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Talking Re: Quick Nap

Originally Posted by baller2242 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Not attempting to rush Advent1 but is anyone else checking the site daily to see if the newest chapter for this story is up or am I out on an island.
Absolutely doing that
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Post Part 6

Okay, here's part 6.

I've tried some different stuff with this one, so let me know how you like it.

Thanks' for reading.

Part 6

“Hurry up, I wanna lay down.” Sarah whined as I followed her through the back door.

It had been five seconds since she had grabbed a water bottle off the kitchen counter, chugged half of it, and began heading towards the hallway, tugging me silently behind her.

This is it, I thought excitedly, as I continued to watch her butt bounce with each step. I’m about to hit that...

On top of these hopeful ideas, the satisfaction stemming from my victory over her minutes ago was still fresh in my mind. All in all, I was feeling pretty good.

We reached the last door on the far right at the end of the hallway, and Sarah slowly pushed it open. Inside was a spacious master bedroom, with a king-sized bed directly in the center up against the far wall. Other than the bed and a thin, wooden TV stand against the opposite wall, the room was completely empty, leaving perhaps a dozen feet of empty space along either side of the bed. The smell of fresh carpet and some kind of aromatic air freshener wafted into my nose as we passed through the door.

Suddenly, Sarah let go my hand, walked over the to bed, bent down giving me another nice view, and began reaching underneath the hanging sheets.

“I know they’re in here somewhere.” she mumbled.

“What-” I began, closing the door lightly behind me.

Oh, I thought. Condoms, I bet… Wait a second, how did she know there were condoms in here? Did she…

Before I could finish my thought, she pulled out a small black gym bag, opened it up and pulled out several colorful objects.

She tossed two of the items at me and I immediately recognized them. They were a pair of open-finger MMA-style gloves, with red leather padding along the knuckles and the back of the hand.


I felt my happiness begin to fade away as realization sank in.

“You ready?” She asked.

She began fitting her own identical pair of gloves over her hands as she sauntered over to me, staring me down the entire time In her familiar predatory manner.

I looked her up and down once, then back at my gloves, then back at her. She may have been good on the ground, but I figured there was no way this girl, who must’ve weighted at least fifty pounds less than me, would be stand a chance against me in a fist fight.

“I thought you wanted to lay down?” I asked, grinning. She stared at me silently. “Alright, so you really, want to do this huh?”

“See, you think you that because you got me once, that you’re all done.” she said. “We both know that if it had been just you and me out there, I would have put you away In seconds. Over and over again. I need you to realize that, and to accept it. I need you to know that I’m on top.”

She spoke with the same tone she had used earlier, right before I had choked her out. I had been somewhat afraid then, I admit, but I think that after feeling her go limp in my arms and realizing that she wasn’t invincible, as she had previously seemed, my confidence had overtaken any chance of being afraid now.

At the same time, that tinge of anger and shame, which I had almost completely banished over the last several minutes, had began to return.

Alright, fine.
I thought, smiling internally, the fire within heating up again. I’ll play your game for a few minutes, but very soon, I’m going to be ripping those clothes off and throwing you on that bed…

“No hair pulling, scratching, curb-stomping…” she began. “But anything else goes: punching, kicking-”

Oh, crap. I thought, looking at her legs, praying to God that they couldn’t kick as hard as they could squeeze.

“-I’ll try not to break anything.”

“Yeah, sure.” I muttered. “How many rounds?”

“Rounds?” she asked mockingly. “We go until I’m done with you.”

As she spoke, to my great fortune, she reached down and griped the bottom of her tank top and began peeling it upwards along her stomach. I watched, mesmerized, as the fabric lifted away, first revealing the tight, thin lines along the sides of her stomach then, as she lifted her arms above her head, the bountiful, jiggling flesh of he gigantic breasts, which bobbed and swayed beneath the black, lacy fabric of her skimpy bra. It was almost comical how little her bra cover her chest, with the skin forming a near-perfect sphere that stuck out on almost all sides. Nothing save for the bottom of the cups and nipples was contained. I felt my shaft begin to stiffen.

She kicked off her socks as I quickly pulled off my own tank top and chucked it towards the door. Unfortunately, she stopped disrobing at that point.

