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Default Jane's gift

Hey guys,

Wrote a new story. A woman challenges her bigger, stronger boyfriend to a bearhug competition. It does not go how he planned.

I'll post it in 3 parts. Hope y'all like it. Let me know what you think.


Jane was fed up.

Her apartment was a mess: clothes everywhere, dirty dishes, greasy countertops and dusty everything.

She and her boyfriend, Steve, had just moved in together a month ago. But so far she had done all the cleaning. He hadn't lifted a finger once - not to do his own laundry, not to wash his own dishes, not to wipe up the fucking toilet seat he sprayed on.

Jane had tried talking to him about it, tried reasoning with him, but nothing changed. And she swore to herself she would NOT become the nagging girlfriend. That just wasn't fair.

She marched into the living room where Steve was on the couch playing video games.

"Steve," she snapped.

"What's up, babe?" he asked, not taking his eyes from the TV screen.

"Turn that off, please. We need to talk." She stood with her hands on her hips, her toes tapping the floor.

"Not right now, babe. I'm killing it right now."

Jane stomped over to the TV console and unplugged his Xbox.

"Hey! What the fuck, babe?" He tossed his controller aside.

"I said, we need to talk. This place is a mess and I'm tired of doing all the cleaning."

"Aw, fuck, this bullshit again? Look, I'll clean some stuff up, okay?"


"Soon!" He was getting upset. He leaned back against the couch in exasperation, his arms spread on either side of the back of the couch, his legs spread.

"Not good enough! Now!"

Jane marched up to him and stood in between his legs. Steve was in his usual attire when lounging around the house, which meant his grimy “lucky” backward baseball cap and a pair of tiny blue and white striped briefs.

Whatever discipline he lacked with personal cleanliness he more than made up for with his gym regimen. He had the definition of "boulder shoulders," thickly muscled arms, a massive chest, 6-pack abs and powerful thighs.

Jane couldn’t help her eyes traveling down her boyfriend’s tan, beautifully sculpted body to the pouch of his briefs that drooped between his legs. The first time they slept together, Jane was delighted to discover Steve was both a grower and a show-er. She loved the way his briefs could barely contain her virile boyfriend.

“My eyes are up here, babe,” Steve said.

Busted. Jane looked up at her smirking boyfriend. His handsome face, framed with a trimmed dirty blond beard, looked pleased to see his girlfriend ogling him.

“See anything you like?” he chuckled, scooting his hips forward to emphasize his crotch.

“Not right now I don’t,” she said, staring right at him.

"Yeah, right," Steve said. Then he lowered his voice to sound more authoritative. "Look, it's really hot, I don't feel like cleaning right now, but maybe, like, tomorrow, or this week or something."

"Not good enough,” she said. “I'll make you a deal." It was time to execute her plan.

"Okay, what?" he asked. She was cute when she was angry, he thought. And she looked pretty hot in her little tank top and shorts, her long, wavy blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. She had all the right curves that he loved to roam his hands all over. From his point of view her breasts looked even bigger than normal.

“My eyes are up here, babe,” she said, mimicking him.

“Yeah, but your boobs are down there,” he said, not looking up.

“Ha ha,” Jane replied sarcastically. "Let's do a little competition," she offered.

"Okay, what kind?" he asked, finally making eye contact. She had a twinkle in her eye. Steve was intrigued.

"Let's bearhug each other."

Steve paused, searching Jane's face for some acknowledgement she was making a joke. She just stared back at him, so he burst out laughing.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" he asked between guffaws.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"Babe," Steve said, standing up which forced Jane to take a few steps back. "I don't think that makes a lot of sense."

And she could see why he thought that. Steve towered over her, his 6'2" powerfully built body easily dwarfing her 5'6". With no air conditioning on this steamy summer day, they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat, which only highlighted his glistening muscles even more.

Jane had to admit his physique was pretty intimidating. That plus Steve was a champion wrestler only a few years ago in college. He knew how to apply a hold and break out of one.

But she just had to wipe that cocky smirk off his face.

"It's simple," she said, trying not to look or sound intimidated. "You bearhug me and I try to break out of it. Then I bearhug you and you try to break out. You win both, I'll do all the cleaning and anything else you want."

Steve’s eyes lit up at her insinuation.

"If I win both, you do all the cleaning and anything else I want."

Steve guffawed again. "If you win both..." he said, more to himself as a joke.

"If we tie, we'll just have to come up with a third round of something."

"Babe," Steve said, walking up toward her. They were face to face. He flexed his arms, his biceps swelling to softballs. "Seriously. What are you talking about? Look at these. You're never getting out of them."

"Ooh, they are pretty big," Jane said, stroking his biceps. She could see how proud he was of his body. “All your muscles are so big,” she cooed as her hands traveled down his chest and abs. It’s like she activated his internal sex engine. She could see the front of his briefs begin to swell. She enjoyed pumping up his ego now so she could deflate it later.

Jane knew he wanted her hands to travel even further down his body so instead she put her hands on her hips. "But I am serious. What, are you afraid you might lose to a girl?"

"Okay, okay, fine," Steve said, relaxing his arms. "Have it your way. Although I don't know what you're thinking. Let me go get my shorts."

