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Facesit Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

“Wow, so you’re a wrestler?! That’s awesome!”

Antoine, a rather slender teenage male of average height and short brown, was sitting next to his mother Lucrezia, a tall curvaceous olive skinned woman with her brunette hair cut to the bottom of her neck. Antoine was in his pajamas, a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and a tank top, while his mother was wearing a plain white tee and black leggings. It was a late evening, and the two were having a long conversation about various subjects while in the living room, when the fact that Lucrezia was a former wrestler had somehow come to light.

Was a wrestler. And not the kind you’re thinking of.”

“So no silly costumes or anything like that?”

“Oh I had costumes. But I don’t think you’d want to see your mother in these costumes.”

“Oh well,” Antoine sighed, surprising Lucrezia that he didn’t continue to prod, much to her relief.

“So anyways, how many wins?”

“I guess you could say I won all of them,” Lucrezia said, trying her best not to smirk.

“Really? That’s awesome! I always knew you were a strong woman!” Antoine almost shouted in excitement. Lucrezia beamed with pride, always enjoying the praises she gets from her children.

“I wish I was strong like you, Mom. For you, and for Stella,” Antoine said, obviously crestfallen. Stella is his dear twin sister, who was currently studying at a prestigious boarding school far from home.

“Now sweety…” Lucrezia began sympathetically, being all too familiar with this conversation.

“Yeah yeah I know I’m mentally strong and super smart and all that, but I wanna be strong like you. I want you to train me!”

Out of all the comments she would have expected from his mouth, this was the least expected.

“I’m sorry. Train you?”


“Uh I can help you with the basic stuff-”

“No! Don’t go easy on me. I want you to go all in. It’ll be more satisfying to win that way!”

“Sweety that’s not gonna-”

“Pleeease?” Antoine pleaded with his big, brown doe-like eyes, a trait he shares with every member of the family.

“Alright fine, if that’s what you want, sweety.” The two decided that they were going to wrestle right there in the living room, so they pushed all the furniture out of the way for a clearer space to roll around in. With the center of the living room now clear, they stood across from each other, with Antoine making an exaggerated ‘combat ready’ pose while Lucrezia stood calmly.

“Whenever you’re ready, love.” Lucrezia stated. After she made that comment, Antoine immediately charged towards her, hoping he can overwhelm her with his speed. She easily countered him, grabbing his wrists as they reached for her, then tripping his legs so that he lost his balance, falling on his back as she continued to hold his wrists. She then pushed him further on his back, then stood above him, his small body prone between her thighs. She sat squarely on his chest, pinning her thighs on his shoulders, then stretched his arms outward, placing them on the sides of his head, rendering them immobile.

“Now this pin is called the Schoolgirl Pin. A very effective pin, as you can now tell.” Lucrezia stated somewhat smugly.

“Y-yeah it is!” Antoine managed to say, not used to his mother’s large butt on his chest.

“Now a great way to counter this is-”

“N- no don’t tell me! I got this!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Antoine shouted with as much energy as he could, clearly straining from bearing the extra weight. He continued to kick and move himself to no avail while she remained to keep her position on top of him with no effort. She found his little grunts and futile movements to be endearing, if not foolish. She has had many men in this same position in the past, none of them able to break this hold. Lucrezia always enjoyed pinning a man beneath her, feeling their body fidget underneath her butt while she easily kept her hold on him, and the longer she sat on Antoine, the more she realized just how much she missed that feeling, even if the man underneath is her own son.

After a staggering 20 minutes of her sitting on his chest, Antoine was obviously tired, all of his energy now spent trying to push his curvaceous mother off of him. He lay there, raggedly breathing.

“Are you ready to tap out, dear?” Lucrezia asked.

“N-no, I’m just taking a break! I-I’ll never tap out, even if you’re the strongest in th-the world!” he barely managed to squeak out, still somewhat in awe of his mother’s strength.

