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Default Crystal’s Scissor Counseling

Crystal’s Scissor Counseling:

It was yet another beautiful day at work for Crystal.

Starting this little business of her’s was one of the best decisions of her life. No more frustrating bosses and corporate overlords, or employee politics. Now, she did things her way and made her own rules. It was a pretty small business all considered, but she was more then happy with it simply sustaining itself and her usual lifestyle. She truly enjoyed her work.

It wasn’t the best location, her small building was a bit of a drive away from most shops and stores, but in a way it suited her perfectly. Tucked away and under the radar. She didn’t have much of a need for a bigger, more expensive, facility. She did it all herself, she was her own boss and employee. She was the only counselor there, and had little need for anyone to sit at the front desk all day.

Despite her underwhelming location, she got enough clients to keep her and her business afloat, because she got results. She mainly relied on online reviews and word of mouth. Many new clients would find her personal ‘counseling style’ strange, and even a bit sketchy at first, but they all ended up satisfied in the end.

Now fully prepared for the day, Crystal sat at the front desk on her laptop, awaiting the arrival of a new client, at 12:00 PM sharp. Her name was Hailey, coming with her boyfriend Aidan for their very first counseling session ever.

“Look at this place.” Aidan sarcastically grumbled as they pulled into the small parking lot out front. “Wait no one else is even here? Just the woman herself? That’s always a good sign.” He smugly added.

Hailey just let out a sigh. “Look, it’s a really lowkey place, but her reviews are amazing. Just give it a chance. You could’ve made a little effort and helped me set this up for us, but you didn’t. I had to do it myself, so the least you could do is stop moaning about it.” Hailey replied flatly. Maybe she should’ve just broken up with him.

As they walked through the front door, they found themselves in a small but comfy feeling waiting room.

“Hello, how are you guys doing today?” Crystal casually greeted them without yet looking over from her computer.

“We’re fine, you?” Hailey replied with a light smile, quickly trying to pretend like she hadn’t just had a less then pleasant ride here with her boyfriend.

“I’m great, here for your 12PM?” Crystal asked, looking up from her computer with a warm smile. At first glance you’d assume it was typical retail fake positivity and niceness, but she genuinely loved this.

“Yeah, that’s us.” Answered Hailey.

“Perfect.” Crystal replied, returning to her computer for a moment

Aidan just let his girlfriend do all the talking. She was the one who arranged it, and he’d rather not be here. This was going to be a long boring hour or so.

“I like it…….this place has like, a cozy feeling to it.” Hailey commented, trying to prevent awkward silence.

Crystal responded a few seconds late, finishing what she was doing on her computer. “Oh it does doesn’t it? Friends will tell me, ‘Crystal you need a better location, in a busier area, the place is too small’, and all that. But I love it here, and I make it just fine. It’s perfect for me. Anyways, I’ll be right with you.” She finished with a small laugh, getting up and stepping out from behind her desk as she headed to the back.

Crystal had dark blonde hair, wearing a simple t-shirt and short skirt. Maybe a bit too short, but there was no boss to enforce a dress code on her.

“Too cheap to have someone work the front desk for her.” Aidan smirked. “What kind of decent place doesn’t have someone working at the front for them?”

A defeated Hailey just rolled her eyes, not even coming up with a retort to that. This lady better be every bit as effective as her reviews claimed, and then some. For the money to be worth it, her and Aidan were going to need it.

Hailey was brunette, dressing casual and comfortable today in just a t-shirt and short shorts.

After a few more seconds, Crystal returned. Holding the door open for them she said “Alrighty, come on through!” She lead them down a pretty short hallway, with only one door on each side, and the one on the left was a bathroom.

“Right in here” Crystal cheerfully announced, leading them through the door on the right. Entering the room, it had a carpeted floor, a couch with a low rectangular table close in front of it, and another much smaller desk with a laptop and lamp in the corner. A decent sized room with an even cozier feeling to it.

“You guys can just have a seat over there on the couch.” Crystal instructed, as she went to collect some things from her small corner office desk.

