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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

+1 on alternate ending as well
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

cant wait for an alternative ending.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Kings and Queens

“Oh referee!”

The cheerful, almost musical voice of Mandy prompted the striped official to walk over to the all-female team just as the match was about to be underway.

Still holding her Intercontinental Title close to her chest like a mother and her newborn, the leggy blonde waited impatiently as the brunette woman now stood before her.

“Not one blemish on it, ‘kay kay?” she imposed upon the official, who nonchalantly nodded in affirmation.

Then, with a sharp breath, and with the greatest of reluctance, Cutthroat (momentarily, of course) parted ways with her coveted title.

Handing off the belt, she switched her attention from the belt to her opponents standing across the ring from her.

Forming a knowing grin on her face, she turned towards her partner who was seated comfortably on the top rope, kicking her legs back and forth expectantly.

“Well, at least our baby gets to watch us put His Royal Highness in his place,” Mandy mused, referring to the title now being propped up on a display table next to the timekeeper’s area.

“I just can’t stand Hunter’s face, bae,” Kim voiced with pure venom, eyes still zeroed in on the recently crowned Ruler of the Ring winner.

Mandy lifted up one of her long pillars of feminine power, reaching for one of her heels. “Why not, girlfriend?”

Her immediate response bought a cruel smirk to the Assassin’s face. “Because my feet aren’t on it yet.”

The champion beamed at that remark, though she adopted a playful reprimand in her initial response. “Kimmy, you know giving him your perfect size 6s like that is too easy. I mean, we need to really, really punish James here.”

“He so needs to be put in his place after what he did to us.”

Popping her heel, Mandy slowly, sensually revealed the much longer arch of her own bare foot, approximately a size 9.

“I don’t even want to wait. I want to scrape that stupid look off his face right fucking now.”

Wriggling around the pink varnish on every toe, she grabbed the rope with one hand while making sure the cameraman got an extended shot of what she was showing off.

“But waiting is gonna be the best part...” Mandy reminded her in a soft whisper, going for her other shoe. “I want him to see what we do to his side bitch first. And after we make her understand who the real badasses are here, then Hunter’s gonna get everything that’s coming to him.”

“Everything we talked about, bae?” the Assassin asked.

“He is going to be so sorry for what he did to us.”

Kim was still grinning, kicking her feet up as unbridled excitement filled her. “Two girls….”

Doing away with her other shoe, the IC champ turned to face their opposition. “One cock.”


“I hate them.”

Kendra minced no words as the two teams remained separated just moments before the ringing of the first bell.

Her entrance jacket was safely in the possession of a ringhand, leaving just her bare chest to be openly ogled and admired by many in the audience.

Hunter, lightly hopping in place, shared his own observation along with her, “Yeah, and I hate fighting girls who are hopelessly in love with the sounds of their own obnoxious voices. But here we are, right? Living the life...”

“That tall twat could barely keep with me last year, and I doubt her skills have improved much since then. I’d sooner waste my energy trying to swat a mosquito than try and give all these people the illusion she’s even half the competitor I am on my worst outing,” Kendra told him.

“Paper champ or not, she is still the champ. And they’ve had the week to prep for this, same as us.”

“And how do you imagine they’ve utilized that prep time? Actually working to sharpen their already mediocre skills or visiting a beauty parlor for some touch-ups and a nice seaweed wrap?” the Duchess asked him rather pointedly.

Hunter had his gaze on the blonde champion, watching as the now barefoot woman began leisurely stretching out her body.

The obvious polish and pamper of her body from head to toe. Well-toned, practically sculpted abs even at a distance. And that didn’t even mention the flexibility she was knowingly putting on display by bracing one of her long legs over the top rope and letting a hand travel up and down her thigh.

All the while his eyes were on her, well, her eyes were returning the favor right back.

“Guess we’re about to find out,” he stated stoically, remaining on the ring apron outside.

Kendra stood firm and fearless as the legal participant starting things off on their end.

Almost fittingly, Mandy took a step forward as well, the current champion pitting herself against the former titleholder.

Her confidence seemed to be ever-high as the near six-foot woman received a last-second shoulder massage from her BFF before the Assassin maneuvered herself over the top rope and to the outside.

“You’ll leave some for me, won’t you?” Hunter said, turning the dial once more to get in that main event mindset.

The Duchess strode forward with her hips sensually swinging along. “I won't be long, luv. Sharing is caring, after all.”


“We’re already starting things off hot, it looks like. Two women with plenty of stored up animosity- the reigning champ, Cutthroat, against the woman who was dethroned by the current holder of the gold.”

Kevin was quick to agree as the two ladies started to circle around the ring, letting that tension only build more and more. “No love lost. No past transgressions forgotten. There is no pretense of good sportsmanship or even mutual respect here, ladies and gentlemen. It is obvious that these two just plain don’t like each other, and well, that makes for exciting television, as I’m sure we’re about to see…”


First, there was silence.

Nothing but methodical pacing around and contemptuous eyes locked on to the other.

A subtle sense of déjà vu was in the air as the Duchess and Cutthroat in many ways retraced the same circling patterns that had opened their Intercontinental Title match over a year ago.

But that faint nostalgia quickly gave way to hostility once they closed in that circle and went right at each other’s throats.

Kendra and Mandy clashed in a fierce collar-and-elbow lockup, grappling furiously with their forearms to gain the initial advantage.

Already going a dial above the usual level of intensity expected, the two wrestled like two bulls locking horns in the wild.

Their upper body strength was instantly tested, and, at least for the current moment, resulted in a grueling tie.

While their limbs remained intertwined, their feet played a different game of strategy, taking them around the center of the ring in a circular pattern.

Kendra pushed, Mandy pushed back, and so, the seesaw of focused energy continued to shift from present to former champion.

Naturally, being the taller of the two, the blonde woman attempted to use that height advantage to bear down on Kendra and try to edge things in her favor.

She tried….but found even greater resistance once the Duchess pushed back even harder with her heels digging into the mat.

Growling and grunts were exchanged as their intense lockup began to cover even more ground on the mat.

Then, Mandy suddenly switched trajectory so that their intertwined bodies headed towards the ropes.

But then, Kendra pivoted sharply with her hips to put the champ against the cables instead.

Still trying to get a good grip over the blonde woman’s upper body, the Duchess’ slight advantage was quickly nullified by the ref stepping in to acknowledge the inadvertent rope break on Mandy’s behalf.

“Break in 1….2….3-” Releasing before the full count, the Brit took a step back of her own free will.

She could’ve pressed it but chose not to.

The crowd offered some moderate applause for the first official exchange of the matchup.

Blowing a strand of flowing hair out of her face, the blonde glared at the slightly shorter woman.

Without even saying a word, their body language reflected the history that was now being used to fuel their present conflict.

Seconds passed, and then Mandy suddenly shoved back the Englishwoman.

The push was harsh to any other woman, but barely seemed to phase the Duchess.

Only taken back a step or two, she showed no signs of being rattled.

In forming her response, she shoved down Mandy so hard the leggy sexfighter actually fell down on her rear!

Kim barely hid an audible gasp as her BFF took an unceremonious pratfall, while Hunter looked on with a knowing grin on his face.

Mandy looked down, and then, with surprise lighting up her facial expression, glanced up at Kendra towering over her.

Cocking one hip to the side, the Duchess sprinkled in some sass with her leering message, “This isn’t going to be the last time I put you on your arse tonight, so might as well get some practice in with your ‘deer in headlights’ look before I actually have to exert myself, yeah?”

Leaving the champ stew on that, she backed away to make for a complete break at the ref’s request, giving Mandy some recovery time.

Barely even needing a moment, the blonde woman gripped the ropes from behind and pulled herself up.

Refocusing herself, the golden-haired titleholder didn’t waste any breath with a retort, only circling around the ring once more with the Assassin clapping in support of her.

Kendra began trailing around her again as well, utilizing one of her home-taught grappling stances to keep her overall posture low and closer to the mat in contrast to Mandy instinctively emphasizing her tall stature.

They went around to complete a full revolution, and then…..

“Hah!” Both sexfighters came together in another noticeably aggressive lockup, going strength to strength once again.

Their forearms wrapped tightly around each other’s necks, providing the locking mechanism for the rest of their bodies to go to work.

Digging in heels, each woman pushed hard to offset the other’s stability, a grueling effort on both sides that still had yet to yield a decisive winner.

Mandy was clearly focused on not allowing Kendra to force a transition into targeting a specific limb or part of her body, stonewalling the Duchess’ attempted sidestep on either side of her at various points.

And to that end she was at least partially successful.

Hunter had every bit of confidence in the world in his partner’s technical abilities, but even he had to admit that the champ was showing (a little) more versatility with her grappling.

Bracing one foot on the inside of Mandy’s frontmost thigh, Kendra feigned pushing forward one more time, before suddenly pulling back to steer the momentum towards the mat instead.

A modified takedown occurred as the Duchess slammed her opponent to the canvas with a swift snap of the hips while the collar-and-elbow was still locked in on both sides.

They didn’t stay down long, if at all, but the tease of ground action was enough to increase the crowd volume some as the Brit rolled to the side of her opponent while rising up.

Both sexfighters came up, but Mandy was the one who stole just the slightest advantage by forcing her open palm against Kendra’s mouth while still grappling with her.

Marching forward just a few steps, the champ finally put her long-time adversary against the ring corner.

They nearly went chest-to-chest with the jockeying for control not ceasing even with the Duchess’ back to the turnbuckle padding.

It took the referee once more stepping in to force a clean separation.

Holding up her hands while breaking away, the champ wasn’t smiling, but she did give off a satisfied veneer.

They held a mutually disdainful glare for a second but were at least hands-off per the official’s instructions.

Mandy then turned over her shoulder to see Hunter, which did in fact bring a grin to her face.

“I don’t need to outwrestle you, bitch. I just need to-uggh!” She never got the words out because Kendra roundly slapped her right across the face, sending her staggering backwards with yet another surprised look on her face.

Showing the ref that the sudden strike was at least open-handed, Kendra calmly and confidently taunted her rival, “Well, it’s beyond your mediocre abilities to even entertain the thought of physically putting me under control. But, last week, you did almost bore me into a comatose state with all your nonsense, so maybe give that a go again?”

“.....bitch…..” Mandy first touched her cheek, and then, her green eyes focused on her. “You BITCH!”

The blonde sexfighter made a lunging attempt for the former champion’s throat, not uncoincidentally feeding right into her next move.

Ducking her running attack with ease, Kendra smoothly went for the sidestep to get on Mandy’s blindside, and then went even lower.

Getting one arm between her opponent’s legs, the U.K. native pulled the blonde woman down over her in a schoolboy sweep.

Mandy’s legs went up in the air as she ended up on her back, with the Brit momentarily putting her torso on top of those long limbs in a pinning position.

But that was only Step 2 of the actual plan, which then moved to Kendra allowing Mandy to power out and end up on her belly and knees.

Grabbing the closest limb to her at that moment- Cutthroat’s left arm, she then circled back towards the center of the ring with the blonde woman now forced along with her.

On her feet, she applied both hands to the captured limb, twisting it into a wristlock much to the grunting chagrin of its owner.

“Fuck- fuck!” she complained, feeling the sharp pain in her forearm immediately as the pressure only went up….

…. and up even more as Kendra expertly exercised her control over the joint, keeping her open palm facing up while the rest of her arm was torqued downwards.

“Let’s see where your pain thresholds are compared to the last go-around, huh?”

She ‘tested’ that with another sharp twist of the arm, causing another yelping response from the blonde.

Just as Mandy started to push back, though, the Duchess effortlessly delivered yet another twist on the joint to send her down to a knee.

“Fucking cunt!” became her next agonizing response.

“Yes, I definitely haven’t heard that one before. So original, that one,” Kendra deadpanned sarcastically, her English wit on display.

And then, as the crowds began shouting out for more, she decided to oblige them.

Keeping the pressure on, she started to grab some of her rival’s individual fingers, eliciting a different response than the usual squirming and struggling.

Feeling even more pain coming in her immediate future, Mandy countered by grabbing hold of Kendra’s wrist at the same time, twisting underneath her opponent’s arm to escape the wristlock itself.

Then, she used a different arm to clock the Brit right in the mouth with a stiff forearm, knocking her back a step to break up the submission move.

Kendra fought back a stumble, righting herself with a hand touching the lower lip while the blonde woman shook off the soreness in her forearm.

She tasted the first coppery tinge of crimson in her mouth, and instantly felt a reinvigoration of her spirits.

The Duchess turned to face the seething champion with a smirk, “Not bad. Have anything spicier?”

Growling out, she delivered another forearm right to Kendra’s awaiting jawline, a hard bone-to-bone shot that failed to stagger the Duchess….but did succeed in triggering the Brit’s own retaliatory response.

Before the blonde could wind back her arm, the brunette woman landed yet another open-handed slap that visibly rattled her in place.