“Alrighty then, sweety.” Lucrezia inched herself even higher on his chest until her butt was on his throat, and her thighs wrapped around the sides of his face. She exhaled somewhat loudly as Antoine’s chin pressed against her crotch, feeling a light pang of guilt for enjoying just how much she’s dominating her own son, but as time passed with her on top of him, her feelings of guilt lessened. With his head now neatly trapped between her thighs, she begins to squeeze. Sitting upright, she looked at her son’s face amusedly, now shaped like that of a fish’s face from her thighs squeezing his face. True to his word though, he never tapped out, even with the added weight on his throat and the pressure from her thighs. After a few minutes, Antoine finally lost consciousness, his body now completely limp underneath her.

Looking down at his sleeping face, Lucrezia felt a huge surge of pride, both from still being able to knock out males, and the fact that her own son held out longer than any of the other males she had wrestled, even those who were many times stronger than him. “He is much stronger than he looks,” she remarked, softly ruffling through his hair.

After a few minutes passed, Antoine woke from his slumber, his entire upper body still sore from Lucrezia’s weight bearing down on him. With his mother still straddling him, though now sitting on his waist and her hands caressing the sides of his face, she said, “You have no idea how proud of you I am right now. How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling 100% stronger already!” he feebly replied, the excitement still present in his tired voice. “We should do this every day!”

“Are you sure about that?” she asked, hoping he’d say yes.

“Of course I am! How will I get stronger without constant training?”

“You have a point,” Lucrezia remarked, trying to hide her own excitement. It’s been way too long since she had wrestled another man down. She’s certain that she’s going to enjoy these upcoming ‘training’ sessions. She leaned down and kissed his face a few times, then finally got off of her breathing seat. Seeing how it was late, they wished each other a good night, and they both slept with pleasant dreams, with Antoine becoming the strongest man in existence, and Lucrezia pinning down her past opponents in her old wrestling costumes.

With each passing day, they trained. Of course, Lucrezia always ended up putting Antoine in a schoolgirl pin quite easily, and he is nowhere near being able to make her budge, though he has gotten better at staying conscious underneath her. Though she had begun to apply less pressure on her holds, with just enough force to keep him pinned, but not enough to knock him out, as she not only admired his resistance, but she also wanted to enjoy sitting on him for longer periods of time. There was an unspoken rule that if Antoine were to get knocked out, then training was over for the day, and since he never taps out, Lucrezia wanted to draw out the time she spent sitting on him.

Then, after many weeks of daily ‘training’, Lucrezia wanted to try something different. One late afternoon, she has him in her usual schoolgirl pin hold, with her wearing a rather small pair of black cotton shorts and a green t-shirt, and Antoine’s wearing black sweatpants and a tank top.

“You know, you’re lucky I don’t sit on your face like I used to do to my more rowdier opponents back in the day,” Lucrezia remark, looking down at her fidgeting teenage son as her bare thighs were framing his face, and her crotch pressed against his chin. “Of course, I’d never do that to you, because I don’t think you could handle it,” She goaded.

“I can handle anything you throw at me! I have the best trainer in the world after all!” he replied. Lucrezia felt a familiar pang of guilt. Guilty for taking advantage of her son’s eagerness to become a stronger person, all so she could relive her glory days of submitting her opponents in the past. Though all those feelings of guilt disappeared as soon as she moved her crotch to cover her son’s mouth, and the tip of his nose now pressing against her mound. Her hand pulling his head towards her, Lucrezia gave a satisfied sigh, enjoying the feeling of Antoine’s lips attempting to form words and talk. Probably “I’ll get out of here soon!” or some other cliched banter, but it didn’t matter, for all he’s getting is a mouthful of her. Of course, Antoine didn’t like having his face in such a compromising position for obvious reasons, but he still felt that this would be helping him get stronger much faster, for what is a better motivator to get stronger than a curvy woman sitting on your face?

Indeed, he used much more effort to try to push her off than ever, using both of his hands to push her butt off his face. It didn’t make her budge one bit, but the effort was there. Lucrezia knows she could easily knock her son out, but she’s gonna sit on his face for another 10 minutes. Another 15. Maybe an extra 10 minutes just for good measure. Another 30 minutes wouldn’t hurt. Maybe even…

After about 1 and a half hour of nonstop facesitting, Lucrezia decided it was time to knock him out, so she inched herself forward a bit more on his face until his nostrils were blocked, then squeezed her bare thighs even tighter around his face for a good few seconds until he’s knocked out. Once Antoine regains his consciousness, he wakes up to his mother looking down at his face while straddling his stomach, her large butt resting comfortably on his belly. As life returns to his tired face, Lucrezia looked at him guiltily, coming to the realization that she spent more than an hour straddling her own son’s face for her own pleasure.

