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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I would love the alternative ending
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Good lord I've got a lot to catch up on!
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: The Path Ahead

“You owe your entire career to us, Daniel. And now, it’s time for us to collect on what’s owed. And believe me, we’re gonna take more than just our pound of flesh from you.”

Those words still occupied space in the Dangerous One’s head rent-free even a full week later as he started to pummel the punching bag once more with his taped-up fists.

Rocking his usual T-shirt and workout shorts inside the training facility, the male sexfighter vented out his frustrations with great physical skill at the packed leather.

Punch after punch...forearm after forearm, all helping him to better control his emotions in preparation for the match he would have tonight.

A match against an opponent he wouldn’t know until he was already in the ring...and also, an opponent who Shock and Awe would be very comfortable in the chances of her actually beating him.

Striking the same spot for probably the fifth time with his right fist, he took a small break.

Collecting his thoughts, he picked up his towel from a nearby power rack and dabbed at his forehead some.

He could’ve spent the rest of the day speculating on who his first opponent would be, but that would just be a waste of mental resources.

People might just be warming up to him now backstage, but Jenny and Katie had a lot of connections in the locker room, and those connections were deeply rooted from back in the early years of their careers.

Plus, ever since they took the Mantaur out of action, they’ve commanded an even greater degree of respect backstage.

They could literally ask anyone to face him, and the answer would probably be yes or….in rare occasions, a no with a really good excuse.

Either way, he was going into this blind, relying only on his skills and wits to carry him through.

Wrapping the towel around his neck, he turned back to the punching bag.

There were plenty of other sexfighters going about their normal routines all around him.

Most gave him a friendly wave, but there was one figure in particular whom he focused on.

La Dama.

Strutting past everyone with a look of fierce concentration on her attractive Latina features, the Lady of Madrid nearly had any male (and on occasion female) female pair of eyes trained on her.

Wearing a black sports bra revealing her midriff and booty shorts clinging to her swinging hips, Angelina Tomas didn’t stop until she reached the pull-up bar.

Without hesitation, she grasped the bar with both hands and lifted herself up, working on her upper body strength.

Angelina’s whole demeanor had changed since she was handed her first loss by the Gladiator on the opening match of the Summer of Sin PPV.

Management was so impressed with her debut against the Dangerous One that she was signed to a full-time contract, but he just knew they were decidedly less impressed with their new exotic investment getting upset by someone with literally a quarter of her years of experience.

He had to give Mark props on pulling that win out of nowhere somehow, but, watching the intensity in which Tomas was now exercising, he also felt a slight worry for whoever would step into the ring with her next.

And if that someone was him, well…..

“Nice jabs there, Rocky.”

Daniel froze in place.

He knew that voice...hated that voice.

Turning around, he came face-to-face with Chelsea Cheer.

She had on a Dangerous T-Shirt (hope she at least paid for it) and blue jeans, tight enough to perfectly show off her slender yet deceivingly powerful legs.

“You’re not still mad at me about last time, are you?” she almost pouted at him, barely hiding that mischievous smirk she always had on that evil face of hers.

Daniel had to take a second to compose himself before replying, “You almost cost me my career, Chelsea.”

“Almost,” she pointed out, as if that made any difference. “But you still won in the end, Daniel. Like I knew you would.”

Now she was trying to cozy up to him. Pretty convenient with the Mantaur and Kenzie both out of the picture.

Even still, he knew he had to navigate the conversation pretty carefully, knowing how unpredictable she could be.

“You know what, the PPV is behind us. You did what Kenzie told you to do. That’s between you and her. But there’s nothing, and there always will be nothing, between you and me. Am I getting through to-?”

She cut him off abruptly, shifting closer to him and speaking in an almost concerned tone, “You need to listen to me, babe. I’m trying to help you.”

He chuckled at that. “Chelsea, you handcuffed me the last time we were in the ring.”

“So?” she scoffed at him, as if that was a normal occurrence. “Dan, people here do all kinds of fucked up shit to each other. That was just foreplay compared to what I can really do to you.”

He stayed silent, already dreading the full scope of her sadism.

“Anyways…” Twirling around a strand of hazel hair, she told him, “Shock and Awe have really got it in for you. They’ve been talking to us girls all week, recruiting and stuff.”

“Let me guess, they talked to you, too?” Daniel smirked.

Chelsea gave him an almost offended look, exclaiming, “They hurt Mantaur! Believe me, if I was in a room with those two sluts, talking would be the very last thing I’d be doing.”

“I can imagine,” he thought to himself.

“Thanks for the heads-up, but I’ve got it covered.” Faking an appreciative smile at all, he tried to return back to the punching bag.

“But you haven’t even heard my proposal,” she almost whined at him.

“And I don’t want to,” he thought to himself, forcing himself to turn back to her, nonetheless.

“You need my help, Daniel. Whether you want to admit it or not, we’re in this together,” she told him adamantly.

Knowing full well what this young woman was capable of, Daniel limited his more colorful use of the English language and just told her in blunt terms, “We’re not allies, Chelsea. Us having a common enemy doesn’t make any of the crap you did to me or Melanie go away. If you want payback for what they did to Mantaur, go do it yourself. I’ll hold my own just fine.”

Chelsea’s expression didn’t change at all, but he could see the obvious frustration in her eyes.

Finally, she spoke to him, “I’m just trying to keep you healthy, Daniel. Those two bitches, they really want to hurt you bad.”

“I’ll make it to the tournament, and I’ll be healthy enough. Maybe I’ll see you there,” he maintained.

Chelsea cracked a devious grin, grinning up at him cheerfully, “That eager to get back in the ring with me, huh Danny? You really are special.”

“I’m going to say this one last time: stay out of my business. I’ll handle Shock and Awe, and you, well, go be you I guess.”

She kept smiling but took a few playful steps back. “The deal still stands, babe. My door’s always open.”

Turning around, she gave a seductive wriggle of her rear. “Front and back.”

As she wandered off, prompting many sexfighters to part to the side before her, Daniel couldn’t help but ponder one of her actually valid points.

He did need some help dealing with Shock and Awe.

But not from that certifiable nut.

No, from someone who knew them far better than he did.


“Hunter! Hunter! Hunter!”

The collective voices of thousands in the arena called out to the prone young man sprawled out in the middle of the ring.

His raven black hair drenched in sweat, the male sexfighter groggily opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was the round shape of a woman’s posterior a few feet away from his face, still covered in a pair of black panties.

Not the worst thing in the world to wake up to, granted…

He then saw that the woman was turned on her side, her long, blonde hair concealing her grimacing expression.

One of her hands was on the small of her back, the other clutching the base of her skull.

Then, he remembered the exact sequence of events that led to this moment: Awe had tried a breast smother in the corner, but he managed to get a decent enough hold of her sides to push them both out of the turnbuckle and deliver a desperate powerbomb.

Katie went down with an audible thud on the mat, the sudden exertion draining most of the stability from his legs and forcing him down as a result.

He remembered all of those things, then also….craning his head to the left, saw his wonderful wife, Amy, leaning over the ropes with her breasts nearly bursting free of her bra.

The Tigress was mouthing something at him, her hand outstretched towards his downed form.

Nearly a full minute inside Katie’s all-encompassing cleavage had dulled many of his senses at the moment, but eventually he was able to make out the urgency on her lips.

Forcing himself over on her belly, he responded to the crowd at last, pushing up on his elbows and dragging himself towards his partner.

Behind him, Katie also had the same idea, crawling towards Shock standing on the ring apron.

It was now a matter of who would reach their respective partner first.

Guided by the rallying voices of the fans, he finally shook off the residual effects of Katie’s ‘girls’, clearing his head to close the distance between them.

Briefly walking on his knees, he prepared to make one final lunge to Amy’s expectant hand….

…. when Jenny suddenly rushed past him and blindsided the Tigress with a running forearm, knocking her off the apron.

A flurry of boos met the powerhouse of the reigning tag champions who had just been made the legal woman, but Shock dismissed them with a mere roll of her eyes, quickly twirling around to face the male sexfighter.

“Guess you weren’t fast enough,” she taunted him, lunging forward and wrapping her forearm around his neck.

With a cry, she sent him back down to the canvas in a swift lariat.

Falling to her knees, the blonde brawler immediately floated over on top of Hunter to straddle him.

He barely had time to shield his face before she began pummeling his midsection, fast and furious fists harshly hammering his abs and pectoral muscles!

Blow after blow rained down on his muscled torso, forcing him to endure the physical dissection while Amy writhed painfully on the floor below.

Jenny wasn’t obeying the ‘no-closed-fists’ rule at all, raw emotion fueling her attack on Hunter.

“You got lucky with my pussy in the corner last fall, you son of a bitch,” she growled at him sneeringly, giving him a hard-right hand to the collarbone for good measure before finally relenting.

“....ngghhh...not my fault you moan like a slut the second someone’s between your legs,” he taunted her after a loud wince.

Jenny’s expression hardened into a cruel scowl. “We’ll see who the real bitch is, Hunter.”

With that, she suddenly spun her entire body around until she was facing his legs, and her legs, well, were on either side of his head.

Grinning out, she yanked off his black trunks, doing away with the final means of protection that the former tag champion had.

At the same time, her legs began to constrict around his neck, sealing him in a reverse headscissors.

“Ready for the shock of your life?” she purred over her shoulder, giving him a punishing pulse of her shapely thighs against his head.

Hunter struggled mightily some against her leggy vice, but even he had to concede the surprising power in those leg muscles squeezing him.

And as his upper half writhed about, Jenny started to lower her head down on his naked manhood now.

Grinning from ear to ear, she nearly had the bulbous tip in her mouth when his legs suddenly clamped down around her torso.

“How about you?” he growled back with a renewed determination, locking her in a headscissors of his own!

