pushed his arm further up his back and asked him to calm down, he had a little tantrum shouting, i remember him saying "those fking cuffs are not going on me". During his struggle he tried to pushing him off or something with his free arm so Joe managed to grab it, so now he had both arms up his back and had them pinned. Joe asked me if i wanted to put the cuffs on, i said no i want you to put them on. I handed him the cuffs, and he had one arm trapped with his leg and the other with his free hand. I could tell the tone in my bf's voice now, it had changed to panic as he used my name and was asking me to stop it. I did feel a bit for him, but i was so ridiculously turned on stopping it would have frustrated me too much. He literally put the cuffs on, took him a few seconds as his arms were already in position. He said "sorry mate, was a good fight" my bf kinda did this growl type noise as he struggled a little against the cuffs. I literally grabbed Joe and pulled him upstairs and threw the cuff keys to him gf and said you might need them. For me it was the most amazing sex i have ever had, more because of what i had seen, not Joe.

When i came downstairs my bf was still in cuffs, she had kept him in the cuffs all that time, i did feel really sorry for him at this point. Apparently she had him give her oral whilst still cuffed up and she used her hand and mouth after with a lot of teasing. She said she never gets to be in control so took the opportunity.

He was pissed off at first, i know he really fancied her and wanted to just f*** her, so i know he was disappointed and he felt humiliated at losing and getting cuffed. He did say after he enjoyed the experience.
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Old 21-May-18, 13:38
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Thumbs up Re: Swinging & Wrestling (True Story)

Great story. I would have enjoyed it even more if it included her match and what her bf & Joe were saying/doing while it was taking place. A tag match would be a good follow up . . .
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Old 23-Jul-18, 01:21
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Default Re: Swinging & Wrestling (True Story)

Fantastic story! I would like to have heard more about your match with the girl. It is hot how turned on you got watching the guys wrestle though. True stories are the best! Thanks
Actively seeking a competitive mixed wrestling experience.
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Old 23-Jul-18, 02:06
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Default Re: Swinging & Wrestling (True Story)

Thank you for sharing. I would love to hear about you maybe forcing him to wrestle against a much larger woman.
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