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Default Re: The interview

You had me right up to the point where Morgana was spraying breast milk like a weapon. Not sure how they will be able to break his conditioning before the big match with Black Widow. She really crushed his will with the power of titnosis. It was cool seeing Katija being a baddass when she caught Morgana in the act, but perhaps the damage has already been done.

I am looking forward to reading some of Katija's back story in the next installment, mate. Thank you.
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Default Re: The interview

I have a few ideas I’m playing with about the conditioning. It’s pretty strong but with fictional situations you never know.

Lot more Katija in the next one. Who knows what her back story might be. Not even me completely yet.
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Default Re: The interview

Here’s the next part. All done on my phone again so might be more than a few mistakes.

Big Boy vs Black Widow – Part 2

It was the day after my encounter with Black Widow and something was off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it as I took a leisurely morning shower. I’d made the coffee by the time Katija surfaced with Anichka from their shared bedroom. As usual the girls were dressed, well undressed, in their tiny silk robes. Perky nipples outlined by the clinging fabric with periodic flashes of hairless pussy as they busied themselves around the kitchen. Katija bent over to get a clean cup from the dishwasher.

The sight of her perfect ass always proved too much for little rich. Wait not today! That was it. That’s what felt off about today, no morning wood, no shower stiffy and no reaction to the girls. Something was seriously wrong. Katija had just provided a full ass and pussy show yet nothing from little rich. It happens to everyone I rationalised. It’s not a big deal. I was probably just tired.

Anichka came over to sit on my lap while she had her coffee. This had already become a bit of a tradition for us. She’d get me hard with shifts in her weight and hot breaths on my neck and ears while Katija lectured me on a subject she considered important in my ongoing sex wrestling education. If I couldn’t maintain my focus on Katija the girls scolded me for my inability to concentrate and of course it gave Katija the chance for her ‘you no concentration you lose’ variant of her standard pep talk.

“Hey” complained Anichka”where you dick? You ill maybes” to check she slithered off my lap and slid her hand into my robe. A few quick hard strokes confirmed there was a problem.

“Hey Kat, he dick broke” Anichka informed Katija to my acute embarrassment. Katija came over to investigate. The girls pulled back my robe to inspect the goods.

“I try” suggested Katija as she slowly stoked my flaccid cock. Anichka discarded her robe and began to finger her cute pussy in my eye-line. Her middle finger sliding gently in and out of her moistening slit. Katija’s robe fell open revealing her flawless body as the intensity of her stoking increased. Nothing! This show would make a deadman stiff.

“Maybe you need a quick fuck” Katija decided as she straddled the chair. Rubbing her soft pussy over my cock as her hand tweaked her nipple. A few days ago this sight would have probably made me cum on the spot, but today nothing.

“You broke” decided Katija

The girls broke into a quick fire conversation in their mother tongue. In minutes a course of action was decided. Katija left the room and Anichka continued to work on my cock.

Despite her best efforts there was still no joy as I heard the click of heels on the tile floor that signalled Katija’s return.

“You want drink Big Boy” Katija was dressed in her reception outfit. Heels, stockings, tight skirt and fitted blouse. She clasped her hands together in front of her waist, her biceps pushing her tits together as she leaned her perfectly made up face towards mine.

“You like” she whispered softly “maybe you fuck me now?” She blew me a kiss from her glossy lips and strutted towards the kitchen table putting an extra sway into her hips. She bent straight legged and shimmied her skirt up over her hips, then placed her palms on the table.

“You fuck me now?” She queried sensuously over her shoulder. My greatest fantasy had come true. Little rich began to stir. He was alive! As I hastened to my feet little rich’s brief resurrection ceased and I was left dejected.

“It’s never happened before” I ventured “maybe it’s something I ate?”

“This big problem” said Anichka rather unhelpfully. “We call Conchita. She know what to do”

“Conchita” the girls chimed in unison. Anichka went off to make the arrangements. I looked longingly at Katija amazing ass as she gazed back.

“Soon Rich, soon” she reassured me. I went to shower away my disappointment and wait for the arrival of Conchita whoever she might be.

“By the way, who is Conchita?” I asked conversationally as we sat in morose silence sipping coffee in the living room

“She was champ” informed Anichka “but she no fight now. She 44-1 record. Only loose one time. She called ‘Night Night Nurse’. She put you to sleep.”

“How can she help me?” I countered. It didn’t feel as if some old ex pro would have anymore luck reviving little rich than two beautiful sexy girls.

“She like some fucking cock whisperer” spat Katija clearly unhappy with my line of questioning. “She also not real nurse. She doctor, shithead”. Fortunately Katija was cut short by a knock at the door. Katija shot me an accusing look as she went off to answer it.

“She Katija’s trainer when she first come to SWL” informed Anichka. “They still good friend”

Wait. Katija used to be a wrestler too. I suppose I should have guessed but she never mentioned her wrestling days. My thoughts were interrupt by the arrival of our guest.

“Corazón, what have you done with that nice cock? Katija tells me it’s not working”. Ms Suarez! Conchita! The pieces fell into place. She was casually dressed in fashionable jeans, heels and a thin spaghetti strap top that did little to hide or restrain her massive bust.

Conchita pulled aside my robe to inspect the damage. “Let’s see” she mused slipping down her top and releasing her humongous tits. She swayed them from side to side her thick brown nipples captured my attention. “Optical responses normal” she observed.

She firmly gripped my cock and jacked it experimentally. Nothing.

“Cross your legs please” asked Conchita before testing my reflexes. “His reflexes are normal. So nothing wrong there” she informed the girls.

She placed my soft dick between her luscious boobs and began to titfuck me. She deftly controlled my soft dick between her big globes keeping it trapped as she effortlessly titfucked. Still nothing. After a couple of minutes she released my still flaccid member.

“There seems to be temporary barrier between the motor cortex and specific areas of the central nervous system causing an atypical reaction to stimuli preventing the corpora cavernosa from relaxing.” She decided.

“What you say?” Said Katija

“In layman’s terms” informed Conchita. “Your boys got cock block! Could be either subconscious or physical. I’ll need to run more tests to determine which. Has anything out of the ordinary happened in the past few days?”

Katija quickly recounted our encounter with Black Window. Conchita looked concerned. “I want to try something” she informed the girls “if I’m right we’ve got our hands full. Get me a laptop please”

Conchita quickly logged into the private SWL server.

“Rich can you have a look at this please?” She requeste, turning the screen to face me.

I went painfully hard in seconds. My cock began to leak precum.

“You cure Rich!” celebrated Anichka.

“I’m afraid not” Conchita sighed and turned the screen to the girls. Front and centre was a shot of the Black Widow, tits cupped provocatively as she blew a kiss to the camera with her full plump lips

“It’s my opinion she’s planted some sort of hypnotic trigger which stops Rich getting hard except for her. If that’s the case the sheer build up of ejaculate” she stopped as the girls looked blank. “Cum” she continued as the girls nodded their understanding “will undoubtedly lead to defeat in the ring. If the conditioning is deep she can probably make Rich do anything she desires”

“Shit. I kill that bitch” spat Katija.“We need fix Rich and soon!” She stated rather obviously.

The girls repositioned the picture of Black Window and back up went little rich. They took turns jacking, blowing and titfucking my rock hard cock in an attempt to get me to cum but to no avail. After two hours the girls admitted defeat.

“This no uses. We need plan” ventured Anichka. Katija who had been deep in thought for the last five minutes seemed to come to a decision.

“We go see Babushka. She know much magic. She sort out cock block”. It was decided.

The girls booked us on the next flight back to the old country and went to pack.

“Where exactly is the ‘old country’?” I asked Katija in the taxi on the way to the airport.

