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Facesit Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

Way back in 2013 Eric emailed me about a story he'd written, and posted a link to it here, and after I read it and liked it I thought I'd scribble up something new for posting here as a thank you.

I've always had a soft spot for catfights and facesitting, but with less and less time to write I've spent more of my pervy writing time in other areas of late. I sketched out a half dozen stories, and half wrote a couple of them. The story below is one of those, and while I set it aside I recently stumbled across it and decided to finish it so I could post it here. As is usually the case these days, stories start off in my head as a short, simple couple of scenes that blow up when I get to writing into novel length imaginings that I have to resist. Even then, it's rare that I manage to stay under 10,000 words these days, and this story is no different, clocking in at ~13,000 words or so.

When I write for my own amusement I usually mix some number of my favorite ingredients together and see what happens, and this one is no different.

It's got a touch of catfighting, a generous handful of facesitting, headscissors, bodyscissors and a hint breast smothering, oh my, a pinch of scent fetish, a dash of panty play, all simmering in a broth of mind control-tinged lesbian domination.

I don't know that if this is the right spot for it here, as it does contain a little bit of everything, but hopefully someone out there will enjoy it.

Apologies in advance for whatever typo gremlins escaped my quick review, hopefully I caught most of the little buggers before you could see them.

Abby's Box
by Cactus Juggler

Chapter 1

After parking my car in one of the huge lots in front of the office building where I worked, I got out and straightened my skirt before reaching in to grab my purse and coffee. A yawn hit me and I glanced around but there was nobody to see me. Thoughts of my warm bed and how nice it would be not to be at work came to mind as I slung my purse and started on my way.

Even if I wasn't happy to be awake, I perked up as I entered the office lobby and headed for the elevator because of the thought that it was Friday. I just had to get through the day and the weekend would begin. Jeff was taking me out to a new club that night and after drinking and dancing and being fucked senseless I could sleep in as long as I wanted because tomorrow was Saturday.

Passing by Abby's cubicle on the way to my own, I saw that wasn't at her desk. She was my favorite victim for abuse, she practically begged for it. I picked on her about her weight, but that's not why I hated her. She was a bit chubby, but more curvy-thick than fat really. Her body was actually well proportioned for a slightly heavy girl, big in the booty and boobs, with a bit of belly but still a narrow enough waste to give her the hourglass shape. Her face was a bit plain, but if she dressed better and put a little effort into her makeup and hair, she could be pretty hot.

It was her strange personality that made her a social outcast in the office. Abby might be just at edge of being on the autism spectrum or something, she was strange and awkward and generally uncomfortable to be around. At times she seemed sort of shy and nerdy, but she also somehow always thought she knew best and wouldn't hesitate to tell you as much if you disagreed. She could also be surprisingly crude, her language lapsing into the totally inappropriate, as if whatever made her avoid eye contact also left her unable to gauge how to interact normally with humans.

When she'd implied I was pretty but stupid in a project meeting a few months ago she'd gone from being just a weirdo who I avoided to becoming a target on my shit list, someone I took joy in actively bullying. It didn't look like I'd get to give her my usual morning insult though, her chair was pushed in and her monitor was dark. I set down my coffee and purse at my desk and my neighbor across the aisle, Jennifer, greeted me.

"Where's Flabby?" I said.

"Oh my god, you didn't hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Susanna called her into her office last night and told her she needed to improve her hygiene. She said that people were complaining about how she smelled, and apparently Abby just started crying and quit on the spot."

A wild grin came to my face and I had to stifle a laugh. "It's not funny, Laura."

"Oh come on, don't tell me it's not at least a little funny," I said.

She smiled, "Well maybe a little. I wonder who said she smelled?"

That was no mystery; it was me and my friend Audrey who'd complained. It hadn't taken much to enlist Audrey's help in the plot, either. She found dorky Abby just as obnoxious as I did.

"Could have been anyone with a nose, couldn't it?"

"You're so bad," she said.

"You love me anyway, though," I replied before turning around to start work.

I couldn't help smiling as I dug into my email, the day had started off nicely and I had a night of partying still ahead of me. Life was good.


On my way back from lunch with Audrey and Jennifer, my boss Susanna poked her head out of her office and waved me over from across the floor. My corporate politics spider senses tingled, this could be bad. I enjoyed being the pretty mean girl I was, but I had plans for my career. Promotions, accolades, and success after success were what I had ahead of me. Getting in trouble because I'd bullied Abby into quitting wasn't part of that plan.

Susanna and I weren't especially close, but we were friendly enough. I think the fact I was a younger, prettier version of her was why my sucking up to her wasn't more effective. She was a political animal too; climbing the corporate ladder with her eyes always turned skyward to bigger and better things. The fact that I wanted her job wasn't lost on her, I was sure. She'd also always seemed to like Abby, which was another strike against the chubby weirdo in my book, so I couldn't rule out retaliation here either. Even though I flattered Susanna and pandered to her wherever possible, she always seemed to like oddball Abby more than she did me.

All of which meant that I could be walking into trouble, so I cleared my mind and prepared to spin any possible snitching on me by colleagues. I thought about possible problems and defenses, and girded myself to parry any attacks she might throw my way as I entered her office. She was at her desk, and she didn't get up when I came in, but she did look my way.

"I have a favor to ask you, Laura. You live near Abby, don't you?"

"Yes," I said. I had a forty minute commute to the office across town, but as luck would have it I knew I lived only about five or ten minutes away from where the weirdo did.

"Would you be willing to gather any personal items in Abby's cube, throw them in a box and run them by her place on your way home today?"

My body loosened as I relaxed, I wasn't in any danger at all. Not just that, this was an opportunity for me. As much as I couldn't wait to start my weekend, the idea of bringing Abby's things to her was too appealing to resist. I imagined Abby at home a day after quitting abruptly as she had. She'd be a wreck, she might even still be crying if I was lucky. If she wasn't crying, then seeing me at her door would probably be enough to make her start. I smiled without meaning to. "Sure, no problem."

"Thank you," she said, and for a few seconds she stared at me as if she was going to say something else, but then the moment passed and she looked back to her computer. I turned and left before she changed her mind.


Standing on Abby's driveway, holding a box that contained two coffee mugs, a framed photo of an older woman, and a half dozen other odds and ends, I was irked by the appearance of her house. I mean, it was a perfectly fine house, quite nice, actually, but it didn't make sense that Abby lived here. She was old enough to be living on her own, but then how would she afford this place? It was an older house, in a neighborhood filled with mature trees. The only explanation that made sense was that she still lived with her parents.

If her family was there, it would ruin my plans to have a last go at her. I'd still give her a jab or two if I could, but even I didn't want to make her cry in front of her mom and dad.

There was a package on her porch by her door. I rang the bell and when she opened the inside door, the look of defeat in her eyes at seeing me was delicious. She wasn't crying, but she was a mess. Her eyes were puffy and she was wearing pajamas of a sort, a t-shirt over loose cotton house pants. She hadn't actually smelled when I'd complained about her, but now she looked like she might.

"I brought your stuff," I said, holding up the box.

Abby pushed open the screen door and it hit the package on her doormat. She bent down and picked it up, then realized we both had our hands full as a result and made to set it down.