“So before we begin, I’m going to need one of you to sign a few papers. Just as a formality. I’m sure you both know how that goes.” She said with a smile, bringing over a few papers and handing them to Aidan.

He was a bit curious at first why he was the only one given anything to sign, but there was no way he was stopping to read over all that junk. Surely just a bunch of ‘legal speak’ that wouldn’t matter anyway.

“Nothing for her?” He distractedly asked, as he quickly scribbled a few signatures and handed the forms back over to Crystal

“Ah, well she’s the one who set this up for you two, and already paid up in full. Things with her are already covered.” Crystal answered with a quick believable excuse. Many people would surely call her approach morally questionable at best, but she wouldn’t be doing it if she didn’t believe it had an overall positive impact. Often, the person the session was arranged for just wouldn’t see it that way……at first.

“Okay, looks like we’re all set!” She happily announced.

“So, to start, I’m going to need your hands behind your back.” She instructed with a bright smile, retrieving a pair of……..handcuffs……..from her desk?”

“Uh…….handcuffs? Hailey are you sure you didn’t screw up and book us with a……..whatever their called. A……..dom…….doma……-“ he mockingly began, the rest of the word was on the tip of his tongue, he just couldn’t quite find it.

“A dominatrix?” Crystal casually finished for him.

“Yeah. That.” He said with a smirk. “Wait…….how would you know?” He said accusingly with a smug grin.

“Aidan!” Hailey forcefully exclaimed in embarrassment.

“Oh it’s quite alright.” Crystal assured Hailey. “A lot of people question my methods at first. I can admit there a bit unorthodox. I don’t do things the way you’d expect, or may even be used to.” She kindly explained. “But as I told you when you first called, they work. If they don’t, you’re entitled to a full refund.”

“Do I really have too?” He finally groaned. “Just to sit and talk? What’s the point?”

“Ugh, Aidan please just do as she says. If you don’t really give it a chance, then this WILL be a waste of time.” Said Hailey, having to speak to him like she was the mother of a troublesome child.

“Okay okay, I will. Don’t worry.” He conceded, standing up and turning around with his hands behind his back.

“Thank you.” A relieved Hailey replied. She had already been expecting more of a fuss.

“No need to worry, you’re not under arrest.” Crystal lightly giggled at her own corny joke, as she securely handcuffed Aidan’s wrists behind his back. “Now, you can have a seat right on the floor in front of the couch.” She told him.

“On the floor?” He asked in confusion. “But there’s room for all three of us on the couch-“

Once again, Hailey just rolled her eyes. It was certainly a strange way to start off, but can’t knock it before they try it. It definitely wasn’t going to work though if he was just going to question and complain every step of the way. She was just tired of even responding to any of this stuff anymore.

“Shhh, don’t overthink it.” Crystal playfully responded. “Just have a seat. The carpet is freshly cleaned, I promise.” That still didn’t make him love the idea of sitting on the floor while they got to sit on the couch, but he begrudgingly did so.

“Ok guys” She began, as she took a seat on the couch directly behind Aidan. “My main specialty is my own creation, I call it……….Scissor Therapy.” She eagerly explained, throwing her legs over his shoulders, leaving a tanned toned leg on either side of his head, and kicking off her heels revealing her white painted nails.

Aidan had no clue what the hell ‘Scissor Therapy’ was, but he could get used to relaxing like this between her warm, soft, bare legs in her cute short skirt. Maybe this hour wouldn’t be so boring after all.

Hailey was just as curious and confused as he was, but she could tell he was enjoying his current position. Embarrassing. Hopefully Crystal didn’t notice.

“From what I’ve quickly been able to pick up on in the few minutes since you’ve arrived, the things we briefly discussed over the phone definitely seem to checkout, and come across as more then believable-“ Crystal spoke to Hailey.

“Hey! what about her and-“ he rudely interrupted, ready to do some complaining about her if she already got to do so over the phone, only to be cut off by Crystal’s legs suddenly clamping shut around his neck, applying a firm squeezing pressure.