“Krasnoyarsk” somehow it sounded exotic and far away. As it turned out it was 23 hours later I stumbled out of the airport disheveled and tired. Katija still looked radiant. Perfectly made up and fresh as we queued for a taxi. Another 5 hours and we finally stoped in a small village deep into the mountains and forests.

“This Korbik” announced Katija. “This where I girl. Babushka look after me in summer when I girl. She teach much” with that she paid the waiting taxi driver and strode up the path to the front door leaving me with the luggage as the taxi pulled off.

Before she reached the door it opened and out bolted a slightly older version of Katija. On review maybe with slightly bigger boobs and fractionally shorter. But if Katija hadn’t been there I’d assume it was her. A rapid conversation ensued before Katija impatiently motioned me to join her.

“This Sveta, her sister. I tell her your cock broke. She offer blow you. She say her blowjob best in Siberia. You want she try?” Clearly the offer was tempting. Sveta moistened her full lips with her tongue to encourage me. But I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work having already have 3 amazingly attractive women try already but maybe it couldn’t hurt to let her try.

Katija made the decision for me. “We meet Babushka now” and pulled me into the house.

First we met Katij’s mother. She was in her late 40s, I assumed, and in very good shape.

“Rich, this is Babushka” Katija introduced us. Clearly I couldn’t open with the ‘I thought you were her mother’ line. “mne nravyatsya tvoi sis'ki” I said as Katija and I had rehearsed on the plane.

“Spasibo” she laughed in reply. Katija stifled a giggle.

“What did I just say” I asked awkwardly. Quickly realising I may have been the butt of Katija’s quirky sense of humour.

I waited silently as Katija updated Babushka on the situation.

We adjourned to a seating area while Babushka busied herself at the stove. A sweet aroma filed the room. Somewhere between incense and Chanel No5.

Babushka joined us with a steaming mug that turned out to be the source of the aroma.

After some brief instructions to Katija Babushka handed me the mug.

“You drink” ordered Katija “then I translate. Babushka put you in trance. We find out what Black Widow done. Then we fix.”

Babushkas green eyes bore into mine as I considered my options. The scent from the drink was already making me feel a little light headed. “Okey dokey” I agreed and downed the hot liquid. It warmed my insides instantly and took my breath away. “Smooth” I coughed.

Babushka removed her top freeing a surprisingly prominent pair of breasts. She was in amazing shape for a grandmother. Some sort of uber milf.

Nestled between her generous valley of creamy cleavage was a jade pendent on a thin gold chain.

“Watch the pretty jewel” Katija instructed. Babushka began to manipulate her breasts causing the jewel to ride hypnotically over an undulating sea of tit flesh. “It’s the same green as her eyes” continued Katija “as you keep watching you feel sleep. It so nice to watch big tits and jewel. You like big titties don’t you”

“Yes” I murmured captivated by Babushkas boobs.

“When jewel disappears you sleep” Katija instructed softly. Agonisingly slowly Babushka allowed the pendent to sink slowly into her voluminous breasts. As it disappeared I lost consciousness.

The next thing I remember was Katija slapping my face. “Ow. What the fuck” I started.

“You ok?” Said Katija with concern “ You out long time. Babushka say Black Widow good. But she better. You want good news or bad news Rich?”

“Good I think” I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Katija lent forward and planted a passionate kiss on my lips as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. I was left overwhelmed and breathless for a few seconds.

“Thank you” was all I could think to say. Katija smirked and glanced down. Tented in my pants was an enormous bulge. I was cured! Little rich was back. I gave him a little celebration stroke. Hard as iron. Yes!

“The bad news” Katija continued “Babushka say Black Widow fuck you mind good. Babushka not remove block. She say it too big risky. She alter block. She replace”

Babushka entered the room fully dressed. “Lapochka” she clicked her fingers twice and I came to her obvious amusement.

“This the bad news” scowled Katija. “She do this to all my boys. That part reason why I leave! We leave now”.

Our journey home was uneventful. Katija diligently checked the workings of little rich on a regular basis. I joined the mile high club as part of her testing.

Saturday came. The girls aided by Ms Suarez ensured that I made it to the ring unscathed.

The Black Widow’s music started. I recognised the starting bars to ‘Queen of Spades’ by Styx as the Black Widow made her way to the ring. Her extravagant curves were squeezed into a black lace body. Her bountiful tits swayed as she played to the crowd. Cut outs in the body showed off tantalising glimpses of alabaster skin. I’m not sure if it was traces of her conditioning or just a natural reaction but my cock began to stiffen.

“Hey Big Boy” she blew a confident kiss from the ring apron “ready to kneel before your mistress?”

I wasn’t sure if she was expecting me to fall to my knees. But the tent in my speedos seemed to satisfy her.

Formalities over we met in the middle of the ring. Widow quickly slipped my defences and secured a headlock that enabled her to bring her lips to my ear. “Can you feel the VENOM Big Boy” she whispers sensuously into my ear her lips brushing lightly against my ear. That must be the trigger word. I immediately stopped resisting and my body went limp.
“Good boy” she encouraged now supporting my weight in the headlock. To the audience we were still locked in a fight. But the Widow knew she’d as good as won already. She bulldogged me to mat for effect and scooted round to pull down my trunks. Little rich stood proud as a flagpole.

Widow slipped my head between her legs, mainly for show as I wasn’t fighting back, and locked her plump lips around my stiff cock. I was in heaven. Her strong tongue worked my shaft and head in a sinuous attack. I could feel my precum start to leak. I was on the verge of eruption and she knew it.

She released my cock and crowed in triumph “it’s all too easy Big Boy. You can’t resist the VENOM now prepare to cum and lose”

She locked down her hot mouth over my cock. I could smell her arousal. Dominating me was getting her off. A few more bobs up and down on my overstimulated cock would be all that was needed.

Time to fight back! I could only imagine the surprise etched across her face as my tongue slid across her moist pussy. She squirmed as my arms trapped her waist against my chest. She lost focus on my cock as a small moan left her lips. I began to work over her pussy using everything the girls had taught me. Widow rallied and tried to scissor my head but this just forced my probing tongue further into my pussy.

Too late she realised her predicament and began to frantically jack my cock in a race to make me spurt before she came.

“Fuck” she blurted as her body went rigid and her juices coated my face. The ref called her orgasm. I didn’t release her at once but continued my vigorous assault of her pussy and was rewarded with another quick fire orgasm. The ref threatened disqualification forcing me to break the hold. Leaving the widow still shaking on her knees in the middle of the ring I strutted back to my corner.

“What’s wrong Widow?” I quipped “cat had my tongue”. It didn’t work quite as I’d hoped with the word play on cat/pussy and tongue. But frankly I didn’t care.

“Winner of the first fall by reverse pussy lick in 3 minutes 10 seconds. The Biiiiiigggg Boooooy!” The crowd were in silent shock. Window always dominated her male opponents.

Two minutes were over and we locked up in the middle of the ring. “How did you break my conditioning” the widow demanded as she hammered a fast knee into my mid section stopping me in my tracks. “It was that fucking Katija wasn’t it” she concluded as she powered down a two fisted axe punch to my exposed back. I collapsed to the mat. “I guess I’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way” she mused as she dropped a hard elbow between my shoulder blades. She pulled my arms back into a kneeling surfboard. It felt like my shoulders were about to dislocate. The pain seared though my arms.

I somehow managed to resist and eventually Widow realised she wouldn’t get a submission from the hold. She dropped prone onto my back as her arm snaked round my neck locking in a rear naked choke. I tucked my chin forward to reduce the constriction around my neck. Widow nibbled my earlobe.