Another slap with the other arm nearly rocked the Intercontinental Champ right where she stood, which provided the perfect window for-

“Uggghhhh!” An audible groan came out of Mandy’s lips as the former champion spun on her heel and delivered one of her signature strikes, a spinning heel kick right to the gut.

Practically feeling the air escape her opponent’s lungs, the Englishwoman took her time turning around to face the nearly doubled over blonde.

A toss of her raven hair later, Kendra capped off the swift combo with a soccer kick right between the eyes, this time succeeding in knocking the champ off her foundation.

She fell once more on her backside, garnering much applause from the fans as well as a concerned shriek from the Assassin.

Her hips swung determinedly after the reeling champion who was now backpedaling with her long legs to create some distance.

“Slice and dice, babe!” Hunter encouraged his partner with some supportive claps, garnering a smirk from the Brit as she gathered Mandy up by her golden locks with one hand and brought her up to her feet.

Grinning at his suggestion, she wound back her dominant forearm as Cutthroat was still grabbing at her nose, and then attacked her chest with a vicious knife edge chop.

The sound of flesh against flesh was even louder than her earlier strikes, sending the smug blonde for yet another tailspin towards the ground.

Ending up on her knees with her back to the Duchess, she crawled desperately towards the ropes.

Moving in for more, Kendra grabbed Mandy in a rear waistlock, prepping for a backwards throw, but there was a snag in her plans.

The blonde woman, again smartly, clung to the ropes for dear life the second she felt Kendra’s forearms around her abdomen, prompting yet another referee intervention to the booing disapproval of the fans.

A smile of pure relief washed over her face as the official ordered yet another separation.

The Brit reluctantly let go, showing her hands to the referee before backing u-

“Bitch!” The second Kendra showed restraint, Mandy suddenly lashed out with a back elbow, connecting right off the bridge of her nose.

Kim, at least, showed her approval with a jump and a cheer, supporting her BFF as she turned around to see the Duchess looking slightly dazed from the surprise blow.

But, dazed as she seemingly may be, her veteran eyes were still alert enough to trigger an instinctive duck-and-weave around a spinning heel kick from the champ that was aimed right at her head.

Evading her long leg in mid-air, Kendra acted as soon as Mandy twirled around after the whiff, grabbing her closest arm and then lifting the taller woman up off the mat.

Slamming her down in a crisp judo throw, the Duchess kept herself upright on one knee while regaining control of the same arm she had been working previously.

The IC champ felt it coming the second her forearm was twisted cruelly yet again in Kendra’s vice, but she didn’t let it progress any further.

Just as the Brit started to really work her arm, one of the blonde’s slender legs snapped up and caught her square in the face.

The sound of the top of Mandy’s bare foot against her skull elicited a loud smack that was heard from every corner of the ring, and especially to their respective partners.

Staggering backwards, the Brit had to admit to the unexpected effectiveness of that move.

But what hurt even more came when the champion, now on her feet, grabbing a fistful of hair from behind and slammed her down on the blonde’s outstretched knee.

A loud and pain-stricken cry came out of her as Mandy executed the specialized backbreaker, introducing Kendra’s exposed back to a fresh layer of discomfort to stall the Brit’s momentum.

If that was the champ’s goal, however, she may have overachieved in that respect with Kendra painfully arching her back against the canvas, visibly portraying the misery with her body.

The blonde woman nearly tripped over her rival’s writhing form on the way to her corner, where Kim was waiting.

Highlights of the backbreaker played across the JumboTron, briefly diverting the audience’s attention with Mandy making the short stride over to tag in her partner.

The referee acknowledged the tag while keeping a watchful eye over the British woman as she struggled up to her feet.

“Awwww, did Mary Poppins not like that?” Kim taunted her now that she was legal, mimicking tears trailing down on either side of her face.

“Well, she really isn’t going to like this next part,” Mandy answered her best friend ominously, nodding subtly for them to begin their two-pronged assault.

Clambering up, Kendra attempted a double clothesline, but both arms were intercepted and caught by the two women who dragged her backwards towards the far corner.

Thrown against the turnbuckle with force, the Duchess barely had time to slump forward before being viciously assaulted two-on-one.

First, it was Mandy’s shapely calf that slammed into her midsection, delivering a malicious kick that nearly took the wind out of her.

But not to be outshined….

“Me next!” Kim’s own roundhouse hit even harder, exploiting her already bruised flesh while forcing Kendra to cling to the ropes even harder for support.

“Gonna be our little piñata bitch, Kendra?” Another roundhouse to the gut, another strained cry of pain.

“Ooooh, what do you think is gonna come out of her if we kick her hard enough, bae?” Mimicking a child’s curiosity, the Assassin aimed even lower to target her thigh.

Just before the referee could end their window for double teaming, Mandy easily stretched out her kicking leg to brace her heel up against Kendra’s throat, choking the woman while giving Kim plenty of leeway for-

“Hah!” Yet another kick to her bare chest, which this time left a visible welt across her abs.

“Maybe we’ll kick all that jealousy out of her bony ass once and for all,” the champ finally said coyly, retracting her foot back and leaving her partner to continue doing the damage solo.

There was no rest for the Duchess even as the champion went on the ring apron, as evidenced by the Fresno native quickly climbing up the ropes to the side of her.

With one foot balancing on the middle rope, and one hand gripping the top rope, the short-haired woman raised her free leg and proceeded to leave an even more violent impression.

Grinning devilishly, the Assassin began savagely stomping on Kendra’s head, leaving her size 6 imprints all over the foreign woman’s face.

Each kick seemingly hurt even harder than the last, the increasingly emboldened Assassin still possessing a malevolent grin as she gained her own measure of revenge from their singles match two weeks ago.

And eventually, the repetitive stomping morphed into an even crueler punishment as she just grinded her bare foot all over the Brit’s face, using her heel to scrape and smear across her features to her heart’s delight.

Throwing her hair back, a satisfied leer dominated her face the entire time, up to the point where the referee finally had to call for an end to it.

She shoved the Brit’s face away with the same foot and then dropped back down to the mat, standing proud as the taller brunette barely stabilized herself in a kneeling position.

Mandy of course beamed and clapped as the Japanese American eyed the weakened technical specialist with even more sadistic intentions in mind.

“What do you think of the new pedi, Nanny McPhee?” She grabbed a fistful of Kendra’s short hair, forcing the brunette to look down at her ten ruby-colored toes. “I really like this color, b-t-dubbs. Wanna know why?”

“.....I really don’t care,” Kendra gasped out honestly, still trying to regain her bearings after the corner stomps.

Playfully rolling her eyes, Kim took hold of her hair with both hands, “It’s ‘cause once this match is over this new shade is gonna look so good against all the blood on your face.”

Tugging the taller woman up at that instant, she used that grip over her raven locks to throw her to the mat in a hair-assisted snapmare, catapulting the Duchess more towards the center of the ring.

Landing in a rough tumble, she groggily sat up, a move that proved to be a mistake as it gave the ranged sexfighter yet another target: her back.

“Touchdown!” Mimicking a football punter, the Assassin delivered an effective punt kick to the small of her back, causing Kendra to briefly tense up like a statue as the attack was absorbed within her nervous system.

With gritted teeth and her messy locks obscuring her true grimace, she collapsed on her side.

Strutting around the downed woman, Kim flashed a wide grin first to her partner, and then, turned her attention to Hunter.

Cocking her hip out to the side, the petite sexfighter mouthed at him suggestively, “Soon, big boy.”

Then, she looked over her shoulder at the Duchess, still suffering through the effects of the punt kick on her spine.

“Just between us girls, I really find the term ‘sidekick’ so offensive. There is no Robin in our partnership, got it? We are both equally awesome, and equally going to kick both your overrated asses,” she beamed proudly.

Scoffing loudly, Kendra glowered up at her, “Then why is it only Mandy has a title, and you hold nothing but the privilege of being her doting sycophant at every turn?”

That got a reaction out of the Assassin for sure: a violent one.

But it was also the reaction the Duchess anticipated as the pale woman went for another punt kick.

She aimed for her head again, but that proved her undoing as Kendra caught her leg with both arms, bringing herself up finally.

Kim’s look of surprise was comparable to Mandy’s, but that all quickly changed as the Duchess suddenly twisted underneath that leg before yanking it out from under the kickboxer enthusiast entirely.

Faceplanting flat on the mat, the California girl, quickly realizing her predicament, pushed up on her hands to get up….

…. only to cry out as Kendra swung a vengeful kick of her own directly into her right forearm, sending her flat on her flat once more, but now with a bruised arm to nurse.

The Assassin’s feet drummed against the mat as the Englishwoman made her way over to her corner, right where the fans wanted her.

“We having fun?” Hunter teased her, receiving in turn a not-so-playful slap on his wrist to officially bring him into the match.

Shaking away the cobwebs, Kendra answered her sarcastically as usual, “Oh just marvelous, luv. Nothing like getting your head kicked in to really get the adrenaline pumping. Now, be a dear and kick that skinny whore’s ass while I check myself for a concussion, yeah?”

“You got it.” Entering the ring as the Duchess exited to take his spot, the veteran sexfighter saw where she had left him an opening and made his move.

“Bae, get back over here!” Mandy cried urgently, but her frantic command was received by her partner a little too late.

Grabbing hold of the same arm, Hunter easily yanked up the petite woman without barely trying, twisting under her to secure a similar wristlock.

Initially, he just focused on keeping control over her, twisting it harshly against her will while they circled around the center of the ring.

But that was just the appetizer.

She cursed out as he began sharply yanking downwards with the limb, working the joints in her shoulder as well to maximize his vice grip.

With every forceful tug, she nearly lost her footing, each time desperately clawing at his forearm for a release, and every time having her efforts be ultimately fruitless.

“Complain all you want, but I’m being ‘good cop’ right now, Kimmy. Kendra, the girl whose face you tried to kick in, well she doesn’t just stop at the whole arm if you know what I mean.” Another sharp tug nearly brought the Assassin down to a knee. “Least with me, you know what you’re getting: a few corny jokes here and there, maybe even a brainbuster for old times sake.”

“...god, you bastard! I’m gonna shove my...damn...foot in your mouth so hard-Ow!” She could barely even finish a sentence as he torqued the limb even more.

“Sounds kinky. I’ll put that in the suggestion box for the wife back home,” he joked with her, before getting serious.

Planting himself, he waited until she had straightened out her stance some before suddenly driving his shoulder into her, using his weight to knock her down to the ground while still retaining a hold over the arm.

Grabbing around her neck with his free hand, the former tag champion brought Kim up to her feet.

After going for yet another twist of her arm, he shot her off into the ropes on the side of the ring away from Mandy.

Not remaining stationary for her return, the Ruler of the Ring took a few steps forward to capture her moving form in a fleeting bodylock…

… and then bridge backwards at the right timing to catapult her overhead in a swift belly-to-belly suplex!

Twisting over to land on his belly as she took the hard landing on her spine, he was quick to get up, practically leaving the Assassin in the dust as she had a (slightly) more difficult time rising.

Managing to pick herself up nonetheless, she groggily stumbled towards her opponents’ corner, blindly stretching out an arm for a hot tag.

Realizing once she fully opened her eyes that Kendra was standing in front of her with a look that could kill, the Fresno girl muttered a quick “Shit!” and then twirled around to run right into his next throw.

Hooking her unprotected right arm, he pivoted with his hips to send her sailing overhead in a smooth arm drag.

Many in the crowd stood up to applaud the tag team specialist, but it wasn’t just them who noticed the subtle changes in his overall ring performances…


“And there she goes, sent flying courtesy of that magnificent arm drag from Hunter. I thought the guy was on another level during the tournament, but what we are seeing right now is just a treat for the eyes,” George exclaimed, almost in awe of the smoothness in which the male sexfighter executed yet another arm drag.

Kevin of course agreed, “The increase in speed has not gone unnoticed. Hunter’s moving around the ring with more fluidity than usual. Certainly, it’s too early to judge, but I am looking forward to what else he has to offer beyond this initial sampling size.”


The Assassin finally reassembled herself on a nearby corner, pulling herself up with shaky legs to get hit by something lean, mean, and right on time.

Running full speed at his barely upright opponent, Hunter jumped forward so that squashed the Fresno girl between him and the turnbuckle.

Coming down from the body splash, he soaked in the applause only for a moment before Irish whipping her into the opposite end.

Taking off right after her, Hunter continued to keep the pace up, zipping right past the frustrated blonde champion…

“Nnnarrghh!” Grunting out once she collided against the corner, Kim did what was instinctual at this point and threw both her legs up in a double kick to stump his momentum.

But it was also Hunter’s base instinct to catch her feet in mid-air, putting the brakes on his own advance much to her surprise.

“Sorry, seen this episode before,” he quipped at her with a wink.

Maintaining a grip over her ankles, he brings them around his neck, moving in closer so that he could still take advantage.

Kim’s expression told it all as she was suddenly lifted up off the corner with Hunter using his superior strength to heft her up on his shoulders.