"I'll bring your stuff inside," I said, and she straightened and held the door for me.

"Thanks," she said, and I followed her inside through the foyer and into the living room. I didn't see or hear anyone, and the place was, to my disappointment, neat and tidy.

"Do you live with your parents?" I asked her.

"No, they're dead now. It's just me. My dad died when I was six, and my mom died two years ago. She left me this house," she said.

Dead parents? She was killing my bullying vibe. I set the box down and thought about it. This was probably my last chance to screw with her, but it didn't quite seem right. She looked like she was depressed enough, I decided. Call it my good deed for the day. "It's a very nice house. Well, here you go," I said, and I turned back towards the front door.

I'd taken two steps when her voice called out behind me, "Was it you?"

Pausing, I turned back to her. "Was it me what?"

She stepped closer, and I was reminded that she was several inches taller than I was as she loomed near. She'd be intimidating if she could make eye contact. She glanced at me, and then back down at the floor before she spoke again. "Was it you that said I smell?"

"Multiple people complained," I said, dodging the question. She met my eyes, and there was something twitchy in hers. It made me want to look away. She edged closer to me and my hackles rose. Was she trying to set me off?

"I think it was you and your mean girl friends. It was you, wasn't it?"

What did it matter if I admitted it to her? She was already gone from the company, and the way she was pressing me on the question reminded me of why I found her so annoying. Dead parents or not, she'd asked for this. I was going to make her cry, and then I was going to go drinking and dancing and fucking Jeff to celebrate it.

"Yes, it was me, Flabby. Don't blame me, though--it's not my fault you don't wash your fat cunt well enough," I said.

She didn't look away and start crying, as I'd expected. Instead, her eyes went wide, and then it was like a switch flipped inside her or something. She looked like she wanted to kill me the way she glared at me then. It was a long moment before she spoke, "You-you fucking bitch."

Now her eyes narrowed and her hands came up and for the first time I realized how badly I'd misjudged her. She moved so fast that I didn't even get my hands up to resist her as she shoved me, sending me staggering back. She rushed after me and when I regained my balance she slapped me hard enough that I saw stars and staggered again.

When I came up this time, my arms were up, she'd surprised me but if she wanted to fight I was going to kick her flabby ass. I swung at her wildly, but she stepped into it and instead of hitting her face my hand bounced harmlessly off her back and she shouldered me away. At the same time her other arm flashed across my view as she slapped me again, a vicious crack that made me stumble to my knees.

How could she be so fast and strong when she looked so soft? She was taller than I was, and outweighed me, but she was beating me like an adult slapping around a misbehaved twelve year old. She loomed over me and shoved me again, this time blasting me to the floor where I fell on my side. She pushed her advantage before I could scramble up again, leaping on top of me and straddling me as she forced me over onto my back. Her butt came down heavily on my stomach and I felt the air rush out of me.

She drew her hand back to slap me again, and I tried to bring my arm up to block her but she was too fast and my head rocked to the left. She hit me three times more, alternating right-left-right as she struck me, and the pain was intense. I was crying by the time I finally got my arms up to stop her from hitting me again, but she just caught one wrist in each hand and lifted up them and forward, using her weight to pin them down above my head. Her big boobs were in my face and I turned my head to avoid them.

"Get off of me or I swear I'll scream," I said.

"You can't scream if you can't breathe," she answered, and then she dropped her butt down onto my midsection.

It didn't just wind me; it felt like I'd been punched with a giant fist. She lifted up and repeated the drop, leaving me breathless. By the third slamming impact I was gasping. With her weight on top of me and my hands pressed to the floor, I was well and truly trapped.

She looked down at me, and I could see she'd had an idea as she smiled. "You know what you deserve? This," she said, and then she shifted her lower body up my body, until her knees were on either side of my head and I found myself looking up at the crotch of her cotton house pants as her legs tightened around me so that I couldn't turn away. What did she intend to do to me?

"I'm afraid I was too upset today to do much of anything, including washing my fat cunt. So I hope I don't smell down there," she said with mock concern, and then she lowered her crotch down onto my face.

"Get off of--," I managed to wheeze as I struggled uselessly against, my words cutting off as she sat down on my face and her full weight crushed my head down against the floor.

"What's that, bitch? Did you say something?"

It was terrifying to feel my breath cut off so completely, and humiliating to have it done this way. Abby was sitting on my face, fucking Abby. Flailing I struggled, arching my back and kicking my legs up, but I couldn't budge her. Her body pinned my head down and she still held my arms pinned to the floor. My nose was buried in the crotch of her house pants, pushed so far up into her body that I didn't want to think about where it was. There was no denying it though; I could smell her pussy, a faint but distinctive female smell.

"No, mouthy bitch Laura didn't say anything, because she's too busy smelling my fat cunt."

My body shook and twisted as I fought to free myself, but I couldn't even turn my head to avoid her, her legs held me facing upright, into her smothering weight. She laughed above me as I thrashed. "Oh, yeah. Keep moving around like that, it feels good."

She began moving above me, I felt her hips grinding herself down against me in a slow, circling motion. The smell of her grew stronger, and I felt dampness on my nose. She moaned and pumped her hips harder still, and I realized with horror that she was masturbating on my face.

"Maybe I was wrong about you, Laura. You're not so bad like this, I'm actually enjoying your company now," she said, still humping my face into the floor with every rolling thrust of her hips.

As awful as knowing she was literally getting off on my face was, it felt like I hadn't breathed in an eternity. My pulse pounded in my ears and my lungs were on fire. I needed air or I was going to suffocate under her. My struggles grew weaker as I faded, and her moans grew louder and faster as she rode me.

"How does my fat cunt smell, bitch? Fuck, I should have done this sooner. Thrown you down and fucked your stupid face. Now just lay there and smell . . . my . . . fucking . . . cunt," she said between thrusts, her breathing ragged.

My desperation increased, my heart was thumping like a runaway train and my thoughts were growing fuzzy. Surely she'd let me breathe, she couldn't mean to kill me, could she? What if she was so caught up in her own pleasure that she didn't even notice I was passing out? The cloth between us grew damper by the moment, could she be so wet that it was soaking all the way through her panties and house pants both? The smell was overpowering, it was everywhere, and I was dissolving into the steamy heat of it as I grew light headed.

"Oh, I'm going to come. I'm going to come on your stupid face. Lay there and smell my cunt. Smell my . . . oh . . . smell my . . . oh . . . oh . . . smell my cunt," she said as she cried out and shuddered above me.

Her hips continued pumping against me, and her moans intensified again. An involuntary twitch went through me, and then another. Was this really how I was going to die, under this flabby bitch's nasty pussy?

"Smell my . . . fucking . . . cunt . . . you stupid bitch, ohhhh . . . you stupid fucking bitch," she said above me in halting gasps and groans as I felt her body shiver and quake as she ground out another climax on my face.

She didn't let up, if anything she settled down even harder onto me as she shuddered and shook with her pleasure. I was immersed in the hot wet smell of her arousal as I felt myself drifting away to the sound of her breathing heavily above me as she rode out her orgasm. When the darkness came, it was almost a mercy.