"No." She grabbed his arms before he could walk away. "You're fine just like that," she said, looking up at him with a smirk of her own. "In fact, I'll match you." And with that, Jane pulled off her tank top, revealing her round, full breasts. She then slowly pulled her shorts down, kicked them off and stood back up in just her small pink panties.

She took a step closer to her towering, muscular boyfriend so that her nipples were grazing his abs and the front of his briefs was grazing her stomach.

"Oh, is that what this is?" Steve asked, grinning mischievously. They could both feel his briefs swelling even more between their bodies. "A sex thing? Some weird kinky game you came up with?"

He instinctively reached up to cup her breasts in his hands. But Jane immediately grabbed both his wrists and flung his arms away. It was only an instant, but he was shocked it was so easy for her. Steve clocked that his girlfriend’s slim, feminine arms seemed more solid than they appeared. He didn’t have time to think about it, though.

"Stop, you horndog," she said. "I'm serious. Let's go!"

She raised both her arms, stretching her breasts up toward her clearly horny boyfriend.

"Okay, you asked for it." And with that, Steve bent down to wrap his huge arms around her waist and scoop his gorgeous girlfriend up off the floor.

Steve was so much bigger than Jane that both his forearms wrapped all the way across her back, each hand coming around the other side just behind her breasts which were now pressed up against the top of his pecs.

They were looking at each other, both grinning.

"Okay, sweetheart," Steve said. "Try to escape."

Jane placed her hands on his bulging biceps and tried to push his arms away from her body. Steve started chuckling, thinking it might as well be a kitten pushing his arms.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that,” he said.

Jane started pushing harder, grunting and grimacing.

Steve thought it was cute his girlfriend, with her soft, curvy body, was actually trying to escape. He loved having her breasts pressed up against his chest, the pressure swelling them up toward his face. The more she struggled, the more her boobs jiggled right up against him and he was becoming more and more aroused.

"I'm not even trying that hard," Steve said, looking up at Jane with amusement. She knew that was true. While she did feel some pressure against her ribs, she could tell her boyfriend was holding back.

She kept trying to push. She got so frustrated she even pounded her little fists on his arms to no avail. He just chuckled. She needed another tactic.

Steve felt her press her leg against his body. Specifically, she was pressing her shin against his erection, sliding her leg side to side, using the pressure to help his cock swell to its full, impressive size as it snaked toward his hip, still trapped in his briefs.

"Well, part of you is pretty hard," she said, licking her lips. She knew her game might give him an erection. They were both 25, so he was still in the peak years of his sexual energy. Testosterone constantly flooded his male body. Even though she made sure to milk him every day (via pussy, mouth, hand, breasts, occasionally ass or sometimes even feet), he also still jerked off every day, too.

"I know you like that," he said. "Why don't we stop this silly game so you can take care of that for me?"

"Easy, big guy," she said as she kept slowly pressing her boyfriend's dick with her leg. She even pulled her other knee up next to his ribs so that the top of her toes gently pressed up against his balls. Steve gasped at the unexpected sensation.

“You know nutshots are cheating, right?” He tried to say it with a chuckle but Jane could tell he was nervous she might try something dirty.

“Won’t need to, darling,” she cooed back. But she still continued to push against his arms, arms that didn’t budge an inch. Steve thought it was so cute that his girlfriend thought he had a chance against him.

“That’s fine,” he said with a smirk. “I’m good right where I am, with my girlfriend squirming in my arms and rubbing my dick.”

Jane stopped her efforts and looked him in the eye. “Oh, really?”

“Yep,” he sighed with exaggerated contentment. “I could stay like this forever. Maybe you should give up now so we can get to the fun stuff.”

Jane bent her head close to his ear so she could whisper, “I’m going to open your arms now.”


Some people are naturally good singers. Some are naturally good athletes.

Jane was just naturally strong.

All her curves were covering a layer of muscle. Muscle that she had been born with and that she discovered as a young girl. She grew up with 3 older brothers who were always wrestling and roughhousing and giving her a hard time. Once she finally decided to fight back, she realized what she was working with.

Even without any specific wrestling skill or experience she found it easy to overpower her bigger brothers. She’d end up on top of Rick, the oldest, in a schoolgirl pin, pinning his bigger arms to the ground by his head. Or she’d get Charlie, the second oldest, in a headlock, squeezing so tightly that he’d pass out within moments. And when Bradley, just two years older, tried to punch her out, she’d easily dodge and knock him to the ground with just a single jab.

Word traveled around the neighborhood and, to her frustration, boys at her school started challenging her to fights. One would corner her on the playground with all his buddies surrounding her and force her to defend herself. Then he’d end up on the ground, holding back tears of embarrassment as she sat on his back, holding him in a hammerlock and forcing his face into the ground.

It didn’t get any better in high school. Even boys on the wrestling team couldn’t use their skills against her. Boys on the football team couldn’t use their strength. She always won. But all the girls thought she was a freak and she never had a single friend or boyfriend because they were so afraid of her.
She had been lonely her whole life.

Luckily, Jane got a fresh start in college. She attended a school out of state so no one knew about her curse. And she did think of it as a curse. It had ruined her relationships and kept her isolated. So she kept it to herself. She started to make friends, both guys and girls. She worked out but not so hard that her muscles became visible.

