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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After


Thrown down to the mat with a fierce force behind it, Nikky looked up almost in disbelief at the person who just threw her.

Wiping a light sheen of sweat from his forehead, Daniel Derrick looked down at her with eyes widening in disbelief as well.

It took ten minutes, but finally, he knocked the Wildcat off her feet.

A worthy accomplishment in itself.

“It’s about time,” she remarked, almost in recognition of that before getting up.

Wearing only a sports bra and black workout shorts that clung generously to her shapely hips, the brunette casually brushed herself off and nodded towards the turnbuckle where his workout bag was, implying a break at last.

“You...didn’t make it easy,” he remarked too, going back to his corner in the practice ring to collect his water bottle, wiping his face with his T-shirt along the way.

“Nothing ever is easy around her, Daniel. Not even training,” she reminded him, adding, “But that hip toss counter was good. Hesitated slightly, but if your opponent’s groggy enough in the ring, a few seconds’ delay won’t matter. What does matter, is the followup. Ground game is your specialty, so I’m not too worried there.”

Nodding in understanding, he took a swig out of the water container and went back to the veteran sexfighter.

“Any other observations?”

“Yes.” Stepping up to him with an amused smirk, she told him, “You still get distracted. Often.”

Daniel furrowed his brow some. “My eyes were on you the whole time.”

“Yes, they certainly were all over me,” she pointed out wryly, asking him, “Daniel, what color is my new pedicure?”

“Black,” he answered, without even hesitating.

He quietly cursed under his breath, inadvertently validating her critique.

Still smiling, she questioned him again, “Do you know why I always spar with you barefoot?”

He almost hated answering, but found the words anyways, “Because 99% of my opponents wrestle without shoes on.”

“They wrestle barefoot specifically because they know where your attention will be focused at,” she further told him. “Now, I don’t mind it at all. It’s actually kind of flattering, but in a match, your eyes should always be level with theirs. And if you do take your eyes off them, it should be to focus on a suitable body part that you can exploit to win a fall. Make sense?”

Sighing, he nodded, “Yes coach.”

“Everybody makes mistakes in this League. Mine was tagging with someone who didn’t have his priorities straight. You, at least, seem to be on the trajectory towards something..." There was a hint of pride in her voice as she continued on to say, "...especially after your victorious PPV debut against The Goddess and Apollo.”

“I had help in that match,” he admitted to her, drinking again. “Melanie basically won the match once I made the tag.”

“That’s the point of tag team wrestling, sweetie. Someone’s gonna do the heavy lifting, and someone’s gonna be the star. Why do you think Brad and I work so well?” she smiled at him, giving him a playful pat on the cheek before twirling around on her heel and strutted back to her corner.

There, she grabbed her championship belt, draped visibly across the top turnbuckle pad, looking at it with a reverent look in her dark eyes.

Slinging it around her shoulder, the slender brunette returned to him.

“Once upon a time, this belt belonged to Hunter. Somehow, him and his downgrade of a wife managed to beat Katie and Jen for the belts, something they still haven’t gotten over. I love those girls, but they do tend to hold grudges…”

Daniel only sighed in affirmation, knowing that all too well.

“I could see how much it meant to him, how much being champion inflated his ego. And I will admit, Jimmy was always happiest when he had gold around his waist,” she mused, even using his real name instead of his ring moniker.

Affectionately, she began tracing the nameplate before a grin of satisfaction crossed her features. “So I took it away from him. I took away the one thing that made him feel like he actually accomplished something, and now he’s just a sad little boy chasing after something he’ll never get back. Sure, he gets to call himself King now, but this is my kingdom now. And everything he does will always be overshadowed by me.”

Too intimidated to interject with his own thoughts, the male sexfighter listened on as Nikky continued, seemingly captivated by her own malevolent genius. “Every time me and him are inside the ring, Survivor Series fluke aside, I’ve humbled him. And even with that stupid crown on his head, I am and will always be the superior sexfighter.”

Daniel had to admit, though: Nikky attained a whole new level of hot when she really goes all in on her ‘alpha bitch’ persona.

There was just a certain assertiveness and casual callousness about every word she spoke, the demeanor in which she spoke them even, that nearly gave him goosebumps.

Finally, he responded, “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I’m his weakness, Daniel. Just as your insecurity is your weakness,” she told him candidly.

Daniel was somewhat taken aback. “I’m not insec-”

“You’re not insecure in the traditional sense.” Her eyes flickered down suggestively to the slight bulge in his shorts, before going back up to his flustered features, “No, you’re still stuck in a pretender mindset, when everyone else around you has a contender mindset.”

Pretender? What’s that supposed to me-

“Kate and Jen sense that insecurity within you, Daniel,” she spoke to him, interrupting his thoughts. “That’s why they’ve been targeting you. Plus, they really hate losing, so you’re kind of a double whammy of opportunity. You’ve got so much potential, but all that self-doubt just holds it all back.”

Daniel started to rebut, but his mouth couldn’t form the words.

He was actually stumped, unable to get anything out at all.

The same could not be said for Nikky, however. “Did I ever tell you why Hunter and I broke up?”

He shook his head no.

Nikky continued to stroke the nameplate on her belt before reminiscing with a bitter tone, “Hunter lost sight of what being a champion actually meant. He wanted to be the good guy, kinda like you. Except, when it actually came to the big show, he screwed up. Badly.”

He listened on as she continued, “He hesitated on a move, one that he’s done a hundred times before. But because of the woman he was about to do it to, he hesitated, and the bitch capitalized. We lost our titles, our top ranking, our undefeated streak as a tag team, all because of his little mistake. We basically lost everything that night, and all Jimmy had to say at the end of it was, ‘I had to do the right thing’. You have no idea how much that pissed me off.”

“Don’t former champions get rematch clauses?” the young man pointed out.

“Sometimes. It just depends on how much stroke you have with management,” she said somewhat ominously, “Back in those days, the Commissioner wasn’t our biggest fan, so I guess that answers your question.”

“Long story short, I didn’t see him as an equal after that night. He let me down in ways he would never understand, so I left and forged my own path. Became the best possible version of myself in the private leagues without his sentimental dead weight dragging me down.”