“I went too far, didn’t I?” Lucrezia asked him in a low tone of voice, her eyes peering down at him sympathetically.

“No! Don’t ever think that! I need the challenge, so that I can be the best, like no one ever was!” Antoine said with such passion, it’s almost easy to forget that his mother used his face as a chair for an hour and a half.

“So you don’t hate that…”

“Of course I hate having my face sat on by my own mom! But that has been the greatest challenge I have ever faced, and I can already feel myself getting stronger. For instance, I’ve been able to open a pickle jar all by myself, after only a mere 20 minutes of trying! So please, use all your best techniques, the facesitting, whatever!”

Lucrezia cradled her son’s face in her hands, and lowered her own face until their foreheads were touching. “Sweety, I’m going to ask you this one last time. Are you sure about this?”

“YES!” Lucrezia smiled at his neverending enthusiasm, kissing him on his nose as she finally got off of his body. And for the next few days, each of these ‘training’ sessions begin and end with her sitting on his face for long periods of time. Antoine, of course had noticeably gotten more resistant, with him taking much longer to lose his energy. He still has quite a long way to go before he can even budge his mother, so his face will always end up in her crotch for a disproportionate amount of time, but the effort is indeed improving.

One day, Antoine’s long time best friend Wessam, or ‘Wes’ for short, decided to pay him a visit, to ask him something. It would be the obvious observation to state that Antoine enjoyed his friend’s company at his house, but that observation wouldn’t be as accurate after their puberty years. As naive as he is, even he notices the way his friends had been ogling his mother and his twin sister Stella. Or how his friends mysteriously become super affectionate around Lucrezia. “We just like hugging people.” Yeah sure thing bud, he would think sarcastically. Of course Lucrezia figured that teenage males are a bit too affectionate around her, but she didn’t mind at all, finding the attention flattering. “I still got it,” she would think proudly. So when Wessam knocked on the door, he was greeted by what he’d considered a magnificent sight. The door was answered by Lucrezia, wearing a very low cut sports bra that showed an ample amount of cleavage from her well endowed breasts, her abdomen bare and well toned, and her hair in a tight bun. She was in a pair of tiny pink spandex short shorts, leaving her long and curvaceous thighs on display, and was barefooted.

“Hi there, Wessam! Me and Antoine were just about to start training!” She greeted the brown skinned and lanky teen.

“Oh uh...Hey there...Did I come at like...you know...a bad time?” He awkwardly asked, looking down at his feet while both of his hands are behind his back.

“Not at all! You can come watch us if you want!”

“Uhh okay then…” Lucrezia turned away to walk towards the living room, giving Wes a chance to ogle at her behind as she’s walking, how her butt is hanging out of those shorts, how they jiggle with every step she takes, how they…

“Oh hey Wes, I don’t really think this is a good time to hangout,” Antoine said to Wes after he entered the living room, somewhat not as enthusiastic in his greeting as he usually is. Wes noticed how all the furniture had been pushed aside.

“But I wanna see the training.”

“Trust me man...it’s-it’s very...boring, bro. You should like...come back in an hour or so I guess.”

“Sweety, I’m sure he’d be quite interested in watching. No harm in that!” Lucrezia said smugly.

The two trainers then stood at opposite ends of the living room, as Wes sat on a nearby chair to observe. He watched his skinny friend charged at his mother recklessly, making an “AHHH” sound to complement his foolhardy approach. He then watched how effortlessly Lucrezia countered him, grabbing both of his outstretched arms as he reached her, then easily tripped him on his back. She then sat right there on her new favorite seat, the seat being Antoine’s face, her breasts jiggled as she bounced on him. She looked and smiled at Wes, who was having a hard time trying to pick his jaw off the ground. He looked lecherously and enviously as her thick, bare thighs enclosed around his face, and her crotch parked on her son’s lips. He stared at this scene for what seemed like an eternity, watching Antoine struggle uselessly while Lucrezia rode out all his attempts at escape. He then realized that he came to his friend’s house for a reason, and that reason wasn’t to watch his mother putting her crotch in his face, unfortunately.