If Jane hated her muscles, she at least loved the feminine curves of her body. She also loved the effect her curves had on the guys around her and she finally started dating, kissing and more. She had to remind herself to stay soft and relaxed when making out and especially when she finally started having sex. She didn’t want to scare any guys away.

A year after graduating, she and Steve met at a party. She was flattered that such a handsome, popular guy would be interested in her. And when they started sleeping together, she by then had trained herself to keep her body soft as they intertwined and tumbled over each other. He never suspected a thing. They began to fall in love.

Sure he had his flaws. He had a bit of a wandering eye and his ego could be a bit much. But overall everything had been going great until they moved in together and she realized what an irresponsible man-child he could be.

So Jane decided it was finally time. She knew what she wanted and what she didn’t want from this relationship. So she thought maybe, just maybe, it was time to use her curse to her advantage. It was a risk. If Steve was anything like every other person she ever met, he’d think she was a freak and leave her.

But things couldn’t continue the way they were. She had to do something about his laziness and nothing else worked.

It was time.
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Default Re: Jane's gift

I was enjoying the story right up until you hinted at Jane's secret, and at that point I found myself so intrigued that I groaned out loud when this first chapter ended. I really want to see her use her secret strength to force Steve's burly arms apart. He deserves to learn a little humility.

Thanks for this great introduction, mate.
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Thanks so much! Second part coming right up.

Added after 10 minutes:

Part 2 of 3...

Jane bent her head close to his ear so she could whisper, “I’m going to open your arms now.”

Steve was confused by what his girlfriend meant when she whispered in his ear.

But then he felt it.

The grip on his biceps turned to steel. Jane started to push...really push. He could feel his arms start to give so he instinctively flexed and squeezed them harder. It was true he hadn’t been trying his hardest before but now he started to.

Where was her strength coming from? he wondered. Had she been playing him this whole time? He couldn’t actually let his girlfriend escape. He fucking hated cleaning. That was the woman’s job.

“Oh, now you’re trying to use your big, strong arms?” Jane whispered. “How cute.”

They could both feel his hands slowly slide open across her back, the sweat helping to ease the way.

Steve wanted to return the smacktalk but he couldn’t. His mouth was clenched shut, his whole body tense as he held his breath and continued to squeeze his arms. It felt like her fingers might crush his biceps like they were grapefruits. Even worse, she was still stroking his dick with her leg and caressing his balls with her toes.

Between his powerful arousal, Jane’s feminine pheromones infiltrating his senses and her sweat-slicked breasts up against his face, all while he was flexing his whole body to contain his girlfriend who was not only forcing his arms open but also cooing into his ear, Steve was totally overwhelmed.

Even with her newfound effort, Jane had been holding back just to toy with her boyfriend. But now she braced her shoulders and, with one last push, quickly broke Steve’s hold and slipped to the floor, landing softly on her feet.

Her big, handsome boyfriend finally gasped in air, clearly in shock.

“Well,” she said, hands on hips, jutting her breasts out with pride. “Looks like I won round one.”

That snapped Steve out of it.

“No fair!” he whined. “You cheated!”

“What? I did not cheat!”

“You…you…you gave me a boner,” he said, trying to figure out what went wrong, latching onto anything he could think of to deny the reality of his girlfriend besting him in a strength contest.

“Oh, please,” Jane scoffed. “That’s not my fault. You always get boners! A light breeze gives you a boner!”

“You started rubbing it. You distracted me!” He was getting mad now. He locked into his argument: his girlfriend only won because she used his dick to distract him. That must be it.

“What, do your arms and dick not work at the same timer?” she asked, getting impatient.

“It’s just…I wasn’t even trying. What am I going to do, squeeze the shit out of my girlfriend? No way!”

“So you’re saying you let me push your arms out?”

Steve knew she had him. It was true that he at first hadn’t squeezed her as hard as he could but it’s also true that at the end he had really been trying. There was no way his girlfriend’s slim, soft arms should overpower his.

Totally confused, he realized there was no point trying to win this argument.

“Come on, Jane,” he said. He knew he had to deflect. He pulled the waistband of his briefs down and hauled out his massive member, slowly stroking it. “Can we fuck already? Isn’t that what this is about? I’m hard as a rock here.”

Jane was tempted. Having her hunky boyfriend practically naked and fully erect in front of her was having its effect on her. She could feel herself starting to get wet. But she knew she had to put her foot down now or she’d never be able to get through to him.

“Sorry, darling,” she said. “We still have round two.”

“Oh, come on, babe,“ Steve growled with impatience. “What are you going to do-“

Before he could react, Jane slid her arms on either side of his torso, locked her hands behind him and started to squeeze.

Steve gasped. All of a sudden his cock was sandwiched between his rock-hard abs and her soft, smooth stomach.

Even more surprising was that his girlfriend clearly knew how to apply a bearhug. Jane’s arms were wrapped around his lower ribs, below his thick lats but above his solid obliques. There was hardly any padding of muscle to protect him. She also clamped her hands together against his lower back using an S grip, a much more effective grip than interlacing your knuckles together.

And she really was squeezing! Steve was shocked that he could already feel the pressure of his ribs getting pressed inward. He’d been fucking Jane for two years. When did she get so strong?