She gave a great cry as his legs cut off the attempted blowjob, forcing her to redirect her efforts towards removing his trained, masculine thighs.

And in doing so, he was able to turn over on his side, so she fell with him, a crushing pressure being applied to her torso while the crowd cheered him on.

Crossing his ankles together, he got one elbow underneath him and observed the clear pain written across the now trapped blonde’s facial expression.

Her flailing form caught within his own bodily vice, she was doing near everything in her immediate power to break free….but at the same time, he was doing everything in his power to keep her there.

“Would’ve preferred to do this to your partner, but I’ll gladly take your surrender,” Hunter grinned at her.

“.....fuck yourself, runt!” she struggled to curse at him, the agony from having her ribs compressed together clearly getting to her.

“Close, but not the words I was looking for. Maybe this’ll help.” The young man punished her midsection with an even harsher pulse, causing her legs to nearly go haywire as they kicked out futilely towards the out of reach ropes.

“Fuck….Fuck!” Crying out sharply, she pried at his legs but again Hunter’s grip was near ironclad.

He had her right where he-

“Uggghhh…..” A sharp kick belted right into his blindside, slamming into his exposed kidney with vindictive force.

Grunting out, he instinctively loosened up the bodyscissors, allowing his opponent to squirm free in the process.

“That was for the powerbomb, bitch boy.” Dropping down next to him, Katie wore a scornful snarl as she seized him by the hair and forced him back into a prone position.

Ignoring the referee, she tore her bra off with one hand while bracing her knee against his neck, keeping him pinned down momentarily.

Baring her bountiful breasts, she tauntingly cupped one of her malevolent orbs before swinging one leg over his waist.

“My girls aren’t done with you, Hunter,” she taunted him, about to straddle him with sinister intentions in mind when the Tigress also made her presence known.

Entering under the bottom rope, Amy exploded into Katie with a fierce shoulder tackle, knocking her off her husband and launching both women towards the center of the ring in a single chaotic blur.

Rolling free, she whipped back her raven hair and sprung up with Awe scrambling up after her in a brief daze.

That daze lasted just long enough for the Tigress to connect with a gut kick to the tag champion, slightly doubling the woman over for the challenger to capture her in a front facelock.

Signaling to the crowd with her free hand to hype them up some, she went for a DDT…..

…. only for the recovering Jenny to grab her from behind in a rear waistlock.

The distraction allowed Katie to wriggle free, staggering backwards to see Amy restrained by her best friend.

A smug grin crossed the bare chested woman’s expression at that.

“Time to see what Hunter sees in his new slut,” she mocked her, taking one menacing step forward.

She didn’t make it another step before the male sexfighter’s forearm wrapped around her neck from back in an inverted headlock.

“Unlike you, Amy prefers to keep things natural,” he teased her, nodding at the Tigress before driving the blonde woman backwards into the canvas in a brutal reverse DDT!

Watching Katie roll away clutching her head, Hunter slowly got up.

Bursting into action, the brunette twisted out of Jenny’s waistlock at the same time, throwing her against the turnbuckle corner behind them.

From there, she connected with a running forearm to Shock’s face.

Then with a grunt, she Irish whipped the legal woman across the ring and directly into Hunter’s grasp once more.

Lifting Shock up so that her legs wrapped around his chest before promptly slamming her back down, he delivered an impactful spinebuster that had the crowd on their feet.

Groaning out like someone had just swung a baseball bat into her gut, Jenny arched her back in visible agony with the figure of a determined Hunter towering over her.

“I’ll take Katie. Can you finish her?” Amy asked him, nodding at the downed Shock.

Hunter popped his knuckles eagerly, going down to his knees. “Oh yeah.”

Snagging her panties down to her ankles, the young man seized both of her arms and pinned them by her sides.

Then, without hesitation he enthusiastically buried his head between her thighs, reintroducing his tongue to her awaiting pussy.

With ease, he licked his way into the sensitive inner folds of her womanhood, making a mad rush for her clitoris that almost immediately paralyzed Shock.

“Fuck...fuck, fuck!” she shrieked out, making her apparent susceptibility to oral sex readily apparent to everyone within earshot (which, given the ring mics, happened to be everyone in the entire arena).

Too focused to tease her with words, he instead aroused her with his tongue, aggressively adoring her nether lips while the referee intently watched.

Meanwhile, Amy had exited the ring to deal with Katie who had just finished recovering on the outside.

The busty blonde, sensing movement behind her, made an attempt to escape back into the ring but the Tigress was on her in a second.

Pounding her back with clubbing blows, she eventually slammed Awe up against the crowd barricade.

Seeing the topless woman collapse to the padded floor, the brunette was about to taunt her when a distinctly womanly wail erupted from inside the ring.


Amy looked up hopefully through the ropes to see her husband orally ravaging Shock, eating her out with a lustful, competitive hunger that had the short-haired blonde nearly in a writhing fit.

Smiling, she started to make her way back inside when a pair of hands grabbed her from behind.

With a desperate cry, Awe capitalized on the distraction to shove the Tigress shoulderfirst against the steel steps, resulting in a horrific sound of metal against flesh.

Blowing stray strands of blonde hair out of her face, Katie slid inside the ring after shooting the grimacing brunette one last hateful look.

The metallic sound also caught Hunter’s attention, who lifted his face out of Shock’s damp crotch to see what had happened.

Seeing Awe instead of his lovely wife approaching him, he made an emotional move to pop up and inflict some bodily harm upon the blonde woman- only for Jenny’s legs to snap shut around his neck the same his tongue left her pussy!

Clamping her thighs around his neck, she quickly overcame the pleasurable haze clouding her mind and began choking Hunter, buying her partner just enough time to come up behind him.

Dropping down to his level, Katie reached around his waist and seized his cock, stroking it in firm, authoritative motions.

“Were you being a bad bitch boy, Hunter?” she purred into his ear.

“He was trying to make me cum, Kate,” Jenny told her in an obviously still aroused voice.

“Not ‘trying to’, I was making you cum,” he managed to gasp out, before her legs tightened even more around his throat, forming a body triangle behind his neck.

“Mmmmm, I like how your little guy is responding to me,” Awe teased him, jerking him even faster now to get his lower member to its full size.

“Gonna like….ack….it more when it’s fucking you after...we take those belts,” he wheezed at her defiantly.

She kept on stroking him, working a solid tempo with precum coating his shaft now.

Then, in a much harsher voice, she told him, “Nikky isn’t here to save you this time, bitch boy. And your new partner isn’t even on your level.”

Grunting out, he responded, “Better...than...you think.”

At the same time, the Tigress dragged herself back into the ring, clutching her shoulder with one arm.

Katie took notice of this with an amused smirk.

“My girls will finish you in a bit. Let me go put your new bitch in her place.”

Stopping the handjob mid-motion, she stalked back towards Amy.

Easily ducking a rather clumsy forearm, Katie reached across her opponent's torso with one arm, then connected it with her other hand behind the Tigress’ head.

Then, she fell backwards, driving Amy facefirst into the canvas in a vicious reverse STO!

Attacking the mat hard, Hunter’s partner rolled over on her back with a purely glossed over glint in her eyes.

Seeing her cue, Jenny brought her feet up against Hunter’s chest and kicked him back, simultaneously giving her the momentum to roll backwards and push herself up to full standing in one athletic motion.

The blonde brawler then made her way to Awe, tagging in her partner currently eyeing the now lone member of his team still visibly in the fight.

Able to take her time now, she swung her hips seductively with her powerful breasts bouncing with every cocky step.

“No one to tag, Hunter?” she teased him, strutting past the barely stirring Tigress still on the mat.

Sparing one regretful look at his wife, he glared at her defiantly, despite only being on his knees.

“Guess that’s kinda make it more embarrassing when I beat you,” he ultimately growled back at her.

She responded swiftly by slamming a vicious forearm into the side of his head.

Once...twice….three...four times before settling for grabbing him roughly by the hair.

With his arms hanging loosely by his sides after getting rocked repeatedly like that, she forced his face up against her panties, forcing him to inhale the damp musk of perversion already coming out of her pussy.

“Mmmm, get a whiff of that, bitch boy,” she gasped out, grinding her hips up against his grimacing expression for a few seconds later.

Jenny, still in the ring, definitely enjoyed seeing the male challenger being humiliated in such a visceral, utterly demeaning way.

“That’s what winner pussy smells like, little man. Betcha haven’t felt that since Nikky dumped your ass, huh?” she mocked him even further.

Fingers closing in on his hair, she forcibly smeared her crotch up against his face for a few moments longer before finally stopping.

She then tugged him up to his feet, grabbing him in a facelock while starting to turn clockwise with his neck going along with her.

Awe nearly had the neckbreaker primed when Hunter suddenly twisted out of it.

Now behind her, he shoved her forwards….right into the unsuspecting Shock.

Inadvertently knocking her partner down, Katie stumbled back around to the male challenger who had another present waiting for her.

Driving his knee into her midsection, he followed up by tucking her head under his arm, grabbing her pussy with his free hand and then hoisting her up high in a vertical position above the mat.

The crowd instantly recognized the setup for The Perfect Hunt, an old signature back from his previous partnership with the Wildcat.

And they predictably came alive as Hunter began marching around with the tag champion held up in the air now coming to the same realization, much to her utter horror.

Katie’s legs swung wildly back and forth, but he kept her up, relishing in the moment.

Plus, the blood now rushing to her head as a result of being held upside-down would make the delayed brainbuster that much more effective.

Making an effort to face all four sides of the ring, he let the anticipation build and build until finally it was time.

Stopping, Hunter prepared to fall forward...only for Shock’s right shoulder to collide harshly against the back of his right knee.

Clipping him right at the foundation with a chop block out of nowhere, he immediately lost his balance, his lower limbs buckling underneath him.