Her arms flailed for the ropes and her voice frantically screamed out in protest, but there was seemingly nothing that the Assassin could do to prevent what came next.

Spinning around to face the center of the ring, the veteran took a few steps forward and then delivered a swift powerbomb to the hoisted-up brunette.

The ring elicited an audible thud as it received her petite weight upon the canvas, as well as the man delivering it who only went down on his knees.

“Shit!” Mandy hissed out, calling out to her now sprawled out BFF.

Momentarily woozy from the impact, she was even less prepared for him grabbing hold of her ankles and pushing them over her head in a piledriver pinning position.

Able to manipulate the smaller woman’s lower body with utmost ease, he folded her legs all the way into a front bend, and then, snagged her panties just with his teeth and pulled them down to her thighs, before grabbing the fabric with his fingers and manually stripping them off her person for good.

The crowd went ballistic at the first reveal of nudity, but Kim was still too out of it from the powerbomb to even voice her own protests.

But she was cognizant enough to feel his tongue go right back to that familiar place.

Keeping her legs folded, Hunter fastened to her neatly trimmed sex, orally working her pussy with a series of quick yet fervent lashes!

Angling his head just right between her thighs, the ring vet traced first over the outer folds of her womanhood, employing a certain level of sexual precision that only comes through the hard crucible of experience.

Using every bit of that experience, he varied up the teasing patterns of his dexterous tongue to make her moan and want even more.

“Mmmmmm….” An aroused murmur in her voice built up more and more, in direct correlation to the increasing fervor in which he ate her out.

Her obvious susceptibility for everything oral began to reveal itself everywhere in her body language, from the shake and quiver in her usually smug tone to the way her toes curled up on either side of her head.

Kendra, fully recovered on the outside, watched Hunter perform as expected, living up to his usual standards while her blonde nemesis on the other side of the ring fumed at the very sight of it all.

“Fuck, oh god…” Closing her eyes now, Kim curled up her fingers and toes with her opponent’s head still buried between her legs.

Once her moans became more whines than just moans, he casually slid his tongue even deeper into her worked up sex.

His focused swirls within her only garnered even more lustful reactions from her aroused expression, “No no no no, fuuuuuckkkk….”

Smiling against her cunt, he began working her clit, exciting that fleshy centerpiece of her feminine cavern for now, but not for long.

Only a few seconds into his refocused approach, Kim finally found it within herself to kick out, bucking mightily with her petite hips to deny him further access to her womanly delight.

Hunter leaned back on his knees, disappointment only a fleeting emotion across his face.

Grabbing her by the wrist as she ended up on her belly, he rose to his feet knowing already what next to do.

Moaning out with her mind presumably still in a fog from the powerbomb leading into the oral session, the Fresno native was led right up to a standing position without any fuss, her sexual daze though dissipating as her opponent put her in the same wristlock as before.

Her facial features formed a much more animated grimace as he continued manipulating her limb, walking backwards towards his corner much to Mandy’s chagrin.

Kendra slapped his shoulder to officially tag herself back in, moving under the ropes quickly.

Taking control of the same arm from her partner, she kept the woman on her literal toes by twisting underneath her arm to further intensify the wristlock.

Grabbing the wrist with both hands as the two went around in a circle, Kendra gave a small nod over her shoulder to her partner before suddenly and methodically twisting it over the shorter woman’s head with enough force to slam the opponent to the mat facefirst in a flawless arm wringer.

Still holding on to her on the way down, Kendra took a seat right next to her writhing opponent just in time for Hunter to put the exclamation point with an elbow drop aimed directly at the base of the Assassin’s spine.

That got an instant yell out of her, but what next elicited an even louder reaction.

Scissoring her worked over arm with both legs once her partner had rolled under the bottom rope, the technically-astute Brit wrapped up the prone woman’s other arm under her shoulder and then proceeded to wrench back in a specialized variation of the standard crossface.

Mandy’s face was nearly completely covered by her hands, just watching her BFF suffer in the upper body stretch.

Targeting both arms in addition to seriously testing the flexibility in her torso, the Duchess had certainly spared no expense in introducing the thrashing woman to just one part of her extensive arsenal.

Pulling back on both limbs just enough to be able to clasp her fingers underneath the chin, Kendra wore a focused scowl while concentrating most of her energy towards pushing Kim to an early breaking point.

“Fuck fuck, you’re such a fucking bitch, Kendra!” she wailed out, wriggling and writhing from the top down to escape.

“Yes, I’m quite aware of that fact,” the Englishwoman taunted her right back, wrenching back even more, causing Kim’s feet to frantically drum into the mat behind her. “But you’ll submit to this bitch whether you want to or not, luv.”

Already, a Tap! chant was starting to gain steam, which only seemed to irritate Mandy even more.

“Come on, bae! Don’t listen to them, come on!” she urged her black-haired bestie, stretching out one arm earnestly.

The fans’ chanting only got louder, but, to her credit, the Assassin had not yet yielded.

In her desperation, she found an alternative path.

Getting her legs under her with the scissored armbar/crossface combination, Kim managed to power out of the grueling hold, throwing her entire weight up against Kendra’s to knock them both backwards.

There was a brief blur of intertwined female flesh rolling towards the center of the ring, ending ultimately in the Japanese American slithering free of the submission hold and then using that momentum to make her way back to her corner.

Kendra at the very least acknowledged her opponent’s tenacity, but that didn't stop her from grabbing hold of Kim’s ankle and tripping her up to interrupt the attempted tag.

She had an initial intention to trap her opponent in some kind of ankle lock, but before she could get a decent grip the Assassin had already hopped up to her feet.

Holding on to the ankle nonetheless, she started to fold that limb inwards to grab the rest of her body for a suplex….

…. walking right into a sudden enziguri by the quick-footed woman in the process!

Twisting her hips just at the right moment, Kim launched herself into the air with her free foot quite nearly catching her right in the mouth.

Veteran instincts prevailed just barely, though, allowing the Brit to duck the flying kick and seek to still take advantage of the now prone woman before her.

She grabbed around her opponent’s sides, nearly able to lock fingers together for a waistlock but not quite in time.

Wriggling out and sliding backwards with the quickness of a cat, the Assassin ended up behind the Duchess now.

Kendra’s blindside exploded with pain as Kim rammed into her kidney region shoulderfirst, knocking her down to both knees.

She was then brought down to the ground fully once the petite woman grabbed a hold of her hair and viciously mashed her face into the mat.

Growling out angrily, Kim straddled the Englishwoman when she was most vulnerable and started hammering her back and neck with forearm shots solely from her good arm.

“How’s. This. For. Submitting. Bitch!!” she yelled at the woman, punctuating every word with a devastating blow to Kendra’s naked spine.

Delivering a few more strikes just for the sake of it, she finally rolled off the groaning woman, spending a few moments on the mat to formally catch her breath.


“Lots of aggression from the Assassin here. People have placed lots of focus on her kicking abilities, and rightfully so, but I gotta say there was plenty of power behind those hard shots to the back. Deserved or not, Kendra’s probably gonna be feeling that in the morning,” George observed.

“I’m pretty sure any amount of pain is acceptable to that woman as long as she gets what she wants: a seat on the table to compete for the title she once held many, many moons ago,” Kevin pointed out to him, looking on as the Japanese American finally clambered up to her feet.

“Certainly, but I would also advise that Kendra not get too lost in her emotions here. Mandy talks a big game, but when it comes down to it, she knows how to work her opponent, physically and mentally. And if she’s taught Kim a few tricks about how to push those buttons, well then…” George suddenly paused aloud in his commentary, noting a very loud, high-pitched cry coming from inside the ring.


Kim had just gotten a fistful of hair around the Brit’s hair, determined to drag the woman towards her corner when the Duchess sprung her trap.

Gripping her fingers with both hands with the quickness of a crocodile, she dipped a little into her more sadistic side now, bending those captured digits against the natural rotation much to the audible horror of the Assassin.

On one knee, Kendra had no sympathy on her face whatsoever with a tight grip over Kim’s petite digits.

“Fuck, you- fuuuck!” she whined out, wincing out at the sudden manipulation of the individual joints.

Shaking her head frantically, she lashed out with a forearm with her free hand, which ultimately served no purpose but to further piss off the Duchess, who kept on extending the fingers backwards even more.

Then, the Englishwoman rose up completely, her expression darkened as she towered a few good inches above the quivering, aching brunette.

Instinctively, Kim took a few steps back, prompting her opponent to trace over those footsteps with her own.

The Assassin’s pampered feet almost began tap dancing on the mat with the finger manipulation intensifying.

Kendra could almost see the terror, the naked panic in the shorter woman’s eyes now, but she was also oblivious at the same time to Mandy blindly tagging in.

“Let go of her, bitch!” Swinging a shapely leg through the ropes, the blonde champion managed to catch the Englishwoman in the ribs with a strong kick seemingly out of nowhere once the two were within striking range for her.

Hastily entering the ring, the champ again made her presence known with a powerful thrust kick to her nemesis’ stomach, nearly putting her on her rear while relieving her best friend.

“Fucking slut tried to break my hand, bae!” Kim vented, both incensed and still hurting at the same time.

“Don’t worry, Kimmy. We’ll break her ugly face and make it all better,” the champ growled out, going around to map out her next attack.

But Kendra wasn’t going to stay the sitting duck and allow that.

Still tending to her hand, the Assassin roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair, tugging her up to her feet- and then promptly receiving a back elbow to the face for her troubles.

Righting herself as the Fresno girl took a knee by her side, the Duchess turned around just in time to catch another attempted thrust kick from the champ.

Not in much of a mood to taunt her, she let go of the ankle and then smashed into the blonde woman’s beautiful face with a stirring forearm.

Mandy stumbled back as that blow resonated, and then, right into what presumably should’ve been a follow up strike.

But it never came, because Kendra found herself suddenly trapped in place, unable to move towards her much-despised American adversary.

A quick glance down revealed the source: Kim strategically clinging on to her left leg for dear life, anchoring her weight to the Brit.

She made a move to attack the Fresno native, but realized her mistake too late.

Capitalizing on her partner’s distraction, Mandy nearly took the brunette woman’s head off with a swift big boot right to the chin!

The move nearly made the referee flinch as soon as her size 9 connected soundly and with purpose.

Even Hunter had to admit to the potency of that blow that felled his partner, gripping the ropes intently while his eyes watched the scene continue to unfold.

The referee quickly ushered Kim out of the ring, who of course obeyed without complaints now that her partner had taken the upper hand.

Flat on her back, Kendra felt the warm rush of crimson in her mouth once more, never a truly unwelcomed sensation though.

That bitter taste only motivated her, but she didn’t have long to act on it.

“Oh, hey, Kendra, let’s play a little game!!” She heard the voice first, and then, the face that carried it came into view.

Towering over the brunette with legs on either side of her, Mandy leaned forward at a suggestive angle, no doubt titillating some of the front row fans.

“How many fingers am I holding up, huh?” The blonde woman waved her hand in front of her, but even with her vision slightly blurred, she could make out only the American’s middle finger extended out towards her.

Smirking coyly as she relished in disrespecting the former champ, Cutthroat grabbed around the back of her head.

Dragging her up, she paused mid-stride to blow a teasing kiss at Hunter and then smashed Kendra nosefirst into the nearest turnbuckle pad.

Going right into the vinyl padding, Kendra slumped right into the corner, fighting off another dizzy spill much to Mandy’s continued delight.

“Still with me, babe?” the taller woman tilted her head to the side.

“....ah yeah, I’m just peaches, you little slag,” the slender woman got out a wince or two later.

“Great!” She playfully cupped Kendra on both cheeks, secretly holding her in place for a fierce knee thrust that nearly folded the Englishwoman right in two.

Another knee also nearly got the proud Brit down, but not quite.

But, it did at least provide the perfect setup for Cutthroat to lock Kendra in a double underhook, clasping her fingers together around the base of the neck.

Then, she lifted up the English sexfighter with relative ease, sending her up first in a vertical position before falling back to deliver a butterfly suplex.

Landing hard on her lower back, the Duchess went right into a writhing fit, pounding the mat in nonverbal agony.

Calmly rising up to her feet, Mandy took her time going over to where the former champ now lay in a prone position.

Hunter had successfully started up a rallying chant, but that fan support hadn’t yet materialized in substantial movement for the Brit.

The chants did get the ball rolling though, prompting her to rise up on her elbows and-

“Ugghhh!” That was, until Mandy swung a punt kick right into her ribs to send her back down.

“You know, I will never get tired of kicking your little bony ass, Kendra.” She punctuated that with yet another stomp on her back, further agonizing the brunette.

“Last week, we tried to protect you from all this humiliation, but you didn’t listen. You still want to yank on my coattails to keep your obsolete ass relevant. But guess what, Mary Poppins…?” Another kick hit its target, allowing her to continue, “You got what you wanted. Main event. People talking. Everything. But after tonight, no one’s gonna be talking about you, or King Loser over there. No, they’re all gonna be talking about me.”