“It’s so hard to resist” she sympathised. “Can you feel my big round firm breasts pushing into your back. Do you remember how good they felt wrapped around your cock. Sliding up and down, up and down as the cum boiled in your balls. Remember, remember, remember” she chanted. Her words penetrating my fragile subconscious mind.

“Feel yourself slipping slowly back into my power.” She flipped my body over maintaining her control of my arms. Her sapphire eyes shined with victory as she worked me back under her spell. “Watch my belly” she commanded as she sinuously undulated her belly. Her piercing jewel winking at me through the cutout in her lacy suit.

“That’s right” she breathed “what the pretty jewel sparkle as I capture your mind” I couldn’t think as she sensuously undulated her tight sinuous belly capturing my senses. I did the only thing I could and tapped out. This startled the Window as the ref interrupted her induction.

I struggled back to my corner. If I couldn’t clear my head quickly I’d lose.

The winner of the second fall…” the announcer stoped, unsure how to describe the fall. “The winner by belly dance. In 4 minutes 30 seconds the Blaaaack Widowww!”

We were even, but all she had to do was make me cum, whilst I needed to pin her and avoid her hypnotic body. We already both knew she had ability to mesmerise me with her voice, tits, eyes, pussy or belly. The odds were in her favour.

The widow stripped off her suit and increased the odds still further. She cupped her tits and pointed her nipples towards me, tracing tiny circles with them as I stared. My legs felt like lead. I felt a tug at my ankle. Katija was at ringside. The sight of her snapped me back. The crowd broke into spontaneous applause as she stepped onto the apron. They clearly liked Katija, me not so much.

“Ref” screamed the Widow objecting to something. Katija clasped my head in both hands and pulled me in for a long kiss. This frankly did nothing positive for my already stiff cock.

“Fuck you Widow” she shouted “I just kiss my boy good luck before he beat you skanky ass” she shouted something else I didn’t catch. Katija had used the whole exchange to fit me with unobtrusive ear plugs.

As we circled each other I could see the Widows lips moving as she attempted to deepen her control. As she cupped her hypnotic tits I darted round to take her back, trapping her arms in a full nelson. She tried to push back her head to whisper in my ear still confident she could entrance me. I dropped my arms round her belly and delivered a suplex. Planting her neck and shoulders onto the mat. I bridged my legs while maintaining my bear hug and lifted my shoulder. The 5 count was beat out agonisingly slowly on the mat as she bucked trying to stop the pin.

“4…5 you’re out” shouted the ref as she slapped the mat. I’d done it by the skin of my teeth and with a lot of help from Katija!

“Ref” complained the Widow. But she still hadn’t quite worked out how I had beaten her or what to object about.

I was halfway up the ramp as the announcement of my win came over the pa.

4-0. This was all too easy…
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Default Re: The interview

Never thought I'd see a submission by belly dance..
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Default Re: The interview

when are we going to see an update to the story?
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Default Re: The interview

I’ve been a bit quiet for a while, but have received a flood of one request to carry on the adventures of Rich and the girls. As ever, it’s all written and edited on my phone so there are bound to be a load of errors. Hopefully this won’t detract too much from the story...

The Landlady (Part 1)

My financial troubles were pretty much sorted now. The generous win bonus from my bout with Black Widow was more than I’d normally make in 3 months and that was on top of my salary from the SWL. Yep, things were looking up financially.

I’d even ventured back to my apartment with the girls in tow to get my stuff. We’d decided (they’d decided) to make our living arrangements permanent and we’d rented a larger two bedroom apartment in the girls apartment block.

We needn’t have bothered. My door had been smashed in and the place ransacked. Propped up on the counter my favourite cornflake bowl was an eviction notice from the property company. Together with the notice was a hand written note from my landlady in which she pleaded for me to pay my rent arrears. She didn’t have a large property portfolio and she herself was struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps we could work out a payment plan. Etc. To be honest I was already feeling a bit guilty so I resolved to use a bit of my newly found affluence to pay my dues.

The next morning, after a pleasurable shower with Anichka I left to meet my landlady and make reparations.

The address at the top of my landlady’s letter turned out to be an upscale office building in one of the nicer parts of the city. Meier Property’s offices were on the top floor. As I traveled up in the lift I began to doubt the border line poverty claimed in her note. The lift doors opened into an opulent reception area. I glanced towards the reception desk fully expecting to see the obligatory hot receptionist but was slightly surprised by the fairly whimpy looking guy manning the station.

“I’m here to see Ms Meier. Is she available?” I asked him. “I don’t have an appointment, but I’d like to settle my rent arrears and serve notice” I added. He seemed a bit surprised at the mention of arrears but politely requested my name and address. He asked me to take a seat and hurried off into an adjoining office.

After 2 or 3 minutes he returned and informed me that his ‘mistress’ had been trying to ‘get hold’ of me for some time. If I’d wait 10 minutes she’d be fully prepared to deal with me.

Due to an excellent cup of coffee the nearer 20 minute wait passed quickly and I was ushered into Ms Meiers office.

As it turned out Ms Meier was a stunningly attractive blonde milf with a curvaceous figure that pleasingly filled her fitted business suit. As she rose from behind her desk to greet me I couldn’t help gawping at the generous cleavage on display. She had a dazzling if slightly false looking smile.

“Ms Meier” I began “we haven’t met but my name is Rich…” she cut me off with a wave of her hand.

“Please call me Ingrid.” She informed me in a slightly accented voice. German if I wasn’t mistaken. The blonde hair and piercing blue eyes attested to an Aryan heritage. “You’re a very difficult man to pin down. You’ve cost me a lot of money” she continued as she closed the distance between us.

“Let’s get better acquainted” she suggested as she led me towards the couch in the seating area to the left of her desk. “Well, you’re a fine specimen” she breathed as her fingernail traced down my chest. With a surprisingly strong push from her elegant finger I stumbled back into a sitting position on the couch. Ingrid gracefully slid along side me. I could feel the warmth of her body pressing into my side and the smell of her expensive perfume filled my nostrils. She placed one hand on my knee whilst using her finger on my chin to turn my head to face her. With her excellent posture and my slump I was facing directly into her expansive cleavage.

“You know” she continued conversationally as she gently caressed my cheek “you’ve cost me a lot of money. What with the rent and the cost of recovery”. It was difficult to really pay attention faced with a wall to wall full round breasts and inviting cleavage directly in my eye line. Her hand moved from my knee up my thigh and began to stroke my quickly hardening cock through my pants as if it was the most natural continuation of our conversation.

“Mmmm” she encouraged as my cock came to full mast under her skilled ministrations. “That’s good. Nice and hard. You see when I discovered you were joining the SWL I saw an opportunity to get back some of my money”. Her stroking picked up pace distracting me from her words.

“But you just had to win. Didn’t you” She asked rhetorically as her hand moved from my cheek and began to unbutton her suit jacket as her other hand continued to stimulate my dick. “That’s why I’m going to have to make an example of you”. She finished the last button and her jacket fell open revealing her full firm breasts that sat proudly on her torso with no noticeable sag. To enhance the jaw dropping sight her right long pink nipples was pierced with a silver ring. Her boobs jiggled distractingly as she continued to stroke my length.

Something didn’t make sense. This sort of thing didn’t happen to me. I tried to make sense of her words through the fog of pleasure caused by her manipulation of my dick.

“If you don’t suffer others might think it’s acceptable to fuck with me” she lectured. Her tone was still deceptively playful despite the dire message in her words. She tweaked her nipple ring drawing my eyes to her gigantic tits. I was mesmerised as she expertly freed my cock from my pants and slid them down. The removal of my pants caused her upper arms to thrust her massive melons forward closer to my head. Jesus those suckers were amazing they looked almost as big as my head!