Jane, meanwhile, was in heaven. Just as Steve had been delighted to have his girlfriend’s boobs in his face while bearhugging her, so too did Jane love having Steve’s muscular pecs in her face. She was thankful his vanity made him shave his chest to show off his muscles - chest hair would probably chafe, she thought. She inhaled his musky male pheromones while relishing how powerfully aroused she had made him, delighted she could actually feel each throb of his thick dick against her stomach. She could feel herself getting wetter.

Steve tried to force out a laugh to cover his discomfort. He threw his hands up.

“Okay, babe, if this is how you want to play,” he said. She could feel his beard brush against her forehead.

“Who’s playing?” she asked.

“Okay, you asked for it,” he said as he slapped his mighty paws on his girlfriend’s slender upper arms. Jane braced herself just as he started to push her arms out.

Fuck he was strong, she thought. Probably the strongest guy she had ever faced. He was pouring all the strength from his shoulders and arms into his big hands.

Jane countered by squeezing even harder…and succeeding. Her curse was up to the challenge. She could feel each little bit of progress she made, each fraction of an inch his ribs gave under her pressure.

Steve, meanwhile, was trying to take huge gasps of breaths and then holding them when reapplying more pressure to his girlfriend’s arms, his whole face crunching up with the effort. It wasn’t exactly a smart approach. Jane’s bearhug was slowly having its effect on the muscle-bound male. His massive frame was starting to become deprived of oxygen so he was unable to inhale as deeply as he wanted and, by holding his breath, he was adding to his own light-headedness.

He tried to force out a chuckle here and there, as if he was playing around, but Jane knew he wasn’t.

“Any time you want to start trying…” she teased, knowing he already had.

“Ha...ha…” he barely managed to gasp out, much to his own surprise and frustration.

The more he pushed and the more his girlfriend gained ground against his muscular body, the angrier he got. His whole body was squirming, which of course meant he was also rubbing his erection between their bodies. The more he squirmed, the closer he got to exploding which he REALLY didn’t want to do. He had to have some semblance of control over his own body. It would be humiliating if his girlfriend not only beat his strength but made him cum at the same time.

As if reading his mind, Jane stepped up her game. She braced her legs and began to slowly arch her back just enough to lift her Herculean boyfriend off the ground. It wasn’t enough for him to dangle completely but just enough for his toes to graze the carpet.

Steve groaned in pain. He had been using his legs on the floor to brace and strengthen his body and he was now robbed of that leverage. His arms flailed and his upper body seemed to slump against his girlfriend. It felt like his ribs might crack at any second. He had never felt his lungs compressed like this in all his years of wrestling.

He could feel himself slowly start to feel faint. He could not believe this was happening.

Worse, Jane started to gently arch herself back and forth – just barely – which made it feel like their smooshed bodies were pumping his dick. With the heat and their physical exertions, both of them were covered in sweat and that, along with a prodigious amount of precum, made it easier for his dick to slide up and down between them.

Steve was desperate. He knew if he came he would only get weaker – if just temporarily – and he couldn’t let that happen. Plus it would be humiliating. He started squirming again, moving his hands up and down Jane’s arms, trying to find the right grip or angle that would finally break the hold.

“Is something wrong, Steve?”

“Ha ha…very…funny…” he grunted out.

“I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious that you like what’s happening,” Jane said with a giggle. She gave his body a few small bounces to emphasize her point. Steve groaned at the sensation building in his dick. The pressure on his swollen cock from getting squeezed between his hard abs and his girlfriend’s deceptively strong tummy was almost painful.

“Stop...doing that…” he said.

Jane could tell he was getting angry.

“Doing what?” she said, bouncing him even more. She could hear his breaths getting both faster from the arousal and shallower from the pressure.

“That…” He didn’t know how to name what she was doing. Jerking him off? Belly fucking him? His dazed, dizzy brain was not cooperating.

As her boyfriend struggled, Jane got bored. She even yawned. Then she had an idea. She could feel Steve’s body starting to slump more. The pressure he applied to her arms was slowly getting softer and softer.

So she felt it was pretty safe to gently unhook her hands. While maintaining her squeeze on Steve’s ribs, she rotated one arm so she could reach down and grab the back of his briefs. Just as quickly she yanked them up as high as she could, giving her boyfriend a massive wedgie.

Steve hadn’t noticed her unlocking her hands but he sure noticed that. The violation sent a new surge of energy through his body. He yelped.

“Jane! What the fuck!” he cried out. But Jane didn’t let go. She kept pulling up, flossing his muscular asscheeks with his own underwear. It was pulling down the waistband in the front which was now starting to pull his balls back between his legs.

“Jane! Stop!” he yelled.

“Make me,” Jane said with a giggle. She clamped her hands back together with the material of his briefs wrapped around her hand, the fabric stretched taut, keeping up the pressure of the wedgie.

Steve started squirming even more now, his thick, muscular thighs slapping against her slimmer, softer thighs. He was grimacing, scrunching up his face, squeezing his eyes shut, as he tried over and over again to break the hold.

And, to her delight, he even resorted to Jane’s pathetic approach earlier by pounding his fists against her arms. It did not help.

“Huh. Maybe your muscles are made of jelly,” she teased.

Steve just continued to push. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ he thought. ‘When did I become such a wimp?’

“Or maybe it’s true! Maybe your arms and your dick can’t work at the same time!” Jane giggled. Steve was getting really annoyed.