Oh.... wow,
I thought, blinking my self out of the daze. She tossed her tank top on the floor near the bed and put her fists up.

“Come on.” she said simply.

Okay, I thought. Now, how should I go about this-

I took two steps towards her with my fists hanging out in front of me, and as my foot hit the ground the final time, her left fist quickly grew in size and popped against the side of my cheek with an audible ‘pop’ sound, faster than I could even react.

What the f-

It shot out again, though this time, I had flung my hand up in front of my face and felt the leather thud against my forearms.

I heard her chuckle.

Fuck you, I thought. Let’s see how you like mine-

At this point in the night, though I still didn’t want to go overboard and end up injuring her, I had given up any notions of needing to be gentle.

I shot my left fist forward, as quick as I could, towards her stomach...

I had practiced boxing only a few times in my life, and though I had used a heavy punching bag as part of a workout on several occasions, I was by no means an expert. That being said, I knew more-or-less how to throw a punch correctly and cover my face, enough so to the point that I felt capable of handling myself in any average scrappy situation.

My fist struck the side of her stomach, meeting the tight flexed muscles with a dull thud. A half second after I made contact, but before I could pull it back, I felt her left fist once against pop against the side of my face, this time bulging my cheek inwards and sending a jolt through my face.

I turned back towards her just in time to see her breasts bouncing sideways, then my view was obstructed by her arching right fist, which slammed into the opposite cheek, snapping my face sideways and causing a flash of hard pain on my cheek bone, accompanied by a small sparkles to invade my vision.

Now I get it, I thought. She distracting me with her tits on purpose-

I flung my hand up in front of my face again, and as I did, I saw her breasts jiggle to the side again and I felt a sharp pain in the side of my stomach, bending me half way over. It felt like I had been hit by a baseball bat just below the ribs. I caught a glimpse of her outstretched leg twisting back and retracting towards her.

Oh, fuck me. I thought. Realizing that my fears from earlier about her kicks were completely warranted. Oddly enough, my erection continued to grow.

Luckily, I still held my fists up in front of my face and in the next second I saw her hair twist to the side as her right leg shot out in an arc toward my face. The bulge of her shin bone cracked into my forearm and slammed my wrist against the side of my face with such a force that I ended up stumbling sideways towards the bed. At that moment, I knew that if I hadn’t had my arm up as a barrier, I would have be knocked out cold right then.

I felt my hip touch the mattress, and I bounced off quickly towards her.

I held my right hand in front of my face and jabbed the left forwards, straight at her face, only to meet her own padded glove. I did this several more times unsuccessfully, then pulled the left fist back to block, and fired a powerful right hook toward her. I saw her grinning face drop down out of view, her hair floating in the air for a moment, as my hand swiped the air several inches above.

My right fist had just completed it’s swing when I felt her left padded glove pop against my cheek once again.

I twisted and shot my left fist forwards.

At first, I thought I had hit her, as I felt arm stop. Too late did I recognize the feeling of her arm wrapping my own and squeezing it into her breast and armpit.

With my left arm locked up, I pulled my right up to block, but felt a fist drive into my gut.

I squeezed my abs and covered my face. I yanked on my left arm once, then twice.

Before the third yank, she released the lock, lunged forward, and shot her hand around the back of my head. She yanked down and drove her knee into my gut. I watched the top of her thigh slam upwards, once, then again, forcing the air out my lungs in short bursts, but when I brought my right arm down to block it the third time, it never came.

I felt her right first slam into my face once again, knocking me back several steps.

Fuck, come on, step it up...

I shook my head and lurched forwards toward her, and my stomach was met with a familiar force. Her bare foot plunged into the unflexed pit of my stomach, squeezing my guts against my spine and forcing all of the air out through my mouth in a quick, pathetic gasp, and with it, a large portion of my pent up fighting spirit.

The power of her legs was now undeniably her most deadly asset

I felt my knees give out instantly as my butt fell towards the bed...

Though by no means was I ready to concede the fight, in the back of my mind, I realized that getting my ass handed to me.