“Quiet.” Crystal firmly told him. “Since we’ve met, you haven’t done anything to help your case here. From what I can tell, Hailey seems to have explained the situation quite well on her own.” She cooly replied, relaxing her legs again to let him take a deep breath.

Hailey couldn’t help but let out a surprised laugh at what Crystal did to him. “Wow, I’ve never seen someone stop his complaining so easily!” She joked. “What was that?”

“That……..was your first taste of my ‘Scissor Counseling’.” She smiled. “One of the best things about it is that you can do it yourself at home!”

“Hailey it’s not funny!- Aidan spoke up again, annoyed at her amused reaction. Once again, Crystals thighs closed around his neck, reapplying their firm squeeze.

“Sto-..p……..you……..can’t-“ he began to sputter out between Crystals flexing thighs.

“Actually, I can. You already agreed to all of this. You signed off on it, and Hailey already paid in full for it!” Crystal explained with a smirk on her face, though he couldn’t see it.

She stopped her squeezing again to let him breathe. “So? I’m done with this! I’m canceling it, I don’t care if you keep her money!” A frustrated Aiden burst out after a few deep breaths.

Crystal exchanged a light smile with his girlfriend. “Actually…….you can’t do that either.” Crystal revealed to him with satisfaction. “Part of what you signed transfers full control of the sessions going forwards, to Hailey. Only she can call it off.”

“You’re crazy!” Aidan raised his voice to Crystal. “Hailey get your damn money back and let’s-“ he began to forcefully demand of his girlfriend, until Crystal’s thighs clamped around his neck again. They felt so smooth and soft…….how could they squeeze so hard?

“Oh I don’t think she’s going to be doing that.” Crystal answered for Hailey. “You’re here so we can fix that attitude of your’s. You aren’t going to be making any more demands.” Giving him an extra pulsing squeeze of her thighs as she finished. Hailey watched on almost in awe of how calmly and smoothly she was handling him.

“Crazy……..bitch.” He choked out. He had no more patience now, she couldn’t do this! He’d been begrudgingly going along with this useless ‘counseling’ thing, but now he was done.

“Goodnight Aidan.” Crystal cooed, intensifying the pressure of her scissor. Aidan’s wrists desperately jerked and pulled, trying in vain to break free from the handcuffs. His body squirmed and twisted as much as he could from his sitting position with his head and neck tightly locked between her tanned thighs. He couldn’t even try to pull at her legs to relieve the strangling sensation.

A part of Hailey was concerned as she watched on, but he did have it coming and…….there was something arousing about it. The sight of her at times rude and annoying boyfriend struggling and sputtering between Crystal’s amazing legs, her cute feminine short skirt pushed up against the back and top of his head……..made her stomach flutter. She wanted to try it.

Noticing some conflict in Hailey’s expression, Crystal reassured her “Don’t worry, I’ve done this plenty of times. He’ll be perfectly fine.”

In seconds, his frantic struggles slowed and weakened. “Almost there……” Crystal slowly announced. A moment later, Aidan went limp. Passed out between Crystal’s thighs, his back leaned against the front of the couch. “Perfect.” Crystal said proudly.

“Wow…….that was amazing.” Hailey said after a moment, in awe. She never expected this. “Are you sure he’ll be okay though?”

“Yes, of course! As long as you make sure to stop as soon as they go out, they’ll be fine.” Crystal assured her.

“Sorry that he’s been a bit of trouble.”Hailey sheepishly said to Crystal.

“Oh no worries. Aidan’s far from the first to need a ‘firm hand’. Or should I say a firm squeeze!” Crystal giggled, Hailey doing the same. “Really, giving patients like Aidan a nap between these *lightly slapping her own thigh* never gets old.”

As Crystal went over to grab something from her desk, Hailey shyly but enthusiastically asked “Do you think I could try? Squeezing him with my legs?”

“Oh of course, it’s much better if you do!” Crystal told her, coming back over with a pair of headphones. Hailey smiled, she couldn’t wait to get him deep within her legs, and feel his struggles between her thighs for herself.

“I like to use these ‘affirmations’ while their asleep, it subconsciously sinks into their minds and speeds things up.” Crystal explained, putting the headphones over Aidan’s ears.