“Oh yeah Ant, I forgot to tell you...Uh Leo and Blessed Boi wanted to know if uhh…”

“‘Blessed Boi’? That’s an interesting name,” Lucrezia humorously remarked.

“Yeah that’s our nickname for our friend Isaiah. It’s a long story.”

“I would like to hear that story.” Lucrezia moved her perch onto her son’s chin, leaving his mouth free for the time being.

Looking down at his muffled friend, Wes begins. “Ok so basically, me, Ant, Leo, and Blessed Boi were walking along the sidewalk. Then we saw like this...big cat. A really big and fluffy cat. Like an extra large, big, big cat. Very big, and very fluffy. Like-”

“BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED IS-” Antoine, shouted abruptly.

“Hey, you know it’s rude to talk over people,” Lucrezia said, sliding her crotch into his open mouth, her face slightly reddening at the sensation. “Now please, take your time, Wessam. Give me as many details as you can to fully convey the fluffiness of this cat.”

Wes then decided to tell what would normally be a 2 minute story in 10 minutes, making sure not to skimp out on any details, and even embellished a few extra details, all while Lucrezia listened intently, guiltlessly enjoying her current position on Antoine’s face far more than any mother should. Then Lucrezia, loving that she had an audience, albeit a single horny teen, decided to show off some of her moves, using her son as a dummy. First, she leaned her body to the side while Antoine’s head remained trapped in her thighs, his mouth still glued to her groin. She stretched her legs out and crossed her ankles to really secure her already airtight hold.

“Now this is called a headscissors,” Lucrezia casually stated, as Antoine struggles to pull her thighs apart with his flailing arms, his increasingly red face getting redder. Then, to Wes’s surprise and Antoine’s relief, she released him completely from her grip, his mouth now free to gasp for air. He laid on his back, heavily breathing in air as though it was going out of style. Lucrezia crawled sensually on top of his heaving body, mounting his stomach while placing her hands on his chest. She leaned forward until her breasts were rubbing up against Antoine’s face, mostly to further entice her audience member, partially because she wanted to further dominate him.

“Hmm, what should I do next?” She wondered out loud, swinging her breasts against her son’s face, while he lays there, still reeling from getting his head squeezed. She then stops moving for a brief moment, his face in her cleavage.

“I don’t think he’s gonna like this next move,” Lucrezia cooed, then quickly hopped off his body, only to turn herself around to face his feet, and bounce down on his chest, causing Antoine to give a ‘Ooof!’ sound. With her butt now planted firmly on his chest as she straddled him again, she backed herself up until her butt reached his face, then she wrapped her legs around his head, and started to squeeze, locking her ankles behind his head as she did so.

“Reverse headscissors!” She said excitedly, laying the front of her body prone on Antoine’s body, while his face returned to a shade of red that Wes is all too familiar with now. Wes could barely keep himself from drooling as he saw that Lucrezia’s tiny spandex shorts had ridden up so high, that the bottom of her bare butt cheeks were making contact with Antione’s face, his chin snug between her glutes. She continued to squeeze for a few minutes, knowing full well just how much of her behind is exposed, and not caring one bit about it.

“Alright, it’s time for a nap!” Lucrezia stopped squeezing his head with her thighs and sat straight up on his face, his face much deeper immersed in her butt crack, to Antoine’s embarrassment, to Wes’s astonishment, and to Lucrezia’s pleasure. With his breathing cut off, his struggles to get out from under her butt got weaker until after a few he finally passed out, his body motionless underneath her curvy body. She stood up off of his body, placed her left foot on the side of his unconscious face, then flexed her arms.

“I win!” She said quietly but smugly, smirking at Wes.

“Oh uh...yeah...you were very...strong,” Wes said, struggling to make eye contact with her. “I’ll uhh...tell the gang that he couldn’t come. Uhh...Like see ya later, I guess?”