Grabbing her by the hair, Mandy, taken up in her own conviction, brought Kendra up to snarl right in her face, “They’re gonna forget all about you once they see that you were never championship material to begin with. You were just the placeholder holding it down for the real deal to come in and-Ow!”

Kendra suddenly lashed out with a violent headbutt that connected right between the eyes, making the blonde pay for getting perhaps too close to comfort.

The sudden blow separated them both, allowing the Duchess to recover while only angering the Intercontinental Champion even more.

“How about you stop talking and start hitting?” Kendra snarled right back at her.

Wiping her lip, she did just that, or at least attempted to.

Her next big boot was easily telegraphed by the lean brunette, allowing her to dodge that easily and wait ever-patiently for Mandy to twirl around to receive what was coming to her.

And that came in the form of two knife edge chops, each delivered in quick succession right to her chest.

The third, however, was halted in mid-strike as the champion parried the forearm with a front kick to the elbow, nearly sending the Duchess staggering into another tailspin.

“C’mere!” Ignoring her reddening chest for now, Mandy yanked on the messy locks of Kendra to pull her into her control.

Fastening both hands around her neck, she turned the Brit around so that they were now back-to-back with the hold now an inverted facelock.

The intent was clear for a neckbreaker, but Kendra decided against being the recipient at the last second by suddenly elbowing Mandy’s sides to force yet another separation.

Grunting out, the blonde champion couldn’t make another move because her British opponent made it for her, shoving hard against her back to send her into the corner facing her, right into Hunter’s vicinity.

The male sexfighter looked on with interest as the blonde woman nearly crashed chestfirst into the corner, stopping herself just inches before collision and now coming face-to-face with the man himself.

“Nice one, champ,” he teased her.

“Shut up, you overrated little- whoaa!” Grabbed from behind in a waistlock, she fell back as Kendra performed a backward roll to take them back to the center of the ring.

Getting just enough backwards motion to end up in the superior position, the Duchess assumed a semi crouching position sitting on top of Kendra’s long legs while the blonde woman herself was pinned under her.

As the audience applauded for the O’Connor roll, the brunette on top moved right to the next step, licking up two of her fingers and then sliding them first down Mandy’s inner thigh, before sliding them underneath the thin fabric of her panties.

It didn’t take her long to make that initial penetration, forcing an aroused gasp from the champion even with her shoulders to the mat.

And perhaps, being a little too familiar with Kendra’s sexual prowess, the woman suddenly kicked out from underneath with a massive yet desperate effort!

Disrupting the sexual attack right then and there, Cutthroat crawled up to her feet as Kendra did the same.

The two women, with only a few feet apart now, turned around and went on the offensive; the only thing: they both had the same idea in mind.

Both Kendra and Mandy connected with a clothesline on the other, resulting in both sexfighters going down to the mat at the same time!

Now the crowd really began to show their involvement with the two women downed for the present moment, their current salvation lying with their respective partner.


“When it comes to competitors with a deep history with one another, you just know it’s gonna come out in all kinds of ways in that ring. Right now, after that last exchange between Kendra and Mandy, we seem to be at the ‘I wanna gorge your eyeballs out’ stage. But who knows? By the end of all this, they might be hate-fucking right then and there if it means achieving victory.”

As the two women instinctively began rolling towards their corners, Kevin added to that, “Keep in mind that even hatred requires energy. If you want to cause your opponent as much harm as is legally allowable in that ring, well, you need to be mentally sharp and physically equipped to keep bringing that energy, minute after minute. Right now, they’ve exhausted quite a bit in the tank, so they’re doing the smart thing and letting the partners pick up the slack.”


“C’mon, just a little more…”

Hunter’s outstretched hand finally received its payoff with Kendra dragging herself over to finally make the tag.

Bringing himself into the match, the male sexfighter zipped inside the ropes with an almost superhuman burst of speed, nearly comparable to the Assassin once she was tagged in on Mandy’s behalf.

Breaking into a heated sprint, Hunter closed in the distance without even trying and even scored the first hit.

Kim barely took her feet off the ground for a dropkick before the SFL veteran nearly took her head off with an opening clothesline.

Hitting the ropes in anticipation of her fast rise, he knocked the brunette down with a shoulder block as soon as she stumbled up.

Manually picking her up this time, he whipped her into the ropes in a seamless transition to the next big thing.

“Up ya go!” Bending down just as she rebounded back into range, he lifted her up and over in a textbook back body drop!

Flailing wildly in the air, she came down hard on the mat, her petite form visibly lit up by the amount of pain she had absorbed in such a short window of time.

And he wasn’t even close to being done.

Gathering her up by the hair again, Hunter feigned tossing her into the ropes again….

… only to suddenly throw the Assassin shoulderfirst into her partner, who couldn’t be more oblivious standing on the ring apron.

Grunting as her partner crashed into her belly button, the sudden impact knocked the champ off the ropes where she hit the barricade hard.

“I remember you two like to play the numbers game some,” he told her wryly, cracking his neck eagerly as the brunette looked out at horror at her sprawled out bestie on the outside. “Well now, you can get your ass kicked one on one. Just like the rest of us.”

Taking care of the legal woman’s trump card all in one fell swoop, he pulled her back into the ring to bring it all home.

Promptly scooping up the woman over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, he went back to the center of the ring with the crowd standing up on all sides.

“Gonna….fuck….you….up,” Kim groaned out, barely able to do anything but resist feebly in his grasp.

Then, just because he could, Hunter spun around on his heel to further disorient her, treating her like she was a passenger on a carnival merry-go-round as the crowd cheered on all sides.

Her arms and legs flailed futilely all around until finally he stopped, right in front of Kendra.

As the fans chanted his name, the former tag champion whispered up softly, “God, I missed this.”

Then, he ran forward and plunged himself (and by proxy her) forward, slamming the Assassin directly to the ground first, while using the momentum to roll over her and end up standing in a perfectly executed rolling fireman’s carry slam.

Kim remained where she was nearly flattened, barely moving a muscle as Hunter generously offered his open hand to the Duchess.

“M’lady,” he smiled at her.

“Well if you insist,” she accepted his offer, tagging herself back in to do the honors.

Stalking over to the defenseless, supine woman from California, Kendra took hold of the same arm she had been dissecting the entire match and proceeded to finally unleash the benefits of her hard labor.

Grabbing her wrist, she whipped her hair back, tucking that arm under her shoulder for safekeeping.

Then, she sat down, scissoring that limb with both of her legs and then applying the cross armbar.

Kim’s body came alive in a writhing explosion of frantic motion as soon as the submission was locked in.

Pulling her arm upwards, the Duchess exercised perfect control at all times, not flinching at the least opposite the Assassin’s panicked body language.

In fact, she only increased the pressure even more, forcing a very timely decision on Kim’s part.

“Shit- shit let me go you bitch!” she wailed out, finally biting the bullet and tapping out with her free hand to prevent any lasting damage from being dealt to her.

Relinquishing the hold, Kendra rolled backwards and to her feet, right into the embrace of her partner.

Clutching her arm, Kim did the smart thing and rolled all the way to the outside, into the protective arms of her own partner.

“Winner of the first fall with a submission via cross armbar….THE DUCHESS!”

The Brit smirked at her American compatriot, “So, thoughts?”

Nodding to the two huddling and tending to each other, he had a smirk of his own, “You could’ve totally handled this by yourself, couldn’t you?”

She shrugged, telling him, “Partially. I could do it solo, but some eye candy on the side always goes a long way for personal motivation.”

He reminded her teasingly, “What would Amy think if she heard you talking dirty to me?”

Kendra, without pause, replied, “Well, she can say, or perhaps do, anything she wants to me once this is over.”

“And just like that, I remember why we get along so well,” he grinned, as the show went to commercial.


Author's Note: Happy Holidays to all!

- You all know the stakes in this match. You know the players. And now that we are one fall in, any predictions on how the rest will turn out?

- Oh, and while I appreciate the requests for alternate endings PMs, I do have to reiterate that I have posted plenty of alternate endings on this story in PDF format for you all to enjoy. I think I've said this in an AN before, but again, don't worry. The Cherry Kiss/Dan Danger alt. ending will come out in a PDF at some point and be published on this story, so there is no need to leave a comment for that specific request, or for any other alternate endings. Though, you are always welcome (and I do encourage this) to provide feedback on any other aspect of the story, as well as suggestions for the future.

- Merry Christmas!!!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

What a nice Christmas present to find! Seems like Hunter hardly broke a sweat in the first fall. If I was guessing purely based on that then I'd say this looks to be a clean sweep. However it seems like Cutthroat and the Assassin might have a few tricks up their sleeves. Still I think 2-1 Hunter and Duchess.

Would be interesting to see how Dan handles either Cutthroat or the Assassin. Might be a challenge for him given his foot fetish and their love of using their feet to dominate.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Originally Posted by smothersub [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Would be interesting to see how Dan handles either Cutthroat or the Assassin. Might be a challenge for him given his foot fetish and their love of using their feet to dominate.
That's exactly what I am wondering
And about this match, Hunter is soo fresh so far. I'm expecting a decisive win for them.
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Default Tales of the Sex Fighting League: Kings and Queens

“Side headlock, transitioned into a mat takedown. Headscissors by Assassin, kick out by Kendra for the break. Okay, they’re back up now….going fist to fist now- oh, well, not for long. Kim ate that- wow, big forearm to the face. Alright, looks like Duchess is still in control…”

Melanie was almost in awe of what she was seeing now.

Her boyfriend, for someone who had breast smothered into unconsciousness after taking a number of steel chair shots to the spine, well, he was still alert enough to see and study everything that was unfolding in the main event from the livestream on her phone.

Then again, maybe that shouldn’t surprise her.

Leaning back in her seat, she looked briefly towards the door in the medical room where Sam and Viktoria had exited to talk “about stuff”, in their own words.

“Damn, she’s good….” Her eyes went back to him as he made another observation. “Even I can’t cinch in a wristlock that snug.”

Adopting a small smirk, Melanie brought up, “Better than Nikky?”

Without even looking up from her phone that he had borrowed, Derrick answered, “Of course not. Nikky’s a tag team specialist; Kendra’s won titles in the singles division. We’re talking two completely different styles here.”

“Right.” Bringing her legs up Indian-style, the Miami blonde tried for another topic, “So, uh, what do you think was up with Sam? I mean, as soon as you bring up Shock and Awe, he just acted all…..weird, you know what I mean? Like there’s more to the story than what he told us.”

Fully invested in the match, Daniel shrugged through his next response, “I dunno, the past is the past, Mel. Not my business to try digging up something that’s been buried long before I even got a tryout here.”

“But you’re not the least bit curious?” she prodded him.

“Sure, I’m always curious. But if he wants to tell me what went down back in the day, that’s up to him. Right now, we’ve got to focus-”

“On the competition, yeah….” Straightening out her hair some over her shoulder, Melanie, “So what’s cooking up in that master strategist brain of yours?”

“I’m thinking that when either one of us goes up against Kendra next month, we’re gonna need to know some way to counter that finger stretch of hers,” he confessed, seeing the Duchess maneuver Kim with a wristlock over to the ropes. “That’s top of the list, for sure. Maybe after I rewatch this thing and take notes, we can start filling out everything underneath.”

She raised an eyebrow. “When we face her? You’re pretty confident homegirl’s actually going to win this thing in the first place.”

He looked at her directly now. “That is true, but I know that look on her face. Pretty sure Kendra isn’t leaving the arena tonight unless she has that tournament spot on lockdown….”


Kim was draped over the middle rope now as the cameraman zoomed in on her grimacing expression, trying to get herself together after the fierce and ferocious opening exchange of the second fall that ultimately saw the Duchess prove her technical superiority once again.

And with Hunter on that same side of the ring, and Mandy yards away on the other side, things were most definitely not in her favor.

Ducking under the top rope to stand calmly on the ring apron perpendicular to her dangling arms, the British sexfighter turned to the crowd first to soak in the tremendous response to her performance thus far.

Fans from all directions both cheered and clapped in her favor, including Hunter, more or less happy to not be on the receiving end of the Duchess’ true wrath for once.

Accentuating her stance with a little sultry hip swinging here and there while walking into range, Kendra tossed back her hair and then leered down at the groggy Californian.

One second, those eyes were cool and relaxed, and the next, they became filled with pure contempt.

Grabbing her American adversary by the hair, she held her in place for the first of many devastating knee lifts right to the solar plexus!

Driving the sharp point of her bare knee right into Kim’s midriff once, and then again and again, there was nothing held back in this swift display of physicality.

She was fully intent on causing the shorter woman pain and suffering in a focused area, and to that goal, she was most certainly successful.

Drilling her sternum repeatedly with the same leg, she got in the sixth or seventh knee thrust before exercising just the slightest bit of restraint and pausing her assault.

Mandy’s facial expression was once more the perfect picture of concern when she watched her BFF slump back inside the ring.

Dialing back her intensity just a little, Kendra reentered the ring, taking her time now that the advantage was firmly in her court.