With a yelp, Awe plummeted down right on top of Hunter as both sexfighters crumpled to the ground in a tangled heap.

Rolling free, Jenny crawled on her knees with one hand kneading the spot on her forehead where her partner’s temple had accidentally hit.

But nonetheless, the true damage to their challenger had been done.

Lying on his back once again, Hunter groggily opened his eyes to see Katie staring right back at him.

Only she didn’t share in his same disorienting daze.

“You fucked up, bitch boy,” she whispered at him tauntingly, pouncing on him with her weaponized cleavage coming down over him instantly!

Smashing her breasts right up against his face, Awe gripped the back of his head and pulled him right into her dreaded womanly depths.

The breast smother was applied with merciless ease, the male sexfighter’s protesting features nearly swallowed whole by her feminine flesh.

Having already taken a bad fall to the canvas, Hunter’s senses were thrown for a further loop as his nose and mouth were sealed tightly against her bust, oxygen becoming an increasingly rare commodity that was becoming rarer by the second….

Amy was still incapacitated over on the corner of the ring, barely cognizant of what was even happening.

Just to be spiteful, Jenny, gripping the middle rope, used both feet to push her out of the ring and to the floor.

Then, she turned around to see Hunter not in a state much better than his wife.

He tried resisting, but the strength was drained from his body faster than he had expected.

Fatigue and bodily disorientation worked together to create a paralyzing elixir that spread throughout the rest of his body, the lack of oxygen only accelerating the process.

He gave one last valiant buck of his hips, however, before total asphyxiation took its toll.

Sensing his lack of movement, the referee checked Hunter’s wrist, before tapping on Awe’s shoulder and calling for the bell.

The young man was teetering on the edge of consciousness when Katie finally released him from her breast smother, the shining visual of championship gold from her periphery garnering her attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” The crowd was already booing the result, but the announcer kept going, “Winner of the third fall with a knockout via breast smother...AWE…..and STILL SFL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...SHOCK AND AWE!!”

Their music played over the defeated challengers with Katie cockily snatching her belt from the referee.

Leaning back into a straddling position over him, she held up the title with a look of triumph on her expression, her conquering breasts glistening with some of his sweat still on them.

“Better luck next time, looooser,” she mocked him, rising up above his barely stirring body.

Holding the championship up with both hands now, she planted a foot over his chest and stared directly into the cameras, confident blue eyes staring daringly into whoever was watching on the other side…


… prompting Hunter to finally press pause on the television remote, having endured as much of the nostalgic trip down memory lane that he could possibly endure.

Daniel shifted somewhat uncomfortably on the couch next to the recently crowned ‘Ruler of the Ring’, his physical crown proudly displayed on a nearby counter.

Both men simply sat in the veteran sexfighter’s locker room for a few seconds, dissecting the years-old championship match in their own heads.

The television screen showed the still image of a smiling Awe, her eyes seemingly staring the Dangerous One right in the face, which only added to the uneasiness of what he had just seen.

Finally, he decided to speak up, “You came really clo-”

“I fucked up,” Hunter admitted with a surprising amount of candor, rubbing the back of his head.

“Two months of Shock and Awe getting in my head. Insulting my wife, interfering in #1 Contender’s Matches for their titles just because they could. But Amy and I didn’t give up. We kept fighting, kept digging and clawing our way up to them. And when the Commissioner finally gave us our big title shot, I blew it. They got in my head so badly I couldn’t just plant that bitch with the brainbuster and win. No, I had to show off, hesitate too long when I should’ve pulled the damn trigger,” he continued to tell the younger man.

Daniel remained silent, sensing how much this match in particular obviously still affected the more experienced sexfighter.

“For a good month after losing here, I just replayed that moment in my head. Working through why I let them get to me and making sure it wouldn’t happen again. Eventually, we did beat them for the titles on PPV, so there is at least a partial happy ending to this story.”

Turning the television off, Hunter turned to address Daniel directly, “Right now, they’re doing the same to you they did to me: mind games. Katie might’ve cut her hair some, and Jenny might’ve gotten some tattoos here and there, but their M.O. hasn’t changed a beat. They’re annoying, but they’re damn good at manipulation. Maybe even on par with Nikky now that I think about it.”

“What do you think of this gauntlet they’ve got me running?”

“If I could guess, I would say they’re trying to turn the locker room against you. Losing a match here and there doesn’t make or break someone, but losing repeatedly, especially against whoever they’ve got lined up, is gonna do some damage to your credibility with the boys and girls backstage. Being honest, I don’t even think they expect you to make it to the fifth opponent.”

Daniel nodded, taking in Hunter’s veteran insight.

“Buuuut….” A hopeful grin appeared on his face. “After seeing you kick ass in that match against Kenzie and Jake, my money’s on you, my man. Every time.”

“Even if they throw the Tigress at me?” Daniel teasingly jabbed at him.

“Nah, you’re gonna lose that one,” Hunter deadpanned at him without hesitation, before quickly adding, “But against any other woman here, I’m definitely rooting for you.”

“Thanks.” Daniel almost blurted out his next question, “Something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about-”

“Nikky?” Hunter prompted him, clearly reading the trepidation in his voice.

Daniel sunk his fists into his pockets. “Yep.”

“She told me she’s been training you. I’m okay with that part, at least. It’s good to learn from one of the best, even if she is, well, who she is. But aside from that, don’t trust her. At all,” Hunter told him in a warning tone.

“Yeah, I know she has a reputation and all, but she seems nice enough,” Daniel shrugged, obviously knowing that his ‘defense’ of the Wildcat was even weaker than his defense against titjobs.

“Nikky’s a lot of things, but ‘nice’ isn’t one of them. She can play nice to get something she wants, but it’s not in her to be a decent human being. Believe me, I speak from very personal experience. My advice on that is to learn all that you can learn but keep both eyes open. You’ve got a good heart Daniel. In this place, that’s a rarity, but it can also be used against you if you’re not too careful.”

Daniel took that in, looking sideways to his watch to get the current time.

“Suppose I better start warming up before I get my gear on. Might as well face their bullshit at my best, right?”

“Keep your head in the game, Danger. That’s all you can do.” As Daniel got up, they exchanged a brief fist bump before Derrick made his way towards the door.

Regardless of who they threw at him first, he was going to give them hell.

Pure and simple.


Author's Note: Down below...

- This is just a glimpse into the 'old-school' Shock and Awe that Nikky had alluded to a few posts back. The younger Awe is of course a younger Gemma Atkinson with longer golden locks, while a timeless Pink was the inspiration for Shock. Of course, this only hints at the greater history that Hunter has with the duo, but if you'd like to read more about that, check out @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]'s story.

- Gonna hit some qualifying matches, then Daniel's first opponent in the gauntlet. Feel free to leave your predictions here as comments or just PM me.

- For those interested, alternate endings for the past few matches are on Post #459 (Previous page to this). They are available in PDF form for all, so have at it!

- Thanks for reading!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Thanks by the storie
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I'm very intrigued by the fact that Danger talks with both Nikky and Hunter. After your installment about her plans and how they were progressing I was very curious just how under her control Dan was. I still believe he's drinking a good chunk of the koolaid and she is a great mentor to have but speaking with Hinter gives me hope that when she does reveal her full plans he might just pull and Argonaut type move and come out on top.

Honestly if he and Mel somehow turn table and challenge for the tag titles and beat Nikky with sexual submissions I'd lose it! I don't even care if they went Baley Sasha style and only held them a month or two just them eventually handing that defeat to Nikky would be crazy. No matter what happens I'll keep reading.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

So, you fooled me with the Hunter/Tigress vs. Shock/Awe match. I remember that Hunter and Tigress had won the belts from them, so I assumed that we'd be seeing that match, surprised to learn there was a title shot they lost before then. It was an interesting touch though, to have Hunter show Dan one of his failures, rather than his ultimate success against Shock/Awe. Hunter wanted to give Dan a look at how dangerous they can be, and how costly their mind games can be if you let them affect you. I suppose he's trying to give a lesson both about perseverance and focus, being able to battle through the mind games and zero in on the task at hand, without any distractions. If you look at that way, it's really not too far off from Nikky's last bit of wisdom to Dan about "focus," which I think is kind of funny.

And speaking of Hunter and Wildcat, I really do think that Dan's relationship with both of them is one of the most intriguing parts of the story. Throughout their (former) relationship, Nikky always looked down on Hunter taking "charity cases." She believed that training others only made for stronger opponents down the line...well, isn't that just what's happening with Daniel? But then again, maybe it's not, maybe Dan will lose that "good heart," and become a pawn of Nikky's, just like Shock and Awe. Maybe something else happens altogether. Needless to say, there's a lot of ways to take this, and I'm eager to see where you go.

Lastly, even though I don't have any specific predictions about the qualifying matches, I will say at least one of the guys will win (so either Beast or Silk). Probably just because I don't expect the tournament to be solely Dan and fifteen girls. Obviously, the ladies take the lion's share of the spotlight...but I don't think you'll avoid throwing some other guys in there. Battle of the sexes is kind of the theme of this series, after all.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Triple Threat

“The following is a triple threat match to be contested under normal conditions. The winner will earn a place in the Intercontinental Title tournament. Introducing first…”

A slamming three-chord guitar riff blasted throughout the arena, followed by the iconic screeching voice of Brian Johnson.

“You wanted love!!”

A pulsing percussion thru line permeated the air as the male participant in the three-way matchup made his entrance to kick off the show.

Towering at six feet even with a well-defined and well-maintained physique, the sexfighter combed a confident hand over his dirty blonde locks as he smiled out at the crowd.

“You want a bad reputation!!”