“You seem to like my chest. Why don’t you take a closer look?” she suggested as her arm snaked round my neck and pulled my face into her cavernous cleavage. I was smothered in pillowy soft tits as my nose and mouth nestled between her sexy double g jugs. Her skilled hand continued to relentlessly work my shaft.

I was in heaven. I tried to move my head to suck her nipple but her arm cranked painfully on my neck restricting my movement as she shifted her weight pushing the back of my head back into the cushion. In short order I was struggling to breath. I cried out for her to let me go. That just wasted the little breath I had left as my arms pawed feebly at the sides of her massive globes in an attempt to free myself from her smothering embrace.

“Gute Nacht, Narr” she laughed she continued to stimulate my cock as I slipped towards unconsciousness. I came uncontrollably in thick spurts as I blacked out.

I awoke to someone painfully slapping my balls.

“What the fuck” I spluttered as I tried to cover my exposed dick. My arms wouldn’t budge. They gave slightly but snapped back. As I became more aware of my surroundings it became clear I was still on the sofa with my arms pulled behind me over the backrest. Someone blew lightly in my ear.

“Good to see” whispered a familiar voice in one ear. “You again Rich” finished the same voice in my other ear. Si and Am. What the hell were they doing here.
“Did you” started one “miss us?” finished the other as they painfully yanked my arms against the shoulder joints. The pain lanced through my arms and torso as I cried out in agony. “You did!” They chorused in joy at my screams.

The pain then turned to pleasure as the twins licked and kissed my ears an neck as their spare hands slipped down my torso to work on my dick. They began to deliver their patented signature double handjob whilst continuing to restrain my arms. One worked the shaft as the other the head swapping and changing in a choreographed cum inducing onslaught.

“Männer denken immer mit ihrem Schwanz” commented Ms Meier as she entered my vision. “You men are so easy to manipulate” she had shed her skirt and was dressed in heels stocking and knickers. Her magnificent chest looked even more impressive as she towered over me.

“Although I can’t really blame you” she conceded “stronger men than you have been reduced to mindless sex tool by my body. A pathetic specimen like you didn’t stand a chance against these” she continued cupping together her huge tits as she squeezed her hardening nipples.

“Back to business” she reminded herself. “It would be a crime to waste a big dick, even if it’s you. I’m going to fuck you now and when you cum, my associates here will hurt you. If you make me cum I’ll get them to do it quickly. If not they’ll enjoy making you suffer. Your choice”

“Why are you doing this?” I whimpered. “Can’t I just pay you what I owe?”

“It’s not as simple as that since you kept winning” Ms Meier explained patiently as if talking to a child. “If I let you off lightly people will think I’m getting soft and take liberties with me and my organisation. Surely you see my issue?” She questioned.

“When they find you in the gutter fucked up, word will go round, they’ll recognise my calling card and order will be restored” she rationalised as she removed her panties to reveal her moist pussy. The precariousness of my situation was clearly turning her on.

Ms Meier straddled my legs as the twins pointed my hard cock towards her now dripping snatch. She flexed her hips down and my cock slid into her wet surprisingly tight pussy. The twins kept their grip on the base of my cock as Ms Meiers pussy worked over my head. Rhythmic squeezing of her pussy muscles pulsing though my sensitive bellend. I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

The twins released my cock as Ms Meier pushed further down, she completely enveloped my cock in her velvety smooth pussy. Her muscles still pulsing round my overmatched cock. Her breasts slapping against my face as she lent forward picking up the pace. My cock was already leaking precum like a broken faucet. I was in serious trouble but I couldn’t stop my body from responding.

“Don’t you dare cum quickly” she warned. “If I don’t get at least two o’s I might even let the twins castrate you” she threatened before continuing her pussy assault on my overwhelmed dick.

I had to slow her down and quickly or it was curtains for little rich. I lent forward and grabbed her nipple ring between my teeth. Her boobs continue their upward trajectory stretching the nipple by inches. Ms Meier howled with pain. Shit? That might have no been the smartest move.

“Yes, yes!” She screamed. “Bite that nipple harder you maggot. Make you mistress come”. My teeth locked on as she slammed her pussy repeatedly on to my rock hard dick. I was a few seconds from eruption when I felt her strong pussy walls tighten around my swollen shaft as she began to come herself bathing my dick and balls in her gushing juices.

“Not bad for a wurm” she grudgingly acknowledged as her orgasm subsided. “You better stay hard for round two” she warned darkly “you still owe me another orgasm and a lot of money. Let’s see if that fucking you gave Cal Gal does the trick. Girls” she commanded as she slipped gracefully off my softening dick.

Si and Am wrenched my arms upwards to force me into a standing position using their spare hands to deliver a series of debilitating kidney punches, that given my post orgasmic stupor and weakened state were clearly just for their own enjoyment.

One twin cane round the couch to face me as the remaining twin easily restrained my arms. She was wearing a Britney Spears anime approximation of a schoolgirls uniform. Her glossy black hair braided into bunches, with a crisp tight white blouse knotted under her boobs. Her hard brown nipples clearly visible through the thin material. A small red jewel winked at me from her taught belly, it’s soft tan skin belying the strong abs beneath. Riding on her hips was the shortest blue plaid skirt possible, the hem hardly even covered the bottom of the white cotton panties flashing as she walked towards me. The ensemble was finished with white thigh high athletic socks and very unschoolgirl-like black stiletto pumps. I swear a little precum leaked from my dick as the walking wet dream stopped and regarded me quizzically.

“Si, I think he like my uniform” she informed Am. “he look like he cum now. You still plenty hard” she added mimicking the accent of a Thai hooker. She stepped forward and gave my hard dick a few experimental strokes before slapping it against her soft warm thigh in the gap left between her panties and socks. More precum dribbled as I groaned with pleasure.

Si feeling left out yanked my arms upwards against the shoulder joint. As the pain lanced though my brain my head fell forward straight into Ams tits. “Hey, what you do”she cried in mock anger. “You no touch my titties. You bad man!” With lightening speed she smashed a hard elbow into my eye and just as quickly returned to stroking my dick. I could already feel the bruise closing my eye.

Ms Meier had momentarily disappeared, presumably to freshen up leaving me with the gorgeous but deadly twins. “While the boss is gone” started Am, “we could have some fun Big Boy” finished Si. “If you don’t give the boss lady another O” mused Si, “your sorry ass is ours” continued Am “and we’ve got unfinished business after our last bout” they chimed in unison.

“We make you spunk quick” strategised Si. “Am you fuck him with your pussy. It’s real tight and will make him cum fast. Then he no get hard for the boss”.

“Then we hurt you plenty” chimed Am as she swiftly removed her white cotton panties and rubbed the over stimulated head of my cock against her shaven brown pussy. Quickly she turned and expertly inserted my cock head into her experienced but stunningly tight pussy. My dick was instantly in heaven as she rapidly worked up a rhythm pumping her heart shaped firm arse against my cock. Si again yanked my arms upwards force my head forwards to ensure I had a great view of her twins ass rapidly talking me to point of no return.

“You beat me in the ring, but you no resist me now” crowed Am triumphantly as she felt my cock swell further. “My tight pussy will draw out your cum soon”” she predicted confidently as she increased the pace of her thrusting snatch incorporating a little twerk at the end of each thrust.

My outmatched cock began to spurt. Am shot off like a champagne cork and began to vigorously jack every drop of spunk out of me. As the last few spurts were expertly extracted by Ams soft hands my knees gave and I slumped forwards sending excruciating pain through my already burning shoulders.