Chapter 2

The thing about being smothered unconscious was that when I awoke from it, nothing made sense. It was like my brain was running on a super low power setting as it started back up. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing there. I didn't know how I'd gotten there. I didn't really know anything beyond that I was laying on my back and my face was damp and it hurt. There was a funny smell too. Where was I?

My eyes gradually regained focus and I looked around. Abby from work was sitting next to me, watching me. Abby? She looked different somehow. Her face was flushed, but that wasn't it, there was something in her eyes. A strength, a sort of confidence I'd never seen there before. My head pounded, I had a killer headache. Where was I and why was Abby here?

"Sorry, I came so hard that I forgot about you under there. I thought I killed you for a second."

It started to come back to me as I pushed myself up to a sitting position. I remembered her grunting and moaning while she rode my nose, crushing me under her. Using me like a sex toy. Lifting my hand to my face I found my nose was still moist and I could smell her scent on me. My stomach flipped and I gagged. She laughed and scooted closer, moving to wrap her legs around my midsection.

My oxygen-deprived body was weak and I felt helpless as Abby grabbed my wrists and controlled my arms as her thighs clamped around me. Her ankles wrapped together as she locked in her body scissor hold around my midsection.

"No, get off of me, please" I said as I struggled against her ineffectively. She was so strong, too strong.

Abby smiled at me and then I gasped as she flexed her thighs and the air went out of me in a whoosh. Her thick thighs felt like iron then as she crushed me between them, harder and harder. Somehow her scissors seemed to only get tighter, never loosening, ever tighter as she poured on the power. I was breathless again, only able to make little helpless wheezing cries, "Please . . . please stop . . . you're killing me."

Abby ignored me and squeezed harder still. My ribs shifted and I felt my guts moving around, like toothpaste in a tube that was being rolled up. Was she going to kill me? Could she snap my spine like this?

"Did you enjoy smelling my fat cunt while I came on your face, bitch?"

My vision blurred as she pumped her hips shaking me as she squeezed me, and I flopped limply in her grasp. When she finally unlocked her legs I fell in a gasping, wheezing heap. I was vaguely aware that she was sliding off her house pants to stand over me in just her t-shirt and panties, which were purple.

"If you're so worried about my hygiene, you should check me around back too, shouldn't you?" she said as she rolled me onto my back.

She turned towards my feet and lifted her leg over me as she moved to straddle me. Her purple panties didn't cover that much of her big ass; one cheek was almost fully exposed where her panties were pulled down into her crack. She reached back and tugged them free as she adjusted them, leaving me to stare up at that round white ass looming above me.

It was like watching a disaster unfolding in slow motion; I knew what she was going to do as I stared up at her, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. My heart was pounding and I felt like a wrung out dishrag, limp and used. She took my hands and put them behind her knees as she moved over my head. When she lowered her ass onto my face my wrists were trapped between her thighs and calves, neatly locking me into place as my nose rammed her panties up into the crack of her ass. She wiggled her hips, until my nose pressed deeper still, right against her backdoor, and then she settled her full weight onto me.

"You always were a brown nosing little bitch, but now it's my ass you're kissing, not Susanna's."

Her soft ass molded and sealed around me, and I couldn't breathe at all. Her weight buried me deep in her butt, only the thin purple cotton of her panties separated my nose and a part of her I didn't want to think about. How could I think of anything else, though, when every breath stank of her body? Her aroused pussy, her sweaty ass--I was overwhelmed with the scent of her. It felt like was I wasn't just under her ass, it felt like I was being absorbed inside it.

"How does my fat ass smell, Laura? Are you enjoying it?"

I tried to tell her no, but her ass stifled my reply. It felt so humiliating, but there was nothing I could do, I couldn't move an inch. Her weight pinned me solidly down and my hands were completely trapped in her legs. I felt a steady, rhythmic motion by my mouth and chin and then she moaned and I realized that she was touching herself above me.

"Oh, you can't answer, can you? Not with my fat ass in your face. That's fine. Don't say anything. Don't move. Don't breathe. Just lay there and smell my fucking ass."

The rhythmic vibrations sped up as she gloated above me, and I was faintly aware of a wet squishing sound. My heart hammered away as I suffocated, my terror growing every moment that she didn't lift up and let me take a breath. It was clear she was crazy and I also that I was completely at her mercy. Would she actually kill me? Everything felt hot and wet and disgustingly female. Her soft flesh was everywhere and the smell of her sweat and her wet pussy was humiliating. My arms were immobilized and she was too heavy to move. I wasn't still too weak to do anything but lay there smothering in her ass while she got herself off.

"I should have done this a long time ago. This is where you belong. Kissing *my* ass. You complained that I smell? Well smell this, bitch. Smell . . . my . . . fucking . . . asshole," she said, and then I felt her tense and her buttocks squeezed my face as she groaned and shuddered and came atop me.

Her moans changed but didn't stop, nor did the vibrations and wet squishing noises. Even as my vision darkened I was aware that she was working herself towards multiple orgasms while I smothered under her. I could smell her arousal and feel her wetness soaking through the panties on my mouth and chin. It was if my last moments of life were to be filled with perfect knowledge of her ecstasy. Every smell, every quiver, every slick secretion bombarded me with the difference in our positions as I faded away again. Her at the height of pleasure, totally in control, and me helpless and defeated beneath her, on the edge of death.

My last thought as I drew in a desperate steamy sniff of her sweaty ass was that her nasty butt would be the last thing I ever smelled, and then everything went dark.


Chapter 3

When I came to, it was again to total confusion. My head hurt, not just at the temples when you get a stress headache, but the whole top and back of it throbbed.

My face ached too, and there was a strange smell. Where was I? Nothing looked familiar. My eyes roamed and then I saw Abby on the other side of my, stretched out on her side watching me, her head propped up on her elbow. She looked different than she did at the office, not just because she was only wearing panties and a t-shirt, but more confident somehow. She looked relaxed and happy and . . . she looked like someone who'd just had sex. She looked sated, content. It all came back to me in a rush and I recoiled away from her.

She giggled at my reaction and lifted herself to a sitting position. "You're back. You look so confused when you wake up, this is fun. It seems like every time you give me an orgasm with your face it wears you out so much you have to take a little nap."

My arms shook as I tried to lift myself from the floor. A stiff breeze could have knocked me down, where Abby reeked of a frightening sort of calm strength. She'd smothered me unconscious twice, and she didn't look tired or winded at all. She looked better than she ever had in the time I'd worked with her, happier but also prettier somehow. Abby all but glowed with authority and power. She could destroy me. She could kill me if she wanted to, and I knew it. I didn't suppose it was possible, I didn't think it was plausible, I *knew* it in my bones. It was no exaggeration, I was terrified of her. Pushing her too far I'd unlocked something in her, released a beautiful, powerful beast of a woman I'd never seen before.

"Please, just let me go. I won't tell anyone that you attacked me, I promise."

"Attacked you? What do you mean? You came over here to bring me my things and apologize for the horrible thing you did to me. You felt so bad that you let me come on your face a few times to make up for it. Surely you remember that, your nose is still red from me riding it."

Without meaning to I brought my fingers to touch my nose and found it even sorer than the rest of me.