“Really, you’re gonna leave without giving me one of those big, long hugs your friends like to give?” She faked a pout.

“Well I guess…”

“Oh come here, you!” Lucrezia walked over to him and pulled him in a very tight hug, his face between her breasts as she pushed her body against him. After experiencing what Wes feels to be the longest hug in recorded history, he quietly walked back towards the front door, while the butterflies in his chest threatened to explode with the force of a hydrogen bomb. As he walked out of the house, the last thing he saw before closing the door was Lucrezia sitting back down on Antoine’s face.

Antoine woke up with his body sore, feeling a great weight on his stomach.

“Wow! That was tough! I hated losing in front of my homie but next time-”

“Yes, yes, you’ll do a better job sweety. Now it’s time for extra training,” Lucrezia said, then sat back on her son’s face, with her crotch on top of her son’s lips once again, proceeding to use his face as a toy for another hour.

Though as Lucrezia once felt guilty the first few times she wrestled Antoine, as time went on, those guilty feelings lessened with every match she had with him, with every pin she put him in, with every knockout she induced him. The match she had with his friend watching, however, had completely removed what fledgling amount of inhibitions she had. Having realized that, Lucrezia figured that she should be more...comfortable when wrestling Antoine, so she looked deep within her wardrobe one day to find an old outfit of hers, something to fully symbolize that she’s back in her glory days of wrestling down opponents and utterly dominating them.

On a particular foggy noon, Lucrezia called Antoine into the living room for more training. Being as hyped to train as he was when he first started training with her, he eagerly ran into the living room. Once he saw what his mother was wearing, even he had to step back for a moment.

“You’re gonna wrestle me in...that?!” He incredulously asked, looking wide eyed at what looks like an exceptionally skimpy high legged red micro leotard. Lucrezia smiled, and rotated her body, displaying the amount of uncovered skin, how there was barely enough fabric to cover her crotch and nipples, and how her back side is just a thin string between her huge, bubble shaped butt cheeks.

“It’s my old wrestling costume. I’m surprised it still fits after all those years.”

“And you’re gonna wrestle me in that!?”

“I can understand why you wouldn’t want to wrestle me. Something might slip while I’m pinning you down, with how...tiny it is,” She said sensually.

“Actually, you made this training session much easier than it’s ever been. There’s no way in hell I’m letting you sit on me in that outfit!” Antoine said boastfully. There’s no way he would get pinned by his mother in that outfit!

Before a full minute had passed since the match started, Antoine got pinned by his mother in that outfit. Wasting no time, she immediately sat right on his face, her bare skin making much more contact with Antoine than he ever would have been comfortable with. Antoine fought harder than he has ever fought to push her off his face, increasingly humiliated by her warm crotch on his mouth, thrashing all of his limbs about. He felt absolutely disgusted, knowing that there was but a very thin layer of fabric between his mouth and her flesh, the very place he was born from. As hard as he fought against his attacker,it made no difference, as Lucrezia held her position on his face, rubbing her crotch on his face as his struggles got weaker. She stretched out his arms and pinned his wrists, as she inched forward a bit more to cover his nostrils with her mound, and squeezed his head between her completely bare thighs. After about 5 minutes of holding on to his consciousness, the longest he’s ever held, he finally passed out. Lucrezia released his body, and sat high on his chest.

The reason why Lucrezia was the most favored wrestler was not only because of the sensual way she dominated every single one of her opponents, both male and female, but how she celebrated her inevitable victories. Other wrestlers would strike a pose after beating their opponents, or pull them back to their feet to congratulate them. Lucrezia celebrated her victories by rubbing her crotch on her opponent’s faces, to further remind them their place. This erotic display of dominance doesn’t go on longer than a minute, but it netted her plenty of fans. Now, with her son unconscious beneath her, that’s exactly what she’s going to do to him now. So she sat back on his face, and began gyrating her hips slowly, gently but firmly grinding over his features. She continued with this for another 10 minutes, until Antoine finally woke up, his head still between her thighs