Si grudgingly released my arms as I crumpled to the floor. She delivered a couple of viciously accurate toe kicks into my kidney to indicate her displeasure. Am stood over my prone form and allowed a few dollops of my spunk to drip from her all conquering pussy into my face. From my peripheral vision I saw a flash of movement followed by a blinding flash of pain before everything went dark. Am had slammed her heels together against my temples knocking me clean out.

When I came to I was again seated on the couch. My face, shoulders and kidneys all hurt like the devil but while I was breathing there was still a chance.

Ms Meier spoke. As my eyes struggled to focus the fuzzy red blob took shape. She was dressed from head to toe in a skin tight red latex catsuit. The latex moulded to her body proudly emphasising her massive zeppelins topped by perky pierced nipples. A heart shaped cutout showcased her deep soft cleavage that had put me out so effortlessly some hours before. Her wasp waist flaring into her powerfully sculpted hips and thighs. “Service your mistress wurm, or I’ll let the twins work out their anger issues on your pathetic excuse for a dick” she scornfully spat at me.

I clearly didn’t react quickly enough as Ms Meier brandished a riding crop and began to whip my arms and shoulders in anger at my slow reaction. Ms Meier stuck out a stiletto clad foot. When I failed to worship her feet with sufficient haste and verve she continued to beat me painfully with her crop. I quickly realised what was required and complied with as much passion as I could muster.

Ms Meier thrust the toe of her patent red pump into my mouth choking me as I worshiped her feet. As I began to gag and she eventually relented my head sagged forward. I felt Ms Meier step forward trapping my head between her latex clad calves. She began to squeeze ramping up the pressure on my skull. It felt as if my head was in a fleshy vice.

As the pressure increased I was conscious of the small soft hands of the twins jacking my cock which was inexplicably, given my dire circumstances, hard as a rock. One worked the head in circular motions her thumb and forefinger creating a simulating band with the other jerking the length and cupping my balls. I couldn’t cum or the twins would have me to themselves which seemed the worst alternative, but they knew exactly what they were doing and they were experts in extracting cum the twins squealed with glee as my precum coated my cock head. I began to involuntary hump against their insistent hands. “You cum pretty quick Rich” they taunted.

“Girls” admonished Ms Meier. She released my head from her calves and I slumped forward at her feet. Effectively cutting off the twins access to my cock and providing a brief respite from the pleasure and pain theses strong dominant women were inflicting upon me.

“Get up wurm” Ms Meier ordered as she began to unzip the crotch section of her catsuit revealing her hairless pussy lips. I rose shakily to my knees to face Ms Meier. After a few seconds staring at her pink moist delta between her legs she suddenly thrust her naked pussy into my face knocking me back to the floor. It was a shockingly strong hit that rattled my teeth.

“Yes” she moaned to herself clearly turned on by her dominance. “Again” she commanded. When I didn’t move the twins grabbed my arms and shoulders and hoisted me back into the path of Ms Meiers deadly pussy.
Again and again she thrust her rounded hips forward, driven by her strong firm legs and powerful sculpted abdominal muscles. The twins maintained their hold on my shoulders as my head was buffeted back by Ms Meiers uber powerful snatch. For such a violent movement she seem to have an unerring accuracy. Striking my nose, eyes and mouth repeatedly in the same spots. I felt my face becoming slick with her girl cum as she beat my facial features to a pulp with repeated pussy slams.

After an age and world of hurt, The twins tossed my battered body onto the floor. Ms Meier descended onto my chest. Her thighs covered my ears enveloping them in warm latex, effectively cutting off any sound. I vaguely watched her lips moving but In my current groggy state including her muffling thighs I couldn’t make out anything she said. Ms Meiers beautiful features and plump lips turned to a contemptuous sneer as her thighs tightened round my head bringing new levels of pain. Ny head was back in the fleshly vice of her powerful legs being inexorably crushed. After what felt like hours of indescribable suffering the vice slowly loosened. The respite however was brief as I saw and then felt her dominating pussy descending onto my nose and mouth. Effectively sealing off any airflow as she ground down. Forcing my already battered head into the floor. My airwaves were flooded with her juices as she squirted cumming powerfully over my face. I choked already short of oxygen. Mercifully as her pussy waterboarding took its toll on my broken body I passed out as the blackness provided a respite to the pain.

As I slowly returned to consciousness I was greeted by dull thudding pain from almost every part of my body. It would be quicker to list the parts of my body not ravaged by the past few hours or days, I really didn’t know, in the company of Ms Meier and the evil twins. A quick inventory of my pain revealed that my feet seemed the only area not in some level of agony.

“Oh, Si he awake” stated Am happily. “Ready to have some more fun” chorused both girls happily. This would not end well for me. I was restrained to a chair sitting upright in a featureless room. Tiled white walls, floor and ceiling melded into a disconcerting abottoiresque room.

The twins had changed into ‘street’ clothes, tight denim jeans hugging ever curve and muscle of their exquisite lithe legs. Fitted yellow crop tops highlighting their flat trim stomachs while encasing their surprisingly generous perky breasts, the colour setting off their natural tan skin. Piercings twinkled in their navels punctuating the glorious expanse on smooth taught tanned skin. Vicious looking stiletto pumps finished the sexy ensemble causing the twins to tower over my seated form.

“Shall we have some fun before we finish him” enquired one twin as she squeezed her thick nipples to hardness though her top. In any normal circumstances a few hours spent with these gorgeous twins would be the peak off my sexual fantasies. But having experienced how their beautiful sensuous body’s could bring mind-numbing excruciating pain it wasn’t top of my bucket list at present.

A slightly tinny version of ‘ride of the Valkyries’ emanated from one of the twins back pockets. A cellphone was quickly produced and after a briefed hushed conversation on the phone and then with the other twin they again stood in front of me.

“You lucky fuck” one twin informed me although it didn’t feel that way to me. “We got errand to run before we get to have some fun” she stated ominously. “You wait here” she suggested although I’m my helpless bound state that seemed a bit of a superfluous order.

The twins placed alternate feet onto my thighs. I couldn’t help but admirer their slim perfectly formed lithe legs. These girls were the original oriental walking wet dream. The girls then kissed slowly exploring each other’s soft lips sensuously running their tongues over each other as they moaned softly. Despite my perilous position I was enraptured, little rich quickly hardening as the kiss intensified. Slowly the twins hand cupped each other’s breasts squeezing and kneading the nipples to hard prominence. Soft coos accompanied their fondling.

“You like?” One twin enquired as she broke their lip lock to smirk at my aroused state. The other twin now turned to face me, the aching perfection of her features and her striking eyes hardened little rich further. After a quick knowing glance between the twins swiftly flicked their feet together sandwiching little Rich in a pincer movement and crushing down on my balls. The pain was indescribable as I screamed the twins descended into fits of giggles.

After grinding their feet on little Rich they relented and using their patented two handed technique quickly forced Little Rich back to full hardness sending jolts of pleasure through my battered dick. A bout of accurate spitting from the girls lubed my dick as their hands sped up their jacking to a pleasurable cum inducing blur. Copious drops of precum leaked from my dick mixing with their spit to slick my glistening pole under their pumping soft hands. I felt my balls clench and my dick flex as the precursor to my sexual surrender to the twins controlling experienced hands.

Suddenly they stopped in unison leaving my dick and bloated balls dry humping the air seeking release.

“We see you later, miss you already” they chirped as they left the room. Giggling at my ruined pleasure as the door slammed behind them.

I took stock of my situation as the pent up pressure in my dick slowly receded. I had no idea what day it was, where I was and was naked, tied up and at the mercy of two sexy psychopathic twins with a penchant for hurting me and a grudge. So not great really…
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Default Re: The interview

It’s like waiting for a bus. None for ages and then two come along at once.