She finally finished her story, “Do me a favor, Daniel. Don’t let me down, like Hunter did. Melanie may have bailed you out on the PPV, but this tournament is everyone for themselves. You earned your way into being a contender, so carry yourself like one.”

“I’ll do my best,” he answered solemnly.

“I know you will. You’ve got too much potential to be one of Hunter’s little charity cases, anyways. But for now, focus on the opponent you have tonight. Remember what we’ve talked about, and don’t let her get in your head like Kenzie did.”

Switching her title over to her other shoulder, Nikky looked up to see Daniel’s eyes following the subtle movement.

And in that moment, a fresh smile adorned her slender features.

Daniel didn’t even intend for it to happen, but his eyes were absolutely fixated on the centerplate on her tag title belt, spurred on by something deep inside him.

Recognizing this, Nikky stepped closer to the Dangerous One, almost welcoming his glare.

“Now you look like you have your priorities straight,” she breathed up at him in an excited tone, gripping the title just a little tighter.

And then...


A sudden vibration from her phone demanded her attention.

Walking over to her gym bag, the brunette activated her phone and quickly read a text message, reporting back to him, “I’ve got a meeting with management, non-negotiable unfortunately. We’ll pick this back up next week.”

“Sure. Have fun,” he said, offering a smile as he took another drink out of his bottle.

“Believe me, I won’t.” Slipping her tennis shoes back on, Nikky exited the ring and came down the steps, heading towards the exit of the training facility. “Remember what I said, Daniel. Eyes up!”

Watching her leave, the young man let her parting words fully settle within him before starting to run the ropes in preparation for tonight’s match….


Melanie's hand nearly slipped off the top rope, but she held firm to the cable at the last second, using it to push the rest of her body up off the ring apron.

Pure heart and overwhelming fatigue waged a brutal war within her, but somehow the petite blonde managed to power through it all.

The arena being on her side certainly helped to alleviate some of the wear on her muscles, allowing her to power through it all and focus on the task at hand.

Willing herself up to the very top, she grasped the top rope with both hands now, her feet perching up underneath her to allow for a better grip.

Then, with the entire crowd watching her, she rose up like a bird of prey about to take flight, her topless chest slightly heaving but her overall posture still withstanding.

Her male opponent, staggering back to his feet, turned around just in time to receive a surprise from above.

With a cry, she launched herself into the air, maneuvering her lithe form to land horizontally across the unsuspecting chest of Brandon Beefcake!

Knocking him down with an impressive flying crossbody, she rolled off his downed body and let the momentum carry her to the nearby ropes.

Grunting out at the impact of her torso slamming into his, the red headed young man stayed on his back for only a few fleeting moments before clambering back up to his feet.

Sporting a thin beard that matched his ginger hair, the lean muscled male let out an irritable growl as his petite adversary was already up on her feet, and ready to go.

He took the initiative with a running clothesline easily telegraphed and evaded by the spry Bux Bunny who ducked underneath his arcing forearm.

Bouncing off the ropes, she also ducked underneath his follow up knife edge chop, her feminine speed carrying her to the other side of the ring just as he twirled back around.

Deciding to use both hands as she came back into range, Brandon lifted her up with both hands underneath the blonde’s armpits, going for a popup power-

“Uggghh!” In mid-air, Mel suddenly slammed both feet into his chest in an aerial dropkick, dropping the larger man almost instantly while she twisted her body around to land on her hands and knees like a cat.

The two competitors were downed once more, but with the ginger sexfighter now feeling the brunt of the discomfort.

Grabbing at his bruised pectorals, he crawled towards the ropes with Melanie already up and walking not even ten seconds later.

Checking to see that her panties were still attached, the jade-eyed woman sauntered towards him with a groundswell of Bunny chants accompanying her.

“Getting tired, champ?” she teased him, noticing his heavy breathing.

“Tired of getting my ass kicked by a hundred-pound girl?” he threw right back at her with an exasperated smirk. “Sure, but I’ll never get tired of this!”

Punctuating his remark, he lunged at her with a desperate clothesline, one that Melanie easily saw coming once more.

Bux easily sidestepped his attack- just what he wanted.

Stopping mid-motion, he suddenly brought the other arm back and caught Mel with a swift back elbow to the back of her head before she could see it in time.

Knocking the blonde woman down, he pounced on her back, his arms encircling her naked chest and firmly grabbing her orbs.

Lifting her up, Brandon gave Melanie's breasts a sensual squeeze before popping his hips back and throwing her backwards in a slightly modified belly-to-back suplex!

The crowd let out a collective wince as Bux Bunny’s neck impacted the canvas, with the rest of her body flailing down as a result of the redhead’s signature Breastplex.

Rising up to a sitting position, the male sexfighter cracked his neck eagerly before floating over to her fallen form.

Pressing his chest against her legs, he whispered up at her, “Let’s get these out of the way.”

Then, he quickly yanked down her panties, baring her freshly shaven womanhood at long last.

“And let’s get formally introduced to each other now…”

Moving his head closer between her thighs, he licked his lips almost in a cartoonish flourish before lashing out with his tongue and orally penetrating her back pussy.

Eating out the startled Bunny, Brandon put his more than serviceable oral skills to work and drilled deeper and deeper against her womanly folds.

Gripping her thighs with both hands, he flicked his tongue up and down with about as much sexual fervor as one could muster at this stage in the match.

Melanie's body warmed up to his oral attentions immediately, loud and blissful moans coming out of her mouth with her hips swaying ever so slightly to involuntarily grant him even more access to the feminine treasure.

Licking his way towards almost certain victory, Brandon couldn’t help but cock a half-smirk to the cameraman at ringside before delving even further into her womanly depths, feeling her snatch grow wetter and wetter by the second.

“Oh fuck, fuck...fuck that’s good!” came Melanie's impassioned voice, now ripe with lust and sexual desire.

Liking the sound of that, Brandon intensified the sexual act, working towards a more focused and frenetic tempo that would dampen her walls up even more….for his cock to smash into!

Moaning out with the ginger man’s head still buried between her thighs, Melanie rode the wave of pleasure building and building in her crotch, and then brought one hand out…

… only to wedge it underneath her chest and help push her up off the mat.