Wearing a T-shirt accentuating his toned torso along with grey trunks containing his biggest weapon, he carried himself with a manly swagger, strolling down the entrance ramp with much of the audience reception being directed at him being mainly from the female demographics.

“....from Jacksonville, Florida, and weighing in at 183 pounds...he is ‘The Man’s Man’....MAGNUM OP!!!”

As if on cue, the AC/DC song belched out its rocking chorus, “Send for the man!!”

Flashing a few ‘catch me after the show’ smiles at screaming women, usually with their boyfriends booing him as a result, he rolled inside the ring ready to wage war (and perhaps even lay sexual conquest) upon his two female opponents.


“Three competitors. One ring. No disqualifications. Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be hot!!” the announcer hyped up his initial verbal entry into the broadcast.

“Unlike a fatal four way which is usually only one fall to a finish due to time constraints, a three-way is very similar to a standard singles match. The first sexfighter with two falls to their name picks up the win, and in this case, will qualify to be in the preliminary lineup of the IC Tournament. Now, we have quite a diversity of experience amongst these three competitors.”

Nodding, his colleague broke it down for the listening audience. “Jane is by far the most experienced, having just recently faced Hunter in the finals of the ‘Ruler of the Ring’ tournament on the last PPV. She came up short of glory there, but through her performance in that main event slot, she proved exactly why she is one of the SFL’s premier players. Then, you have Magnum OP, with this triple threat being his fourth overall match but his first time stepping into the ring this month. So you have to factor in a bit of ring rust for him possibly evening out his otherwise superior strength and size. Finally, we have a relative newcomer, Serena Siren, with this match being only her second as a full-time member of the roster. She was victorious in her debut but defeating someone in a singles match is not even comparable to taking on two very seasoned, ring-savvy sexfighters at the same time.”


Jane’s music hit just a few seconds later, demanding an even louder reaction from the crowd as they popped huge for the obvious hands-on favorite to win.

Appearing at the top of the ramp, the brunette shined in her signature black two-piece: brief cut bottoms with a strapless top that shows off her fit, gym-friendly feminine figure.

“Introducing next….from Stanford, Connecticut, and weighing it at 114 pounds….she is a former Intercontinental champion…..THE SWANN!!!”

Strutting down, she sashayed around the ring for a moment, eyeing the male competition doing some preliminary stretches inside.

Her veteran eyes naturally focused on the visible bulge in Magnum’s briefs, assessing his threat level almost entirely based off that.

A moment or two later, she brought herself up to the ring apron and smoothly slid underneath the bottom rope, throwing her raven black locks back to give him her full, undivided attention.

Then, from the entrance ramp...

“...to the left, to the left!!”

Sauntering out to the fierce vocals of Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable, a warm reception greeted the third and final participant, Serena Siren.

An African American beauty who already walked with surefire confidence, she wore her jet-black hair in straight, cascading lines down her shoulders with dark brown eyes gazing out confidently into the crowd.

Wearing a one-piece black monokini complimenting her lighter ebony skin, she cocked one hip to the side, allowing the opportunity for several camera flashes to capture her beauty before finally she started down the ramp.

“....finally, their opponent….from Atlanta, Georgia, and weighing it at 117 pounds….please welcome….SERENA SIREN!!!”

The crow did just that, cheering encouragingly for the least experienced of the trio starting up the steel steps.


“All three sexfighters know what’s at stake here. Jane in particular has tasted championship gold before, and that sensation is purely addictive. She wants back on top of the mountain, but before she can start climbing, she needs to overcome her competition here tonight.”

With all three now inside the ring, the two commentators continued to talk amongst themselves for the moment.

“Magnum has the potential to be the difference maker here. He far and away has the biggest strength advantage, but both Jane and Serena make up for that in speed and quickness. This is going to be an interesting matchup for sure…”

All of a sudden, a fourth person’s entrance music hit.


The three sexfighters turned their gaze to the entrance ramp as Mandy strutted out in a floral dress, followed by the equally stunning Assassin who was also in a formal dress.

Immediately commanding everyone’s attention, the blonde champion made the most of it, holding up her title with one hand while Kim smugly clapped for her.

No one in the ring though seemed too impressed, especially Jane.

Finally, the duo strolled over to the commentator’s table, prompting a crew member to bring up two chairs next to the official broadcasters.


“And it just got a lot more interesting,” his partner finished for him, smiling as both women put on headsets, with Mandy proudly displaying her Intercontinental Title on the table covering.

“Very happy to see two of my favorite guys,” the blonde woman grinned at them both, wearing a smile that seemed too sincere to be true.

“Thanks for joining us. We weren’t expecting company, but I’m always happy to share the air with beautiful, drop dead gorgeous women,” one of them smiled at them, as their music gradually died down.

“You’re so kind, but honestly we just came out here to enjoy the action like all the fans are. Plus, it’s always smart to scope out my potential competition,” Mandy informed them with a disarmingly beautiful smile.

“Mandy’s so humble, but looking in this ring, I don’t think anyone in that ring could hold a candle to her, including Miss Runner-Up,” Kim spoke up confidently, obviously referencing Jane's main event match with now King Hunter.

“Bae, you’re so sweet.” Giving her bestie an affectionate hug, they then turned towards the squared circle to see the referee relaying instructions to all three sexfighters.


“Only physical tapouts, sexual submissions, or knockouts are counted, but they must be in the ring. If all three of you individually scores a fall, then we’ll proceed to a sudden death round to decide the official winner. Am I understood?”

“Clear as crystal, babe,” Magnum grinned cockily, taking off his shirt to an excitable high-pitched medley of female voices all around them.

Then, he promptly threw his T-Shirt to a fan at ringside, brushed some imaginary dust off his six-pack, and then went to his corner.

Jane only rolled her eyes, adjusting her bottoms for a moment before turning to Serena.

“Try not to get left in the dust, new girl. I don’t slow down for rookies,” Jane told the black woman in a somewhat hostile tone.

“Do I look like someone who can’t hold her own?” Serena shot back at her without hesitation.

“No, you look like someone in over her head,” Jane told her with a smirk, sauntering to her corner.

Taking a breath, the ebony young woman went to her corner, waiting until the match could officially start.


“Right now, the referee’s gonna have to deal with a lot of personality in that ring. You’ve got a bonafide main eventer in the Swann, someone a few notches below her, and finally, someone who is, respectfully said of course, near the bottom of the SFL totem pole. Quite a mashup of talent. Wouldn’t you agree, Mandy?” one of the commentators noted.

“Oh yes, I agree with that completely. So much talent, and they all want a shot at the queen,” the champion answered him smilingly, watching intently as the opening bell rang.


Magnum was the first to leave his corner, wearing his masculine confidence like body armor.

Stopping in the middle of the ring, he addressed them both with assurance, “Ladies, no need to tear each other’s hair out over me, alright? There’s enough man in this ring for both of you to enjoy at the same time.”

Both of his female opponents locked eyes with each other.

Serena was a little hesitant, but Jane didn’t waste a second.

With a suggestive smile flickering across her attractive features, she sauntered towards him with both hands on her hips.

“Mmmmmm, I just love a man who takes control like that. Not like any of the little boys I’ve been saddled with the past few months,” she purred at him.

“Babe, they don’t call me a ‘Man’s Man’ for nothing, alright?” Turning to the Swann fully, he brazenly cupped his crotch. “If you thought getting fucked by Hunter felt good, my dick’ll take you straight to fucking Tahitti.”

“I could use a vacation….and my pussy is wet for some good dick,” she further teased him, reaching out with one hand and elegantly rubbing his chest.

Enjoying feeling her fingertips graze up against his skin, Magnum even flexed his pectorals, eliciting an impressed giggle from the Swann.

“God, you’ve got a body on you,” she breathed out, exploring his bare chest with one hand while her other rubbed against his ribcage.

Serena watched on warily, knowing when to pick her spots.

“That’s just what you can see now. Why don’t you go a little lower and catch a sneak preview on what’s going in your holes later on?” he grinned at her lecherously.

Getting the hint, she snaked her other hand underneath his waistband, feeling up his cock in its already slightly aroused form.

“Does Hunter have a king-sized dick like that?” he smirked at her, anticipating her response.

Jane’s fingers got more than just an exploratory caress, gliding down his foreskin and eventually around his shaved testicles.

“No, but unlike you, Magnum….” She gently fondled his manly spheres with one hand. “He’s got a brain to go along with his good looks.”

She suddenly squeezed not-so-gently on his testes, causing the previously cocky sexfighter to cry out in physical anguish.

Giving him a sharp reminder of her deceptive exterior, the Swann showed off a more physical side of her by shooting up on her tiptoes and catching him with a brutal blur of a headbutt.

Staggering back in a slight daze, the male sexfighter stumbled back into his own corner, with Jane quickly taking advantage.

Roughly shoving him against the turnbuckle pads, she went down on her knees before he even had a chance to retaliate.

“Awww, did I hurt the twins?” she teased him, tugging at his trunks until his cock was fully bared.

Gazing gleefully at his dangling ballsack, she first flashed Serena a sultry wink before extending her tongue out and tracing them up just one of his spheres, eliciting a very audible “oh fuck” from the muscled man.

“Let me apologize,” she grinned at him, taking the same testicle into her mouth now and sucking on it with sensual delight.

One hand instinctively gripped her hair to yank her off of him, but a wave of arousal had washed over him, causing his muscles, particularly in his fingers, to suddenly slacken up.

Sensing this, she effortlessly used her tongue to flick his other ball into her warm oral cavern, lustfully sucking on both with her eyes confidently searing into his startled expression.

Grinning, she continued to suck enthusiastically on his manhood, even starting to work one hand up to wrap around his cock.

Bobbing her head up and down, Jane was just about to add in a handjob to really spice things up…

…. when Serena’s foot suddenly kicked off her lowered back, catching her by surprise.