The recording of Crystal’s voice began to play over and over in his ears.

“You want to please your girlfriend.”

“You’ll do anything to make this relationship work.”

“Being under her control is helplessly arousing.”

“You’re weak. You fear your girlfriend’s legs. You can’t stop her.”

“Her thighs make you feel oh so weak.”

As soon as Aidan’s eyes began to flutter, Crystal removed the headphones. He thought he was dreaming…….something was replaying in his head over and over.

“How was your nap Aidan?” Crystal playfully asked. It took him a second to remember where he was.

“Did you just……knock me out?” He groggily asked.

“Yeah, she did.” Hailey laughed.

“Let me go……now. You’re both…….insane.” He slowly told them, his mind still foggy from the knockout. Hailey frowned, was it not working?

Crystal just came and sat back down behind him as if this was expected, applying a different hold this time. She swung one leg up, curling it so the back of her leg was pressed snugly against his throat, and locking it in with the other. Making a tight figure four headscissor.

She just casually cranked it like it was the most normal thing ever, cutting off his breathing once again. “So, this is a figure four headscissor. It’s more fun if you mix it up a bit, squeeze in different ways.” She said to Hailey.

His desperate struggling was much weaker this time, still fresh off passing out once already. His face began to change colors between Crystal’s legs, as he weakly squirmed and gurgled. “Shh don’t even fight it Aidan, she’s got you.” Hailey teased him, starting to get into it now.

Soon, he fell back to sleep, wrapped up tightly in Crystal’s strong legs. “Fast asleep, all ready for more affirmations!” Crystal announced, putting the headphones back on him.

“How many times do you have to do this?” Hailey curiously asked.

“I think my part is done. When he wakes up again, your legs are going to put him to sleep for the first time!” Crystal grinned. Hailey’s eyes lit up with excitement.

When Aidan’s eyes finally began to open yet again, Hailey wasted little time sliding over into Crystal’s spot and throwing her own legs over his shoulders, kicking off her flip flops.

“Anxious to get started?” Crystal teasingly asked Hailey. She loved it when the girl in Hailey’s shoes finally got into it themselves.

“Oh, definitely.” Hailey replied. “This is waaaay better then what I was expecting!”

Realizing it was now his girlfriend’s legs around his neck, Aidan threatened “H-Hailey, don’t you dare…….I swear, i-if you do this, we’re done.” He said, trying to sound as authoritative as he could while knowing he was helpless to actually stop her, and in fear of being knocked out again.

After looking to Crystal for her approval, Hailey firmly replied “Oh just shut up Aidan, we’re making this work.”, pulled his head snug to her crotch, and began to squeeze. Hailey didn’t have the strongest legs, but with her boyfriend both still restrained, and already severely weakened by Crystal’s legs, it didn’t really matter.

“Hail-…..ey…….-sto….p” Aidan choked out from between her thighs, weakly squirming as her legs pressed against the sides of his neck.

“No, Aidan. Things are going to be different from now on.” She calmly told him. She was in control now, and she wasn’t going to put up with any more of his rude, lazy, attitude.

Crystal quietly watched on as he weakly choked and gurgled between his girlfriend’s thighs, both in interest and excitement for Hailey. One of the best parts of working with a girl like Hailey, was getting to see their confidence rise, and eventually take over and begin asserting more control in the relationship on their own. It was quite the transformation from the unsure and mentally defeated girl who first walked in.

Instead of continuing to knock him out, Hailey relaxed her legs, letting Aidan gasp for air. It was then, that Crystal decided she was ready for the next step.

“I think it’s time we remove those handcuffs, I’m sure it’s getting a bit uncomfortable for him.” Crystal said, getting up.

“Um……are you sure that’s a good idea?” Hailey anxiously asked, questioning Crystal for the first time. She had quickly began enjoying her newfound control, but she wasn’t so sure she could maintain it without the handcuffs.

“Trust me.” Crystal assured her with a warm smile, getting the key from her desk and unlocking the handcuffs. It was normal for her client’s confidence to briefly retreat once the restraints came off, but getting used to it without any restraints was an important step.