"If that's how you want to describe all this, fine," I said.

"But even after I came on your face you still felt like you owed me, so you decided to eat my pussy before you left."

Her eyes sparkled with amusement as my own went wide. She thought I'd go down on her?

"No, you've had your fun. Just let me catch my breath and I'll go," I said.

"You want to go, right? Well first you have to get me off with your mouth, that's the deal. I may be out of work, but I'll always have the memory of you on your knees licking my pussy."

She climbed to her feet and went to her couch, arranging some pillows there before stripping off her panties and setting them on the couch. She sat herself down on the edge of the couch, back against the pillows and spread her legs, pointing to the floor between them as she looked at me. "Crawl over here and get to work, Laura."

There was no way I was doing what she wanted. It was a struggle, but I managed to haul myself to my knees, and then lifted one leg to stand. Abby sighed and heaved herself up off the couch and rushed at me, pushing me down to the floor with casual ease. Her hand took hold of my hair and yanked me up to my knees. "I said crawl, bitch."

"Stop that hurts stop please stop," I said in a rush as she dragged me crawling to the couch and sat back in her spot.

Her lady parts were right there in front of me, a neat triangle of pubic hair over her slit. It was as close as I'd ever been to another woman's bare sex and I stared at it. The puffy outer lips of her puss surrounding inner lips that spread like tiny wings on either side of the glistening crease between them.

"You know what to do. Now get to work," she said and I was frozen there, terrified of her but unable to bring myself to do what she commanded. "This is your last chance. Eat my pussy and I'll let you go, or else I'll make you eat it and I won't let you go. I'll keep you here all night."

"Please, I can't do this," I said.

"Fine," she said, and then she pulled me closer by my hair. I tried to resist but I was just too weak to stop her from jamming my face down between her thighs, which moved as she lifted them and brought them over my shoulders as she mashed my face into her crotch. At almost the same moment I felt her wet pussy in my face her legs squeezed shut around my head and her ankles hooked behind me, trapping me against her sex in an obscene kiss. Breathing was impossible as Abby squeezed harder, and with her hands pulled my head in tighter still as she smirked down at me.

"Get right in there. You should be getting used to this by now," she said.

The smell of her arousal was overpowering, and to my disgust my nose and mouth were already slick with her secretions. She was really wet, she must be about as horny as a woman can be; every point of contact between my face and her body felt hot and wet. There was no air, and it felt like my head would explode from the pressure. My hands pried at her thighs with no effect, and then she caught me by the wrists and held my arms out to either side.

"I could do this all night, but I won't have to because you have the power to make it end whenever you want. The only way out of this position is to lick your way out, Laura. If you don't start licking, well eventually you'll pass out but this time I'm not going to let up. If you pass out I'm going to keep you trapped between my legs until you're dead and then I'll come anyway. I'll just fuck your face."

To show me what she meant she rocked her hips and rolled them from side to side, grinding her pussy against me. It felt like my head was going to be pulled from my body, and with every second that passed my need to breathe grew more desperate. My whole body felt stressed beyond breaking, my heart hammering away and my lungs burning all while my head felt like it was being crushed. The humiliating fact that my face was practically rammed inside her snatch was far down my list of concerns.

"Fine. Don't lick me. This is how you die, Laura. With my fat cunt in your face," she said.

It was too much, I felt like I was about to pass out and I couldn't die like this, on my knees with this fat bitch's pussy juice seeping into my nose. I opened my mouth and tasted her wetness as I licked her, and then she moaned and let her thighs drift open and air rushed in and I gasped. "If you want to keep breathing you'd better keep licking."

There was no fighting her; I was so weak that if she wasn't holding me in place I'd have fallen to the floor. Never having gone done on a woman I had no idea what it would taste like, but despite my jabs about her hygiene her pussy didn't taste unpleasantly at all.

My revulsion at the task lessened the more I worked. Her pussy smelled strongly of her arousal, but she tasted a sort of mildly sweet flavor with a tang of something primal, something essentially feminine. She moaned as I stroked vertically with my tongue, rolling her clit this way and that, and when she looked down at me with an open mouthed grin her eyes were half closed.

"Look at you now. Miss high and mighty on her knees, eating me out. You're not complaining about how I smell now, in fact I'm starting to think you like how I smell. Is that it? Do you like the smell of my cunt?"

Even though I was in the act of licking her, what she wanted was too much. "No," I said, so softly that I didn't think she'd heard me until her thighs clamped shut around my head again.

"Wrong answer," she said, flexing her thighs with a grunt. "Wrong . . . fucking . . . answer."

My vision blurred and I thought I would pass out from the pain before the suffocation this time. She was so strong; it made me feel completely and totally helpless. The sound of her voice was muffled by her crushing thighs but she didn't sound happy when she spoke. "This is what's going to happen now. You get one breath, and if the next thing out of your mouth isn't to tell me you love the smell of my cunt, that breath will be your last breath. Do you understand me, Laura?"

All I could manage the tiniest nod as I stared up at her from between her legs. She released the pressure again but kept my face pressed against her sex and when I gasped I filled my lungs with the steamy scent of her aroused womanhood. "I love the smell of your cunt," I said, and she laughed. She leaned to the side and reappeared with something a moment later. To my horror, it was her phone.

"Say it again," she said after fiddling with the phone for a few seconds, and I found myself looking up at the tiny eye of her phone's camera lens.

"I love the smell of your cunt," I said, and she laughed again.

"Get back to work," she said, messing with the phone for a moment before regarding me as I returned to licking her between gasping breaths. "That little movie was fun, let's make another. I'm going to record you eating me out, and when I signal I want you to look up at the camera and smile while you say that you love the *taste* of my cunt. You know what happens if you disobey me--you're just going to end up doing it anyway, so why make yourself suffer."

She moved the phone back into position and tapped the screen, and like that I was being recorded eating her pussy. I lapped at her and told myself that she was right, that I was just prolonging my suffering by fighting just get it over with and get out of there. After a minute or so, Abby nodded to me and I did it. I pulled my face from her pussy and looked up at the back of her phone and smiled as I spoke. "I love the taste of your cunt," and she let her menacing legs spread wider as I went back to licking her. She set the phone down and lay back against the pillows, her hands tangling in my hair, guiding me as I pleased her with my mouth.

Her sounds grew more intense and quieter at the same time, and her hips started bucking to meet me as I worked. Lapping at her I felt her thighs coming back together around me as her breathing grew ragged, and then she clamped them back around me and her back arched as she humped my face in a groaning, shuddering spasm of ecstasy. My tongue lost her clit and then I was smothering in her wetness as she shook and quivered and came. When she recovered she opened her legs and lay limp back against the pillows. I knelt with my face against her thigh as we both caught our breath.

"What are you doing to me?" I said.

"I'm fixing you. Look at how nice you are now, after I smothered the bitch out of you a few times."

"I-I don't want this," I said.

"But I do, and that's all that matters, isn't it? Or do I need to take your breath away again?"

Her legs started to close in around my head, and terror filled me. "No, please. I'll be good."