As ever, loads of mistakes, done on my phone etc.

The Landlady 2

So here I was, tied and trapped in an unspecified location with no chance of escape waiting for the return of two beautiful psychopathic twins so they could beat me to a pulp and leave me in a gutter somewhere.

I tested ropes that bound me to the chair. Whoever had tied the knots knew what they were doing, they didn’t budge an inch despite my concerted effort.

“Help” I screamed at the top of my voice. “I’m trapped” the sound of my voice echoed around the room. I waited listening for any sound that might provide evidence that someone would come. Then I noticed there was no background noise. Living in a city there was always some noise, a siren in the distance, a car backfiring or even planes coming into the local airport. But in this room nothing, not a peep. It didn’t take a genius, although in my case 30 odd minutes, to work out the room was sound proofed.

I shivered, psychopaths with a tiled, easy clean and sound proofed room. I really was in deep shit. The tinny version of ride of the Valkyries sounded again. Not in the distance but close by. Shit the twins were on their way back. Wait the room was sound proofed, there’s no way it could be outside it had to be in the room. I shuffled the chair around, behind me in the corner to my left was one of the twins cell phones. It must have fallen out at some point as they abused me. The phone back was white and as such almost invisible against the white tiled floor.

I scooted the chair towards the corner. I tried to turn over the phone with my feet. I once knew a girl who could pick up a roll of quarters with her toes but that’s another story. Eventually I managed to flip the phone over onto its back. Almost full battery and full signal. Please don’t have a password, please don’t have a password, I internally chanted as I used my big toe to swipe up the screen. Either Si or Am had clearly not taken Cyber Security 101 at psycho community college. The phone opened!

Who should I call? The police? I didn’t know where I was or how connected Ms Meier and her Organization actually were. If I ratted them out could they still get to me? What could I actually prove? Could CSI take such a thing as a pussy print? Anyway, they has probably cleaned me up and moved me the last time I was knocked senseless.

Then it came to me, after all I used to be in IT, Google maps. Every phone had this didn’t they? Some nifty footwork gave me my current location. I noted with relief I was still in the city, albeit on the opposite side to our new flat.

My toe cramped up but I managed to dial Katijas cell. She quickly answered after a couple of rings. “What the fuck you wanting Am?” She spat. “I don’t need you bullshit today. Fuck off!”

“Kat, it’s me” I shouted worried she’d ring off.

“Where the fuck you been Rich?” I could hear the relief in her voice. “Me and Nichka worried when you not come home last night. How come you got Am’s phone? You her fuck buddy now?” She demanded accusingly.

“No, I’ve been kidnapped by those psycho bitches and I’m at …” I quickly reeled off the address. “You have to get help fast” I pleaded. “I don’t know when they’ll be back”

“Ok, Ok Rich” Katija interrupted, as I heard a key in the lock of the door. I flipped the phone into the corner. “They’re coming back” I hissed as I hurriedly shuffled my chair as far away from the phone as I could.

Si and Am entered moments later.

This time they were dressed in work out clothes. Tight black athletic shorts with a sheen and matching very brief electric blue sports bras. No padding required allowing their prominent nipples show proudly through. Their glossy straight hair pulled back into a no nonsense workout ponytail.

Indeed, they looked as though they’d been working out with their tan skin shimmering with a light covering of perspiration, the light reflecting of their taught tan midriffs. They had that fit sexy look that would case any red-blooded male to stumble on the treadmill if you saw them at your local gym.

“Hey big boy. You miss us while we gone?” they smiled. As soon as they noticed I was not sitting where they left me, they quickly checked my bindings. Satisfied I hadn’t managed to loosen them they relaxed and began to enjoy themselves.

“We sad you try to leave. We make you feel special. Ms Meier like your cock. She want another ride. She say we no break any bones yet” the twins looked genuinely upset at their last statement. “But we still know how to fuck up your shit and no leave marks” they smirked ominously.

“Ladies” I started. “Perhaps we can come to some arrangement? I have money” I suggested.

“Money?” The girls asked quizzically before descending into fits of giggles. “Ms Meier own this town She got real money” they laughed.

“What are you planning to do with me?” I asked not really looking forward to the answer.

“Nothing bad” lied the twins. “Ms Meier tell us to keep you here at her facility as her cock toy. But she get bored soon. If you not get it up and her off - then we get to play” they gleefully informed me.

“We get you off much and real fast. You already know what Am can do with her pussy” reminded Si. To emphasise her point she pulled her workout shorts tight highlighting the outline of her snatch beneath the stretchy fabric.

“Mine even tighter. You be two pump chump when I fuck you” she stated with confidence. “Look you getting hard already and we not even start yet.”

She was right. The sheer sexual presence of the twins, despite their malevolent intentions, was already working its magic on little rich. It was difficult to hide a stiffening 9.5 inch cock when tied to a chair with your arms and hands behind your back.

“Hey, you pussy no tighter than mine” protested Am. “I make guys cum quick because I’m better fuck than you” she stated emphatically. “And my tits bigger too” she added, while pulling down the cups of her sports bra to reveal the perfection beneath. Her nipples standing out proudly as if to underline her point”

Little Rich jerked involuntarily at the sight of Ams perfect breasts.

“See” she crowed. “He almost cum just when he see my titties” she swiftly descended to her knees between my legs and sandwiched my cock between her firm breasts. She lent back lacing her hands together behind her head. With amazing pectoral control she began to twerk her tits up and down my shaft. Jacking my cock in the soft valley between her breasts. “You like?” She smirked arching a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. The sight of her bouncing tits and sensation on my cock was overwhelming.

Si stepped forward and jerked Am backwards by her ponytail, causing her to topple backwards into an undignified, if sexually appealing, heap on the cold tile floor. “Hey bitch, you had your go already. I make him cum next. Then we see who is better” she decided with finality. She quickly slipped off her shorts, turned and impaled my cock into her warm wet folds while keeping an eye on her stunned twin.

She wasn’t kidding! Her velvet pussy expertly milked my cock quickly causing my balls to twitch ominously. I wouldn’t last long. “You like?” She enquired sarcastically for the benefit of her downed twin.

“Mmm” was all I could manage as Iittle rich was mercilessly milked by her talented pussy.

“You not last 30 seconds more” she confidently predicted as she momentarily overshot ehe top of her stroke. Allowing little rich to pop out and thud against my stomach.

Si reached down searching for little rich with her slim hand to recapture him into her all conquering snatch. Am seized on her momentary distraction to spring up and in one fluid motion deliver a side head kick to Si knocking her off my lap onto the floor with its sheer brutality. “Who’s the bitch now? Whore” she demanded as she mounted the prone Si raining down hard punches to her tits and belly.

“You skank” screamed Si, quickly recovering her wits as her slim long legs arched under Ams armpits and yanked her backwards rapidly locking her sibling into a punishing body scissors.

“Whore” shrieked Am as she in turn locked her firm calves around Si’s neck. Locking her ankles and toppling them onto their sides as she tried to pop her sister head clean off her shoulders. Si’s free arm rained down hard punches on Ams Lycra covered pussy. Am in turn felt behind her back and raked her talons access Si’s unprotected pussy.

Their screams and curses filled the room as each twin struggled for a position of dominance. The battle ebbed to and fro until both twins somehow scrambled back to their feet. The girls were evenly matched as they nullified each other’s offence with lighting reactions and strong defence. Eventually the twin with bare breasts delivered a debilitating front kick to her sisters naked pussy. As her likeness crumpled to the floor grasping her abused snatch she knocked her clean out with a roundhouse kick to the temple. Emphatically ending the fight as a contest.