Still breathing deeply, Aidan let out a light sigh as his hands were released from their secure position behind his back, he was finally able to move his arms again. Before he could even think to try and get up in his weak state, Hailey’s thighs quickly tightened around his neck.

This time, it was different. He wasn’t under their control anymore. He could fight back now……….or so he thought.

As his hands went to her legs to rip her leggy grip right apart, to his horror he found that he couldn’t even relieve any of the pressure, never mind burst free. Crystal and Hailey’s legs had already weakened him far too much to escape.

Hailey’s anxiousness and concern vanished as she watched him weakly pull at her squeezing legs, to no effect. Even without the handcuffs, she was still the one in charge now. His arms were free, and there was nothing he could do about it.

“As you can see, all that time between our legs has left him much weaker then usual.” Crystal explained. “That whole time, we were also squeeeeeeezing his strength out.” Crystal playfully added.

Aidan continued to desperately pull at her legs, he couldn’t believe it. He was free now, and he still couldn’t stop his girlfriend. “H-Hail-……stop……..please……” Aidan choked out, no longer defiantly demanding, but almost begging. He really didn’t want to be put out again.

Part of her wanted to stop and let him go as he finally changed his tone, but she knew she couldn’t let herself be weak and relent already. She had to make her point, and really show him who was in charge now, if there was going to be any lasting change.

As Crystal had done before, Hailey simply told him “Goodnight Aidan” and poured on as much pressure as she could muster.

Crystal continued to quietly watch on, a little pleasantly surprised now as Hailey began to put him to sleep herself with no encouragement needed, and seemingly with no doubt or hesitation.

Soon, Aidan’s weak struggles slowed, and he passed out again, his hands slipping from Hailey’s thighs.

“You did great.” Crystal finally spoke up, as Aidan went out. “People usually aren’t confident enough to go for their first knockout all on their own in the first session.

“Oh….thank you.” Hailey shyly and lightly laughed. She’d actually even surprised herself a bit, now that it was done.

“I think we’re at a good stopping point, and have about hit our time. So, what did you think?” Crystal asked her.

“Oh this was amazing. The way you just controlled him so easily with your legs, and then even I could!” Hailey said excitedly.

“So you want to continue then?” Crystal asked.

“For sure.” Hailey smiled.

“Perfect.” Crystal said, getting up and then asking Hailey with a warm smile……….

“Same time next week?”

End Of Story……..or is it?

- Believe it or not, the vast majority of this story was written last October, then finished and polished up many months after that, and I’ve it had it saved unposted for months now. Better late than never, I guess. A bit of a throwback for me in the way that there’s no model pictures for the characters in this one.

- My first and only Headscissor based story so far. If you like a scissor focused story, leave some support on this to show there’s an audience for it. This may be a one and done story, or I may continue it later. We’ll see. It’s another one of my ‘open ended’ ones.

- The ‘Affirmations’ stuff was just experimental and something a little different, for fun. In case it has to be said, I’m fully aware it doesn’t work that way in real life.
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Default Re: Crystal’s Scissor Counseling

I really like the premise, mate. Couples counselling meets Female Led Relationships. Seeing Hailey grow in confidence was a lot of fun, and I am eager to read the story as it continues. It is one thing for Hailey to take over the scissor domination after Aiden has been weakened by Crystal, but how will she handle things once she is alone with him? How will she get him to return for their second session? Despite it being such a shock for him, perhaps some small part of Aiden will WANT to return for more thigh therapy. Thighrapy. I hope so.

Don't be too concerned about the clinical reality of the affirmations. They are a fun conceit and it would be fun to see them have an impact on Aiden.

In short, I really liked this story, mate. Hell, I might pay for a thighrapy session with Crystal myself...
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We Can Do It Re: Crystal’s Scissor Counseling

Great story! It made me wonder what other ills might be conquered by scissor tberapy?
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Default Re: Crystal’s Scissor Counseling

Definitely needs a part 2, she didn't show how effective her counselling is at changing behaviour and those white toes weren't utilised
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