I gotta get her, I told myself. I gotta get her back, she’s so fast, and strong, but I gotta hit her, can’t let her hit me-

The next thing I saw was the stretching fabric of her yoga pants beginning at her tight crotch, moving along the top of her thigh, and leading up to the top of her bare foot as it power slapped me in the side of the face with such force that I was sure that I had been knocked out for a half second. I heard the smack of skin-on-skin and my ear exploded into a loud ring as her powerful leg drove her foot past my twisting face, which planted itself firmly against the corner of the mattress. My arms gave out and fell to my sides as my vision flashed for one hot second, and in the next I was staring at the TV stand with my lower back against the mattress.

I wasn’t sure if had actually been knocked out just then, but as I turned my shocked face towards my assailant, I felt the sole of her foot press firmly up against to front corner of my neck, right over the artery, as it drove my head down and back so that the edge of the mattress was pressing up against the back of my neck.

I felt small bones popping as my throat closed underneath the soft padding of her foot. The vein in my head began to throb. My gaze traced along the side of her slender, bare ankle, then up to her hard, flexed diamond shaped calf, leading to her thick, flexed thigh. I continued my gaze upwards along her tight, bare stomach, then to her soft, heaving chest, and finally, to her face.

I stared back into her piercing, huntress eyes and sultry, sadistic grin. It felt like she was staring into my soul in a dominant, yet simultaneously sympathetic way. She was parading her power over me like a goddess judging a pathetic peasant. I could tell, somehow, that this act was satisfying some very dark part of her.

I reached up weakly toward her foot, but she released it.

Then, she shot out it out and up and flicking straight kick, straight in between my legs.


A hot, sickening burst shot through my body, from the bottom of my balls to the top of my chest as both the air and the energy left my stomach once again. I jolted and lurched over, my head snapping forward as my hands flew to my groin.

But the bottom of her foot shot back out, under the bottom my chin, and drove my head backwards into the mattress once again, choking me against the edge. She pressed her full with into me with little resistance.

My eyes, which I imagined were wide with both anger and fear, stared back into hers.

I quickly reached up to her foot, but I was afraid. I was afraid that if I pulled at it, she would simply kick me in my tender balls once again. The aching sickness began to well up in my stomach, but at the same time I realized that my dick was now fully erect.

I reached up slowly, as if approaching a skittish animal, and gently placed my hands on her foot, feeling the soft skin beneath. For a moment, I simply held her foot against my choking neck.

“Kiss it.” she ordered.

At first, I wasn’t sure that I had heard her correctly.

I looked into her eyes. She was no longer grinning.

She eased the pressure off my neck, allowing the blood to flow freely once again, the show her toes out and pointed them at my face. A musky, sweaty odor drifted lightly into my nostrils. Though I recognized the natural scent, it was not overpowering, for I also smelled a hint of flowery fragrance, perhaps from a body soap.

I inspected them for a moment. The tiny, soft tips were like little fruits of their own, covered only by a glossy black nail polish. I saw the shallow streaks of veins running along the top towards her ankle.

I glanced back at her eyes, which remainder staring into mine, unflinching. What both understood what was happening; What this was, what was about to happen: for the second time that night, since I had tapped out on her thigh as it caved in my neck., I was surrendering to her.

And a moment later, I did just that.

I slid my hand along the sides, feeling the delicate skin, parted my lips, and guided her toes forwards into my mouth.

I kissed the toes lightly, one after the other, but she continued to shove her foot in, dipping all of them entirely into the my mouth. My tongue slipped in between the big and middle toe, then around them as if they were tiny lollipops, though they tasted like nothing of the sort. I could taste a hint of dirty sweat, along with remnants form the grass outside earlier.

I sucked and licked and drove her foot into my mouth, lubricating the entire surface with my saliva. My erection had not waned in the slightest.

“Yeah, you like that.” she said tauntingly.

She pulled her foot back slowly and I breathed out deeply and began to sit up.

She walked over and stood straight tin front of me, her crotch in level with my face.

In a moment of false hope, believing that I understood her intention, I slowly reached up toward her waist band. My face moved closer to the tight, gray fabric-covered ‘V’ as my mind began to anticipate the taste of her juices in my mouth, her hand flew out, stinging me against the face.