“Ooh, I know!” Jane was clearly entertaining herself. “Maybe your big dick uses all the blood from your arms!”

“God...would you...shut up?” he barely managed to gasp out.

Jane went silent. Steve knew he fucked up.

“‘Shut up’?” she asked, clearly pissed. “Really? ‘Shut up?’”

“Waitwaitwaitwait - aaaaarrrrrrrrgh!” Steve howled out in pain as his girlfriend suddenly crunched his ribs even more. He felt like he was about to get split in half. “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!”

Jane very slightly eased up the pressure on his ribs but she also started rocking Steve up and down even faster now, pumping his dick between their bodies. She could tell he was getting close, which was making HER get close, too. She was sure her panties were damp.

She had to admit Steve was lasting way longer than any guy had ever lasted in one of her holds before. She could actually feel her arms starting to get tired...which had never happened before!

‘Focus,’ she told herself. ‘Just hang in there. He’s gotta give any minute.’

Steve was completely desperate. He knew he was in trouble. It was like she was sapping all the strength from his muscular male body. His arms felt more and more useless.

But while the rest of his body felt weaker and softer, his dick was as painfully hard as ever. He tried bracing his hands against her shoulders and pushing his whole body away from hers to alleviate the pressure even a little, but he couldn’t. She just squeezed him closer to her while also still squeezing in his ribs.

And then it happened. Jane arched her body in such a way that the tip of Steve’s dick grazed the bottom of her boobs. Over…and over…and over again…

“No…” he grunted as he squirmed. “Just...stop…”

“Stop what?” she giggled, sliding his dick up and down.

“Wait…please don't make me...” He could feel the pressure simmering in his loins. “...I don’t want to…”

“Want to what?” she teased.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuuuuuuuuuck...” And he felt his body cross the line of no return. Steve’s whole body started spasming as his dick began to spurt globs of milky fluid. With nowhere to go, it just smeared their stomachs and his cock. His arms and legs were flailing in the air.

“Ew, Steve!” Jane said in mock horror, even though she didn’t stop rocking his body. She knew exactly what she was doing. “Are you coming?” She was pulling harder on his briefs, stretching the material taut between his quivering buttcheeks.

“Oh fuck...I can’t…help it…oh fuck...” Steve was muttering out between gasps as every muscle in his body flexed in waves, his dick pumping out more and more of his hot male spunk. “You...made me…”

“Don’t blame me, you perv!” she snapped back. She was secretly delighted - she was beating the big Adonis in her arms and milking him at the same time. Even though her arms were getting sore, she felt incredibly powerful.

She could feel his orgasm slowing down and his dick deflating. His body was relaxing, the spasms ebbing.

Steve was now fully slumped over her, his mighty arms draped over her shoulders and his head resting on his own shoulder. His beefy thighs were lifeless. He felt dizzy and drained. He needed relief.

“Okay, okay...game over…” he muttered. “You cheated. Put me down.”

“What? I did not cheat!” Jane snapped. “And the game is not over. You know what you have to do to win.” She gave his ribs an extra squeeze for emphasis. Steve grunted.

He barely pulled himself upright and tried once more to push her arms open and for a second Jane worried her arms might finally give out. But his thick arms quivered with effort for a single second before he slumped back down again. But Jane was still worried - even when he wasn’t trying to break the hold, her boyfriend’s muscular body was heavy. Her back was aching and her legs were getting tired.

‘Just hold on, Janie,’ she told herself.

“I don’t want to play anymore. This is stupid,” he pouted. He was barely coherent.

“Well, it’s too late,” Jane said, trying not to sound tired. “You agreed to the rules. Now if you can’t break free, you just have to say so and I’ll let you go.”

“No...” His male pride wouldn’t let him admit defeat.

“Then I can’t let you go,” Jane said as if talking to a disobedient child.

‘Jesus Christ, dude,’ she thought to herself. ‘Just fucking surrender already.’

She squeezed his ribs even harder and yanked his wedgie up even more, just to enhance his humiliation and powerlessness. He grunted in pain again.
And with that final shot of pain, Steve was done. He thought he might pass out any second. There was no way he was going to escape his girlfriend’s hold.

“Okay…” he whispered.

“Okay what?” Jane asked with mock curiosity.

“Okay you win.” He was annoyed.

“So you can’t break free on your own?”

Steve whimpered. Why was his girlfriend being so mean to him?

Jane just waited.

Finally, Steve went along with what she wanted. “No, I can’t break free.”

“And you want me to put you down?”


“Ask me nicely.”

Steve whimpered again but had to save himself. “Would you...please...put me down?”

“Gladly,” she said while thinking, ‘finally!’

And with that, Jane slowly lowered her boyfriend to the ground, released her hold, playfully patted his hard bare ass and stepped back to give him some space. She shook out her arms which were actually feeling a bit tired, for the first time in her life.

And Steve promptly collapsed in a heap on the ground.