Adding her second arm, Bux Bunny, biting her lip as more lust-filled words threatened to escape, brought herself up and started to crawl towards the ropes.

Responding to her sudden movements, Brandon increased his tonguefucking of the attractive blonde, hoping to offset her momentum.

But that hope was quickly squashed once she brought herself up off the mat fully with one knee pushing up.

She was nearly up to a foot when the redhead finally retracted his tongue and grabbed on to her other ankle, growling irritably but unwilling to let go of his petite prey so soon.

Trying to wriggle free, Melanie hobbled on only one leg with Brandon standing up, still holding her other foot with both hands.

She craned her head over her shoulder to see his determined expression, roughly estimating his current position, before suddenly kicking off the ground with her free foot.

Twisting her body in mid-air, Melanie caught Brandon Beefcake right off the side of his head with a clean enzuigiri.

Nailing the kick in a fluid motion, she felt his grip grow slack around her ankle up as the ginger staggered back in a groggy stupor, obviously unprepared for her defensive strike.

Landing on her belly, she shot up without hesitation, now eyeing the reeling redhead with focused jade eyes.

With a cry, she slammed the top of her foot against his knee in a sharp round kick, bringing him down to her level instantly.

Zeroing in on his lowered head, the youthful blonde took a steadying breath before surging forward and putting her endgame into motion.

Kicking off his bent knee, she wrapped her shapely thighs around his neck and pulled the leggy noose tight in her signature headscissors!

Her naked pussy grinded up against the back of his head as she formed a deadly triangle with her calves cutting into his air supply, the modified figure 4 eliciting a massive pop from the fans.

Brandon tried to stand back up, only for his knees to buckle once the appropriate pressure to his neck was applied.

Strangling him with measured yet powerful pulses, Melanie pulled back on her ankle until his face started to go purple, and then-

“Fuck, I tap! I tap!” the redhead suddenly wheezed out, desperately tapping out on her thigh in addition to his verbal capitulation.

Hearing his pained voice before the referee could even touch her, the blonde woman relinquished the vice grip, landing on her feet in front of the kneeling man with both hands around his throat.

“And that’s all she wrote,” she grinned out in weary triumph with the bell sounding to officially end the match.

“Winner of the second fall with a headscissors submission….and winner of the match….BUX BUNNY!!!”

The crowd came alive with joyful noise as Melanie took a playful bow, her entrance music blaring triumphantly.

Raising her hand in triumph as she stood back up, the official briefly checked on Brandon before exiting to allow the victorious woman her moment in the ring.

Soaking in the applause for a few moments, the petite, now naked woman turned to her defeated opponent, who was still on his knees.

“You okay?” she asked him in a slightly concerned voice.

Waving her off, he answered with a sullen thumbs up, obviously disheartened at the loss but at least humble enough to straighten up his posture and accept the match outcome.

“Good. I’d like you to finish what you were doing there, ‘kay?” she grinned at him seductively, walking up to the kneeling man and stretching out her labia for him.

Accepting the open invitation, he leaned forward and, grabbing around her hips, plunged his tongue inside her once more.

Eating out Bux Bunny with a gradually built up sexual fervor, he eventually got her back to where he originally wanted her, and then only went up from there.

Lavishing her inner folds soothingly, he kept at it, one eye watching Melanie's facial expression change from just aroused to almost swooning and shivering at every sensual lick of his tongue deep inside her.

“Mmmmm, almost...almost…..” Her face scrunched up in lustful surrender, one hand going to rest on top of his head and caress his red hair in affectionate movements.

Nothing more to lose, he kept pleasuring her orally, all the way to the end.

“.....fuck, I’m there!” Screaming out her erotic destination, Melanie's pussy makes that statement comes true not even a second later, gushing out her orgasm all over his facial features.

Humming out with her womanly juices flooding out and drenching his face, the blonde gave him an appreciative rub on the back of his neck, his arms still wrapped around her waist.

“Thanks,” she mouthed down at him with honest gratitude, stepping away and exiting the ring while Brandon picked himself up and began shuffling to the back as well.


“People say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but they need to check tonight’s forecast because Melanie adds another impressive win to her belt after an outstanding performance on the Summer of Sin PPV,” one of the commentators exclaimed, talking to the cameras while the girl in question sauntered past them on the entrance ramp and headed backstage.

“Brandon is one of our rising stars here in the SFL, someone who’s definitely on an upwards trajectory. His most notable win to date was against Sara Steele, another fellow redhead, but more importantly a recognized veteran here. So her getting two straight falls over him is quite the accomplishment for Melanie, but also a bit of a wake up call for the young man: it’s not just the strong Amazons you need to be worried about here. Anyone and everyone can take you out of this game if you’re not too careful, and Bux Bunny, especially after conquering two ring Gods in their own right, is not one to be taken lightly. Now or ever!”

The JumboTron then cut back to the highlight reel of the first fall, touching open the opening sequence, Melanie's suicide dive to send him into the barricade, a few impressive power moves delivered by the redhead in eventual retaliation, and finally, her ending the round with a handjob victory in the turnbuckle corner.

It then went forward in time to the second fall, with many of the moments the crowd had just witnessed being shown again, including the elevated headscissors to cap off a well-balanced and fast-paced opening match to the show.

And that was only the beginning.


Missy Thompson’s smiling expression soon dominated the screen as the camera panned out to her crimson sundress on the interview set.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time...Gavin “The Great” Gallagher!”

The cocky sexfighter’s face came into frame to a chorus of boos from the onlooking crowd.

Wearing an expensive-looking suit with his jet hair slicked back, the young man looked like he had just come out of a suave gala at some high-end penthouse.

Except for the shiner just underneath his left eye, of course.

The lone reminder of his match with the Japanese newcomer, it stood out amongst his otherwise well put together look and smug features.

“Gavin, last week on the PPV-”

“I got beat by Kanami Honda,” he finished for her, leaning forward to condescend her, “That was what you were going to say, right? I mean, it is your job to tell me something I already know.”

The brunette turned to the cameraman briefly before asking curtly, “Any thoughts on the match outcome between you and Honda?”