Using the kneeling woman as a launching pad, the black woman quickly leaped up to Magnum OP’s aroused face.

He went from looking down to see an attractive brunette blowing him on her knees to now having another attractive brunette’s crotch fly right in his face!

Wrapping her legs around her neck, Serena crossed her ankles behind him before shifting her weight backwards.

Releasing his balls and instinctively rolling out of the way, Jane looked on with a look of surprise as the black woman twisted her body downwards with Magnum’s head still squeezed between her thighs.

To the amazement of the crowd, the bigger man was lifted off his feet and thrown through the air as she delivered a swift and sexy hurricanrana.

Landing with a distinct thud on the canvas, the blonde wrestler grabbed at his spine briefly before rolling under the bottom rope to recover.

On her knees, Serena grinned over her shoulder at the near two-hundred-pound man she had just sent flying, before turning her sights to the Swann.

Jane’s expression quickly changed from shock to anger in a heartbeat.

“What? I thought we were sharing him?” Serena asked her with a smirk, even flashing her a wink to keep things even.

“You sure you want to get my attention, rookie? I was going easy on him, but I’ve got no problem going the other way with you,” Jane sneered back at her, rising to her feet.

Standing up as well to be on the veteran’s same level, the ebony woman threw it right back at her, “Sorry, I was getting bored watching you ‘work’. It was either do that, or give you tips on how to give a good blowjob.”

That did it for the Swann.

Snarling, Jane made the first move, going for a forearm strike prompted more out of ego than any sense of strategy.

Reacting fast to her opponent’s movement, Serena ducked the first strike but quickly whirled around to exploit Jane’s blindside.

Slithering both arms around the Caucasian woman’s neck from behind, she started to brace one knee up against Jane’s lower back to set up a backbreaker.

Only Jane quickly countered by wrenching apart Serena’s interlaced fingers, taking hold of her left wrist and twisting it in a full arc until she had the black woman in a smoothly applied wristlock.

Throwing her hair back, she cranked down hard on the black woman’s captured limb, trying to force her down to a knee.

Grabbing at her shoulder, Serena Siren gritted her teeth for a second, before suddenly somersaulting to the canvas.

Landing relatively gracefully on her back with Jane’s grip over her somewhat loosened, she brought her legs up to her chest and kipped back up to full standing.

Now grabbing the Swann’s arm with both hands, she threw the veteran to the mat in an impressive arm drag.

Rolling back to her feet, Jane spun around only to get hit by a swift dropkick right to her chest, delivered with tremendous precision from the up-and-comer.

Hitting the canvas hard on her back and falling over on her belly, the Swann was more or less helped up by the ebony woman who dragged her up against the ropes.

Grabbing her by the wrist, Serena whipped the veteran sexfighter across the ring.

Letting the momentum propel her forward, Jane bounced off the cables, sprinting back only to instinctively duck as the African American women leapfrogged over her head.

Hitting the ropes once more, the veteran came back into range only to receive a faceful of ass courtesy of Serena’s shapely rear end now level with her chin.

Jumping into the air once more, the rookie perfectly timed the leap so that Jane would run directly into her raised ass, an unorthodox yet highly entertaining move that knocked the Swann down once more.

Landing gracefully on her feet, Serena cast a quick glance down at the downed woman before starting to pump the crowd up for her next big offensive move.


“Serena may be the odd woman out here in terms of ring experience, but she is definitely showing Jane that she is not an afterthought. What do you think so far, Mandy?” the commentator asked the champion.

Not taking her eyes off the action as the black woman went to pick up Jane, she commented ominously, “I think she’s very cute. We’ll see how far that takes her.”


Pulling the Swann up by her hair, Serena wasted no time in showing off the more brutal side of her wrestling arsenal.

With a cry, she rocked Jane with a fierce forearm to the jaw, followed by another in quick succession.

Spinning on her heel, she nailed the veteran right in the stomach with an even stronger back kick, forcing a loud grunt out of her proud lips.

Following even that up, she went for the ropes in front of her, bouncing off them to gain momentum before initiating a-

“Ooof!” A gargled cry escaped the ebony woman’s mouth as she was knocked down in a near decapitating clothesline from the Swann.

Ramming her forearm against the approaching sexfighter’s neck, Jane shook off the minor damage inflicted so far and went back on the attack.

Helping the ebony woman up to her feet, the brunette squeezed her head under her armpit and lifted her up in a vertical position.

Serena’s vision went inverted for a moment as she was hoisted up in the air….

… only to suddenly throw her weight forward and land on her feet behind the unsuspecting Swann so that they were now back to back.

Reversing the suplex attempt, the dark-skinned woman grabbed on to the back of her opponent’s neck and drove her down in a falling neckbreaker.

The impact from both women hitting the canvas reverberated throughout the ring, with Jane instantly taking the worst of the surprise slam.

Rolling over on her back, Serena took only a brief breath before kipping up yet again to a favorable response from the crowd.

Brushing her hair out of her concentrated gaze, she walked around Jane and went to the corner facing the downed veteran.

Spinning around so that her back was facing the turnbuckle, she pushed herself up on the middle ropes so that she was perched up on the top.

And from there, she waited as Jane gradually found her way back up to her feet.

Rising up to her full height with both feet on the top, she waited just a little longer for Jane to stumble right into her range, and then launched herself into the open air…

… at the exact same time Magnum swiftly shoulder blocked the Swann out of the way from the side and then retaliated in her place with a big boot right to Serena’s outstretched torso.

Timing his intervention perfectly, the blonde sexfighter nearly drilled a size 10-shaped hole right in the ebony woman’s chest cavity upon landing!

She crumpled instantly to the mat, grabbing at her chest with the crowd responding in expected awe and amazement.

With the high-flyer taken out of commission for the moment, Magnum OP was free to direct his attention towards the other woman.

Stalking over the recovering Jane, he easily scooped her up in his arms in a bearhug position, lifting her up so her legs loosely draped around his hips.

“Now where were we?” he whispered into her ear, charging forward and slamming her backfirst against another corner turnbuckle.

His cock fully bare now, he pressed his masculine body against her so that his manhood could grind up against her panties.

With both hands clasped around each other against the small of her back, he began teasing her clothed womanhood, no doubt sending pleasurable shivers through his slender opponent.

“....last time, the positions were reversed, though,” she forced a smirk on her grimacing expression, gripping the ropes tightly as he continued to rub his still erect penis up and down the womanly treasure between her legs.

“Yeah, but this dick likes to be in the driver’s seat,” Magnum teased her, grinning as her hands reached around his sides to explore his back.

Working up a serviceable amount of sexual tension, he continued on, “What’s the biggest you’ve had here?”

Smiling as his dick continued sliding between her legs, she gasped out, “The Phenom.”

“Well, whatever he’s got is nothing compared to what I’m gonna hit you with,” he answered her confidently, the cock grinding obviously working in its intended function to arouse the brunette.

Clutching the ropes even tighter, she challenged him, “How about you slide the big guy inside me right now? See how well you can handle main event pussy?”

He clearly thought about it for a second, but eventually replied, “Not yet, Swann.”

“Why not? Scared you can’t handle someone above your level?” She tried to bait him in.

“Nah….” Magnum OP suddenly braced himself. “Smart enough to soften you up first.”

With a grunt, he brought himself out of the corner and flipped Jane overhead in a massive belly-to-belly suplex, sending her flying across the ring.

She let out a pained groan as her back briefly skidded across the canvas, but otherwise remained in a stationary, writhing position as the blonde man began to advance towards her menacingly


“Credit to Magnum on taking out the wild card of the matchup and then isolating the biggest threat.”

His partner nodded, “Yeah, your ring strategy has to change when you’re factoring in multiple opponents at the same time, and right now he’s doing things the right way. Wear down the Swann, keep Serena out of the picture for the most part, and hopefully...success will follow. Wouldn’t you two agree?”

“It’s a sound strategy, but better sexfighters have tried to take Jane down a peg in just a singles match, and things didn’t exactly go their way. There is a reason why she was the champion before Mandy made it prestigious, after all,” Kim shared her thoughts.

The blonde woman only grinned in appreciation, tracing the lettering of her name on the title plate as Magnum picked up Jane in an upside-down position above the mat and then threw her down in a swift scoop slam.


“Fuck!” Jane shouted out as the well-built man dragged her back up and delivered a second belly-to-belly suplex, with the impact this time harshly impacting her tailbone.

“Music to my ears.” Grinning cheerfully, he got up and approached the writhing woman again to examine her current state.

Grabbing a fistful of raven hair, he dragged her to the center of the ring and hooked underneath both of her arms.

Hauling her up to her feet, he hoisted her up to her shoulders, and then without hesitation, slammed her back down with a considerable amount of might in a sit-out powerbomb!

Nearly shaking the ring with the powerful force of the maneuver, she achingly arched her back as he briefly rolled backwards with the momentum before crawling right back to take advantage.

Raising her legs up over his shoulders, he seized her bottoms with one hand and yanked them off of her lithe body, baring the Swann’s lower half.

Then, he leaned in, kissing her inner thighs before introducing his tongue to her pussy.

Jane, still slightly woozy from the powerbomb, gave an aroused moan as his tongue began licking along her outer folds, tracing the erogenous flesh of her womanhood.

As the wet sensation lavished her vaginal entrance, she curled her toes behind his shoulders in visible pleasure.

Grinning as her body reacted positively to his oral entrance, he continued eating the Swann out, showcasing a very impressive mastery of the sex technique that even the female veteran could not deny.

His tongue was an aggressive sex-piston dipping and delving into her vagina, building up the erotic heat he had already started with the cock grinding in the corner.

“.....fuck, that’s not bad,” she admitted after a few moments, her voice a soft, humming purr in contrast to the previous feminine bass in her voice.