With one hand clutching her hurting stomach, the Assassin was already attempting to crawl back to her blonde partner for aid.

However, in her dazed retreat, she made the mistake of stretching out her free hand, allowing Kendra to seize her wrist once more.

Now standing between her and the Intercontinental Champion, the Duchess easily applied the wristlock once more, twisting backwards on the joint to keep pressure up on the forearm.

But, not settling for just that, the Brit added her own sadistic wrinkle by using her other hand to resume bending back the individual fingers on Kim’s hand.

The American sexfighter’s face became alive with visceral agony once the digit manipulation was reapplied.

Already on her knees, she screamed out nearly at the top of her lungs while her free hand was raised suggestively over the canvas.

The pain, seemingly, had already caused her body to instinctively consider the option of tapping out again, but there was enough of a stubborn streak in her eyes to fight off the notion.

For now at least.

Glowering up at her hatefully, Kim seethed in between winces, “You’re enjoying this, huh you twisted little- ow, ow, ow, owwww….”

“Come now dear, what pleasure would I take in making suffer the little poisoned lily who cost me my title all those months ago?” Kendra taunted her with a cold slice of sarcasm, only to suddenly put her hand flat on the mat and stomp on it viciously with her bare foot.

Another howl erupted out of her mouth as she nearly rolled into the fetal position, cradling her attacked hand while the crowd cheered her continued misery.

The Duchess’ gaze lifted up briefly to Mandy. “Fortunately for you sunshine, you’re not quite important enough to be worthy of my full efforts. That honor is reserved for Amanda.”

Circling back around to the front of the groaning woman, she picked up Kim around both sides of her neck, dragging the half-naked woman up to her feet while still side-eyeing the blonde woman on the apron.

Giving her a solid forearm to send her stumbling backwards into the ropes, the former champion closed in to momentarily go chest-to-chest with the Assassin.

Then, she pushed off, using that momentum to swing Kim into the opposite set of the ropes.

Sending her off for the ride, Kendra went forward to meet her halfway, intercepting the running brunette with a cutting knee thrust to the gut.

Somersaulting over the Brit’s raised leg once the move connected, both hands now went to clutch her stomach while she felt the mat under her chin, her bare ass turned upwards to inadvertently titillate the viewers.

Observing the woman in a vulnerable facedown position gave the Englishwoman plenty of ideas, but she also happened to know someone with just as wicked of an imagination.

Going to that very person, Kendra tagged in Hunter, a very crowd-pleasing move to say the very least.

“Nice, you got her in position and everything,” the male sexfighter lightly joked with her, gesturing to the very suggestive pose that the grunting woman was still in even as he entered the ring.

Walking with purpose once he saw her attempting to reach her partner, he grabbed the woman in a rear waistlock to prevent that from happening.

Almost sensing her disappointment, he couldn’t help but tease her in his usual way, “Almost had it, didn’t you Kimmy? Well, not really, but keep that hope alive, eh?”

Then, in a near effortless effort, he lifted her off the ground, keeping her feet in the air while turning around and marching back to the awaiting Duchess.

Kendra winded back her arm for a chop, but suddenly paused mid-movement.

Her head tilted to the head once she noticed, “Luv, I think there’s something blocking my way here. Would you mind?”

Instantly getting what she was saying, he used one hand to undo her pink bra, tossing that upper article aside to fully bare the Assassin’s pale form.

He smiled. “Alright, now we’re golden.”

“Outstanding.” With a focused yell, Kendra sliced right across the Californian’s bare chest, instantly sending Kim in a writhing fit right in Hunter’s arms.

Another knife edge chop left a similar mark, prompting the fans to get out their latest Woooooo!

Taking aim, she landed one final chop for good measure before exiting the ring now that their double-team window had officially lapsed.

Finishing up on his end, Hunter clasped his fingers tight underneath her belly button before throwing her backwards in a picture-perfect German suplex.

The arch of his back was pure grace compared to the way her upper body just collapsed in on itself once he completed the throw.

Going legs over head, the slender and naked woman ended up on her belly, the exact state she was in when Hunter found her just moments before.

“I gotta say Kimmy…” Noting this as he knee walked over to her, the seasoned sexfighter was all smiles, “You’re pretty cute when you’re not trying to kick people’s faces off. Get a little humility in your diet, and maybe you’ll get a boyfriend one of these days. Unless being Mandy’s personal belt shiner is a full-time gig for you, of course.”

“....fuck…..off you- eeeeeek!” Kim’s eyes went wide once she felt that familiar tongue go between her cheeks to get at her delectable pussy from the rear entry.

Keeping with his usual strategy of whittling down the Assassin’s sexual resistance, Hunter had his knees on the back of her calves while the rest of his body straddled her lower half.

Trapped by his pressing weight down on her legs, Kim felt her body react for her as his tongue delved smoothly and passionately into her inner depths.

Raven hair was thrown around her shaking head mere moments into his renewed oral assault, and her hips were visibly moving whether she wanted them to or not.

Licking her already damp womanhood with sinuous, purposeful lavishes, he could feel the shaking of her legs underneath him the more he kept on.

The camera lingered some on her twitching, arousal-lined facial expression, yet another indication of how much she was visibly enjoying what he was doing to her.

Looking to fully secure his foothold on her, Hunter grabbed at both her arms to pin them down by her sides.

He was able to get her right arm down and clamp down on the wrist there, but no such luck for its twin.

Snapping out of her lustful daze once he tried to control her right one, she pushed herself backwards, forcing him to quickly adapt in the process.

Bringing herself into a kneeling position with the one arm still free, she leaned right back into the solid wall of masculine muscle that comprised Hunter’s bare chest.

Taking the opportunity to re-secure her already captive arm in an overbar (or single chicken wing), he then went to do the same to the other while they were back-to-chest, but Kim had other ideas.

Not even one second later, his quick thinking was thwarted by her own as she managed to land a solid back elbow, catching him right in the nose.

Another sharp elbow hit the same area of bony cartilage before he finally managed to wrestle that arm into an overbar as well to complete the double chickenwing.

“That’s enough of that,” he whispered into her ear, easily able to withstand her struggling now that both arms were properly restrained.

It took a few more seconds of resistance before she begrudgingly had to concede that point to him.

Whipping her hair back as she finally seemed to realize her true position now, Kim sneered over her shoulder, “You know what, go ahead and fuck me, Hunter. I’ve taken plenty of 6 inchers before, so I’m sure I’ll take in all that cum you’ve got stored up in that royal prick just fine. Unless….” Despite him continuing to stretch out both her shoulders, she kept on taunting, “Unless you’re gonna be a pansy and try and take a cheap ass K.O. like last time.”

“Cheap? C’mon Kimmy, sure I lost my temper and all, but you two kinda had it coming. Now, I’m always down for revisiting history, but that’s not really part of the plan. Unless you piss me off again, which is definitely not advisable.”

She scoffed. “Plan? What pla-whoa whooaaa!”

Yanking her up before she could get too deep in another smug retort, Hunter kept her arms hooked from each side now that he was in a standing position.

Then, falling backwards once more, he slammed her into the mat shoulder-and-neck first in impressive form with a tiger suplex.

Yelping out with her legs kicking out helplessly in the air, she crumpled to the mat once he released her arms upon execution.

“Fuck!” whined out the frustrated voice of the Intercontinental Champion, seeing her best friend take to the mat once more.

“Come on, Kimmy,” she continued to urge the brunette once Hunter sat up with that well-documented smirk on his face.

Getting up at a normal pace, he made a show of stretching out his shoulders while waiting for the Assassin to rise.

“Having fun?” Kendra called out from their corner, throwing his previous remark right back at him with jest, of course.

“Damn right we are. We’re having fun here, aren’t we Assassin?” Hunter taunted the brunette woman on the ground before him, whose initial response came out in a barely intelligible grunt.

“You two are so freakin' dead!!!” Mandy suddenly yelled out, standing up on the bottom rope so she could yell out even more obscenities at them.

Evidently losing her cool, she even started making moves to enter the ring, prompting the ref to go over to her corner and keep the champ at bay with her own, equally authoritative voice.

“So much for keeping a champion’s mindset,” Hunter commented derisively, turning now to the Fresno girl who was still struggling to get up after that tiger suplex.

Patience never being his strong suit, the Ruler of the Ring finally just picked her up around the neck personally to help quicken up the recovery process.

Stepping close to her, he straddled one of her legs while pressing his chest up against her sides, reaching over her near arm with the arm closest to her back.

Locking that limb under his shoulder, he then started to square down into a squat and twist to the sid-

“Ugghhh!” A sudden grunt was forced from him just when he was about to fully execute the abdominal stretch, bringing with it a shooting pain that started in his lower regions and went all the way up to his brain.

Right when he was focused on cinching in the body lock, Kim struck with an opportunistic low blow right to the gonads, her heel swinging back in an upwards motion to connect right where it would hurt most.

Immediately, an almost paralyzing pain blossomed within his groin, the throbbing sensations causing him to lose the firmness and control in his own limbs.

With her back to the stealthy strike, the referee turned around to see Hunter taking a knee and the Assassin miraculously free of his abdominal stretch.

The booing of the fans all around gathered around the female sexfighter with the low blow going virtually unnoticed by the referee.

Kendra looked on with a most unpleasant scowl now that the fully naked brunette was able to stand on her own, opposite the now kneeling Ruler of the Ring.

And when the Fresno woman saw what she saw, well, her entire mood changed in an instant.

“How lucky am I, bae?” she drawled out loudly, a newfound confidence outlining her stance as she leered down at the dark-haired sexfighter with one hand tenderly cupping his crotch.

Striking a strut with one foot arched against the other and her hips cocked, Kim relished her next statement, “Only one kick, and the King is already wanting to present himself for even more.”

“You’ve got the magic touch, bae,” her blonde bestie cawed at her.

Moving in a little closer, she leaned forward to grab his strong jawline with one hand, digging her fingernails around his mouth. “How about it, Hunter. Now that you and Mary Poppins have had your fun, maybe it’s time the Empress finally put you in your place, huh?”

Despite still feeling a great ache in his crown jewels, the hurting sexfighter still kept his wit, “Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, okay?”

“No?” She feigned puzzlement, only to suddenly slap him right across the cheek.

“You think you can just strip me and not face any consequences, huh?” Without pause, she swung a punt kick right under his shoulder, forcing a loud grunt from the seasoned vet.

Wheezing slightly at the impact, he nonetheless managed to get out, “Yes.”

“I don’t fucking think so, you overrated-” Thump. Another kick. “Overhyped-” Thump. And then another one. “Limp-dick piece of shit!!” Thump.

And one final one that put him on all fours, ultimately.

Coughing out given he’d absorbed a more substantial showing of her anger, Hunter barely kept himself from outright collapsing on the mat.

With even more grunts forcing their way out of his windpipe, he had to give it to the Assassin: she kicked even harder than he remembered.

Her dainty footsteps circled around him like a lone predator examining its wounded prey, searching for fresh openings.

Then, they stopped right to his left.

Out of his periphery, he could see one petite leg swinging back...


“Right to the midsection again she goes! Wow, you felt that kick all the way up here!” George enthused with yet another punt landing all over the male sexfighter’s exposed underbelly.

“We’ve been talking a lot about Hunter’s improvement, but the Assassin is really laying in those strikes there. I don’t think we’ve quite seen this level of viciousness coming from her in a long time,” Kevin also pointed out.

“Yeah, but think about it like this: when was the last time that Kim was seriously tested by her opponent? Going back to that tournament, sure, she wiped the floor with the Guardsman coming out of the preliminaries, but it was Hunter who dumped cold water all over her inspirations of getting that crown, right after he dumped her on her head of course with that brainbuster of his. Point being, she’s clearly been saving up for this moment, and well, our boy’s got one hell of a receipt coming his way…”


“Ugghh…” A savage stomp right to the kidneys finally brought the Ruler of the Ring down from all fours to tasting the mat directly.

His torso had sore spots and bruises all over, and they hadn’t even progressed past the five-minute mark of the entire fall.

“I can do this all night long, bitch.” A groaning noise trickled out of his mouth when he felt her bare sole rest dangerously on the back of his neck, her deceptively soft flesh keeping him pinned against the canvas. “But I don’t think you’ll last another minute without begging to tag out to ol’ skin and bones over there.”

He tasted blood in his mouth, always a welcoming sensation. “.....wow, been working those calves out hard, haven’t you Kimmy?”

A burst of cruel laughter heralded her alluring response, “Well the Empress has to stay prepared, Hunter. Especially when arrogant little punks like you keep getting involved in her business.”

Her painted toes lightly raked at his raven hair, sliding down his forehead. “I could’ve tagged out by now, but well, we’ve still got so much unfinished business. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though.”

The male sexfighter was roused even more by the top of her foot now prodding at his chin, directing his gaze right where she wanted it.

“The Empress doesn’t forget, but sometimes, she forgives. But there is a price, Hunter.” Her voice turned up a sultry dial. “And I think you can guess what pleases me.”