Gavin gave only a scoff, eventually admitting, “It wasn’t my night. She won, I lost. Even greatness has off nights sometimes. You wouldn’t know what’s like, obviously. But believe me, that Asian bitch has not seen the last of me.”

“Thank you. Now, there are ongoing preliminary matches for the Intercontinental Title tournament, which will be held in just a few-”

“Oh wow, there’s an Intercontinental Title tournament?” Gavin feigned surprise, his patronizing tone further irritating the interviewer.

Straightening out his tie some, he got back on track, “In all seriousness, I’m glad that Blondie is finally letting the rest of us take a crack at that belt she’s been hoarding since last year. In fact, I decided to drop my name in that little hat the Commish was throwing around a few days ago.”

“Oh yeah?” the interview asked him.

“Yeah. And once I qualify, I might as well go ahead and win the whole damn thing,” he proclaimed confidently. “Sure, it’ll be tough, but I like it that way. And when I do win....”

His lips formed a pompous smile. “I’m gonna make the Intercontinental Title great again. You’re welcome in advance.”

On that note, he promptly exited the interview set…


“Revvin' up your engine…”

The arena audience came alive as soon as those all-too-familiar guitar riffs kicked in, and Dan Danger made his presence known.

Emerging out of the curtain, the young man, no longer a rookie, walked with a newfound confidence as he gazed out into the cheering sea of humanity greeting him.

Wearing a recently released Danger Zone T-Shirt in addition to his wrestling briefs and boots, Daniel stopped to take in the moment- and what a moment it was!

Seeing Dan Danger signs from the front rows to the higher-up sections, his smile was as wide and appreciative as it could possibly be with the ring announcer actually having to speak at a slightly louder volume over the fans’ voices.

“The following bout is a sexfight to be contested under normal conditions. Introducing first, from North Beach, California, and weighing in at 170 pounds….”

Starting down the ramp, he mentally prepared himself for the impending explosion of voices all in unison, shouting out-

“DAN DANGER!” both the announcer and crowd exclaimed.

Slapping a few high fives on the way down, he jogged up the steps and entered inside the ring with the Kenny Loggins classic accordingly kicking into high gear.

As he ascended up the first turnbuckle to pose, the cameras cut briefly back to the commentators.

“Dan Danger defied the divine will of a Goddess, and tonight, he’s about to get mythological once again against the mystifying, mesmerizing, and most certainly mighty Mermaid,” one of them exclaimed.

“I’ve seen a lot of kids come and go in this place. They get weeded out pretty quickly, but Daniel has impressed me with his last string of performances. And by the reaction he’s receiving now, I’m not the only one. From green-as-grass novice getting thrown to the wolves almost immediately to beating one of the top tag teams in the company, all within a relatively short span of time, he has come a long way. And let’s not forget he’s already qualified to be in the IC Tournament.”

“Yep, and you can bet our current champion, Mandy, is going to be watching this young man very closely. This may be just a standard exhibition match, but make no mistake about it, anything he does in that ring will certainly be studied and dissected by not just her, but all the other sexfighters joining him in this tournament…”

Back in the ring, Daniel could barely hear the announcers conversing intently over at their table, but he knew they were talking about him, and that was what mattered.

What also mattered, was keeping his run of good fortune going and hopefully taming this Mermaid character.

He had done his research, and now, it was time to see how much his opponent lived up to her hype.


Author's Note: The usual...

- Nikky is a very interesting character. She sees things in people, things they themselves don't see. I'll just leave you with that morsel of information for now...

- As always, appreciate all the kind words and feedback, especially from all of the regulars. If i go down a list, I'll inevitably miss someone, so I'll just say: to everyone who's ever read, thanked, PM'ed, or commented, my sincerest thanks are extended to you. And please share the love and constructive critiques with the other stories set in this universe: @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], and @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].

- Brandon Beefcake's model is Gregoire Tine. Elsa Jean for Bux Bunny.

- We're hitting the ground running next chapter, so if you're going to get any pre-match predictions in, now would be the time.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I really like Mel's character, especially when she is winning matches in a clean sweep like she did with Brandon. But honestly, looking at her avatar pic above, who wouldn't want to be forced to submit between those thighs?

The training scene with Dan and Nikki was very cool. I always love seeing the motivations of female wrestlers, and Nikki is a very driven and focused young woman. Some of her thoughts on Hunter were a little subjective, but I can't fault her seeing things from her own perspective. And is there any woman in the SFL who doesn't know all about Dan Danger's worst kept secret: His foot fetish? We're finally seeing the mighty Mermaid in action! I can't wait to see her make her debut in your epic wrestling sage, mate. Thank you very much for continuing this.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Looking forward to the match against the Mermaid! Is it part of the IC tournament or just a regular match? Wasn’t sure if anything is on the line for Dan in this one (aside from pride).
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

One small thing, shouldn't it be two falls not three? It's whoever takes two falls, not how many there actually are. You may have let it slip there are going to be three falls with that. Not a major thing but just thought I'd point it out. These matches are usually best of 3 after all so either 2 or 3.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Originally Posted by honeryx [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
One small thing, shouldn't it be two falls not three? It's whoever takes two falls, not how many there actually are. You may have let it slip there are going to be three falls with that. Not a major thing but just thought I'd point it out. These matches are usually best of 3 after all so either 2 or 3.
Yeah, you're right. I've gone back and changed it now, so thanks for letting me know!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I gotta say the stories of these series collaborative or solo do not disappoint. Now this is more aimed at Lac than anyone else but I hope Hunter and Tigress can take the title from Nikki. I love her character and what she brings to the table so I think seeing how she reacts if Hinter does take the title from her would be a great insight into her psyche. Still consider his wins flukes, she flies off the handle in rage, gets her confidence shattered...just so much that can happen with her if she's no longer Alpha.
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Nikky's talk with Dan regarding the pretender/contender mindset was interesting. It reminds me of something Dan said during his date with Melanie last chapter, when he was wondering if he was moving too fast in the League, wondering if he was ready for the next level of competition. He does seem like he's been dwelling on that, questioning both his position in the SFL and even, at times, downplaying his role in his own victories. Of course, part of that doubt has led him to Nikky, putting him in a place to learn about his own weaknesses. His decision to go to Nikky always seemed like a very consequential one, and I'm glad that this story thread is continuing past the tag match. Very eager to see where this ultimately goes.