Magnum was encouraged by this, lapping at her honeypot even more to get a greater rise out of the Swann.

Her feet lightly kicked the air above his head as the oral servicing ramped up, requiring more and more of his energy to keep the female sexfighter hot and aroused.

It was a laboring task, but one that the “Man’s Man” easily excelled in.

Soon enough, he could feel her hips and thighs starting to writhe pleasurably against his cheeks, an even louder moan from the brunette gracing his ears at the same time.

“Fuck, right there...right there,” she told him, obviously responding well when his tongue teased her clit.

Grinning at this, he kept it up.

Swirling his tongue furiously within her womanhood, he dared a glimpse up at her facial expression to see if she had neared the point of no return.

For a second, he could see the lust clouding those fierce, seasoned eyes.

But then, it was replaced by something else.

Sitting up abruptly, she suddenly plastered her right hand against his nose, pinching it shut with her nether lips pushing forward to clamp against his mouth.

Sealing off Magnum’s visible openings to receive oxygen, she methodically brought her legs around his neck in a triangle choke.

Crossing her right ankle with her left shin in a perpendicular position, Jane tightened the leggy noose while at the same time smothering him with both her hand and pussy.

It was indeed a triple threat of bodily plight affecting Magnum’s trapped head, causing him to instinctively try to pull out and retreat.

An idea better said than done in his current position.

Utilizing a deadly potency in her leg muscles, she kept him on his knees with her naked crotch now working against him to steal his every breath.

“Good try sweetie, but I’m not that easy.” Feeling his efforts grow more and more disorganized and desperate, Jane constricted around his neck with even greater fervor, causing his cheeks to redden from the crushing pressure.

Though there were still hints of arousal in her voice, the Swann was returning back to normal. “I appreciate you being a gentleman and getting me turned on after that powerbomb. I’m always more of a bitch when my pussy’s wet.”

A grunting, muffled cry was his only audible response.

“Mmmmm, yeah baby. Right there…. right there,” she mocked him, twisting her previous words as her pussy now began grinding up against his struggling features.

Finding it harder and harder to breathe, Magnum’s legs and arms were just starting to slacken up some when a feminine shadow suddenly descended upon Jane’s smiling face.

Springboarding off the ropes, Serena maneuvered her body just right in mid-air before crashing down on the Swann in a flawlessly executed leg drop!

Grunting out as the black woman’s thigh smashed into her jaw, the slender brunette instantly relinquished the hold, releasing a weakened Magnum OP from her vice.

The crowd were on their feet now as the veteran rolled away clutching her jaw, with Serena hastily scrambling up to her feet ecstatic that the high-risk move actually paid off.

On his feet now, the blonde sexfighter worked hard to gather his bearings with the ebony woman rising to face him.


“I like her a lot,” Mandy smiled, her tone not so much complimentary as it was predatory.

One of the commentators chirped in after her, “She’s got the speed advantage in this match without a doubt. But the golden question here: is speed enough to deal with the pure, pound-for-pound strength of Magnum OP?”


Serena rushed forward as Magnum made his move.

Ducking his clothesline attempt, she came off the ropes and threw herself at him legs first with her chest facing the mat.

Catching her around the waist in a wheelbarrow position, he lifted her up to deliver a counterattack, but she reached behind with her left arm to grab his head in a three-quarters facelock.

From there, she fell into a seated position, impacting his lower jaw underneath her shoulder in a modified stunner.

Lurching back as the move fully connected, he stumbled back into a nearby corner, with even more of the crowd getting behind the Siren as a result.

Getting up, she backed up a few steps to confirm her path of trajectory before sprinting at him, building up momentum before launching herself at him once more in a full body splash.

Serena’s chest slammed against his…

… but he instinctively grabbed around her midsection before he could absorb the full impact.

Snatching her out of the air, he twirled around and drove her against the turnbuckle.

Hearing the ebony woman grunt out in pain, he started to move his hand down her monokini, looking for an opening to insert his fingers underneath to her pussy.

Magnum didn’t get too far, however, because Serena suddenly grabbed him in a front facelock, tucking his head underneath her armpit.

Pushing herself up to the middle pad, she kicked out of the corner, swinging her body through the air in an impressive arc.

The blonde sexfighter tried to knock her off her perch, but all it did was give her extra spin as she drove his head into the canvas in a flawless tornado DDT, eliciting an enthusiastic and very positive reaction from the crowd.

Going from on his feet to lifeless on the canvas in a matter of seconds, the male sexfighter groggily rolled over on his back with his eyes all but glazed over.

Just a few feet away from him, Serena was in a perfect position to capitalize.

She staggered up to her feet….only for Jane to grab her from behind and forcibly guide her in the opposite direction.

“Thanks, rookie,” she hissed into the surprised woman’s ear before throwing the Siren through the ropes and to the outside.

Without hesitation, she pounced on the downed Magnum.

Straddling him, she whipped her hair back and plastered both of her hands on his face, smothering his nose and mouth yet again.

Already dazed and confused from the DDT, the blonde man barely had any fight left in him as she severely restricted his air supply.

“I’ve got a little secret to confess, Magnum. Wanna hear?”

He groaned into her soft palm, his hands feebly grabbing at her forearms.

Grinning at his muffled response, she leaned in, her naked crotch grinding against his waist.

“What I’m doing to you now...is one of my favorite little kinks. It’s called breathplay.”

His booted heels drummed against the mat desperately, the suffocation technique draining more and more of his core stamina.

“There is just something so satisfying in seeing a strapping stud like yourself being taken down by just my little bitty hands. It just makes me feel...so...fucking...hot,” she purred at him, relishing in his panicking expression.

“Don’t you think?” she whispered seductively into his ear, her lips curling into a sultry grin.

He gave a violent buck of his hips, one last-ditch attempt to throw her off, but Jane’s body had strategically shifted forward, so it was a futile motion.

Craning her head to the side, Jane looked for the Siren, who was still struggling back to her feet on the outside.

Seeing that the black woman was still at least partially incapacitated on the outside, she turned back to the fading Magnum.

“There’s a reason why they put me with you, hot stuff. It’s because I need someone big and buff to fuck, and you’re just enough of a challenge to make it seem like I had to work for it. You know your role now, don’t you? And you know what happens next, right?”

Nodding with his oxygen levels dangerously low, Magnum faintly tapped the mat next to her, signaling his surrender to the referee.

“Good boy.” She relinquished her hold over him as the bell was called, just as Serena started to crawl back into the ring.

Playfully patting him on the cheek, she leaned back, grinning tauntingly over her shoulder at the visibly deflated Siren.

“Winner of the first fall with a hand smother submission….THE SWANN!!”

Standing up, she stretched her arms out before sauntering back to her corner.

Business as usual for the SFL vet.


Author's Note: Down below...

- For The Swann, the model/actor was Natalie Portman. For Magnum OP, I chose Matthew Noszka, and for Serena Siren, I chose Marilyn Melo.

- It would seem Mandy has her own favorites in this tournament, hmmm?

- Thanks for reading!
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Triple Threat

“As expected, Jane took the first fall, though Serena laid the foundation for her ultimate triumph over Magnum OP. Obviously, this match is still anyone’s game, but the Swann has a marked advantage above her two opponents. Their focus is just on playing catchup, but she could take the qualifying spot with just one more win.”

“It certainly wouldn’t be surprising, given Jane’s previous streak of dominance in the ‘Ruler of the Ring’ tournament just a month or two ago. But I can’t help but root a little inside for this new face, Serena Siren. She may not have the experience and seasoned status of Jane, but she’s got heart.”

“She’s got heart, but she forgot that this is a triple threat match. Kudos for the DDT and all, but not watching her back is so clearly a rookie mistake. Not the kind of mistake that the Champ makes,” Kim opined.

“Yeah….” As the rest break ended, one of the commentators addressed them more directly, “If I could be so bold for a second, you’ve made some moves in the past couple of weeks, Mandy. Moves that well, some people, might interpret as being unnecessary and harmful.”

“Everything I do is calculated and for a reason. That’s why I’m champion, after all,” Mandy replied back proudly.

“Well, if that’s true, then how do you explain your….spat, let’s just say, as of late with the Duchess, Kendra?” the other commentator asked her pointedly.

The blonde woman barely even batted an eyelash before responding icily. “That little English muffin insulted me and my best friend. She got what was coming to her, and, if she’s woman enough to show up tonight, I’ll beat her so badly she won’t even make it into this little tournament. If she even qualifies, which she still hasn’t, by the way.”

“Okay, let’s say for the sake of argument that she does qualify. Do you feel that personally antagonizing her might potentially backfire if she goes the distance and wins the whole thing?”

“Sweetie, first of all, look at Kendra’s previous track record with SFL tournaments. What makes you think I’m at all worried that she could win? I could do anything to that bitch, and she’ll still drop the ball when it counts. She is a first-class loser and a second-class sexfighter, plain and simple.”

“Girlfriend speaks the truth, boys,” Kim chirped happily, going right along with the blonde woman’s min-rant.

The two commentators exchanged looks, before their immediate attention was captured by the action resuming in the ring.


Serena was the first to strike this time.

Not even a second after hearing the bell, she dashed across the ring, making a beeline towards the ever-smug Swann.

Surprising the veteran before she could even let out an opening taunt, the ebony woman took to the air and smashed both feet into Jane’s chest, knocking her down in a swift dropkick to officially start things off.

Grabbing at her strapless bra, the slim brunette went down immediately, earning the Siren a cheerful endorsement from the crowd…

… and a pair of arms wrapped around her waist from Magnum OP.

Seizing her from behind before she could turn to face him, the blonde man dragged her towards the center of the ring.

Then, with an exerted grunt, he lifted her up off the mat, falling backwards to deliver a German suplex, with Serena landing on her feet instead of her neck.