“Bitch” she spat on her unconscious sibling before turning to face me her eyes burning with the fire of battle, her nipples stood out like like erasers and I could clearly see the damp patch of arousal on her shorts. She struck a victory pose on her vanquished foe. Making her perky tits dance which immediately drew a predicable reaction from little rich. If anything since my trip to Siberia to meet Babushka I’d become even more easily aroused. Although in my defence the psychopath in front of me was a walking wet dream.

She strutted towards me, set herself and threw a lightning quick strike at my face. I flinched backwards trying to ride the blow, readying myself for the pain. She pulled the punch, stopping a quarter of an inch in-front of my face.

“Boo” she laughed playfully as she flicked my nose. “Are you scared of me Big Boy?” She quizzed. Her soft hands travelled down my torso and wrapped round my dick. She began to stoke. “Pleasure” she murmured to herself. As she stoked with one hand her other slid lower tightly gripped my balls and squeezed. “Pain” she giggled as I screamed. She kissed me hard her lips muffling my wailing. As she continued to manipulate my dick, she bit down on my lips giggling as she tasted by blood.

She stepped back to remove her booty shorts jost as the door burst open and in ruched Katija, closely followed by Anichka and Conchita. Katija sized up the situation, catching Am with her shorts at half mast. She pivoted gracefully and delivered a spinning heel kick to her head. Ending the fight before it even started. As the other twin stirred, a knife edge chop from Aniska to her carotid artery sent her straight back to la la land.

The girls were a tour de force in action. They quickly released me from my bindings, a coat materialised from Conchita’s bag and they quickly ushered me out of the room, leaving the two unconscious Thai’s in their wake. On the way out of the building we passed two maybe three unconscious security guards.

“They no put up a fight but one” stated Anichka. “Kat kick his balls so hard he need dentist to get them down again” she laughed. “She plenty pissed after your call.” Katija looked grim faced but said nothing as they whisked me into a waiting car.

“We go see Ms Wallace” Katija eventually broke the silence after we’d been driving for a while. “We all now in deep shit, Meier is crazy bitch with connections, she not be happy we fucked up her girls and took you back ”…

Si and Am

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Default Re: The interview

Excellent! Do you have a picture of the landlady Mrs Meier by any chance?
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Default Re: The interview

I'm not sure how I had missed this masterpiece until now, but I'm a bit grateful I did as it allowed me to one shot all of that as opposed to those in the know who waited two years. This story is incredibly detailed and gripping! Now that I know it exists I hope you have a few more chapters in you as I'm very interested to see what lies in store for our protagonist.

Side note: I don't know if I missed it but since he has moved in with the ladies essentially have his eating and fitness habits reflected now that I assume he can't be indulging in as much pizza and beer?
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Default Re: The interview

Managed to squeeze out another chapter. As always please forgive any glaring mistakes.

The Siberian Tigresses

We arrived at the gates of a large walled estate. Katija flashed the headlights, momentarily illuminating a manned guard hut inside the compound. The gates swung open. We were expected.

We followed the long dark driveway in silence until a sprawling Art Deco residence loomed out of the darkness.

“We see Ms Wallace” Katija broke the silence as we pulled to a halt outside the imposing front door. “You no talk unless she ask question, you need her on side” she added.

As it happened I was a little intimidated by Ms Wallace and normally painfully hard in her overtly sexual presence, so that was fine by me. The front door was opened by a well muscled young man. His chiseled pecs seemed to glisten with a light sheen of oil. A defined six pack stood out above a pair of latex shorts that left little to the imagination.

“Ms Wallace likes her boys young these days” observed Conchita with a raised eyebrow as she adjusted her prodigious tits to ensure the young man got an eyeful of tanned Latina tittyflesh.

“Hey Cariño” she purred as she sidled up to the now slightly flustered hunk thrusting out her tits which immediately captured his attention. “Are you new?” She enquired.

“Same old Conchita” observed Ms Wallace as she strode into view from a side room to the spacious foyer. “Still trying to fuck my help; as it happens you can have that one. Not much between the ears or the legs. I’m already bored with him”.

“Ms Wallace” interrupted Katija urgently. “We got big problem with Rich. That German bitch Meier let her girls loose on Rich. She the one who been behind betting on Rich. He no loose and she now big pissed. We get him out but no time to do it quietly. She know it me and Niche once her Thai whores wake up. Shit she probably know already” she succinctly summarised the facts behind our arrival and current predicament.

“Meier?” Ms Wallace seemed concerned. “There’s nothing I can do to help you girls. That bitch owns the city. It would be best if you dump him somewhere and lay low till she takes out her issues on Rich”.

“You no help, then we no fight!” Katija quickly retorted. No fight? That didn’t seem right. After all I was the talent, the crowd puller. Katija was just a, albeit gorgeous, receptionist/trainer with a dubious talent for ‘you no win’ motivational speeches and I wasn’t sure I wanted to stop fighting. Before the SWL my sex life was mundane and that’s talking it up. Now I got to fuck a continuous procession of ball achingly hot babes and got paid for it. I was living my best life. The odd trip to the emergency room and a spot of internal bleeding was a small price to pay. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give this up and go back to IT. Sure programming was rewarding but not quite the same as a titfuck from a enhanced blonde with porn star tits or a speed fucking from a caramel goddess.

“Are you threatening me?” hissed Ms Wallace dangerously interrupting my internal monologue.

“It not threat” stated Katija resolutely. “It promise. No help, no champs!”

“Yeah” chimed in Anichka. “No help Rich and the Siberian Tigresses no fight next week!”

“Are you really threatening me?” Ms Wallace asked again venomously.

“Yes” chorused the girls.
“Well” smiled Ms Wallace the tension dissipating a notch. “You girls have got more balls than this pathetic specimen” she glanced in my direction. “We’ve got some thinking to do ladies. Boy, show this waste of space to the den while we work out how to dig him out of this hole” she issued her instructions over her shoulder as she strode off back into the hose with the girls and Conchita hurrying in her wake.

“How do you know the Siberian Tigresses?” Ms Wallace’s houseboy inquired in a surprisingly high pitched voice.

“Who the fuck are the Siberian Tigresses” I demanded, there was lots going on here I didn’t understand and it was beginning to piss me off royally.

“The girls you came in with” he scoffed as if I was a bit slow on the uptake.

“They’re sort of my girlfriends” I mumbled realising I wasn’t even quite sure what our relationship was or what the girls did before I met them. Katija was as far as I knew a receptionist at the SWL and with Anichka my reluctant part time trainer. Plus she was an Uber-babe obviously. Did the fact I lived and trained with them make them my girlfriends? Come to think of it they could afford a pretty nice flat, clothes and cars. Maybe the SFL paid their trainers and clerical staff extremely well.

“I think you better come with me” suggested Houseboy as I had decided to name him. “There’s something you should see” and he ushered for me to follow him.

The house was pretty big and I followed him through a number of rooms and hallways before we reached the large wood panelled room I assumed was the den. On one wall hung a massive flat panel tv opposite a leather Chesterton.

“You should probably watch this” said houseboy as he selected a DVD from the shelves on the left of the den while gesturing for me to take a seat on the Chesterton. “These are the Siberian Tigresses” he continued as he inserted the DVD in the player and hands me the remote. “You may want to slow down some of the action. They’re fast and deadly!” With that he left the room shutting the door quietly after himself.

SWL Enterprises. All right reserved appeared on the screen followed by some legal stuff about copyright and prosecution, blah, blah, blah. I hit fast forward to get past the boring stuff. Siberian Tigresses flashed up on the screen in a stylised tiger skin font, looking as though the letters had been slashed into the screen by claws accompanied by the roar of what I assumed was a tiger.