But enough of that character stuff, let's talk about that Bunny match! In all seriousness, I didn't expect to see her here, but I'm very glad that we did. Mel was out of commission for so long, I'm happy to see her really settling back into a groove, and especially with such a dominant victory! The post-match tribute was definitely the nicest one we've ever seen too, so cordial. Maybe it's odd, but I think knowing that Melanie is such a nice and stand-up person actually adds to her sexual charm. Can't ever say no to reading a Bunny match, thanks for including it!

Someone I wasn't happy to see though was Gavin. But hey, he's a fair heel, and it takes all stripes to make the SFL go, right? Other than his sparkling personality, the one thing I associate with him is his victory over Chelsea Cheer...which makes me slightly suspicious of his inclusion in this chapter. Does he get that qualifying match...against Chelsea? If they might match up again in the future...I may not like the guy, but I'd definitely fear for his safety.

No guesses as to the specifics of Dan's match, but I think he comes out victorious. She'll push him, and it won't be easy, but I'll take Dan at the end of the day.

Lots of teases in this chapter and the last, but I think you're on point when you said you're set up to hit the ground running. Can't wait.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Week After

Daniel was still waiting in the ring once the show came back from commercial, lightly pacing around the ring with the female referee standing patiently at attention.

Nikky told him always to remain in character, always to maintain an air of confidence even when the cameras weren’t on, but even he was letting the anticipation get to him a little bit.

Sam told him she was not only a prolific surfer in her free time, but also someone who’s trained to be an Olympic-level swimmer.

He only briefly flirted with that level of training back in college, and for someone to actually thrive in that kind of athletic environment, her ring conditioning must be unreal.

Obviously, his slight anxiety was a little excessive given that there were no palpable stakes to this match, but in the SFL, bragging rights was always the understood wager of every match.

Thankfully, the waiting was finally over once his opponent’s music hit.

Images of the Pacific Ocean with a pair of a woman’s hazel eyes superimposed over them filled the JumboTron, a very vivid visual to accompany the opening melody of a Maroon 5 song.

“Now that’s a throwback,” Dan thought to himself bemusedly, standing in place with the lyrics of one of their signature pop rock songs thundering throughout the arena.

Sauntering out to a sizable ovation, the brunette woman was a pleasing drink of oral consumption from head to toe.

Tanned skin. Slender curves. And a pair of legs that looked like they were practically sharpened on the powerful ocean waves of the West Coast.

“....and introducing his opponent, from San Diego, California and weighing in at 125 pounds, she is….THE MERMAID!!!”

Eschewing any apparent desire for a more extravagant entrance, she wore only her ring gear: a black string bikini and pair of matching high heels.

Daniel also rocked the minimalist approach, so he didn’t mind it at all.

The commentators were already building up her noteworthy two-win streak as she graced past them, hips swinging intently towards the squared circle.

Acknowledging the fans briefly on the side barricades adjoining the ramp, she eventually made her way up the steel steps.

Hazel eyes locked on the Dangerous One as she strutted across the ring apron, taking in everything she saw….

Then, kicking off her heels, she ducked underneath the top rope and entered inside with a confident toss of her raven black hair.

Observing her approaching form with her music dying down, Daniel made even more lightning-quick observations.

She was about 5’7 or 5’8 barefoot, so nearly up to his nose in height.

Her breast size was (thankfully) nowhere near as big as Kenzie or Awe, but they were still bigger than Melanie's or Chelsea’s, so it was a well-balanced medium between the two extremes.

Going below the waist, it was clear the majority of her power was contained within those shapely thigh and calf muscles.

He would have to be careful of those, especially on the mat.

Walking up to him, the Mermaid extended a friendly hand towards him, a surprising act of good sportsmanship.

“Name’s Maya. I’ve heard so much about you, Dan Danger.” Her voice had a slightly mature cadence to it, and, given her well-developed and slender frame, he deduced she was probably a few years older than him.

Stepping forward, he squeezed her hand firmly. “Good things, I hope,” he replied somewhat warily.

“Every little thing I learn about my opponent is always good for me, Daniel,” she told him, still smiling.

But she continued on, “Good job shutting up Kenzie, by the way. Watching her meltdown after that match was probably the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in weeks around here.”

“Can’t take all the credit for that but appreciate the kind words. I hope you’re equally kind to the little guy after the match,” he smirked.

“Oh, don’t you worry, Daniel.” She leaned in to whisper into his ear, “I’m always gentle with guys on their first time here.”

Well, guess it’s gonna be like that, then.

Maya backed away towards her designated corner, leaving Daniel to do the same.


Eyes up. Eyes up. Eyes up.

Muttering to himself repeatedly, the male sexfighter launched out of the corner with the match officially underway.

Staying just out of range, he darted around the four corners with Maya proceeding at a calm yet brisk pace.

The brunette projected a very easy to see confidence in her body language, somewhat justified given her win/loss record at this point.

How, and perhaps if Dan could use that to his advantage, however, remained to be seen.

But for now…

Surging forward with a grunt, Daniel took the initiative with the traditional opening grapple.

Maya met him halfway, holding up her end of the collar-and-elbow tie up.

Teeth clenched. Forearms clashed. And both competitors dug their heels in for the initial struggle to see who would win out.

Fortunately for the Dangerous One, that was decided within a matter of seconds.

With ease, he muscled her into a side headlock, putting the typical squeeze on the brunette woman before she could do much of anything about it.

He anticipated her reaction to be a lot more violent and frantic than it was, but the Mermaid didn’t fight the forearm pressure on her neck as much as he thought.

For a reason, however, that he was about to find out.

Intertwining both her legs with just one of his, the California brunette reached around his waist and then threw herself to the canvas, taking him with her.

She was still trapped in the headlock, but now they were both side-by-side on the mat, but not for long.

Taking the opportunity to twist her head against his armpit, Maya brought her body over on top of his and, bringing his torso up off the mat, wrapped those toned legs around his midsection before he could do much of anything about it.