I pulled back In shock and confusion, and when I did, she grabbed my shoulders and shoved to the side, throwing me over onto my back next to the bed. Her body weight sank down into me in an all-too-familiar way as she mounted my stomach and slid towards my chest. By the time I had even figured out what was happening, she had pulled my wrists straight up to her chest.

I waited to feel her thigh lift over my arm and around my head, but it never happened. Instead, I felt her lead back and slide her calves behind my shoulders as the insides of her thighs pressed against the outside of my arms.

My fate was sealed a split-second later, as I felt her feet cross over the top of my neck and slide along the outsides, with her crossed ankles resting under my chin. I felt her lean back slightly and spread her legs, tightening the tops of her feet against the sides of my throat.

“I guess I can end it now.” she said casually. “Since you like my feet so much, I’ll let them do the honors.”

She continued to hold my arms up straight the entire time. I had no fight left at this point. I felt my hands lightly smack her tits, then lightly cup each of the massive, half naked orbs, not even able to fit my hands around them. I fondled and caressing the soft tissue beneath as I stared up into her sadistic, arrogant face.

My face began to throb and my vision grew tied and dark. I simply let my body relax, enjoying the feeling her breast in my palms and the dizziness growing in my head.

I’m not sure how long I lay there for, but eventually, the last thing a saw was her arrogant smile, then I passed out.

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Default Re: Quick Nap

For an experimental chapter I think it still lived up to the standards set by previous parts. I just wish it was longer lol
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Default Re: Quick Nap

Gotta say that match seemed in a word: decisive.

With apparently at least two parts left in this and the way she completely owned this match I wonder if our male has any "fight" left in him. He went in with that male superiority mentality and in all honesty wasn't a pushover but didn't go in with the same level of intensity and intent as his opponent and underestimated not only physical skill but mental acuity to take advantage of her assets.

Given that I wonder if they have one more bout where he gives his best from the get if he is capable of getting a one-on-one win. Even so she seems the better over all who would won 99 of 100.

The experiment was great and can't wait for what you have next!
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Default Re: Quick Nap

Thanks for the sharing, advent1. I love these stories
I love when Sarah puts him to sleep, thanks to a good gogoplata. Genius idea!!

Maybe Sarah can speaks a little, while he goes to sleep. like "shhh go to sleep boy, don't fight it"

we only must wait the next part now . Thanks
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Default Update


Thank you all for the feedback. I've decided to compile everything that's left into one final part and finish this bad boy up. After that, we'll see.

(Side note: Some of the ideas suggested earlier, while great suggestions, have proven too difficult for me to write about, so unfortunately they won't be in this one. I'll have to study up a bit first, then explore those themes in the future.)
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Default Re: Update

Originally Posted by advent1 [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Thank you all for the feedback. I've decided to compile everything that's left into one final part and finish this bad boy up. After that, we'll see.

(Side note: Some of the ideas suggested earlier, while great suggestions, have proven too difficult for me to write about, so unfortunately they won't be in this one. I'll have to study up a bit first, then explore those themes in the future.)
Really enjoying everything so far. My advice would be to continue to write with your voice and ideas and not worry about trying to insert other people's things into the story. A lot of suggestions reflect that person's personal fetishes and they may not align with your fetishes.
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Default Re: Quick Nap

This is such a well written story, thanks so much! I can't wait to read the last chapter
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Default Re: Update

Originally Posted by GuyIncognito [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
My advice would be to continue to write with your voice and ideas and not worry about trying to insert other people's things into the story. A lot of suggestions reflect that person's personal fetishes and they may not align with your fetishes.
This is great advice, but I actually like the challenge of trying to tackle something new and step outside my little box a little.
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Post Part 7 (FINAL)

Part 7 (FINAL)

I wanted to end this story with a 'bang', so I made this last part ended up being way longer than I had originally planned.

For that reason, I broke it up into little sub parts, so it’s easier to navigate.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I hope you enjoy.


As I opened my eyes, I was greeted with feeling of Sarah’s shirtless body laying next to me. I found it interesting that I wasn’t as tired this time, not as ‘drained’, as I had felt after my previous ‘naps’. Even just blinking I could feel the dull tenderness of my sore face. There was a good chance I would develop some light bruising overnight, but until then it would be okay.