BabeYaga age 26, height 5ft 7, weight 105lbs, record 38-0, fighting style Systema, finishing moves “buns of steel”

The screen changed to reflect the other member of the Siberian Tigresses. Deadly Red, age 26, height 5ft 8, weight 112lbs, record 25-4, fighting style Sambo, finishing move “velvet palm”.

I could barely comprehend what I was reading. Could they be describing Kat and Niche? But in a way it made sense. Otherwise how would the girls know so much about how to train me and the SWL and having seen them pissed off they were clearly badasses. But champions and which one was undefeated? As I watched the screen changed to the SWL entry curtains.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” the announcer began. “Please welcome to the ring the undisputed, undefeated champion of the SWL Babe Yaga!” The curtains drew back to reveal the shapely rear I instantly recognised as Katijas world class ass.

Katija turned to strut towards the ring. She was clad in a short red silk kimono with Babe Yaga, clearly her stage name, across one shapely breast. The silk clung to her curves was held at her tiny waist by a red silk belt. The kimono ended high on her lean muscled thighs allowing her spectacular legs to be enjoyed by everyone in the crowd. As she reached the ring I got a first view of her opponent. Jesus! He must be 6ft 7 and 250lbs of solid muscle with a face even his mother couldn’t love. This guy fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But with his physique he probably then just uprooted it and snapped it like a twig. Even his muscles had muscles. I wondered how old this tape was, maybe this was where Katija lost her unbeaten record. There was no way on Earth a 105lbs girl could hope to beat this Neanderthal well over twice her weight and a foot taller. Sure the girls were probably the female champs. Fighting girls their own size I had no doubt they were badass. But come on this was David and Goliath stuff and at least David was armed!

Katija entered the ring and removed her kimono to reveal a non existent red string bikini. The crowd hushed as she flicked an imaginary spec of dirt from her breasts drawing everyone’s eyes to her hard nipples clearly visible through her micro top. She then bent over straight legged to undo the straps on her black pumps. You could almost hear the erections tenting in the male members of the crowd such was the awed silence. Katija then slapped her sculpted ass cheeks and drew her finger across her throat. The crowd erupted in to a cheer, chanting ‘buns of steel, buns of steel’.

Katijas opponent, who I had decided to call Ugg, didn’t seem too bothered by her display although his trunks clearly showed his appreciation for her show. After all he was a male of the species and Katijas ass could give a corpse full wood.

The two fighters were called to the middle of the ring by the ref. As they stood facing each other it just highlighted what a physical mismatch this truly was. Katija worked out the tension in her legs pulling one then the other to her chest. The cameraman immediately zoomed in on her camel toe thrust against the tiny triangle of her bikini bottoms. I had to appreciate the quality of the camera work. Top notch. I wasn’t sure how Ugg was feeling at this point but little Rich was definitely appreciating Katija on film.

The bell sounded and Ugg thundered across the ring looking to pulverise Katija against the turnbuckle. Confident of a fight ending finish Ugg superman dived the last two yards. At the last second Katija moved with blinding speed. Avoiding the onrushing human juggernaut by superbly judged inches she watched as he crashed into the ring post. I swear the whole ring shifted with the bone jarring impact. Katija pivoted an sent two vicious looking kicks slamming into Uggs liver region. The sound of the two smacks rang out like gunshots. Ugg sagged to the canvas the debilitating accuracy of Katijas kicks shutting down Ugg like she’d flicked a switch. The ref looked bemused. Katija had to encourage the ref to start the count. On nine Ugg struggled to a knee only to collapse back to the mat writhing in pain. Katija stood unconcerned in the neutral corner as the ref completed the count.

“Winner of the first fall after one second of the first round by knock out Babe Yaga the bogey woman!” The announcer tried to drum up the crowd.

Ugg was helped back to his corner as Katija returned to the scene of the massacre. Whilst I was overjoyed she hadn’t been hurt. She needed a sexual for the next fall and as such she’d have to get up close and personal with Ugg. Once Ugg got his meaty paws on the Siberian Sexpot there was only one possible outcome and that didn’t bode well for Katija.

The bell rang for the second fall. Ugg was noticeably more cautious as he left his corner. He was trying to protect his left side where a ugly bruise the size and shape of Katija dainty foot had appeared.

As they circled Katija slowly and deliberately discarded her top, proudly displaying her firm perky tits. The crowd again erupted into a cheer as she raised her arms in a muscle pose making her boobs dance delightfully on her trim torso. By now Ugg was sporting a full bonner. Katija raised an eyebrow as a smirk played on her full lips. I’d seen that smirk before. Normally just before she knocked me out or made me cum. I knew she was world class at both but I was no Ugg. My legs were barely thicker than his wrists. Although little Rich was no slouch he looked to be smuggling a baseball bat in his trunks with Katija teasing. Suddenly as Ugg, me and most of the male members of the audience were still mesmerised by her dancing tits Katija struck like a cobra. One, two, three, four leg kicks hit Ugg’s right knee with pinpoint precision and the force of an iron bar. With his right leg effectively immobilised Katija went to town in Uggs upper body. Ugg covered up and hopped gamely away as his petite tormentor peppered his arms with powerful punches and kicks. Uggs guard was dropping lower and lower as his arms took repeated punishment from Katijas arsenal of strikes. Watching Katijas amazing body in perpetual motion had little rich at full mast. I hardly even noticed Ugg, who began to resemble a heavy bag,as her body began to glow with a light sheen of perspiration. Her firm tanned flesh shook each time her limbs thudded into Ugg.

Finally, she changed aim and delivered three punishing kicks to Uggs left knee. Katija stood back like a lumberjack as Ugg toppled forward. His base taken out. His arms were so pummelled he didn’t even have the strength to break his fall. He was totally helpless. Fully conscious but his muscles numb from Katijas relentless pounding.

Katija hauled him onto his back and pulled down his trucks. Uggs member had sunk to half mast during his beating. Katija frowned, I assumed she was mildly surprised that any male could be at half mast when she was semi naked in front of them. She shrugged and began to massage Uggs dick with her petite foot. Katijas skilled foot job did the trick and Ugg soon had precum leaking like a broken faucet from his fully hard dick. She slapped her firm arse and dragged her finger across her neck.

“Buns of steel” chanted the crowd. Katija seated herself on Uggs useless legs facing away from him as his arms hung limp at his sides. Sensuously slowly she slid back, trapping Uggs cock between her ‘buns of steel’. Katija slightly raised her hips gripping Uggs member between her arse cheeks. She began to gyrate her hips. Three quick pumps was all it took before Ugg began to spurt helplessly covering his stomach and chest in his own cum. Katija squeezed out the few last spurts before gracefully returning to her feet and planting a chaste kiss on Uggs cheek.

“The second fall by buns of steel and the match go to the champion and still undefeated Babe Yaga!” The screen faded to black as Katija slipped through the ropes. So Katija was a bono fide badass who had systematically dismantled a fighter over twice her size.

The screen changed as the luscious figure of Anichka came into view…

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I'm not sure how I had missed this masterpiece until now, but I'm a bit grateful I did as it allowed me to one shot all of that as opposed to those in the know who waited two years. This story is incredibly detailed and gripping! Now that I know it exists I hope you have a few more chapters in you as I'm very interested to see what lies in store for our protagonist.

Side note: I don't know if I missed it but since he has moved in with the ladies essentially have his eating and fitness habits reflected now that I assume he can't be indulging in as much pizza and beer?
There’s a lot about the girls Rich doesn’t know. But he is still known to frequent his favourite pizza joint when the girls are otherwise engaged. A quick check for grease stains on the t-shirt and a couple of breath mints and they can’t prove anything...
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