A slight grunt was forced out of the Dangerous One as her lower limbs clamped shut against his lower back, ankles crossed and calves pulsing their fleshy pressure on him.

Sitting on his belly, she used the disconcerting distraction of the bodyscissors to free herself of the headlock, able now to stare teasingly into his grimacing expression.

“I know you’re into all kinds of kinky things, Daniel. But I am curious…” Her smile grew sultry as her thighs remained wrapped around his torso. “You a legs man, too?”

He admitted sarcastically, “Usually when they’re not trying to crack a rib or two, yeah!”

“Mmmmmm…” She purred back at him, “I’ve got to soften you up some, baby. Make you all nice and docile before my pussy takes you the rest of the way.”

She had a sexy voice, undoubtedly, but even that didn’t distract the young man from spotting a new opportunity just behind her.

“Think I prefer to do it on my own terms.” Grunting in sudden exertion, he placed his hands around her hips and lifted them both off the mat!

Getting his feet underneath him, he pushed upwards with the Mermaid still constricted around his torso, now forced to grab the back of his neck with both hands for support.

Bringing himself to full standing, he hefted his opponent up some before staggering forwards, building up momentum until finally-

“Uggghhhh…” Maya’s legs loosened up immensely as he sent her crashing backfirst into the nearest corner turnbuckle.

Easily able to shake free of her potentially destructive grip now, Daniel backed up gingerly.

One hand went briefly behind his vertebrae, checking it, and then the other grasped the middle rope.

Keeping to his normal routine, the Dangerous One launched his upper torso at his opponent and caught her with a shoulder thrust.

She lurched forward as he slammed his shoulder into her once….twice...and once more to finish off the trifecta.

Rising up, he grabbed her out of the corner, guiding her towards the middle of the ring.

Pressing her chest against his, he wrapped both arms around her in a waistlock, and started to lift her up and overhead for a belly-to-belly.

Sensing what he had in mind, Maya suddenly brought her legs up to coil around his torso once more.

And when she did, that already familiar squeezing sensation returned to plague his sides.

Clinging on to him in mid-air, she tossed her hair to the side and grinned devilishly at the visibly irked Dan Danger.

“You really love these suplexes, huh?” she teased him.

“They hurt my opponents, so yeah. Why, you scared?” he shot right back at her.

Her legs tightened around his kidneys as her bodily response to that, before she officially answered him, “I prefer not to get flung around like someone at a circus.”

“Sure.” Shrugging almost casually with this slender woman still constricted around him, Daniel told her bluntly, “Have it your way.”

With that said, he dropped to his knees and brought her down to the ground in a modified spinebuster.

The Mermaid, judging by her grimace, wasn’t expecting that.

She also wasn’t expecting him to get up almost immediately after, grabbing her ankles in the process.

Without hesitation, he swiftly stepped his right leg between her legs, and began to wrap her shins together around his bent knee.

Just as quickly, she backpedaled back on her hands as fast as she possibly could, narrowly evading the Sharpshooter attempt and scurrying backwards until the back of her head touched the corner where they had just been at.

A visible flicker of apprehension dominated her eyes for a moment as she looked up at the standing young man with a confident grin spreading from corner to corner.

“Oh yeah, I’m good at those, too,” he told her.

As if on cue, a resounding sound graced both of their ears: Danger! Danger! Danger!

That was quickly growing to be Daniel’s favorite thing to hear in the ring.

Reaching upwards to grasp the top rope, a now more contemplative Mermaid pulled herself up to her feet.

Something had changed in her demeanor as she stood, her first prerogative not being to retort, but simply to leave the corner and advance towards him with a heightened level of caution.

Daniel remained where he stood, only raising his arms in a grappling stance as she neared him.

They collided once more in a collar-and-elbow tie up.

He tested her strength for a moment and then promptly superseded it, twisting underneath her right forearm and emerging on her periphery.

From there, he captured her near arm in a chicken wing, reefing back on her shoulder joint until he felt her cry out in pain.

Now that, was another sound he enjoyed hearing.

Controlling her with ease from behind, he kept wrenching on her arm while slipping his other arm underneath her neck and locking in a one-handed rear naked choke.

Both his limbs attacked her body from two different points, and the combined pressure from those two holds started to wear on the Mermaid already.

Her struggles, while initially lively and somewhat energetic, lost much of its thrashing frenzy once he started to guide her down into a kneeling position.

Every moment of active resistance on her part was met by a punishing wrench on her shoulder or his forearm compressing even tightly under her chin.

Thus, she was brought down to a knee, raven hair framing her agonized, struggling expression with the Dangerous One going down after her.

Still controlling her upper half, he intensified both submission holds to continue weakening the California woman.

By the way she was gasping and groaning out, at least, it was working.

Or, at least, seemed to be…

“Fuck!” came the anguished voice of the Mermaid, somehow still slightly arousing as her voice was naturally husky.

“Looks like you should’ve stayed in your ocean, babe,” Daniel taunted her. “Don’t think your sea legs are gonna help you much, here.”

It wasn’t his best one-liner, but it would do.

“Nggghhh…..” Shaking her head as the hold deepened, Maya finally grunted out, “You’re….cute.”

Spiting his own words, seemingly, her legs suddenly shot up, amazingly above her head and squeezing Daniel’s unsuspecting face in between them.

In the heat of the moment, the Dangerous One relinquished his grip over her and tried to pry those dangerous limbs off before they could incur any lasting damage.

Exactly what she wanted him to do.

Now with all four limbs free, she pushed upwards on her palms and straightened those fleshy bars clamped around his neck with overwhelming force.

Forcing him to stand back up as the pressure came to bear around his neck, Maya elicited a surprised reaction from the crowd and announcers with the surprise headscissors locked and loaded on the Dangerous One.

To draw out an even more awestruck response, the brunette woman pushed herself up into a handstand, effortlessly supporting her body in a stable, inverted vertical position.

Even more incredible was the fact that while she balanced herself on her palms, she was still able to strangle him with her thighs…

….. and then flip him to the canvas not even a few seconds later!