I didn’t get much time to enjoy the moment. When I turned my head, Sarah moved hers, then quickly slid over and mounted my waist.

Oh, fuck
, I thought, feeling my muscles begin to throb. I can’t go again. I’m not ready... I’m not…

As I lay there silently preparing for the whatever humiliating beating I was about to endure, I watched her lean forwards onto her hands, her breasts dangling above my chest as her calm face stared down into mine.

I guess we’re doing that again
, I thought, watching the orbs come ever closer to my face. I didn’t bother to lift my arms.

As her hips slid down onto mine, I felt my member begin to tingle.

I was fully prepared to feel the flesh sink down against my face, but it never happened. Instead, much to both my surprise and delight, her chest moved down towards mine and it was her mouth which headed towards my face instead. She stared down at me dreamily, saying nothing, as her face moved closer.

I turned away at first, sure that this was another attempt to trick me into one of her punishing holds, but as I felt her warm breath tickle my chin and smelled the faint floral scent of her perfume, I simply gave in.

My fears vanished as I felt her soft lips press against mine. I felt her hot breath seep out the sides of her mouth as the tip of her tongue entered in a deep, sucking kiss. The softness of her kiss, the feeling of her breasts, half covered my a skimpy bra, and the sensation of her crotch pressing firmly into mine was almost too much to bear all at once. Her breathy moan was the final straw. Even though I had just woken up, my member began to stir in my pants. I reached around her back with my hands, hesitantly at first, as if she would explode into another choke at any second, then I tightened the embrace, wrapping one arm around her lower back and reaching the other down to grip a hand full of her ass. My member continued to rise, though now it was accompanied by a tired ache, as if it too had just gotten it’s ass kicked. She pulled back on the kiss, then came in for another, this one deeper than the last.

We continued making out. I began sliding my hands along her back, sides and ass, feeling every curve of her body beneath them. I didn’t bother to question any of this at this point, and was more of less lost in the act.

After a couple minutes, I made the bold move of sliding my hand down the back of the waist band of her yoga pants. I felt my fingers run over the thin waist string of her underwear, which I realized was a thong of some kind, then down along the bare skin of her butt cheek. She didn’t stop me, and instead seemed to arch her back even more, pressing her hips into mine even deeper. I was pretty much fully erect at this point.

I continued sliding my hand slowly down her butt towards her inner thigh. If her ass had been any smaller I would have already made contact with the back of her crotch. Right when I thought my fingers would brush against the warmth of the lips, she slid her mouth over to whisper in my ear.

“Take it off.” she breathed heavily

Without a word, I slid both hands to her waist band and began pulling downwards against her thighs. After some assistance form her, she kicked the final portions off from each foot and kicked them onto the floor. I practically tore my own pants off, sliding them down to my calves in one quick motion, then tossing them off and to the side of the bed a half-second later.

She slid back onto me.

I could feel the heat and energy emanating from her crotch though the mere millimeters of fabric of out underwear that separated it from my own. The skin of her bare legs entangled with mine. I swore I could feel the bottom of each pussy lip sliding against the bottom of my shaft through my underwear as she ground her hips into me, slowly and rhythmically. I reached down and squeezed each of her butt cheeks in my hands, feeling my fingers sink into the bare, ample mounds. My dick felt like it was about to tear a hole through my underpants.

The lace of her bra was becoming somewhat of a hindrance to the complete experience. I slid my hands off her butt and up her back to her bra hooks. She didn’t object, as had somehow known that she wouldn’t. I moved my mouth up to her neck and began sucking on it as I peered over her should down her back. It wasn’t that I needed visual assistance with the bra hooks so much as I wanted to get a glimpse of her mostly-bare backside. Her heavy breaths had transitioned to soft moans at this point.

It looked even more incredible now than it had before.

The thin fabric of her thong seemed ridiculously outmatched by the sheer size of her perfect ass. As soon as the final bra hook detached, rather than sliding it completely off through her arms, I slid my hands down and grabbed it again. I just needed to see how it looked in my hands, and when I did, I was not disappointed. It looked even bigger like this, as though my hands were barely able to grope even half of it.