She relaxed her legs again and stroked my hair. It was beyond humiliating, but if I tried to resist or to run I knew I'd just end up unconscious again, there was no way I could win against her. My fear was too great to even consider trying to get up, though, so I just knelt there my face inches away from her vagina, breathing in the smell of her and praying she'd take mercy on me.

Chapter 4

The silence stretched on, and she showed no signs of movement so I quietly asked the question that rose above all others in my mind.

"I've done everything you wanted. Can I go now, please?"

She straightened and with a push of her thigh signaled for me to sit back on my heels.

"Go? Laura, that wouldn't be fair. After you've made me feel so good? It would be rude of me not to return the favor. Stand up," she said.

It was a struggle to stand, but I was happy to be out from between her legs. There was no fight left in me, so when she held out her panties and said "Take these," I reached out my hand and took them from her.

"I know how much you love the smell of my cunt, so why don't you put them over your head. Put the crotch over your nose and mouth," she ordered.

The purple cotton was damp and fragrant, but I did it, I stretched them over my head like some kind of strange mask, and was rewarded immediately with the intense scent of her pussy washing over me.

"Now lay over my lap like a naughty schoolgirl," she said and I leaned down and did that too.

She pulled my skirt up over my hips and caressed my ass before her fingers dipped lower to stroke across my panty-covered mound. "You do love the smell of my cunt, don't you? You're wet, you dirty little slut," she said, surprise in her voice.

Abby wasn't the only one surprised. In the entire humiliating, terrifying ordeal I hadn't noticed it myself. How could I possibly be turned on by what she'd done to me?

Her hand came away from my sex and then she spoke a single word, “Count." Her hand slapped down across my right buttock with a loud crack. A squeal of pain escaped me.

"One. Two. Three. Four. Five," I counted as she spanked me slowly, and tears poured down my cheeks as I cried. She hit me hard, alternating cheeks each time and I cried out with every blow, every one hurting more than the last. "Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten."

The last one left me sniffling and gasping with pain, but to my shock I was also highly aroused. Being spanked over her knee shouldn't be so hot, but somehow I was as horny as I'd ever felt in my life. Her hand pushed my legs apart and she shifted me slightly in place until she had me where she wanted me. Her fingers massaged my sex through my panties and I moaned. "I can do anything I want to you, can't I?"

"Yes," I moaned.

Her fingers rubbed me, and I shivered with pleasure. When I tried to hump against her hand she pulled it away.

"I can overpower you, and I also have our little movies that I could show everyone. But that's not why I can do whatever I want, is it?"

She stroked harder and I moaned.

"It's because you need this. It's because you deserve this. Say it," she said.

"I need this. I deserve this," I said, and she rubbed me, slowly but steadily rolling my clit beneath her fingers. How could this feel so good?

"You're a stupid bitch that loves my cunt."

Her fingers felt so good and all I could think about was how much I need to come.

"I'm a stupid bitch that loves your cunt," I said and she rubbed faster.

"I can do anything I want to you because I own you."

"You can do anything you want be . . . because . . . because you . . . you own me," I said, panting as she brought me closer and closer to the edge.

My body ached, my ass burned and my every breath was filtered through her dirty panties, but I was also more aroused than I knew could be possible.

"I own you."

"You own me," I said and she rubbed me faster still. "You own me. You own me. You . . . own . . . me," I said with a groan, and then I came against her expert fingers and it was like the universe exploding through me. Every iota of my body was electric, like I was nothing but a cloud of perverted energy draped there over her lap as I came and came and came.


Chapter 5

She let me recover, and then she guided me off her lap, to kneel in front of her. Abby pulled her panties off my head and regarded me.

"We could both use a shower, I think. First, though, is there anyone expecting you to be somewhere tonight?"

I wasn't sure how much time had passed since I'd entered her house. It felt like years, but had it even been an hour?

"My boyfriend is taking me out to a club later," I said.

"Call him, tell him you're not feeling well and you're staying with a friend who's taking care of you. I'll go run the water for the shower," she said, and then she got up and walked down the hallway, leaving me there.

It was like I was in a trance. Almost like I was dreaming and had no control. I didn't question it; I just did what she'd ordered. There was nothing between me and the door, she wasn't even watching. All the same, I called Jeff and told him I had the flu and I was staying with a friend from work, a female friend, and that she was taking care of me. He was disappointed, but I told him I was tired and I'd call him when I felt better and I didn't feel anything at all. I put down the phone and walked to the open door with the faint sound of a shower running at the end of the hall, and I found it wasn't a bathroom, it was the master bedroom.

The shower noise came from an en suite bathroom, and I found her waiting for me there. The bathroom was quite large, with a tub and a sliding door walk-in shower. The water sprayed down in the shower and from the temperature in the room I could tell it was already hot. Abby was naked, her big breasts swinging freely as she turned to look at me. "Get undressed," she said.

She watched while I stripped. The shower stall would be fairly spacious for one person, but it would be close quarters for two. Regardless, it was clear that she intended both of us to be in there as she stepped inside and gestured for me to join her.

The water was hot, but not too hot. It felt good, even if I was sharing it with a naked woman who'd smothered me unconscious repeatedly. There was a relaxing, soothing feel to standing under the spray. She picked up a pink mesh loofah and a bottle of body wash and handed them to me, guiding me out of the spray and taking my place. "Wash me first," she ordered. "Every inch of my body. Take your time and do it right, there are shampoo and conditioner behind you on the ledge."

Then she just stood there under the hot water while I worked on her, scrubbing her head to toe, gently. She didn't do anything more than reposition herself to give me better access or to rinse her face. She just watched me work with a lazy grin. Steam billowed in the bathroom and mirror fogged as I cleaned not just her arms and legs and face and neck, but her heavy breasts, her pussy and her ass. Then I washed and conditioned her hair, and after a long final rinse she looked at me. "Am I clean now?"

When I nodded, she smiled and put her hand on my shoulder. "Are you sure?"

I nodded, and she pushed down on my shoulder. "Get on your knees."

The floor of the shower was hard against my knees as I knelt and looked up at her. Abby turned towards the shower spray and I found myself looking at her ass, the ass I'd only just scrubbed and polished clean.

"Check your work," she said, looking back at me. "Use your mouth."

The soft mounds of her buttocks were hot under my hands as I spread them apart. When I leaned in and licked her puckered rear opening, she moaned and pushed back against me. She let the hot water spray down on her neck and chest, periodically leaning forward to feel the same heat on her head and back while she enjoyed my degrading service. Water ran down her body and into my face, but did my best to keep rimming her until she turned to face me, looking down into my eyes as her hands came up to my head and pulled my face down between her legs.

"Check here too," she said, and then she moaned as my mouth found her slit and I went to work. How many times could she go in one day? After all the pleasure I'd already given her, it was amazing that she could still be horny. The water pouring over me was worse now, and I all but drowned as I licked her, but again I did my best to obey. Abby was in charge, I didn't question that fact at all. Having me slowly wash her and then rim her ass must have been all the foreplay she needed, because it didn't take long before she clenched my head and shuddered against me as she came. She smiled down at me with half closed eyes and then she pushed me away.

Abby turned and rinsed her crotch and legs under the spray as I knelt there catching my breath behind her and then she opened the door and stepped out. "Wash yourself now and be quick about it, I'll be waiting for you to brush my hair," she said as she dried herself off and put her hair up in a towel. "There's a towel here for you on the counter."