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Default Re: Jane's gift

Well, it looks like Jane won herself a new personal maid. Bearhugs are not something I usually care about that much, I am more into headscissors and facesitting holds, but the level of detail you gave us and the exquisite descriptions from Jane's point of view made this a wonderful story to read. I was half sure she was going to squeeze him until he had no option but to admit that she was stronger than him, but then she would release him before he could give up so she would force things into a third round tie-breaker. Of course, if Steve keeps complaining that her arousing him into cumming made the contest unfair, she could ask if HE wants them to compete in his former sport of wrestling to settle the dispute. The result has been conclusive and incontrovertible to me so far, but I would love to see his slight and sexy girlfriend prove herself to be superior to him in the sport he has always seen as his territory.

Thank you so much, mate. Part one was fantastic, but you surpassed yourself with part two.
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Thanks! I really like your ideas. I've already written part 3 and will be posting it shortly (there is a 3rd round but it's different than what you're expecting).

And I'm with you on headscissors and facesitting. Those are some of my favorite, too. But I find bearhugs to be uniquely intimate and really wanted to explore them. This story definitely has a very specific focus that's different from my usual stories, which are more about mixed wrestling, ballbusting and sexual domination.

But now I'm wondering if there should be a sequel...
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Very much liking this new story from you! I've read all the stories over on the valkyrie and the remake of some of Hardies stories has been very entertaining. Particularly the Husband ones for me. Can't wait to see what part three brings here.

To respond to your last though I vote yes on sequel.
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Great Story..i can't wait for more
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Originally Posted by Pottsville [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great Story..i can't wait for more

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Very much liking this new story from you! I've read all the stories over on the valkyrie and the remake of some of Hardies stories has been very entertaining. Particularly the Husband ones for me. Can't wait to see what part three brings here.

To respond to your last though I vote yes on sequel.
Thanks so much! Wasn't sure what people would think of the husband stories so I appreciate it.

Added after 8 minutes:

Part 3 - the finale...

“Oh no!” Jane gasped. “Honey, are you okay?”

Steve just groaned, his barrel chest trying to take in deep breaths of air.

So he wasn’t unconscious, Jane realized, which is a good thing. He probably just needed a minute. And, she had to admit, she loved seeing her boyfriend’s big, buff body collapsed at her feet. It felt like a tribute to her victory. She was tempted to put her foot on his back and flex her arms but restrained herself. She was worried he might be pissed and didn’t want to make it worse.

Steve was slowly pulling himself up onto his hands and knees.

“Can you get up?” Jane asked as she slid one hand beneath one of his armpits and held that arm to help up him.

“Get off me!” Steve tried to bark out as forcefully as possible, even though he was still clearly dazed. Jane let go as he pulled himself up to his full height.

Steve’s big, powerful body wavered back and forth, his head slumped against his massive chest. His thighs quivered with the effort to keep him up. His cum painted his stomach and drooping, somewhat swollen cock that still hung out of his briefs.

Jane looked up into his glassy eyes. “You okay, big guy?” she asked. “Want me to get you some water?”

“I’m...fine…” he said as he caught himself from toppling over. He bent over and braced his hands on his knees, trying to suck in as much air as possible as his ribs returned to their normal placement.

“That...wasn’t fair…” he panted. “You cheated…”

Jane scoffed. “Oh, not this again. I can’t help it that you got hard. And I can’t help it that all your squirming around made you come. Why would I want this mess?” She looked down at the drying cum on her stomach.

“You knew what you were doing…” Steve said, slowly getting some strength back in his voice.

“Then why didn’t you stop me, huh?” she asked. “Why didn’t you use all your big muscles and break free?”

Steve squeezed his eyes shut at her words. He knew she was right. He had tried his hardest to break free and failed. He had been working out diligently for years, building a strong, imposing physique that he was proud of, loving how powerfully masculine it made him feel. And yet his smaller female opponent rendered his male strength useless.

“I...didn’t want to hurt you.” He was grasping at straws.

Jane threw her head back and laughed. “Oh, please! Look at me and look at you. I’m just fine and you look rode hard and put away wet.”

That pissed Steve off. “I’m fine!” He stood upright to prove himself but unfortunately that just gave him a major head rush, causing him to stagger around for balance.

Jane laughed as he started to waver again. “Seriously, Steve, babe, just sit down and I’ll get you some water.”

“I said I’m fine,” he growled. He pulled his briefs out of his ass, readjusted them and stuffed his dick back inside. “And what the fuck was that wedgie for?”

“I got bored,” Jane shrugged, trying not to giggle.

“You cheated,” he tried again.

Jane stepped up to him, equally pissed off. “Then why don’t we do a round three?”

Steve scoffed. “Jesus christ! You just won’t stop, will you?”

“Afraid I’ll beat you a third time?”

Now Steve scoffed. “Yeah, right. What’s round three?”

Jane smirked. She had this planned all along.


Steve rolled his eyes, still slightly wavering on his feet. “Jane, if I put you in a headlock I will crush you without even meaning to.”

“Fine, I’ll go first this time.”

As soon as the words left her lips, Jane reached up and swung her arm around the back of Steve’s neck, knocking his baseball cap off, and hauled his head down to her waist. She clasped her hands together in front of her with Steve’s head trapped between her arm and her body.

Jane wasn’t going to drag this out like before. She wasn’t sure how much more she could get out of her arms and, moreso, she wanted this over with so her big dumb boyfriend would finally have to admit that he was outmatched. She started squeezing his thick neck with all her strength.