She chuckled softly and slid her bra off the rest of the way without my help. When she leaned her chest up, I slid my face into the cleavage, kissing the warm skin and feeling it’s suction mold around my cheeks. I pulled back slowly and stared dumbstruck at her perky, erect nipples, only for a moment, until I sucked one into my mouth softly pulling it with my lips.

All of her breath left her body at once in a deep, breathy moan.

I began teasing the bumpy tip of her nipple with my tongue as I slid a hand up and softly squeezed the other breast, the nipple pinching lightly between my fingers. I grabbed and squeezed hand fulls of her flesh in both my hands and mouth as I continued grinding my hips against hers. I felt the pressure begin to rise within my groin and had to focus on it intensely to stop myself from erupting right then.

Suddenly, she pulled back and sat up.

“Fuck.” she breathed shakily.

She stared at me in a half-dreamy, half-crazed look, breathing deeply.

“You want it?” she asked seductively, her chest rising with her deep breaths. “Tell me you want it.” She commanded.

“...I want it.” I answered numbly, my eyes glued to her chest.

“Tell me you want to fuck me.”

“...I wanna fuck you.”

“Then fucking do it.”

Whatever fatigue or soreness I had been feeling up until this point had completely disappeared, overpowered by the primal lust that ran through my entire body, converging down to my throbbing dick.

As I reached up to embrace her, she quickly hopped off the side, like a cat, posed on hands and knees and staring me down with a look I was already familiar with.

Oh... fuck. I thought, as I began to realized what was happening.

Something was different this time, thought.

I was neither scared nor angry. I was ready. I wasn’t about to submit to her again. Not this time. I was excited. I was horny and I was excited. And I was fucking ready. Nothing but the animal-like desire to fuck her ran through my blood.

“Come and get it.” she cooed.

I was upon her within the second. My hands Her hands outstretched toward mine, but rather than engaging them head on, I began batting them away forcefully. As her arms flung about, her breasts bounced all over the place.

Suddenly, I got through, and my left had slapped into her chest, cupping her massive tit. I pressed my body forward as I tried to wrap my other arm around her back. That was when she fired her feet into the bed and shot forward, pressing me back toward the bedpost with more force than I would have ever thought capable. She must’ve used every ounce of strength in her powerful legs.
My body tumbled backwards onto the bed and in an all-too-familiar way, her body came flying forward onto mind. I was certain that she had been completely air body for a moment.

Instead of pressing back or bracing for the impact, I welcomed her in with open arms, which slid off her breast and arm and around the side, wrapping around her back.

A part of me saw what was coming, but it was a small part. The rest of me didn’t see it. The rest of me was too busy staring at her giant chest. It was like they were commanding me to welcome them, to embrace them...

I was half-right, at least.

Her breasts slapped into my face, burying it immediately as her arms curled around the back of my head, sealing it in yet another tight fleshy prison. The problem was, I was simply too horny to notice or even care about the other flashing warning signs, such as her legs slowly snaking their way around mine once again. I just couldn’t feel it. My mind simply wasn’t there.

My hands slid around to her neck and ass again as I began passionately sucking on the cleavage and inner tit-flesh. I slid my one hand along the side of her ass, around the hip, and below, between my hips and hers. My fingers brushed past toward the waist band, then to the border of the front of the underwear, underneath, moving closer and closer to the center of her crotch...

Her hip exploded, pressing my arm away as my legs were wretched to the sides harder than I could have even been prepared for. All of my focus shot to the searing, tearing pain in my hips and groin muscles, as my hand jerked away from her crotch and back around to slap onto her now rock-hard butt cheek.

“MMMMMPH PHHUKKK!” I wheezed, jerking my face back from her chest.

MMMMMMMM yeaaaaaah!” Sarah moaned, breathing heavily. “You feel that!?”

Suddenly, I understood.

She’s… enjoying this, I realized. She’s... enjoying my suffering…

Of course, I couldn't move one bit.

I knew this hold, and knew it well. I had seen it coming. I had seen it but hadn’t done a thing. In fact, I had welcomed it. And I knew why. We both did. It was because I couldn’t. Not with her distracting me, like she knew she was doing, like she had planned all along. Not with her naked tits, and her half-naked ass, and her hot, welcoming crotch covered only by a thin triangle of fabric. I was so close now…

My mind returned to me as the familiar panic returned, though it was more of a half-state. The other half being that of pure lust.