He could give a guess, but instead he just spoke with what came to mind, “Let me guess, dinner reservations at your favorite seafood place? Maybe even a hot oil massage?”

Kim’s eyes narrowed. “You ever shut up?”

“No, my wife agrees it’s an ongoing problem, but she puts up with it,” he half-joked with her.

The Assassin’s expression was anything but amusement as she laid out her ultimatum, “Let me put it like this: good boys get rewarded, and bad boys get concussions. You want on my good side, Hunter? Put your lips on my pretty little toes and start sucking. Every last one.”

He hesitated some as she wriggled her admittedly attractive digits right in front of him.

Tossing her hair back, the dark-haired woman continued to speak down to him, “Do a decent enough job, and I’ll give you the best footjob you never even thought you wanted. I’ll work that mediocre-sized cock so good in between my arches you won’t even be missing my pussy. It’ll be that...damn...good.”

His hesitation eventually ended as he contemplated aloud, “I see.”

“Or, you decide to be a bad boy, in which case your Empress will have no choice but to punish you. And well, I could describe all the things that these little-bitty feet can do to a big, strong man like yourself, but that list goes on forever, babe. And I won’t be the only one seriously fucking you up…”

She lifted up his chin with the top of her foot, her expression expectant. “What’s your decision then, Your Majesty?”

Hunter looked up at her for one hard second…

… and then back down.

That was all that time he needed.

“Eh, gonna have to hard pass on that one.” Suddenly grabbing her ankle with both hands, Hunter came up to face her, but now, he was smiling.

Having played the ‘weak and defenseless’ card just long enough to gather his bearings, the male sexfighter was up quicker than even Kim could prepare for.

Going from flat on his belly to on his feet, he surprised both the Assassin and Cutthroat by now standing despite the considerable damage the former had dealt to his body.

Holding on to her ankle now that he was at him, he saw her forced to hop up on the other leg and knew instantly his next move.

“You….” She was seething now, pawing at him helplessly with her arms, “Put me down, now, you son of a bitch!”

He gave a shrug, “Sure thing.”

Letting go of her ankle, Hunter instantly went low to scoop up her body over his shoulder, coming back up with the Assassin hoisted up in the air with a wild shriek.

Keeping the smaller woman hoisted up despite her petite fists pounding at his back and her legs kicking powerfully in front of him, Hunter took a second to center himself, and then launched her overhead in a second back body drop!

Kim hit the mat on her lower vertebrae after getting some considerable aptitude in the air, quickly making her discomfort known with her squirming, agony-laden body language.

The exertion on his part ended up intensifying the soreness he already felt around his sides stemming from her prior assault, but it was a manageable degree of pain.

Of course, that was nothing compared to what he planned to dish out to her.

Mandy was ever-vigilant in her watchful observance of Hunter’s seemingly renewed in-ring prowess but made sure to warn her bestie as the dark-haired sex athlete kicked off into a running start back to her.

Getting the momentum back, he threw himself forward into a running shoulder tackle the second Kim turned to face him….

… spearing the empty air instead which took him directly into the turnbuckle behind her!

Alerted by her BFF’s warning, the Assassin displayed a surprising amount of flexibility at the right moment to leapfrog right over the lunging male sexfighter.

He thought he had the petite Japanese American right in his sights, but that miscalculation cost him huge when his head crashed right into the middle turnbuckle.

Cursing under her breath, the Duchess paced a small length of ring apron with a slightly worried look coloring her expression.

Grimacing with the taste of vinyl filling his mouth, Hunter was somewhat oblivious to the nimble woman slithering underneath the bottom rope to his right.

Massaging the discs in her back while pulling on the ropes to lift herself up, she gradually ascended up the cables from the outside, her shapely rear protruding out alluringly to the fans below to rile up ‘interest’ even further.

Whether or not that was by design or not, it didn’t matter as the Assassin very much meant her next move.

Using the top rope to generate some upwards momentum, she kicked off the middle cable and hurled herself back into the ring- landing feetfirst right on his kneeling back!

Hunter’s pain levels went from bearable to Fuck that hurt! in less than a moment with both soles drilling down against his spine.

The young man tasted the mat once more as Kim pressed her full weight behind the slingshot double stomp, but there was something different in how his body responded this time.

Usually, it would just hurt for a moment or so before gradually fading, but it was like her strike had opened up a whole plethora of recent aches that had been tattooed all over his back in invisible ink.

And now, they were all bubbling back up to the surface to really torture him now.

“Fuck…...Fuck!” he found himself blurting out, not entirely prepared for the level of hurt he was now going through.

But regardless of preparedness, he was now going through it- one grueling second at a time.

“Oh, I’m liking these new sounds coming out of you, Hunter.” Even Kim was picking up on it, which made sense given that she was literally standing right over his back. “So much better than your lame ass jokes.”

Gripping the middle ropes for further leverage, the Assassin knew exactly that she’d just stumbled upon a gold mine.

“Wow, I’m really liking it. Scream louder for your Empress, please!” Her bare feet started to press right under his shoulderblades, putting pressure right where the pain was blossoming up all over again.

His fists instinctively clenched and unclenched as he was forced to oblige that command, yelling out through gritted teeth.

The sound of smug clapping on the other side of the ring only made things worse.

“You’ve been carrying this tension for hella long, haven’t you Hunter?” Her voice switched seamlessly to seductive, but it didn’t hurt any less.

Exploring for the exact spots to really attack, she started to move her feet downwards, almost giving him a sadistic “back massage” in the process just with her feet.

“Let’s see if we can’t smooth out all those kinks….” Her toes started to dig around the small of his back, right where he was especially tender.

“Man, am I multi talented or what!” Her voice was breathy now as she relished in his writhing reaction to her soles trampling over his spine. “Not only are you getting a premier ass-kicking from me, but you’re also getting a world-class massage free of charge!”

She started to alternate between placing her weight on her toes and then rocking back on her heels, the rolling motions further causing him grief.

“Now that's what I call a steal.” Seconds later, she stepped off of him, the petite woman completely refreshed with a sexual confidence that simply dripped off her swinging hips.

Booing followed her brief strut around the ring as she combed her hair back, letting her unobscured eyes glow with sensual vengeance towards her once-conqueror.

The man in question only had time to peel his face off the mat before his hair was violently gripped in her small yet capable hands.

“How about you eat some rope for a second, Your Majesty?” Sneering down at him, she dragged him over just a few feet, draping him over the middle rope with his chin to the cable.

With his arms hanging almost listlessly in front of him, Hunter was seemingly even more vulnerable for attack as Kim backed away.

Grinning devilishly, she twirled around and took off at a fast pace, coming off the ropes to deliver a running hip strike right to the back of his neck- but not quite.

Throwing himself to the side just in time, he was able to evade her blow, leaving the Assassin to nearly slip right through the ropes as her own momentum betrayed her.

Feeling his sides still on fire, Hunter hastily made his way up to seek relief.

Stumbling over to the Duchess, he stretched out one hand to finally make the-

“Aarrghh!” Well, he almost made the tag, handicapped only by a desperate chop block to the back of the leg to force him on his knees.

Moving just a little quicker than him, the naked woman clambered up to her feet with a proud look on her face, matched only by Cutthroat on the apron.

“Trying to two-time on your Empress, Hunter?” she purred down at him, tsk-tsking with pure relish. “That’s gonna cost ya.”

And so, she made a move towards him to deal out said punishment….only to suddenly whirl around and knock Kendra off the ring apron with a ferocious forearm to the face!

She took a direct header right on the padded floor outside, incapacitated for the time being.

The booing she received at that cheapshot was near deafening, but her attitude was smug as ever.

“Bitch had it coming,” Kim only shrugged, before running forward to deliver a powerful dropkick right to Hunter’s face, knocking him on his back.

The taste of blood swirled through his mouth with that kick actually managing to rattle him.

He went from looking up at the lights to rolling over on his belly, mind swimming with sudden grogginess.

Unbeknownst to him, the Assassin stayed on the ground with him for a few seconds, mimicking his belly down position but in a much more provocative pose.

Bare ass raised up slightly, she kicked her feet back and forth slowly, preening in her fully naked beauty.

Then, checking to make sure the Duchess was still on the outside, she brought herself up to her feet, dainty feet padding around Hunter and taking her right back to….

“Tag!” The referee acknowledged as the two besties exchanged a high-five to officially bring the champion into the fold.

Going under the middle rope, the leggy blonde sauntered towards the still grounded Ruler of the Ring.

Confidence informed her body language even though her partner had done all the considerable heavy lifting actually taking down Hunter.

“Finally slowed down Mr. Bigshot, didn’t we bae?”

“Oh you know it, bae.”

Coming to stand right in front of him, she dropped down to a kneel, her first move being merely to trace her fingers around his neck, then let them glide over his shoulders and forearms.

She eventually found both of his wrists and brought them together, holding them down while a single look to her bestie communicated their next actual move.

While the window was still open, the Assassin suddenly ran against the ropes perpendicular to him.

Getting the momentum behind him, she hopped over his facedown form to continue building steam while rebounding off the ropes for the second time.

And then, jumping up into the air, Kim came crashing down with a second double foot stomp to his spine, further pouring salt right in the open wound.

Words couldn’t accurately describe the amount of nerve-wracking pain he was in, and Hunter admittedly didn’t even possess an extensive enough vocabulary to even begin.

It just hurt all the same with those dainty little soles leaving one hell of a welt on his spine (which probably won’t make Amy too happy in the showers later on tonight).

Crawling under the bottom rope, Kim left the ring after a mutual smile from her bestie, leaving the blonde with the currently suffering male sexfighter.

Tucking some strands of hair behind her ears, Mandy lowered her head so that her lips were right next to his grimacing face.

Gripping his hair tight so he couldn’t roll away, she whispered scathingly into his ear, “I never really liked you, James.”

“....yeah, feeling’s...fuck….mutual,” he gasped out.

She snickered some at his usual snark, continuing on, “Even back when you had Nikky, I still never got the hype. Now, I’ll admit you’ve done a little something for yourself winning that little tourney and all, but you really fucked up getting involved in my business.”

Her voice was barely above a hiss now. “Kendra is going to learn respect, even if Kim and I have to beat it into her. Any friend of hers, well, you get the picture.”

Lifting herself up, she yanked up on his hair to drag him up.

Much as his sides ached, he couldn’t resist the upwards tug on his hair, getting up off the ground…

… only to have his world go flurry when she suddenly jammed her knee right under his chin, putting him back on all fours.

A single line of blood dripped down his chin as he registered that hard hit right to the kisser.

“See that title over there, James?” Her hand pulled up his drooping face by the hair, forcing him to stare right at her Intercontinental Title still in the timekeeper’s area. “The one with my name engraved on it?”

“Yeah, can’t miss it,” he winced out.

Her sneering expression was right next to his face now, “That title means I’m better than you and Kendra combined. It means that I’ve actually accomplished something in this place, you understand me?”

His initial retort was muffled by her pinching her fingers around his mouth, talking right over him, “No, I don’t want you to speak now. The champ’s talking, and I don’t want to hear your stupid mouth when I’m about to keep kicking your ass even more!”

Standing at full height, she used her grip over him to pull him up as well, the near six-foot blonde able to maneuver Hunter over to the nearby corner.

He was violently smashed into the top turnbuckle pad, jarring his mind right when he thought things were starting to clear up.

With his back to the corner, he couldn’t brace in time for a fierce roundhouse slamming into his sternum.

Another one also nearly took the air right out of his windbags, getting him down to a knee.

“How was that form, bae?” Mandy cawed out, measuring him up for yet another strike.

Kim had the excitement of a college cheerleader as she beamed out, “10 out of 10, bae!”

The blonde woman frowned. “Yeah, it was decent, but I think a rib breaking would really-” “Uggghh!” A loud grunt was forced from Hunter’s lips as she slammed her shin into his sternum once again, keeping him slumped against the pads.

Her smile returned, hearing that. “- take it over the edge. Wow, you are showing so much resilience, James. The last guy Kendra had wrapped all tight around her finger was like a total dweeb, but you are a much better replacement punching bag.”

Gripping his hair with both hands, she led him up to his feet, grabbing him in a facelock while doing so.

Then, while he was still favoring his midsection, she swung him over so that they were touching back-to-back, and then fell forwards to impact the back of his neck on her shoulder.

He grabbed at his neck once the swinging neckbreaker was executed, giving him even more of a hard time in trying to clear his head.

Springing back up with a self-congratulatory smirk, she adjusted her bra confidently and began parading around the ring with even more confident swagger…


“Neckbreaker to take the King down, and Mandy is up and, well, not taking immediate advantage for some reason. Kev, take me inside the champ’s head on why this is.”

Observing Cutthroat continuing to saunter around the ring with the fans trying to get a rally started for Hunter, Kevin offered his perspective, “Well, I can only speculate, but it seems to me that she’s trying to reestablish an image of her on top. Last fall, she gave some solid licks, but she also took some at the same time. Couldn’t quite match up with Kendra on the chain wrestling, but here with the striking and ranged offense is really where she’s showing that intensity and killer edge that’s kept her champion for so long.”