Then she left me there to shower. As I washed myself I thought about what the night would hold for me after I brushed her hair. To my shame, as I wondered if she would make me lick her again I found myself getting turned on. No time for that, though, she'd told me to be quick. She was in charge, that was the only thing that made sense and I clutched onto it as I obeyed.

She'd reduced me to washing her like I was her slave and she was an empress in ancient times. For that matter I'd just eaten her ass without question, on my knees, in the shower. What couldn't she make me do? Somehow it didn't matter. I was exhausted and felt like I'd had somehow had the best and worst night of my life, both at the same time. Thinking about it was beyond me. Obeying her was all that mattered.


Chapter 6

When I awoke the next morning, I was in Abby's bed. I was on my side, facing her and I was naked. She was awake and stroking my hair as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. The night before was a blur in my memory. I waited on Abby whenever she needed anything, but we spent most of the evening watching a movie that was almost three hours long. She paused the movie half way through and slipped off her panties while I watched her. Then she just turned and spread her legs; she didn't even say anything, it was clear what she wanted from me. After I finished making her come she just patted me on the head and pushed me away. Then she pointed to her panties and I picked them up and put them back on her, and without saying anything the whole time she hit play and we finished the movie.

Thinking back to it was hard, I saw more like disjointed snapshots than a continuous reel. What I did remember was humiliating enough, made worse by the flair of heat between my legs when I remembered serving her in the shower. What was I doing naked in her bed? I wasn't gay, I didn't even like her. She'd beaten and dominated me in the most awful ways, why was I still there?

Abby peeled back the covers with her free hand, uncovering both of us with rough toss. Where I was naked I saw that she had on panties and a loose t-shirt Then she smiled at me, and the hand stroking my hair pulled my head forward and down, toward her lower body.

"No," I said, resisting her as I sat up.

Her eyes widened, and there was a flash of anger across her face.

"No? You don't get to say that to me," she said, and she yanked my head down hard, making me come up to my knees. She was so strong, and now she was mad. I squealed and tried to pull away, but she forced me inexorably lower, towards her opening legs and between them. She pulled my face in against her crotch and I found myself facing her ass as her thighs closed around my head and neck and squeezed, locking my chin in against her panty crotch but leaving me still able to breathe. I struggled to break free, twisting and pulling to no avail, but Abby was moving and taking me with her, as she began torque her body into a roll to her front, her legs forcing my body to roll with her until she forced me onto my front as well.

"Someone needs a reminder of the natural order here," she said with a grunt as she completed her turn.

As she settled onto her front my view was filled her ass crack as I realized what was about to happen. With her legs pressing my shoulders and back down as her powerful thighs continued to crush together around my neck, she'd rotated me into a position that would drive my face deep into her ass. She arched her back and slammed the hold home with ferocious force and my face mashed deep into the crack between her round ass cheeks. My breath was cut off instantly, I couldn't breathe at all. It wasn't just her ass swallowing my face, though, her thighs crushed together around me with incredible force. It felt like she was trying to crack my head like a walnut and smother me in her ass at the same time, it was terrifying.

My hands flailed against her legs and buttocks in desperation, but I couldn't budge her at all, it had taken her only seconds to render me helpless again. All of the fear and humiliation I'd felt when she'd dominated me during our clash the night before came rushing back. What was I thinking? Why had I angered her like this? By pushing down on her buttocks I found I couldn't get room to breathe, but I could see her at least as my eyes came free, and what I saw crushed me. She looked as if she was relaxing, as if it took her no effort to do this to me at all.

She held me there until I started shaking, and my vision blurred. It felt like I was sinking into her ass, like it was swallowing me up like quicksand, and just before I drifted off the pressure let up, her legs opening slightly. I was still trapped, but at least I could breathe and breathe I did, gasping in her ass crack as she spoke.

"I'm not going to lie; I'm disappointed in you, Laura. I was going to let you enjoy a taste of my pussy for breakfast, and I'm still willing to do that, but now you need the bitch smothered out of you first. This is your own fault," she said, and she tensed her legs, burying me in her ass again.

"I'm going to give you a chance to earn your way back into my trust. It won't be easy though. Now I'm going to let up a bit, and here's what you need to do. Pull down my panties, spread open my ass and start licking. Then I'm going to lock you back in there until I knock you out. If you stop licking before you pass out, you fail and die. If you lick me right up until you black out, I'll forgive you and you can eat my pussy when you wake up."

Her legs relaxed again and I thought about what she demanded of me. It was terrifying to even think about passing out again, it had been awful every time she'd done it to me. And my reward for completing her humiliating challenge was that she would get to have an orgasm? The nerve of her was amazing, she was so arrogant and powerful and sexy that it made me wet thinking about it as I lay there gasping into her ass. Who was she to think she could dominate me into being her plaything again so easily? Did she really think I'd be willing to rim her ass while I endured the fear and helplessness of being smothered by her? She was looking back at me with a superior smirk, just waiting for me to obey as if she knew I would, the haughty bitch.

I reached up and wiggled her panties down awkwardly as far as I could with my body in the way and she smiled. My hands pulled her buttocks until the crack between them opened and I lowered my face inside. "Good girl," I heard her say as I went to work on her with my tongue, and then her legs clamped down and her ass closed in around me as I licked and prayed she'd let me out of her ass before I died. Why had I ever thought I could resist her? How could I be so stupid?

Her legs and ass clenched around me with rhythmic pulses of strength as she toyed with me for the first minute. When I started to falter she poured on the power and darkness soon came rushing towards me.


Chapter 7

When I came to I was lying on my back, and as always it took some time before I even remembered where I was. Abby lay reclining on her back beside me, and as soon as I could I turned to look at her.

"I'm sorry, Abby."

"That's okay. Everyone needs a little discipline now and then. To show you I'm not mad, I'm going to let you have a taste of my cunt like I promised. Now be a dear and get to work. It really puts me in the mood when you tell me you love my taste, so why don't you start by doing that for a while? Give me a lick and then tell me you love it."

It made me thankful that I could serve someone so caring and fair. Despite my misstep, she was going to act as if it had never happened. How could I be so lucky? I moved between her legs and licked her, and the smell and taste of her vagina hit me with a wave a sexual desire. Her body turned me on so much with just that, just the scent and flavor of her pussy was enough to have me horny and needy at once.

"I love the taste of your cunt," I said, and she moaned her approval.

My own pussy boiled with need and I maneuvered myself over her left leg as I licked her, so I could rub my bare pussy on her ankle. She didn't stop me; instead she started moving her foot to help as I stared up into her smiling face and told her again "I love the taste of your cunt."

She let me do that for a few minutes. Each time a taste of her followed by the declaration that so amused her before she pulled my head in against her and said "Now please me, Laura."

After that I settled into worshiping her amazing body with every bit of fervor I could muster, trying to make up for my earlier mistake by giving her the best oral service she'd ever had. When I came, I didn't let my climax stop my tongue's labors, I licked her right through my own orgasm and then she peaked soon after. I watched her big boobs shudder and wobble as I worked the sound of her passionate cries filled me with pride. All that mattered was pleasing Abby, and I made her come so many times that I lost count before she pushed me away, my face wet and fragrant with her juices.