Through my mental fog of burning sexual desire, I tried to remember the last time I had been in this position, tried to remember how I got out, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t think straight at all as I sucked both desperately and lustfully against her breasts and groped and pulled uselessly at her massive, hardened thighs.
The tearing was relentless. The scariest part was that I knew she wouldn’t knock me out in this hold, which was something would have welcomed with open arms at that moment. By now, I thought she would have eased up, but the punishment continued. I was sure that she was going to tear my legs out of their sockets. I felt my crotch brush against hers. That was the second worst part: was that I was so close, millimeters away, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

On top of the pain and the panic, a feeling of deep frustration was growing. As much as I loved it, I hated it at the same time. I was tired of losing, tired of being humiliated. I wanted to fuck her, not the other way around.

What happened next sent my pent of frustration over the edge.

Sarah shifted her chest slightly, offering me a welcome gulp of air. She leaned her face down.

“What’s the matter, baby?” she breathed heavily. “Don’t you wanna fuck me? Huh? MY pussy’s right here?”

She shook her hips slightly.

Awwwww,” She continued “You can’t get out, can you? No… you can’t. I’m stronger than you… you’re a weak little bitch… tap out, bitch… tap out...”

My frustration switched to full blown anger as I began thrashing my legs around and pressing on her hips as hard as I could. I felt my adrenaline begin to seep out into my veins, the blood boiling...

Suddenly, her legs fired outward with even more pressure, nearly ripping my tendons apart

OOOOOOOMPH!” I shouted into her chest.

“Tap out.” she commanded. “Now.”

My growing rage was overblown by fear and panic as my hands began popping desperately off her hip and butt cheeks.

Without letting up, she leaned in even closer and I felt her lips brush my ear.

“Say it.” she whispered shakily. “Say you’re a little bitch… say it…”

She pulled her breast back from my red, sweating face and staring down into my eyes with unnatural calmness and dominance. At the same time, her legs continent to split me in half.

I looked away, gritting my teeth in fear and shame, as my hands stopped tapping and began tearing at her legs in a last ditch effort.

“Aw, you’re trying so hard.” she cooed. “...fine!”

Suddenly, her legs ceased their pressure completely and I sighed with relief, but only before my face was puled back into her chest again. I felt my voice vibrate off her breasts as her arm wrapped around my head and pulled me in deeper. My hands relaxed and lay tiredly on her now-soft thighs.
Before I could begin to enjoy the feeling, one of her hands began wedging its way in between my face and her chest, followed by the rest of her forearm, which slid forwards and down onto the side of my neck. I went to reach my hand up, but before I could, my head was pressed sideways at an angle as she powered her arm down and into my neck, while at the same time twisting and squeezing the other side with her opposite bicep.

I felt the familiar pressure build up in my head immediately.

“How ‘bout this.” she said chidingly. “Two more rounds… you tap or you nap... it’s one or the other… you tap, and you do what I tell you… and if you don’t, you nap…”

Though I was still full of shame and humiliation, after what I had just experienced, I was totally fine with that prospect. Falling asleep peacefully in her arms was a far more welcoming idea than being torn apart. Unfortunately, she knew this, and wasn’t about to let me off the hook.

“Oh yeah, but...” she breathed. “If you pass out… you get nothing…. Nothing.”

My eyes widened with a new fear. One in which I would not get the prize I so desperately desired.

“I choke you to sleep... and I’m gone.” she whispered. “Now… if you want this pussy… tap out.”

With that, she began powering down on the choke.

My pride was strong and my desire to win stronger, but neither was a match for my uncontrollable carnal desires. I wanted that pussy.

I gave in and began tapping out instantly against her lower back.

“Now... say it.” she whispered even softer than before.

“I…” I hesitated, but the throbbing in my face was getting loud and my vision was beginning to blur.

“I’m… I’m your little bitch.” I muttered into her chest.

“Good.” She grinned and her choke eased up. I felt the pressure dissipate from my face.

Before my shame could fully overtake me, she learned down and kissed my softly on the lips.