Twisting her body towards the ground to catapult Derrick off his feet, she landed on her shoulder while he was flung to the canvas in an inversion of the standing headscissors takedown.

Hitting his tailbone upon impact, he sat up with a look that conveyed many emotions at once, and none of them particularly enviable.

“I stand corrected,” he thought to himself, regretting his earlier taunting remark and focusing on getting back up to face whatever trick she had to throw at him.

Now on his feet, he turned around only to get blasted backwards in a powerful shotgun dropkick!

He felt his chest nearly cave in as both feet drilled fiercely into his sternum, sending the rest of his body flailing backwards a meter or two away.

Getting his world rocked once more, Daniel brought himself up out of sheer instinct, now definitely dreading what was waiting behind him.

Closing the distance between them, Maya gave a great shove to his back, sending him into the corner.

Backing up a few steps, the Mermaid, having apparently rejuvenated herself from the initial rough start to the match, dashed forward to keep the offensive edge on the Dangerous One.

That involved first launching herself off his right knee, and then twisting her hips to deliver a swift step-up enziguri to his head.

It was a perfect setup...until her opponent evaded its actual execution.

Ducking her swinging leg before it could knock him even more loopy, Daniel briefly went down to both knees while the surprised brunette flopped unceremoniously to the canvas.

Capitalizing on her missed attempt, he pounced on her like a panther, grabbing hold of her waist once more.

“Gotcha…” Bringing them both up off the mat, he bridged backwards and delivered a resounding German suplex before she could wriggle or worm her way out of it.

Letting go upon impact, he rolled towards the center of the ring to regather his own bearings while his opponent rolled in the opposite direction- underneath the bottom rope!

Running a steadying hand through his own hair, slightly damp now, he pushed up on one knee and started towards the brunette pulling herself up on the ring apron.

He knew she already had a counterattack from the moment his footsteps neared her.

As such, Daniel allowed the appearance of obliviousness all the way until he was within striking range.

Proving his point, she broke out of her ‘daze’ and went in between the top and second rope to attempt a shoulder thrust.

He sidestepped her upper body attack, and then promptly lashed out with a knee right to her exposed chest before she could retreat to the outside.

Stunning the slender woman who cried out in pain, he followed up by grabbing both arms and dragging her back fully into the ring.

Delivering another knee into her torso for good measure, he hooked his arms underneath her armpits, weaving them over her back until his fingers clasped together in between the brunette’s shoulder blades.

With a great cry, he planted his feet in the middle of the ring and lifted her up into a vertical position high in the air.

Keeping his hands clasped together, he kept the woman hoisted up for a solid moment or two to let the anticipation in the crowd build.....

Now. Mentally pulling the trigger to complete the butterfly suplex, Daniel fell on his side while Maya crashed entirely on her back, letting out a sharp wail as a result.

Up on his feet just as the referee walked over to silently check on them, the young man paused to listen to the crowd.

So far, the predominant chant was favoring him, but there were the occasional Mermaid chants here and there.

He looked down on the groaning brunette, cracking a slight grin, “I know you said you hated taking suplexes, but it’s kind of my bread and butter here. Plus, you get in the ring with Dan Danger, you’re gonna feel a whole lot of things before I really get started taking you apart.”

Nikky was already rubbing off on him, maybe in ways he didn’t entirely love, but a bit of trash talk here and there never hurt.

Echoing her point, if he wanted to be taken seriously as a contender, he had to act like one.

Demonstrating that fact, he grabbed a fistful of hair and dragged her back up to her feet.

Getting her close to him, he promptly Irish whipped her into the ropes.

She rebounded back, only to jump over the male sexfighter dropping to his belly on the mat.

Maya hit the ropes once more, and then was picked off her feet, spun over onto her back, and then emphatically driven into the mat via a smoothly delivered snap powerslam!

Feeling a great oomph! escape her body as soon as the maneuver connected, Daniel rested back on his knees, already figuring out what to do next.

He always did his best wrestling at a slower, more methodical pace.

And thus far, his strategy was working wonderfully for him.

“Fuck….fuck,” Maya whimpered beneath his contemplating expression, her back arched achingly at the damage inflicted to it already.

The corner again?

He rolled his neck eagerly. Oh yeah.

Not done yet, he brought the wincing woman up to her feet, and guided her to the turnbuckle.

Placing her up against the corner, he delivered a couple of shoulder thrusts, each one eliciting the appropriate reaction from the leggy brunette.

Then, he went down to his knees, right in front of her.

One hand delicately loosened up the string of her panties, unraveling it teasingly as to let the crowd exactly what was about to happen.

Finally, he removed her bottoms entirely, revealing her neatly trimmed womanhood ripe for the taking.

Nothing more to really say, the Dangerous One dove right in and got to it.

His mouth would first grace her sex with exploratory interest, sucking and licking at the outer lips of her pussy.

Maya had been rattled by a fair share of suplexes, but now she was subject to Daniel’s fastly growing sexual specialty: pussy licking.

Running his tongue along the delicate, smooth folds of her womanly flower, he replicated the many sexual movements that seemed to work well for Melanie during their late-night ‘sex-training’ sessions.

Flicking along her entrance, he brought himself close to her pelvis to allow his tongue a better angle.

The Mermaid gripped the middle ropes tightly.

She had braced herself for more physical punishment, but the oral caressing of her most sensitive area had taken her by surprise.

Eventually, with the outskirts of the womanly cave had been rendered damp enough, he proceeded deeper, lapping at the inner folds of her snatch.

It was only a matter of time before his tongue sought out her clit and began fluttering over it with due diligence.

He knew he was starting a sexual fire within her, evident by the ways her hips involuntarily rocked against his cheeks and, perhaps, more tellingly, by the way she moaned out with a look of pure ecstasy on her expression.

By lingering some on her clitoris, he hopefully ensured that that fire would stay bright and burning.

“Mmmmmm fuck that’s good.” Another good indication, spoken from the woman herself.

Flicking his tongue teasingly along her womanly pearl, he was smiling excitedly already as the Mermaid grew wet.

He felt her fingers curling around his hair, keeping him right between her legs, right where he was doing the most damage to her, sexually at least.