Backflipping in time with the lift to control her landing, she stumbled back a few steps in wait for him to get up before making her move.

Up to a knee, Magnum turned around only to get blasted back by another dropkick courtesy of the African American sexfighter.

Already up to her feet while he toppled over, she sprinted around his dazed body and delivered a solid forearm right to the face of Jane, who had been pulling herself up on the ring apron.

Knocking the veteran down, she then twirled around with Magnum finding his way back up to his feet.

Bouncing slightly off the ropes, she went for a running crossbody, only for the young man to scoop her out of mid-air, spin her body around in front of him before viciously slamming her back against his outstretched knee.

Shrieking in pain at the sudden tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Serena was dealt even more pain to her vertebrae when the young man kept her in the painful position.

Pushing against her chin with one hand causing his knee to dig even deeper into the womanly curve of her spine, he decided to make the most of the brutal move.

Bending her back even further, he used his other hand to roam all over her stretched out abdomen, feeling all of those taut stomach muscles with his masculine fingers.

“You are just a little spitfire, aren't you cutie?” he smirked, moving the same hand up to playfully grope her breasts, still concealed in her monokini.

“...nggghhhh...fuuuuck!” Serena replied in a groaning voice, writhing her body helplessly with his knee still holding her in place.

“All this time my attention’s been on Jane, but maybe I was missing out on exploring your little bundle of happiness.” His hand then moved down to her groin, starting to cup her pussy through the fabric.

“Maybe we can fix that real so-ngggghhh!” He spoke the rest of his sentence into the Swann’s right palm as it firmly clamped around his mouth.

“Did you say my name, lover?” Jane mocked him from behind, her sneering face right on his shoulder as she smothered him once more.

Magnum OP’s response was a very muffled “Fuck you!”

His next response was a more alarming grunt as her other hand clamped around his nose, completing the facial smother.

“Still think you’re man enough to handle two women at the same time?” she teased him, feeling his frantic breaths caress both palms.

Forced to decide, the young man quickly rolled Serena off of his knee and then stood up hoping to shake Jane’s erotic submission…

…. only she jumped on his back and wrapped around him in a bodyscissors while still applying the smother.

Constricting her slender thighs around his midsection, Jane used her upper limbs to continue sapping away at his oxygen, using her own words to occupy the rapidly thinning air around him at the same time.

“And here I was, thinking I’d have to do all of the heavy lifting here. I so appreciate you two just wearing each other down so I can pick up the scraps. Really makes my job easier,” she taunted him.

Magnum waved and flailed his arms about wildly, trying to get a secure lock of her hair only for the disorienting effects of the suffocation to begin kicking in.

“Whenever you’re ready, just let me know, okay? I’m dying to use that handsome mug of yours as my next throne,” she purred suggestively into his ear.

Legs starting to buckle, the young man did finally let her know….by grabbing her forearm and flinging her off of him in a desperate move.

Crying out as her slender body hit the mat, she was quick to get up, though, prompting Magnum OP to recover just as quickly.

Shaking his head clear of any groggy residue, he lunged forward and knocked the Swann to the mat with a shoulder block.

Flopping right over on her belly, she found herself now in a slight daze as the young man whirled around and kept his momentum going.

Seizing her by the hair, he dragged her up to her feet with Serena rising up just out of his periphery.

Gripping her raven locks with one hand, he feigned squeezing her head between his thighs for another powerbomb only to use Jane’s body as a human battering ram and throw her right into Serena Siren’s torso.

Both women crumpled to the ground, with the ebony woman taking the brunt of it.

Taking a moment to steady himself, he paused in his tracks and then turned to the commentary table.

Seeing the champion, he mouthed at her: Watch this.


“Well, if Magnum’s confident enough to say that, what he’s about to pull out must be something real good,” one of the commentators enthused.

“If it’s good enough for them, it’s nowhere near good enough to put me down,” Mandy stated matter-of-factly, crossing her arms.


Retrieving the Swann from the writhing heap of womanly flesh on the mat, he pressed her back against his chest and captured both arms in a double chickenwing.

Lifting her up high in the air with the arms still hooked, he took a few steps back so that they were at the very center of the ring before slamming Jane down to the mat in a ferocious facebuster!

Dropping to a seated position upon impact, he watched the brunette’s head smack painfully against the canvas before the rest of her body went slack.

Her cheeks plastered up against the mat, Jane let out a faint moan, with her legs going limp in front of him.

Right in position for his patented, perfected Magnum Opus.

Bringing himself up into a kneeling position, he licked his fingers teasingly and brought her up into a very suggestive position with her bare ass sticking straight up in the air.

“God, I’ve been waiting too long to do this,” he breathed with a look of almost boyish anticipation on his face.

Stroking his dick to full hardness- which was an easy enough task given who he currently had on her knees, Magnum shifted forwards slightly and then penetrated the Swann.

Driving his cock excitedly into her sex, he quickly put on his game face and proceeded to passionately ravage her pussy doggy-style.

Thrusting into her with his hips swiveling around hers, he teasingly grinded his cock against her inner walls to build up the tension inside of her and then went to work.

Many spectators in the crowd were Swann fans, but they were also fans of seeing a proud, seemingly always in-control woman get put in a vulnerable position for a change, and that was exactly what Magnum OP was doing.

Rocking her lithe figure with powerful pelvic thrusts going in and out of her bare womanhood, he could feel her vaginal walls struggling to contain his thick length, allowing waves of unbridled pleasure to run rampant inside her nether regions.

“You. Fucking. Bastard!” Jane cried out in strained outbursts, her voice stricken with obvious arousal with the young man fucking her like his career depended on it.

And, given the stakes of this match, he might as well be fucking her like his career depended on it!

Both palms were on the mat. Her hair was nearly a disheveled mess. And her mouth was wide open in a perpetual moan.

All telltale signs of a female sexfighter deeply enjoying what was being done to her.

Jane had the confidence of a main eventer, but to her credit, an unbelievable stamina and sexual endurance that came with testing her mettle against very well-endowed male sex wrestlers who knew what they were doing.

“Heh….liking that dick, huh Jane?” he taunted her in a breathy tone, grabbing a fistful of hair to pull her straining face up for the cameras.

“Fuck...fuck!” she grunted out, her bare soles scrunched up in visible pleasure behind her at the throttling sensation of his dick pumping inside of her.

“Who’s the fucking man?!” he smiled, pounding her with even greater fervor now, filling her womanhood up with every thick, tenacious inch of his masculine, mighty rod!

Enjoying hearing her impassioned moans and murmurs fill his ears, he began putting more and more of his energy into outright fucking her, moving way beyond the soft and sensual phase.

And, for all his efforts….

“Ngggh….still not….good enough, sweetie,” she mocked him weakly, her resilience once again revealing itself.

He was somewhat impressed by her still holding out, despite feeling her honeypot warming up with damp erotic desire.

But being impressed didn’t mean Magnum was going to let up at any point.

In between thrusts inside of her pussy, he grunted out candidly, “Wow, you’re a tougher bitch to crack than I thought.”

Jane couldn’t help but smirk at that, despite her face glued to the mat.

“.....I can stay in this position all night, sweetie,” she gasped out at him, defiant even in her most vulnerable position. “Can you?”

He narrowed his eyes in concentration, leaning in to growl at her, “You had your shot with the last go-around. That tournament spot’s mine, Swann. And you’re gonna be a good girl and cum for me.”

Magnum became more aggressive, more emotionally charged with his dick going deep and burying itself inside her feminine cave.

“Now cum for the man, you fucking-uggghhh!” Before Magnum OP could finish his statement, Serena’s foot collided with his mouth in a swift superkick out of nowhere.

His head groggily snapped backwards as the black woman struck him with a desperate yet focused strike, causing his dick to slide right out of Jane’s pussy.

Falling flat on his back, the blonde man now looked up at the ceiling with a faraway glint in his eyes as Serena stumbled back to the corner she had previously been leaning against for support.

Breathing hard, she watched as the Swann eased herself back to normalcy, calming her breathing patterns and regaining her proper foundation.

She gingerly pulled herself back to her feet, face to face with the Siren.

“What took you so long?” she grinned at her female opponent teasingly.

Serena cocked her head in disbelief. “You were stalling?”

Jane shrugged her shoulders, taking a steadying step forward.

“I let him have his little moment. Would’ve reversed him eventually, but you are just a doll for getting me out of these sticky situations,” she purred.

Hardening her glare, Serena took a bold step towards the Swann.

“I didn’t do it for you,” she told Jane simply.

“No, but-” Cutting off her own words, the slim brunette suddenly lashed out with one hand and delivered a cruel bitchslap right to Serena’s face.

Jane’s expression grew dark and vindictive. “That was for the dropkick.”

Snarling with her temper flaring up, the black woman retaliated with a slap of her own, the distinct sound of flesh against flesh cracking throughout the ring.

Now Jane was truly fired up.

With a womanly growl, she went to deliver a scathing forearm in direct response….

…. only for Serena to beat her to the punch with another spinning back kick to the gut, drawing a surprised grunt out of the sexfighting veteran.

The rookie kept up the momentum by flicking her front leg up and catching Jane with a punt kick right underneath the chin.

Lurching backwards, the Caucasian woman was pushed up against the ropes and then catapulted forwards by the Siren in an Irish whip.

Bouncing off the ropes, Jane once again ducked underneath Serena’s standing leapfrog in mid-air.

Coming back around, she watched as the black woman again leaped up to deliver her now signature ass strike to the face….

… and then instinctively stopped her momentum just in the nick of time and wrapped her arms around Serena’s raised waist.

With a cry, she arched her back to the mat and planted Serena Siren neckfirst to the mat in an impromptu German suplex, once more showing off her veteran acumen with the spur-of-the-moment counter.