“Right, and now we’re starting to see something. Check it out.” George motioned back to the squared circle as the blonde champion finally settled behind the grounded Ruler of the Ring, long legs stretching on either side of him.


Hunter’s night was only getting worse as he felt steely thighs wrap around his ribcage, intercrossing at the center of his sternum.

With her belly touching his back and her ankles locked together, Mandy proceeded to apply a whole new level of hurt to the already sore sexfighter.

Squeezing against his captive ribs to cinch in her signature bodyscissors, Cutthroat grinned from ear to ear as she exercised her specialized, polished, and perfected submission maneuver on Hunter.

He moved instinctively to break free, and the squeeze only intensified in direct response.

Not deterred at all, he kept on resisting, and she kept on squeezing him, flexing her lower half against his sternum with a controlling ease.

“Oh yeah, bae, he’s getting the full treatment now,” Kim cackled from her corner, very much clapping against the current of fan support growing for the veteran sexfighter.

Try as he did, there was simply no denying the flesh-wrapped steel in those long yet dangerous thighs now crushing against his abdominals.

Not the least of his concerns was the fact that Kendra was still MIA on the outside, taking away that option for alleviating the pressure since Mandy had otherwise rather strategically anchored herself to him in the middle of the ring away from all the ropes.

Feeling those thighs cut into his already hurting ribcage was not his most favorite thing in the world at the moment, but the agony was endurable.

Not for long, but certainly for now.

“We having fun yet, James?” she mocked him, perverting his and Kendra’s own running joke for her own benefit.

“.....nngghhh, yeah, tons,” he wheezed out, entertaining her nonetheless while still trying to pry her steely pillars off with his bare hands.

Her legs flexed even more around his torso, adding a new level of pressure to his already tender and throbbing flesh.

“You really should’ve taken Kim’s offer, James. I mean, getting to worship our sexy feet is a privilege around here. Even a King’s not above that kind of honor. Plus, we take such good care of them. It’s really hard to appreciate all that detail when you’re getting kicked in the teeth, y’know.” Another squeeze punished him, twisting up his expression even more.

“But then again….” He gave an even sharper grunt as Mandy reconfigured her leggy vice around him, taking both limbs and rather dexterously wrapping them around his arms so that her feet met at the back of his neck.

“Shit!” Not even a last-ditch buck of his hips could stave off the completion of one of the duo’s most dangerous shared techniques: the lotus lock.

Able to stretch back both his shoulders with the double-legged maneuver fully unveiled, she rested back on her palms and merely had to lift up with her own body to begin applying that downwards pressure to his upper body.

Working his neck and shoulders now with the added leverage of her legs, her lower body strength was truly a sight to see by the fans….

… and a sludge to suffer through for the crowned sexfighter.

The JumboTron reflected his miserable facial expression, capturing every detail while the Duchess slowly began to come to outside the ring.

Kneeling down, the referee asked Hunter for an early submission, but, true to character, he shook his head.

Almost expecting that response, Mandy further cranked up the pressure on his neck while telling him, “Tell ya what, James. I’m going to give you a second chance not to be a dumbass. It’s so fucking simple, even your dicks-for-brain protégé could take the hint.”

He could almost feel her toes wriggling against either side of his head, punctuating the point she was now making, “Take that tongue, and start licking the Champ’s feet. You’ve always been a sloppy little bastard, so I’m not looking for quality service. The effort is enough.”

“Yeah…” Grunting out, he gave a response (though perhaps not the only she was looking for), “I’m going to have to respectfully tell you to go fuck yourself, Amanda.”

She scoffed. “Really, you’re gonna make me keep doing this until you scream like a little girl to- shit!”

Hunter suddenly pushed back with both feet, turning the momentum against his blonde oppressor by leveraging his weight against hers.

Putting Mandy flat on her back, albeit with the lotus lock still locked in, he stared up at the lights while the referee now observed Cutthroat’s submission being reversed into a unique pinning position.

She gave a frustrated shout now that the dark-haired man was positioned almost in a crab walk with her long legs still tethered to him, leaving only her arms freely available.

He couldn’t sustain it for long, but the veteran move was held just long enough to force Cutthroat to release him.

The two mutually separated, untangling their limbs and getting some distance.

Being the fresher of the two this fall, Mandy had a much shorter recovery time, scrambling up to her feet first.

Seeing him on all fours, she immediately went for a punt kick to keep him down- a vicious swing but an instinctual dodge on Hunter’s part.

Able to sidestep it, he went back-to-back with his opponent, hooking both of her arms before she could make a move against him.

Straining slightly, he managed to lift the blonde woman off the ground, going for a backslide pin to put her back to the mat…..but not quite nailing the execution.

Actively resisting him from the lift, she kicked out her legs to offset the momentum he was trying to generate.

Nearly getting her over the hump at the initial push, Hunter now found that her thrashing movement had successfully halted the attempted pin attempt yet again.

And so, he improvised.

Releasing only one of her arms, he planted himself sideways while letting her feet touch the floor…

…. pulling on the arm he still had intertwined with hers to draw Mandy right into a short arm clothesline.

A solid hit, leading to an even greater reaction from the crowd.

Knocking the long-legged blonde down with authority, he kept going with the flow to drag her back up by the hair.

Fitting her into a front facelock, he made a signal with his free hand to signal what was coming, and the fans knew exactly what that was.

Slinging one of her arms over his neck, he squared himself up, and then, ignoring the protests of the Assassin, lifted the champion up into a vertical position for the one and only, his patented and perfected finishing manuev-

“Aargghh!” He got her body up for the drop only to grimace sharply as the recurring pain in his midsection reared its ugly head at a most inopportune moment.

The pain being so great that it severely took away from his focus, it ultimately cost him his grip over the champion just as he seemed poised to execute the brainbuster.

Cutthroat must’ve sensed his mid-move falter, as she was quick to capitalize with a swift knee thrust right to the lower abdomen the second she was brought back down to earth.

Another one forced him down to a knee, allowing her to wriggle out of his facelock and take a liberated step back.

“Couldn’t quite get it up, huh stud?’ she mocked him, taking another step back to prepare for a kick.

Mandy had her stance already, but then something caught her eye. Or, someone.

“Story of your life, I bet…” Seemingly still taunting him, Mandy took a forward step, and then whirled around to score a second cheapshot on the now recovered Duchess on the ring apron.

Cutthroat went for the head, but this time, Kendra had her own response already prepared in advance.

Blocking the punch, the Englishwoman retaliated with a smashing forearm right into Mandy’s face, connecting soundly right off the jaw to send the champion reeling back blindly…

… stumbling right into the arms of Hunter.

Grabbing her around the waist, he managed to lift her up and then down in a standing spinebuster, able to take advantage of the opening that Kendra gave him.

Taking an audible thud on the mat after a surprised yelp was forced out of her, Mandy’s smugness turned to horror real quick, but her true worry wasn’t the highly seasoned, highly capable veteran currently towering over her.

It was his equally capable and seasoned partner.

Leaning over, he made the tag to Kendra, and then hooked the blonde woman’s long legs under his armpits.

Turning himself around so that his back faced the corner, he looked over his shoulder just to confirm his target and then fell backwards to go for the slingshot.

Entering the ring as Cutthroat was catapulted from the canvas and up into the air, the Brit got into position as soon as the blonde woman hit the turnbuckle pad chestfirst, dazing her even more to facilitate a stagger backwards.

Right into position yet again.

Going belly-to-back with her American adversary, Mandy didn’t realize she was being lifted off the mat again until it was too late, leaving her even more unprepared for what would follow.

The fans would’ve expected a back suplex judging by the setup, but the Duchess went against expectation to instead give Cutthroat an atomic drop with her tailbone landing right on the Brit’s unforgiving knee.

“Ow, ow, ow, fucking BITCH!” Shrieking out in various tones of discomfort, Mandy barely was able to stand upright before collapsing on her hands and knees.

And where she crawled, Kendra wasn’t too far behind.

“Back in my greener days, a move like that would barely keep me down for more than a few seconds at most.” Cutting off the blonde woman halfway across the ring from reaching her partner, she lifted up the woman by the chin, gearing up for her next explosive attack. “But I guess they don’t quite make champions like how they used to, hmmm?”

Instead of waiting and listening for Cutthroat’s response, Kendra simply delivered another forearm that knocked the woman careening backwards.

That move may have been intentional, though, as the current titleholder ended up rolling under the bottom rope, tending to her body which had been thoroughly worked over in several spots after the duo’s combined assault.

Moving with the crowd still fully behind her, the former champion calmly exited through the ropes to join the current champion now on the ring apron, the narrow surface now proving to be very precarious, potentially dangerous territory for both competitors.

Stopping the blonde woman just before she could drop down to the floor below, Kendra’s unsympathetic grip over her hair forced the taller woman to stand up- stand and receive a knee thrust right to the gut.

A clobbering blow over the back kept Mandy on edge, kept her clinging on to the cables for dear life while they remained just outside the ring.

One hastily delivered knife edge chop later, Kendra wrestled the already teetering blonde into a front facelock, prompting all the fans in the nearby vicinity to stand to their feet.

The fans knew what she was going for.

Hunter especially knew, for it was a move he had been on the receiving end for many a time before.

It was her signature, her calling card back across the pond.

Whipping back her hair, the Duchess, with a crimson-lined smile, kept on squeezing the slender woman tonight before going for the apron DDT….right until Kendra shoved her backwards, well aware of the much-feared maneuver from past experience.

The Brit caught herself in motion, not letting the desperate shove throw her too offbalance.

But while she paused to catch herself, Mandy had already made her move.

Kendra’s eyes caught just a second too late Cutthroat’s outstretched foot as it smashed right into her face, the sudden big boot delivered at point-blank range.

Going from on her feet to limp in a second, the pale-skinned sexfighter crumpled off the apron with the powerful kick being pumped right into her features.

An audible gasp swept through the waves of spectators who now watched the Duchess take a faceplant on the padded surface, her body groggily turning over on its back to reveal noticeably dimmed lights behind her fluttering eyes.

Hunter’s smile vanished in a second, replaced by a worrying look at what had just happened.

Going under the bottom rope, the referee went to check on the Duchess while Mandy looked on, her posture slightly slumped and panting with her blonde hair virtually a mess now.

The striped official performed a few squeezing tests to make sure the Englishwoman was even still conscious, and then reluctantly went to reenter the ring.

But Mandy just looked on.

She looked….and smiled.

Gingerly sitting down on the narrow surface, she took advantage of the hushed silence to roughly grab a hold of the stunned woman around the neck.

More than happy to drag the near defenseless woman up, Mandy was practically hauling around dead weight back towards the ring now.

The stars were clearly still in Kendra’s gaze.

But nonetheless, the blonde woman got her under the bottom rope, and pushed her back in.

The Englishwoman was rolled all the way across the ring, holding absolutely no power over her own body the whole way.

Hunter was still biting the bullet in regards to his worked over midsection, but just seeing another replay of the devastating big boot on the ring apron almost stung just as worse seeing his long-time friend take similar abuse from the long-legged sexfighter.

But that was just another bullet he had to bite through now watching Mandy tag in her partner without missing a beat.

Kendra was now put up against the bottom turnbuckle pad, the almost faraway glare in her eyes still present.

Lowering herself down slightly, Mandy kept the British sexfighter pinned down by once more bracing her bare foot against her throat and going for yet another choke.

Extending out her shapely limb with relish, she gripped the nearby ropes for support and increasingly put pressure on the windpipe, serving not only her personal satisfaction but also allowing Kim to enter into the ring now as the soon-to-be legal combatant.

Digging her heel in, Cutthroat let the renewed malice on her face tell the story as the referee started to count against her, “1! 2! 3, I’m warning you-”

“Chill, zebra lady,” Mandy suddenly eased off, backing towards the center of the ring with Kim now joining her.

Taking her BFF by the hand, she Irish whipped her own partner back towards the seated Duchess, transferring all of that momentum right into a-

“Hah!” Both of Kim’s feet drilled into Kendra’s naked sternum, folding the slender woman in half with a dropkick that rang out almost like a gunshot.

Wheezing out immediately with all of that velocity slamming into her like a battering ram.

Amidst all of the coughing and writhing out, Mandy’s face contained an unmistakable smirk as she leered over her shoulder at Hunter’s reaction.

A reaction that only seemed to get grimmer and farther away from his usual cheeky self.

The Duchess had inadvertently draped herself over the bottom rope, severely winded from the running dropkick and fending off possibly concussive symptoms stemming from Mandy’s earlier big boot.

Their respective attacks left her plenty vulnerable for the Assassin, a woman of average height now towering over the tall and tenacious European woman.

“Rule of the jungle, bitch….” Bending down, Kim made a sultry show of jutting out her bare ass behind her, while grabbing Kendra’s bottoms and promptly yanking them down.