When her last climax faded and she returned to me, she spoke. "I think you should thank me for letting you do that, don't you?"

"Thank you for letting me taste your amazing cunt," I said, and she patted me on the head. "That's perfect. Do it just like that from now on, okay?"

"Yes, Abby."

She was stroking my hair again, so I just lay there with my cheek pressed to her powerful thigh and felt more content than I'd known in years. When she got up and left me there to go to the bathroom I thought about the simple rules that Abby used to control me. Resistance was met with pain and breathless, helpless suffering and compliance was rewarded with pleasure, but whenever she let me come it had been while I was sniffing her panties or had my face between her legs. She had already trained me to the point that my body responded instinctively to her scent with arousal.

It should have been terrifying, but somehow when she smothered me unconscious it seemed to leave me in a sort of waking dream where I became more passive and just went along with it. Lying there I realized that some part of me liked it, like the focused purpose offered by a world with only two rules. Obey Abby and feel good, disobey Abby and suffer. There was a beauty and comfort to the simplicity of it.

"Get up, sleepyhead. It's time for you to make my breakfast," she said as she returned to the bedroom.

While I sat up she found a pair of pajama pants and pulled them on. "I don't have anything clean to wear," I said.

"You don't need to wear anything because you're not going anywhere today. Tomorrow you can go home and get your stuff and move the essentials over here. Now go on, you made me work up an appetite, I could go for some pancakes."

So I got up, naked, and followed her out of the bedroom. As I thought about the news that I was moving in with her, I watched the way her round ass swayed as she walked, and to my shame I liked what I saw. It was embarrassing, even in my almost trance-like state, to be naked while she was dressed, but her panties did little to hide her plump buttocks and I stared at them with perverse need.

There wasn't any question what I was going to do; I was going to make her pancakes, cooking naked in her kitchen. Not doing it would only mean passing out with my face jammed into her pussy or ass again, but it wasn't just fear that drove me, there was something fierce and primal in her domination that made me realize that me making pancakes naked for Abby after giving her endless orgasms with my mouth was exactly what she deserved. What I deserved, for that matter. She was a goddess, how had I not realized it before? How could I have ever felt superior to her?


Chapter 8

On Monday morning there were still fifteen minutes to kill when I made it to the office and parked, so I sat in my car the way I did whenever traffic was light and I got there early.

The weekend was a blur of serving Abby's every whim. After knocking me out in her bed that morning, she smothered me out two more times that day. The first time was that afternoon, when I didn't thank her after licking her ass. I'd thought I only needed to thank her after eating her pussy, but it turned out she'd meant for me to do the same whenever I worshiped her ass as well.

She had been standing with her hands on her hips while I knelt behind her, holding her ass open while I lapped at her back door for her amusement. When I didn't thank her and tell her I loved how her asshole tasted afterwards she made me turn around on my knees and lean my head back between her legs. It was an obscene position, kneeling the wrong way with my head pushed painfully back as she pulled my face in against her pussy and locked in a vicious standing headscissors that let her look down into my terrified eyes while she smothered me out in her pussy. She didn't order me to lick her, but I was too turned on by the smell of her to fight it and I tongued her right up until when I blacked out.

When I woke up she had her panties back on and was watching television. I crawled to her and knelt before her and told her I loved the way her ass and her pussy tasted, and I thanked her for letting me worship both. Again, when she acted as if my transgression was forgotten after punishing me I was grateful to my beautiful and loving owner for her benevolence.

That evening she smothered me out with her breasts for the first time, or more accurately, she did it with *a* breast. We were on the couch and she had me kissing and licking her breasts to get her in the mood before we went to bed. She leaned over me as I suckled one like a baby, and mashed it down into my face. "You love my big tits, huh? They're so big I could smother you with just one," and then she mashed the soft boob down against me so that my nose mashed into her soft tit, cutting off my air. That was the first time she smothered me out when I hadn't done anything wrong, just for the fun of it.

Later that night, Abby woke me from a sound sleep and said, "I'm horny." Unlike the incident in the morning, I didn't make the mistake of resisting. I crawled under the covers and went to work, and the smell of her arousal soon had me rubbing myself as well. We both came more than once, and I kept licking her until she couldn't take it any longer. She spooned me afterwards, holding me like a teddy bear and stroking my hair. As much as I feared her, I felt safe and warm and appreciated. Every breath I took was still tinged with her incredible scent and I could feel her soft body wrapped around me and again I had the sense that I was being absorbed into her. The sensation was so comforting that I fell back asleep almost immediately.

On Sunday morning I was better behaved than I'd been the morning before. That day I only felt the wrathful power of her body once, when I balked at calling Jeff to break up with him. Later, after I woke up from being disciplined under her ass, I did as I'd been ordered and she rewarded me with panty-sniffing orgasms over her lap while she spanked me again. Again she made me repeat, "You own me," while she fondled me after the spanking and again it was an intensely erotic experience. Though I was awfully sore afterwards, the pain during and submissive mantra afterwards really seemed to heighten my orgasm when I came.

The rest of the day was filled with me doing whatever she commanded, and her occasionally using me for her pleasure when the whim came to her. I moved my things into her house, at least enough things to get me through the work week. I didn't need that much, she'd decided that she liked having me constantly naked when I was in her house, so it was mostly work clothes that I needed. I think the nudity was just to remind me of the power dynamic, because she really didn't show any sign that she appreciated my body especially. With my tits, my ass and my pussy on display there was every opportunity for it, but while I'd gone down on her constantly she hadn't even kissed me.

Our relationship, if you could call it that, was asymmetrical in the extreme. She had all the power, full control, and I had none. She could wear what she wanted, and I served her naked. If she was horny, and it seemed she was constantly so, then I was her sex toy. If she wanted conversation, we talked, but if she wanted silence I was mute. I licked and sucked and kissed every part of her body, but other than rubbing me while I chanted my submission after a spanking she never touched me in a sexual way for my pleasure. It should have horrified me, but as when she spooned me in bed, there was something intensely comforting about being under her rule. I didn't have to look pretty, or say anything smart, I didn't have to play any sort of role other than that of being her servant, at least not when I was home with her.

It was being away from her that seemed scary then, and I would have to go out into the world, on that topic, she'd been completely clear. After serving her, my next most important job was to earn money for her. She'd still have a job if I hadn't bullied her into quitting, so I needed to work hard, get promoted, and make more money--for her. It would all be for her. My apartment was month to month, and Abby said we'd move the rest of my things next weekend before we gave my landlord the news that I was moving out. There was no point in my apartment, not when I was to spend every moment that I wasn't at work with her. That was my true first job, and there I'd work naked and often on my knees as I attended to Abby's perverse needs.

Though leaving the car to face the office wasn't an appealing though, it was almost time to start so I gathered my coffee and purse and locked my car. The sight of the purse made me remember what was inside it and a surge of heat went through me. When I was getting ready for work that morning she was still lounging in bed. I'd gotten up and had coffee, and I was about to shower and do my makeup when she summoned me with a hooked finger. "Lie down," she said. "On your back."