Grunting out as she was driven into the canvas, the black woman rolled over on her side with the Swann immediately going to capitalize.


“Jane is in impressive form tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Any sexfighter who’s been around the block a few times knows that repetition can be your worst enemy, especially if you’re hoping to get lucky twice with the same move. Serena tried to capture lightning in a bottle twice, but unfortunately Jane was just two steps ahead of her on that one,” one commentator observed.

“Yeah. She’s taken the best of both Magnum and Siren and is giving it right back to them. What are your thoughts, Mandy?” his partner then asked the champion.

Her expression was unreadable as she saw Jane dragging the ebony woman towards the center of the ring.

“We’ll see,” was her only response.


“Fuck!” Serena cried out as Jane suddenly drove her knee against the ebony woman’s back.

Continuing the work that Magnum had started, she began punishing the vertebrae of the high-flyer with a series of harsh knee strikes, returning to her more methodical roots.

Holding her by the scruff of her neck, she unleashed one final knee to the spine before finally tugging the Siren up by the hair.

Maneuvering behind the African American sexfighter, she first grabbed her in a half nelson, before using her free arm to pull one of Serena’s forearms across the face of the rookie to lock in a cobra clutch.

“Not gonna lie...this is gonna hurt,” she spoke maliciously into Serena’s ear.

Then, with a grunt, she lifted the light-skinned woman up, turning her in mid-air in a horizontal position, before bringing her down backfirst right over Jane’s outstretched knee.

Delivering a cruel backbreaker that nearly rivaled Magnum’s, she didn’t even wait until Serena had finished crying out in agony.

Pushing the black woman over to the mat, she kept a firm grip over her hair but now put her lower limbs to proper use.

Laying on her side, the Swann slithered both legs around the aching midsection of Serena, locking her ankles together.

Then, she rolled them over so that Serena was on top of her.

“Let’s see if you can last longer than him.” With a grin born of pure evil, Jane began squeezing the ebony woman, locking in a fierce bodyscissors that forced a pained yelp out of her almost immediately.

Tightening her legs around the struggling woman’s torso, she pushed herself up on her palms and tossed her head back in malevolent bliss, enjoying the powerful feeling now coursing through her legs.

Serena’s eyes bulged wide as Jane’s slender yet sadistic thighs clamped around her sides, constricting her insides like she was trapped inside a human trash compactor.

It was an unbelievable searing pain that had her wailing and writhing in the Swann’s leggy vice, unable to pry her way to freedom.

Her attempts to escape though didn’t go unnoticed by the veteran, who quickly taunted her, “I wouldn’t hold out too long, rookie. My legs have been known to crack a rib or two.”

Serena believed that claim, and she also believed that she couldn’t fully concentrate on an escape strategy with her mind torn in multiple different directions from the pain alone.

There seemed to be no end to her bodily plight, at least from her side.

Jane, assured in her victory, began ramping up the pressure on the trapped woman, dragging her to an inevitable breaking point.


“Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Kim noted with a smirk, noting a subtle comparison between Jane’s bodyscissors and Mandy’s.

“Bae, my legs are like steel bars compared to those little noodles the Swann thinks are so dangerous,” the blonde woman scoffed confidently.


“Fuck...fuck!” Serena continued to cry out, in a completely helpless state with the brunette’s lower body vice starting to take its toll on her.

She had expended a substantial amount of energy initially resisting the bodyscissors, but there was noticeably less in her tank now to endure much longer now.

“I enjoy hearing my opponents just squirm and suffer in my holds as much as the next woman, but you really need to do your body a favor here, sweetie. Just tap the mat and I’ll let go,” the veteran taunted her alluringly, pulsing her powerful thighs against Serena’s sides.

But again, the Siren wouldn’t give in.

Shaking her head in nonverbal defiance, she wouldn’t stop struggling, no matter how much it drained and drained away at her stamina.

“If you won’t tap now babe, I’m going to have to get rough with you.” Now Jane’s voice took on a much sterner edge as she reached up to grab Serena around the neck.

But before she could do so, something caught the corner of her eye.

“Shit!” Releasing the Siren all of a sudden, the Swann braced one foot against her back and kicked her away, simultaneously launching herself out of the way of a Magnum OP elbow drop.

Intervening just in time, he had hoped to catch Jane with the falling strike but breaking up the submission attempt was the next best thing.

Rolling to her feet, Jane swore under her breath as the blonde man faced her once more, still visibly a little loopy from the superkick.

“That wasn’t smart, stud,” she sneered up at the young man dangerously.

“We got unfinished business,” he replied simply, surging forward to make the first move.

Jane easily ducked his first clothesline attempt, running over to a nearby corner to lure him in.

Taking the bait, he tried to sandwich her up against the turnbuckle but again the Swann was too fast for him.

Ducking her upper body underneath the top rope, she escaped to the ring apron while he collided chestfirst with the turnbuckle pads.

Boosting herself up with the bottom rope, Jane lashed out with one leg and caught him right in the chin with a roundhouse kick.

His head snapped back, followed by the rest of his body staggering back in a groggy stupor following the impactful kick.

Re-entering the ring, she waited until he was at an appropriate enough distance before running at him full throttle.

Kicking off his knee, she launched her body into the air and ensnared his neck with her now airborne thighs.

Closing the triangle before he even had a clue what was going on, she twisted her body downwards and dragged him to the mat in a flawlessly executed headscissors takedown!

His body instantly flattened upon impact as she landed right on top of him, her raven locks briefly obscuring her intense, focused expression.

Not wasting a second, Jane shifted forward so that she was now sitting right over his gasping face.

From there, she put her entire weight on him, smothering him underneath her naked crotch, a brutal facesit smother that was equal to, if not even more devastating than her hand smother.

She grinded her hips teasingly against his moaning expression, containing his misery against her shapely bottom.

Too stunned from the headscissors to even put up a respectable fight, he was practically defenseless underneath the purring brunette.

Moving only to tuck her feet against his neck, Jane whipped her hair back and relished in his haggard breaths caressing her inner thighs.

“Looks like Christmas is coming early for me,” she grinned gleefully, her back to his very erect erection.

Tussling around his wet blonde curls on top of his head, the Swann was perfectly content letting nature run its course for the downed sexfighter.

Seconds later, the crowd rose to their feet, further puffing up Jane’s ego.

But they weren’t standing for her.

Crawling silently towards the two, Serena summoned just enough strength to drag herself between his limp legs.

Still feeling up her back with one hand, she nonetheless kept her movements as quiet as possible to not alert the veteran.

Then, taking a breath, she took Magnum OP’s manhood into her mouth, wrapping her lips around his hardened flesh with Jane none the wiser.

Instinctively, the blonde man gave a little jump with his torso, as if he had just been electrocuted.

Chalking this up to a last-ditch effort to fling her off, the slender brunette pressed her pussy down more forcibly against his mouth, sealing his lips off completely.

“Stay!” she playfully commanded him, her back still to the Siren who was surreptitiously sucking off the male sexfighter at the same time.

Taking more and more of his meat into her oral cavern, Serena added her hands to the mix to expedite the process in a race against time.

With Jane mistaking his aroused grunts for his last spurts of life before her smother knocked him out, she started to hum confidently to herself.

Stroking him furiously at the same time she was giving him a mouth-massage, the Siren nearly exhausted all of her remaining strength and focus pleasuring the downed man.

And, fortunately, he responded very well to her erotic efforts, despite his senses also being overwhelmed by the Swann’s bare pussy.

Feeling the arousal build up in his loins, the ebony woman moved one hand down to cup his balls, fondling his manly spheres until she saw his cock visibly throbbing euphorically.

“That’s it, babe. Not much more you can do now except enjoy my perfection,” the Swann mocked him, letting the facesit technique complete its perverse function.

His eyes fluttered groggily, his lower half writhing pleasurably behind her.

Sensing that her window of opportunity was rapidly diminishing by the second, Serena took him nearly down to the base, while still stimulating the rest of his manhood.

The crowd was torn, the commentators and guests over on their table simply observing with keen eyes….

Serena’s eyes suddenly lit up as she felt something building up within his cockhead, yearning to be let free.

The referee had observed both of them work Magnum OP in their respective way, but her observant gaze quickly shifted over to the ebony woman whose facial expression told the entire story.

With a violent buck of his hips, the young man erupted with his erotic load, popping like a champagne bottle right on Serena’s sensual lips.

He moaned pleasurably into Jane’s pussy as a result, with his eyes then promptly rolling to the back of his head.

The bell was promptly rung as the official tapped on Jane’s shoulder to release him.

“Fuck yes!” Breathing excitedly, the veteran shifted her weight off of him, leaning back on his deflated chest.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” There was some brief relaying of information between the ref and the ring announcer, before the suited man eventually boomed out, “Winner of the second fall…”

Jane’s lips curled into a victorious smile.

“.....with a forced orgasm via blowjob….” Her smile suddenly vanished, replaced by a look of confusion. “.....SERENA SIREN!!!!”

The crowd exploded into a raucous ovation as the Swann twirled around only to see the ebony woman grinning at her mischievously with Magnum’s cum dripping down her lips.

Jane’s expression was one of complete disbelief, paralyzed in pure shock.

Over on the commentary table, Mandy cocked a small grin.

Business not as usual for the SFL veteran.


Author's Note: Thanks for reading!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I guess that's last note was your way of letting us know there's no way this goes to the 4th round sudden death if the next fall will be the last. Supposed to say "spoiler alert" before you reveal something like that ha.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I guess that's last note was your way of letting us know there's no way this goes to the 4th round sudden death if the next fall will be the last. Supposed to say "spoiler alert" before you reveal something like that ha.
Ah I see. Slip up on my part, then.

Thanks for letting me know!
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