Steve grunted, constantly adjusting his feet to maintain his balance. He braced his hands against her arm and back to pull himself out of her grip but had to stop when he was only stretching his neck instead.

He was flailing. With his arm behind her he tried grabbing her long, wavy blonde hair but as soon as he did Jane just wrenched even tighter on his neck. He let go and tried pushing and pulling her but she kept moving around to keep him off balance.

She also realized his face was pressed right up against the side of her boob. With all their struggling, her boob was jiggling against his cheek. She knew what this meant without even having to look.

Steve’s face was turning purple.

“Just give up already,” she snapped.

“Never…” Steve barely grunted out. Even though all his muscles felt like putty, he knew he couldn’t escape but was so humiliated at having to admit defeat last time that he couldn’t do it again.

“Fine,” Jane shrugged. “Have it your way.”

Jane just braced her feet on the floor and clamped her arm around his neck as tightly as she could.

While before she had been worried about her curse repulsing Steve, right now she wanted to use it to teach him a lesson.

It didn’t take long. The big, powerful male soon succumbed to his girlfriend’s secret strength. His arms fell from her body. His legs started to dip. Steve was out.

Jane carefully backed them both up until she could deposit her boyfriend’s body on the couch. His head fell back and his thick, dirty blond hair was a mess. His arms hung lifelessly at his sides.

What was not lifeless, however, was Steve’s dick. It sprouted straight up from between his legs, stretching his briefs to their limit.

“Knew it,” Jane said to herself. ‘Side boob does it every time.’ She loved that her studly boyfriend had basically no refractory period. His body was so predictable.

Now that the contest was over, she decided to have some more fun with him and teach him, one last time, that she’s the one in control.

She pulled his sticky briefs off his legs and threw them aside while his dick sprung up and slapped against his belly. She knelt down between his legs on the floor and used her small, feminine hands to push apart his big, muscular thighs.

Then she scooped up his balls with one hand, grabbed his dick with the other and got to work. The cum coating his dick had started to dry but she started pumping his cock anyway. Meanwhile, she rolled his big balls around in her small hand. She occasionally pulled on them - not hard, just enough, just the way he liked it.

She knew that since he had just cum this second round was going to take longer. And it did. While Steve was out, his girlfriend patiently, lovingly yet forcibly pumped his thick, throbbing cock.

Eventually, she could see his chest starting to breathe faster. His balls started to pull in closer to his body. She knew he was getting close.

She started pumping even faster until finally she felt his lower body tense and knew what that meant. Instantly she clamped her hand tightly around the base of his dick.

She was blocking his orgasm! His loins started pumping out his sperm but it was blocked by her hand.

The pressure of the sudden vice on his dick combined with his body orgasming shot through Steve’s body and woke him up.

“Wha?” Steve muttered, his head shooting up. He looked down to see his girlfriend kneeling between his legs, one hand clamped around his erection, the other cupping his balls.

And she had a big smile on her face.

And his dick! What was happening to his dick! It was throbbing for release, his loins pumping more and more semen that was building up behind her fingers. It was huge and red and felt like it might burst any second.

“What the fuck!” he howled as he started squirming, throwing his head back in pain.

That’s all Jane needed. Just for Steve to see her controlling his dick. ‘Control the dick,’ she had told herself, ‘control the man.’

Finally, in the next instant, she eased her grip. The built-up pressure made his dick explode, hot milky globs shooting out higher than ever before. The first landed on his nose. The next landed on his beard.

Jane started laughing and wagged his dick side to side, making his dick spurt his come all over the couch.

He let out a loud “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” as his whole body was powerfully spasming, his legs flailing, his hips bucking, as his girlfriend milked more out of him than he had ever thought possible. She was worried the neighbors above or below might hear but decided she didn’t care.

He started grunting and moaning and was sweating profusely. Steve tried to pull Jane’s hands off him but she let go of his balls to easily swat his hands away.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, his orgasm started to subside. She kept pumping his dick as it softened, squeezing out every last drop until she knew he was empty.

Steve’s whole body slumped in exhaustion. His head fell back onto the back of the couch. He was panting and covered in sweat.

Jane let go of his dick and it slipped onto his thigh with a soft ‘plop.’ She wiped the cum off her hands on the couch, knowing it’d be Steve’s problem to clean up. She stood up and surveyed the damage, giggling at how she had Jackson Pollack-ed his body and the couch with his come.

‘Well, I know the first thing he’ll have to clean,’ she thought.

Steve finally picked his head up and looked at his girlfriend standing in front of him between his legs. Her hands were on her hips, she was thrusting her naked breasts out in pride, her hair was slightly damp and matted to the sides of her forehead and neck while her shorts showed off her smooth, curvy thighs. She looked like a goddess, or a warrior, or both.

Under normal circumstances, Steve’s body would have responded. But it had nothing left to respond with. She had drained him of all his male strength and his male fluid. He was spent.

‘Well, he hasn’t left so far,’ Jane thought to herself. She started to explain how the rest of the afternoon would unfold. Surprisingly, Steve was docile. She thought he might be mad or might even leave, but he sat there and listened.

Everything he thought he knew about power, and strength, and being a man, and the difference between men and women - all of it - had just changed in just one afternoon.

Steve had actually learned his lesson. It was a lot to process - his ego had taken a bigger beating than his body - but she knew his girlfriend won, and not by cheating.