“What you do to me…” Stripping the Brit fully naked, she tossed her panties out of the ring and stood up, “I do to you. Fair’s fair, right?”

Cocking a little smirk at the unveiling of Kendra’s now exposed rear, the Japanese American woman grabbed another fistful of hair and tugged her up to her feet.

With only one knee thrust to the sternum, the Duchess fell back against the ropes, just as vulnerable to a followup pump kick in the same area that again had her clinging to the cables for stability.

Sauntering forward, the Assassin looked hard into Kendra’s still groggy expression, seeing most of her previous fire and ferocity almost snuffed out.

Cupping her by the chin, she tilted her head to the side at a sneering angle, “Still there, Mary Poppins?”

The English sexfighter didn’t take long to offer a response, “Still waiting for you two to give me your best shot.”

“Mmmm, coming right up.” Roughly forcing the Brit’s head over her shoulder in a three-quarter facelock, Kim then executed a smooth snapmare to flip the woman over on the mat towards the center.

The impact visibly rocked the Brit, but that was nothing compared to what came next.

“Y’know, I just don’t think Kendra gets it yet, bae.” Kim spoke while delivering a fierce soccer kick right to Kendra’s spine once again as she attempted to sit up.

“Get what, bae?” Mandy drawled out on the apron.

“That she just isn’t-” Another kick resonated right off the tailbone. “Championship-” And another kick. “Material.”

Going around to the front, Kim capped it off with a penalty kick right to Kendra’s nose, very nearly taking the dark-haired woman’s head off with the contained viciousness of her trajectory.


“Jeez, they don’t call her the Assassin for nothing. Those kicks were lethal!” George exclaimed out, practically wincing with every single kick that connected.

The leggy assault on the Duchess had had a similar effect on many others in the crowd at the calculated precision and power on display.

“Everything has a purpose in that ring. Big. Small. It all adds up in the end. Just look at how Kendra’s body has been absorbing those blows. On the surface, sure, she’s a trooper…” He nodded as Kim led the groaning woman by the hair over to a neutral corner, “But eventually, the cracks are gonna get bigger, and that dam’s gonna explode. And when it does, well, we could be saying goodbye to the Duchess’ Intercontinental Title aspirations for the very near future.”


It was a position that Hunter was well familiar with.

After a few seconds of seeing his partner being dragged unceremoniously across the ring, he finally saw what it was all about.

The final destination for Kendra was staring right at the middle turnbuckle pad as Kim forced her in a kneeling position in front of the corner.

Almost winking right in his general direction, the Fresno woman gave him a knowing look that implied as much.

Then, she used the Brit’s back as her own personal stool, walking up the woman’s back to get a foothold on the middle ropes.

No more time for the setup, she launched herself up, and let gravity take her down knees first….

…. right into the blank canvas.

Able to tap into her instinctual drive right at the last second, Kendra threw herself backwards in a desperate backpedal to avoid enduring a similar fate that plagued her partner: an aerial attack right on her already throbbing back.

Kim took a hard landing on both knees, but in her current yelping state, bought the groggy Duchess just enough time to capitalize with what little she had left.

Springing to her feet with an emergency adrenaline surge, she gave a mighty shove to send the Assassin face-and-chest first into the same corner once the shorter woman attempted to get back up.

Still on her feet, Kendra used up her remaining energy to suddenly diverge off to the side and in one lunging effort make contact with her partner’s outstretched hand.

With the proverbial baton now passed on to him, Hunter was in the ring not even a second later.

Though his ribs threatened to slow him down, the veteran’s recharged stamina overridden that pain, for now at least.

“.....nnngggghh- fuck!” She suddenly squealed out, feeling the lean and muscled male’s bare chest against her back, and then, groaned out as his forearm wrapped around her neck from behind.

Applying an inverted facelock to the Assassin, he ignored her thrashing arms trying to push against his body.

Torquing her neck so that her back was slightly arched, he braced his free arm under her while taking a few steps backwards.

Kim suddenly felt her feet leaving the ground at an upwards angle, her obscured vision only adding to her bodily anxiety as Hunter hoisted her up into a vertical position, and then fell forwards to complete the full rotation.

The brunette woman took the impact both on her face and chest, the reverse suplex earning much applause from the fans.

Laying prone with her limbs sprawled out, Kim was uncomfortably facing the canvas while Hunter sat up, his facial expression still slightly distorted in a light grimace from damage he himself had suffered earlier.

But that was gradually put to the side as he listened in to what the spectators were calling for all around.

And the more he listened, the more he smiled.

“Well Kimmy, I’ve been experimenting a little with new stuff tonight, but I think right now the fans are wanting some of the old classics.” Playfully patting her on the shoulder, he started to push himself up. “Had a lot of greatest hits over the years, but I think you know how this song goes.”

Getting a loose double underhook applied to peel her off the mat and into his grasp, he was able to hoist her up.

Clearing his head as best as possible, he was very time-efficient in his setup, getting the near arm draped around his shoulder, and then, lifting her up with her legs high in the air.

Achieving the vertical position that had earlier alluded him, Hunter was able to endure the recurring aches in his midsection.

Keeping her head tucked under his shoulder, he heard the growing cheers of the crowd as they were now witness to his first (and perhaps deadliest) finishing maneuver.

The Perfect Hunt.

High impact. Hard landing. And not to mention the blood rushing right to his opponent’s head as he delayed the inevitable, right up until…..until….

All of a sudden, her legs started to kick out wildly in the air, livening up her lower half against his expectation.

He decided then to go for execution, but unfortunately he didn’t have an opponent to slam down at that point.

Thrashing her body so much that she was able to wriggle out of his grip, Kim ended up landing clumsily on her feet behind him.

He had little time to account for the sudden absence of weight on his shoulders, or really, any time to do anything with two dainty hands suddenly shoving against his back.

With a cry, the Assassin pushed Hunter forwards...right into the referee standing right in front of him!

Unable to halt his own momentum, the Ruler of the Ring collided shoulder-to-shoulder with the official, knocking her down in an accidental hit.

She hit the mat clutching at her upper half, leaving Hunter to curse out a regretful “Shit!” under his breath….

… and then let out a much louder grunt as Kim swung her foot right between his legs from behind!

His knees immediately buckled as she detonated an even bigger atomic bomb of paralyzing pain within his groin.

The male sexfighter winced out as that throbbing wave of discomfort in his crotch continued to ache him, but that quickly became the least of his worries.

Seconds later, Kim’s slim forearms slithered right around his neck, pressing her biceps against one side of his neck and then squeezing his neck inside her dominant arm.

“How about a remix?” she hissed into his ear, pulling her fleshy noose even tighter.

Still cupping his crotch at that point, her low blow proved even more advantageous to the Assassin as it cost him those initial few seconds he had to fend her off.

And without that first line of defense, the sleeper hold was able to be locked in snug, and securely.

Going from grunting to gasping out, Hunter instinctively stood up while the petite woman clung on to him like a snake to its prey.

The crowd was almost rapt in complete shock as they watched what was happening.

One second he was trying to buck his hips and fling her off to the side, and the next, he was audibly straining against her constricting forearm with the pressure applied tenfold.

In fact, he was straining more than he thought he would be, finding that his inner strength was fading fast with her assault on his carotid arteries severely dampening his vision already.

And then, her legs clamped shut around his midsection.

The hidden strength in her thighs became highly apparent as she re-targeted his sore and seriously hurting abs.

“One minute.” The squeezing around his neck only intensified as she hissed into his ear, “That’s how long you put me out last time, Hunter. Now, did you really think I was just going to let you do that to me again?”

“....nnngghh...that was….the idea,” he wheezed out, prying with his fingers to loosen up her steel-wrapped thighs around his abdomen, but again no such luck.

“Was it now?” she purred out, somehow still maintaining a smug cadence in her words while the chokehold remained applied. “You were going to do what to me next, big man?”

“Get me on all fours…?” He tried reaching for the ropes, but they were hopelessly out of reach in all four directions.

“Take that dick out and start stroking it….?” Ignoring her, he tried next for Kendra, stretching out one arm towards his partner.

“And then what? Fuck me until I gushed out that yummy cum all over? Oh, and maybe spank my ass a little, just for shits and giggles….?”

He took one step towards her, struggling to make the next one.

That next step came, but at a heavy price.

Her legs tightened even more around him.

“C’mon now, Hunter. Make a joke. Say that I’m so beneath you.” Even more squeezing, on both ends. “Make all these people believe you’re still in control of this situation. Like how you did last time, remember?”

He staggered through his next step, his balance more threatened than ever before and his vision blurring even more.

Making a decision herself, Kendra started to enter the ring herself to break up the sleeper, getting one leg between the ropes....

.... while her other was suddenly seized by someone on the outside.


Sneaking around the ring to exploit the Duchess' blindside, the Intercontinental Champion yanked back hard on her calf to offbalance the woman.

"Hi Kendra." Ripped off the apron, she was barely even cognizant enough to stop the blonde woman taking her around the neck and suddenly hurling her into the nearest solid object: the steel steps.

The surprised Brit hit the hard metal on her shoulder and slumped down with a loud shriek.

With a derisive toss of her hair, she followed up with a cheeky, "Bye Kendra."

The cameraman then switched from the downed Duchess to what was going on in the ring, and what was going on there was a sight to behold, indeed.

Hunter was on wobbly legs, his own weight starting to grow heavier and heavier with the petite woman's limbs still wrapped around him.

With her head nestled up right next to his struggling expression, the Assassin could see all that he saw.

“Awwww, looks like Mary Poppins isn't coming to save your day, after all,” she mocked him, sensing his desperate drifting over to the Duchess. “What a friend she is, right? Just leaving you out to dry, but at least you've got little ol' me to keep you company.”

Struggling to even move his feet, he fought off her teasing insinuations yet again, trying to see clear through his increasingly blurry vision.

“...….” For once, Hunter couldn’t find the words in him.

And he was even struggling to find the energy and stamina just to keep himself upright.

“Didn’t think ‘Cali-girl’ had this in her, I bet.” she further sneered right at him, her words just getting lost in his mental fog. “Probably thought it’d be Mandy, right? Who took you down in the end. But no, it’s so much better.”

Her smile grew somewhat. “It’s just me. The Assassin. Empress.”

And then grew even wider, “The Kingslayer.”

He tried for another step, but then his front leg gave out on him.

The mat met both knees as her chokehold wore on the male sexfighter more and more and more, each second just taking chunks away from his stability.

Escape was the only thing he could think of now, but he couldn’t focus enough to decide on how to achieve it.

He could at least….at least…..

Without warning, Hunter’s body pitched forward and collapsed fully on the canvas, the valiant spark leaving his eyes without the thought even being finished.

The combination of the bodyscissors and the blood choke had brought the King down.

And all before the Duchess, whose outstretched arm now became a futile gesture of unanswered salvation.

Crawling right next to the legal combatants, the recovering referee saw all that she needed to see.

Oblivious to the low blow, she called for the bell, something that Kendra was ultimately helpless to do anything about.

Breathing out in triumph, the Assassin slowly relinquished her hold, releasing the now drooping head of the dark-haired sexfighter while the fans all around were left to make sense of what had just happened.

Pushing herself up, she wiped some crimson off her lip and stared right at the Englishwoman while straddling her partner.

“Winner of the second fall with a K.O. via sleeper hold….” The ring announcer boomed out the decision, “THE ASSASSIN!”

Taking deliberate care to brush her naked crotch up against the back of his head while rising, the young woman from Fresno tossed back her hair and walked around the barely stirring man on the way back to her corner.

Mid-stride, she mouthed four words at Kendra, You wanted this, cunt.


AN: Indeed. Last fall to come soon! Feedback always appreciated, and Happy New Year, everyone!!

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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

I love that Kim won this fall. I really enjoyed her attitude, her trash talk and her solid skills in the ring. The fact that she looks like

definitely doesn't hurt.

Thank you so much for continuing this, mate.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Your writing is truly perfect, Batman. We’re lucky to have you!
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Had to skim through the past two because of time constraints, but I'll re-read them with the time they deserve later on this week.

One thing I didn't get was why Kendra didn't just run in and break the hold, especially since the ref was out anyway. Holds are often broken even with the refs watching in tag team matches. And I was under the impression the SFL had pretty lax rules in general.
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Default Re: Tales of the Sex Fighting League

Originally Posted by honeryx [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Had to skim through the past two because of time constraints, but I'll re-read them with the time they deserve later on this week.

One thing I didn't get was why Kendra didn't just run in and break the hold, especially since the ref was out anyway. Holds are often broken even with the refs watching in tag team matches. And I was under the impression the SFL had pretty lax rules in general.
True that, I fixed that initial concern you had. Thanks for letting me know.

As for the second, well, yes, the rules are subject to referee's discretion. Sometimes she lets stuff fly, sometimes she doesn't. But if she's out of it, well, that gets rid of that pesky little ambiguity, doesn't it?

Thanks for reading!
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