“You’re so thoughtful, Daniel...” Her normally husky voice dropped to a sultry whisper, audible only to his ears.

His tongue probed even deeper now, eliciting a happy coo from the purring brunette.

Continuing to stroke his hair, she whispered out with a smile growing on her face, “...putting your head between my thighs like that.”

Daniel kept on licking, tasting victory already.

It was only a second or two later that those last words finally hit him- just as her leg muscles snapped shut around his head.

Trapping him like a crocodile in a swamp, she pulled him all the way against her moist pussy with her lips encircling his head in a formidable triangle.

“Ack!” As the initial wave of disorientation and disbelief pulsated through Daniel’s brain, his body reacted too late to stop the headscissors from being completely applied.

Tightening her hand into a fist around the back of his head, she cranked her legs together even tighter with his face forcibly pressed up against her womanhood, compressing his neck arteries while suffocating him at the same time.

Still purring out with his tongue embedded within her femininity, she now had another reason to be happy: namely seeing Dan Danger struggling and squirming between her powerful legs.

Maya whipped her hair back, taunting him sweetly, “I know you haven’t been here that long, but that was a rookie mistake, baby. But I appreciate you making it easy for me. I’ll be sure to repay the favor soon.”

With the benefit of hindsight, he should’ve just done the deed while she was flat on her back rather than take the risk of having her in a standing position.

It was a regrettable yet necessary teachable moment for Derrick, but by the way her legs were squeezing him, he may not even be conscious enough to regret it further.

For the moment, he kept doing what he was previously doing, tonguefucking the brunette while suffering through her near unbearable leg muscles.

The pleasure never ceased for the Mermaid, but she was quickly catching up to him in the pain department, constricting her thighs around his rapidly reddening expression.

His senses were flooded completely with her pussy, and a scary lightheadedness was starting to take over….but the Dangerous One didn’t give up.

Even in her aroused state, Maya was somewhat perplexed but mostly irritated by this.

She squeezed him harder. “Tap, baby. Make it easy for yourself.”

And yet, Daniel kept on licking, emboldened by the fans and by his own perseverance.

Her annoyance (and determination) only grew as she continued to mock him, “You eat pussy good, but I’m not that easy. You’ll be drooling over my legs long before I cum.”

Daniel orally ravaged her until the oxygen deprivation finally began to take its toll on him.

That lightheadedness suddenly morphed into a drowsiness that worked its way through his muscles, weakening his body and draining away at his concentration.

He lurched forwards…..

…… and then caught himself up on one knee.

Right after that initial grogginess threatened to set in, an adrenaline surge kicked in just in time.

His eyes shot open, and he brought his other knee up.

A second later, he rose up to his feet, shocking the Mermaid who had assumed the Dangerous One all but defeated at this point.

Grabbing on to her thighs, he summoned a massive burst of energy out of his backup reserves and, with the entire arena watching, hoisted Maya out of the corner and onto his shoulder.

It was a tremendous task, one that wore on his somewhat fatigued upper body, but he relied upon his strength training to see him through.

Stumbling towards the center of the ring, he staggered forwards with the brunette raised up on his shoulders, in a very familiar position.

Maya vainly attempted to flip backwards and reverse it, but his plan was already set into motion before she could go through with it.

“Hah!” He drove the Mermaid backfirst into the canvas with an impressive powerbomb, resulting in a thunderous thud on the canvas.

The crowd popped huge for the explosive resurgence from the Dangerous One, and he wasn’t even finished yet.

Now, confident that she wouldn’t resist, he seized her ankles, stepped over with his right leg before wrapping them around his extended limb, and then promptly turned her over on her belly.

Maya’s expression, dazed and almost delirious from the mixture of pain and pleasure still inside of her, transformed into a screaming grimace as Daniel leaned back into the expertly applied Sharpshooter.

Holding her legs in place, he firmly compressed her lower back much to the delight of the fans and the writhing displeasure of his opponent.

“FUCK! FUUCK!” she cried out in a desperate tone, fingers scratching at the canvas with an invisible weight of pressure bearing down on her spine.

“Nowhere to go,” he taunted her silently, reefing back with the ropes far and away out of her reach.

It really was no wonder she fought so frantically to evade this submission earlier in the match.

Kneeling down partially on her vertebrae, he cranked and cranked back on the specialized leglock until-

Maya’s hand slapped the mat desperately as the pain concentrated in her spine grew to be too much.

Recognizing her physical surrender, the referee tapped on his shoulder before calling for the bell.

He let go of her limbs and practically collapsed on the canvas as the announcer’s voice rang out, “Winner of the first fall with a submission via Sharpshooter….DAN DANGER!!”

Maya painfully felt up her wracked spine while Dan, taking a moment to catch his breath, clambered up to embrace the approving roar of the audience.

“Way to start strong, Danger,” he told himself proudly, going over to his corner for the rest break.

Now let’s finish strong.


Author's Note:

- I'm contemplating doing Keiji/Awe and Charlotte/Rescue alternate endings. Any interest in seeing those, just out of curiosity?

- The model for Maya is Isabela Soncini.

- Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I had never heard of Isabella Soncini before, but your pants-burstingly hot description of her in this first fall has turned me into an instant fan. I am very much a leg man and definitely prefer brunettes to blondes, so I was already predisposed to like the Mermaid. Your writing skill has infused her with a playful and confident personality, too, which simply makes her irresistable. She lost this first fall to Dan Danger, but it honestly seems like the fall could have gone either way. I hope she is able to recover her senses and continue to give Dan all he can handle in round two.

Oh, and I liked how she taunted him about always looking after a guy on his first time here. She clearly has done the math and is aware that Daniel is a ring virgin. There has been no mention yet of his foot fetish, but she seems so intelligent and ring savvy that I am sure she knows about that, too.

All in all, a delicious introduction to Maya and a fantastic first fall. Thank you very much, mate.

PS. Oh, after you told me her name, I immediately googled Isabella. One of the good things about your stories is that I am often introduced to very lovely women of which I might not otherwise be aware.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

That was a fun fight, refreshing to just have a good back and forth match without any backstage drama going on. And yes, I'd love to see those alternate endings, please.
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