He wasn’t sure what exactly he was feeling so in the meantime he decided it was best to go along with what his girlfriend wanted.

Because, after all, even after everything that just happened, he recognized that he really did love her.

First, Jane let him shower and dry off but she didn’t let him put on any clothes. She showed him the dirty areas all around the apartment and he just took it all in, saying nothing.

Jane handed him a scrub brush, a bottle of cleaner and some paper towels and had him work on the couch first. When it was cleaned to her satisfaction, she relaxed on it, still topless.

As the afternoon went on, she couldn’t help but ogle her hunky boyfriend as he walked around. She started to help herself to a handful of his balls as he passed, or give his dick a few strokes. If he was reaching up to clean the top of a window, she’d walk up behind him and caress his ass, or reach around and tweak his nipples before walking away.

Steve didn’t say anything. He knew he had lost and this was part of the deal. And soon, of course, he was hard. Jane giggled as his big bouncing cock bobbed up and down as he walked around. She just kept up her occasional stroking and caressing to make sure his erection never flagged.

But she also had to make sure he was doing things right. When he moved from one area to the next, she’d go inspect the first one. If it wasn’t cleaned to her liking, she dragged Steve by his balls, his dick or his ear back to the problem area. She’d hold his face close to the dusty bookshelf or greasy countertop or whatever the problem was and scold him while spanking him. Steve would then silently re-clean the area.

She was training him. And it was working.

Finally, late into the evening, the apartment was finally cleaned to Jane’s satisfaction. Steve collapsed on the couch, his arms and leg spread, his erection laying against his belly. He was exhausted, hungry and...this part was new to him...relieved he had his girlfriend’s approval.

“Good job, babe,” she said, sitting next to him on the couch. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks,” he sighed.

“And that wasn’t very hard, was it?” she asked.

He looked at her for a moment. Jane saw something on his face she had never seen before: fear. Her big, powerful boyfriend was afraid of displeasing her! He wasn’t angry, he wasn’t storming out - he was obeying her and also afraid of her! She didn’t want that to be the case in the long run but for today? For today that was just fine.

“Uh, no?” he said.

“Good answer.” She stood up in front of him and started taking off her panties.

“Babe, what…” He was confused.

“And now that you’re done…”

“Babe, no!” he said, holding up his hands as a gesture to stop. “I’m really tired-”

“Part of you isn’t,” she cooed, ogling his dick.

“Jane, seriously,” he said more forcefully. “I’m really exhausted.”

Calling upon her curse one more time, Jane jumped on her boyfriend’s lap, straddling him, grabbed his biceps and slammed his arms against the back of the couch. She pressed her smooth, curvy thighs together, thereby pressing his thick, muscular thighs together, thereby also painfully sandwiching his balls between them. And once again she had pinned his dick between their bodies.

Steve whimpered. In an instant, his girlfriend had immobilized his whole body.

“Steve,” she said, looking him straight in the eye. Again, she could see that he was terrified of her. “This is happening, got it?”

Steve, remembering all he had been through this afternoon, nodded.

“Good boy.”

Jane propped his arms up on the top of the back of the couch. She spread her thighs so he could spread his, relieving the pain in his balls. Otherwise, he obediently did not move a muscle. She then grabbed his dick and started to insert it into her. They both gasped and shuddered with pleasure.

Jane started to ride her boyfriend. Only this time, newly confident after this afternoon’s success, she didn’t try to stay soft. She was so grateful for her “curse” that she now thought of it as a gift.

She let her body do whatever it wanted, and it wanted to flex and stretch its muscles. So she did just that. She let Steve, who was getting a second (or third, or fourth) wind, run his hands all over her, finally letting him feel not just her soft curves but the hard muscle underneath as she flexed and writhed on top of him.

And he wasn’t repulsed. Quite the contrary, Steve slid his mighty hands over every nook and cranny of her body. She flexed her arms and he groped her biceps. He then gently brought her flexed arm toward his face and kissed her bicep. She was shocked - she never thought a man would react that way.

Now that she was finally unleashing her full energy, they could both feel her vagina grip Steve’s dick stronger than ever before. He started to groan loudly from the intense sensation.

All those years she had tried to hide her gift and lie about who she was, and now her gift had given her everything she had always wanted and was even making sex better for both her and her partner.

She let Steve feast on her full, round breasts with his tongue and hands as she stroked her clit. Since it was his third round, she knew he was going to last for a while and she was going to savor every minute of it.

Jane was in heaven. She had beaten her big, muscular, powerfully masculine boyfriend, milked him twice and trained him to obey her. His big dick was now filling her up while he worshipped her breasts. She threw her head back and moaned.

Jane felt more powerfully feminine than ever before in her whole life. She would never go back to hiding her gift again.

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Default Re: Jane's gift

This was a great unique story. Definitely needs a sequel with scissorhold knockouts and maybe some foot domination if you're into that
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Default Re: Jane's gift

Originally Posted by exel__ [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
This was a great unique story. Definitely needs a sequel with scissorhold knockouts and maybe some foot domination if you're into that
Thanks so much. Now that people have mentioned it I keep thinking of sequel ideas. I'm definitely into scissors and I think foot domination could be really hot. It's not normally something I know a lot about so I'll have to look into it.
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