"I have to get ready."

She glanced at the clock. "You have time for me to feed you a quick breakfast, and I'll pack you a lunch while you shower." I lay back on the bed and she sat up and straddled me, moving over my head. She had black panties on, and my nose mashed into them as she sat on my face. She rocked her hips, grinding her pussy down on me with slow, powerful strokes that took my breath away. The crotch of her panties soaked through as she rode me. She was dripping wet and powerfully fragrant, and when I reached down to rub my own pussy she didn't stop me. She waited until I came like that, smothering in her wet panties, before she announced, "Your breakfast is ready, Laura," and pulled her panty crotch to the side and lowered her bare pussy onto my face.

When she finished riding my mouth to her own orgasm, she rolled off of me and pushed me towards the bathroom as I thanked her and told her I loved the taste of her cunt. Stretching out on the bed like a cat in a sunbeam she nodded at my admission, as if it was obvious that of course I loved the taste of her sex and said "Go get ready. Don't be late for work."

She was waiting for me in the kitchen with a cup of coffee of her own when I was made up and ready for work. "Your lunch is on the counter," she said, gesturing that way. There was a Ziploc bag with something black inside it. I picked it up and saw that it was the same pair of black panties I'd just had my face buried in on her bed. "I sealed them up so they'd stay fresh. On your lunch break find someplace private and masturbate while you suck them clean. In your car, in the bathroom, whatever. Don't get caught doing it, but those panties had better be clean when you bring them home, understand?" That almost got me in trouble when I nodded my agreement, but when I quickly followed it up by thanking her she smiled, to my relief. I knew I'd dodged a bullet and made a mental note to call her and thank her after I had my "lunch".

The walk to the lobby doors was slower than usual because I was sore all over. There weren't a lot of obvious marks, but my body ached everywhere, especially my neck, stomach and ass.

When the elevator dumped me out on my floor I made my way to my cubicle. Jennifer saw me and turned to greet me, but her expression changed as she watched me gingerly take my seat.

"Rough weekend?" she said.

"You have no idea."

"Are you okay? You look like you're in pain."

It was important to keep my job rolling along smoothly, so I could earn for Abby. I couldn't let anyone think anything weird was going on. Turning I faced her and tried to put on a happy expression. "My ass is killing me. I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to go on a thirty-mile bike ride."

She laughed at me. "You're into cycling?"

"No, not at all. I just agree to stupid things when I'm in love, apparently. Well, in lust at least."

"Well, I hope your tushy is feeling better soon. How did it go with Abby's box?" she said, and then she laughed and covered her mouth. "Oh god, that didn't sound right. I don't want to make anyone think about Flabby's smelly cooch."

It was so mean and unfair and I wanted to slap the words out of her mouth. Abby's pussy wasn't nasty at all, and if it smelled, that smell was amazing. It was a struggle not to show how mad I was. This was my role, to play Laura the cruel office climber, and I had to keep that up so I could earn for Abby, so I laughed with her. Still, Jennifer would feel my wrath whenever I had the chance.

"It was . . . well it wasn't what I expected," I said. I thought about how happy she looked that morning when I departed, after thanking her for my "breakfast" and for making my "lunch". She'd looked so confident and powerful. She could send me away and new I'd come back to serve her, she had no doubt about it because she was superior to me in every way and she'd made me realize that fundamental fact. "She was really mad, and she raged to be honest, but by the time I left I think she was actually happier than I've ever seen her be."

"Really? I thought she'd be crying her way through a tub of ice cream when you got there."

"If I had to guess, I'd say she's going to be okay. Better than okay. She actually thanked me, after her anger faded. She said she was going to start a whole new life now, she was glad not to have to come back here."

"Was she just putting on a brave face?" she said.

Remembering myself on my knees, eating Abby out while she reclined above me, I pretended to be considering it.

"No, I think she means it. Quitting this job has changed her. She looked like a new woman, really. I think she was right, it was actually a good thing for her."

"Well, it's definitely a good thing for us at least. We won't have to deal with her weird ass here anymore," she said, and then her phone rang and she turned away from me to answer it.

Staring at the back of her head, I seethed and imagined her learning the same truth about Abby that I'd learned. If she was trapped in one of Abby's smothering holds she wouldn't call her names ever again. I imagined her face disappearing into Abby's ass as Abby told her that, for her vicious lies, she was being sentenced to death by ass and it made me clench my thighs together. I was wet just from imagining it. A little sigh escaped me as I forced the image out of my mind.

Jennifer didn't know the truth, but I did. Abby didn't smell bad, and she wasn't flabby at all. She was a force of nature, and unstoppable goddess. Jennifer wasn't fit to say Abby's name, much less judge her. Turning back to my desk I fingered the baggie in my purse and thought about how Abby smelled, about how Abby tasted, about how it felt to surrender to her power and I felt a rush of gratitude. I had deserved punishment, destruction even, because I had been worse than Jennifer, but despite that my benevolent goddess had given me enlightenment instead. It was a gift I was unworthy of and I planned to work every day to deserve what she'd given me.

Daydreaming about Abby again wasn't helping with my arousal, though, so I set my purse aside. The baggie's wonderful contents dominated my thoughts still, but there was a time and a place and lunch time was still hours away.

As I settled into doing my job so I could earn for her, one thought lingered in the back of my mind: just eight more hours, and then I could head home to worship my glorious owner. A few days before the idea would have disgusted me, but now that vision was my motivation because nothing in the world mattered but Abby and her amazing box too, for that matter.

-The End-

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed Abby's Box, maybe not as much as Laura did, but at least as much as I did writing it.

I'd originally sketched out three stories with Abby, Abby's Box, Abby's Lesson, and Abby Takes the Census, each with a different victim of her domination (male in Abby's Lession and female again in Abby Takes the Census), but I ended up getting sucked into playing with the perspective of a woman under the influence of sort of a super Stockholm syndrome in writing Laura and it just went on and on because I was having fun with it. I wrote a few scenes of Abby's Lesson, if you guys like this one I may get around to finishing that one as well one of these days.

Regardless, do let me know what you think of Abby and her box.

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Default Re: Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

thread approved
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Default Re: Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

The legendary Cactus Juggler, probably the writer that got me into the facesitting fetish.

I'm not a fan of f/f so I probably won't read this story, but I'll throw a thanks up anyway for a legend.
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Default Re: Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

Originally Posted by honeryx [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
The legendary Cactus Juggler, probably the writer that got me into the facesitting fetish.

I'm not a fan of f/f so I probably won't read this story, but I'll throw a thanks up anyway for a legend.
Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. I'm messing around between projects now, and I may tidy up a few more stories that include at least a little fighting and throw them up here. I don't really post anything anywhere these days, but I'm having fun going through these. Half of them have men getting beat down, so maybe something more your speed will make the cut next time.
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Default Re: Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

I love me some cactusjuggler. I still periodically check on Cactusjuggler's Happy Fluffy Web Home with the hope that it will have new content.

It was last updated in 2012...so I have been waiting a while for this!
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Default Re: Abby's Box (f/f, fiction)

Great story, loved it!
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catfight, domination, f/f, facesitting, fiction, lesbian, scissors

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