“Wow, that was the hardest I ever fought! You may have won this time but next time-” Lucrezia immediately cut him off by sitting much higher on his face, his nose and mouth immersed between her bare, massive glutes. With her crotch now pressing against his forehead, she begins to stroke her groin on that spot too, pressing even harder to further emphasize her absolute dominance on him, while all he could do was yell and groan underneath her butt. “Wessam would have had a stroke seeing this,” Lucrezia humorously thought, as she felt Antoine’s face sweating from being between her butt cheeks. In order to give him some air, she started to bounce her butt on his face, her meaty glutes making an audible slapping noise as she does so, doing it in 15 second intervals She did this for an unbearable 5 minutes, then deciding to take mercy on her opponent, she decided to sit back on her favorite spot, moving her crotch back to his lips, but not before making a display of grinding her crotch downwards on the bridge of his nose until reaching his upper lip, his face becoming more familiar with the feeling of the polyester fabric of her tiny leotard.

With her thighs framing his face, and his nose pressing into her barely covered mound, she looked at just how weak he’s gotten, with his limbs slowly moving, making a poor attempting at pushing Lucrezia off of him, his once energetic body moving more sluggishly underneath her, his eyes barely keeping themselves open, and his attempts at talking more subdued as his lips struggle to form words as they slowly drag across her crotch. Nevertheless, he continued to fight, a quality that Lucrezia will always admire. Regardless, she took the opportunity to further establish her victory, so she stood up and placed her foot on the side of his face, and began flexing her arms.

“...You haven’t won...yet...I still got...some fight left...in me…” Antoine quietly murmured, his voice still having a hint of his trademark confidence despite all that has happened to him.

“Oh that’s great to hear, sweety! Because I’m nowhere near done with you yet.” Lucrezia adjusted her leotard, then sat back on his face, intending to use his face for quite some time...
Stella, being a near splitting image of her mother, had finished her school year early due to her outstanding academic performance, but she didn’t tell her mother and brother, as she wanted to surprise them, so she secretly headed home to share the news with them. It was a quiet night in the neighborhood as she arrived at her house. She slowly opened the front door, making sure not to make much noise. Stella noticed that the house was mostly dark, save for a light that was coming out of Antoine’s room, which was across from her own. She quietly crept to his room, walking tiptoed while doing so. As she got closer to his door, she heard some heaving breathing, and the sound of his bed being rocked. She slowly opened the door, curious about these sounds, and the image she saw will be imprinted in her memory forever.
“Mom?...what are you doing to Antoine?”
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

happy late mother's day
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

All I can say is, Wow! I can totally see why Lucruzia was the favourite wrestler for her fans back in the day. Wessam got one hell of a show and Antoine is living my dream every day. I also want to see how Stella reacts to all this and hope she learns how to wrestle her brother down, too. Damn, this was good.

Thank you very much, mate.
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

Another very entertaining story!! Now I have 3 stories I can't wait for their continuations. Hope the inspiration to continue this, Just Friends, and Leo's story hits you soon they all are very well thought out and captivating.
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

Originally Posted by mixfightor [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
All I can say is, Wow! I can totally see why Lucruzia was the favourite wrestler for her fans back in the day. Wessam got one hell of a show and Antoine is living my dream every day. I also want to see how Stella reacts to all this and hope she learns how to wrestle her brother down, too. Damn, this was good.

Thank you very much, mate.
Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Another very entertaining story!! Now I have 3 stories I can't wait for their continuations. Hope the inspiration to continue this, Just Friends, and Leo's story hits you soon they all are very well thought out and captivating.
seeing these comments mean a lot to me. i really do appreciate these comments a lot. i'll try to finish up the other stories soon because i got good ideas for all of them
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

Hot story. A lot of potential here. GREAT!
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

Please finish this story or the Leo one. Both are absolutely amazing and descriptive
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

Beautiful and very hot. Please continue
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Talking Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

One of the best ever story. Congratulation and i hope you'll write a part two
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Default Re: Antoine, and How His Mother 'Helps' Him Train

The transforming of Lucrezia is great. Painful to wait for seeing these master piece continued
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brother vs sister, facesitting, mother, mother vs son, sister

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