“Round one is mine.” she breathed. “Two more to go.”


Before I could kiss her back, she released my head completely and shoved herself back toward my feet. Finally free of her clutches, I scrambled to my knees near the head of the bed.

She was on her hands and knees again, staring me down. I stared down at her breasts, then to her crotch. I took a deep breath. I didn’t have time to be humiliated. I wasn’t done, not yet. I still hadn’t gotten what I wanted. And I wanted it. I would have it.

But now she had raised the stakes to higher level than ever before.

Two more rounds, I thought. Only two more rounds…

She lunged at me.

This time, I was prepared.

I powered forwards, pushing her into the bed with all of my body weight. To an outside observer, it would seem that I was hell bent on crushing her into the bed, and to be honest, that wasn’t entirely false.

I felt her legs shoot up in response and begin driving back into my hips, but it wouldn’t work this time. It wasn’t that they weren’t capable of throwing me off, as I knew full well that she could have kicked my back into the wall if she truly wanted to, it was more a factor of leverage and speed that anything else.

I pressed onward, harder, down into the bed.

By the time she had gotten her legs in a position for any potential pressing movement, I had already snatched her ankles and buckled her knees backwards, pressing her feet down to the bed in line with her ears. It was then that I realized how flexible she was. Even with all that latent strength and size in them, her legs were easily able to stretch out nearly straight in line with her body, each of her hamstrings expanding to the size of her torso.

For the first time since I had met her, I saw a look of frightened realization spread over her face, overtaking her confidence,

Even she couldn’t deny the fact that, right now, I was the one dominating her.

I felt my erection press into her crotch and heard her exhale sharply with a quick moan, a small detail that would come in handy later.

Her legs had all but given up as she lay spread out and bent over beneath me, her arms desperately digging into my chest, the last thing stopping me from driving my face down to hers. I began grinding my pelvis slowly.

She grunted and her arms began shaking from the pressure. I knew that with her legs partially between us, she didn’t have quite enough reach to go for the arm choke. Otherwise, I would most likely be tapping out to the same basic hold as before.

I stared down into her face. I knew I had her, and she knew it too. From this position, I could easily enter her.

But there was a problem.

I would have been able to slip my shaft past the skimpy triangle of her panties no problem, if not for my own pair, which stretched against the tip of my erect penis. I would need to remove them, or at least shift them into a position as to free my dick from their confines, but how?

I didn’t dare give up my leverage, as it was the only thing keeping me safe. This meant that I would have to move one my hands down to adjust it. I knew it was risky, but as I looked down into her submissive face, her eyes, and her breasts, which bobbed up and down with my slow grinding, I knew that I could not wait. She seemed so weak, so open. I had to try it.

I pressed my body into her hamstrings as much as I could and slid my left hand down to my underwear. My hand made it half way down, the look on Sarah’s face changed from coy submissiveness into a scoff of confidence.


Her hands grabbed my right hand and tugged it towards the opposite side of her body, as her legs came to life. Her left foot flung across her face as she continued to stare up at me. I shot my hand forwards just in time to feel her calve hit the front of my neck. By the time I gripped it, she had shot her hips up and twisted sideways, to where one hamstring smacked into my face and the other came down against my chest.

In one quickly motion, I was brought down hard onto my back with my arm being tugged outwards, squishing the back of my arm into her crotch. She squeezed her thighs shut, probably by crossing her feet, and my arm began to fill with blood.

I felt the tendons along the front of my elbow joint being split apart as she arched her stomach up and pulled my hand back into her chest.

My jaw clenched shut from the pain.

I knew vaguely what an armbar was, but the experience was new to me and I had no idea what to do. What I did know was that if I didn’t find a way out of this quickly, my arm would most likely be snapped in half.

What I didn’t realize that was that there was no real way for her to choke me out in that hold. After all, part of ‘rules’ was that if I got choked out, I lost. It followed then that she would need to perform a hold with the capability of choking me out. This fact alone should have told me that she had other plans in store, but unfortunately I was far too busy fighting the pain in my elbow to think about it, and when she relaxed her legs and bent her knees up, I took the bait immediately, curling my arm and pulling my body up towards her in an attempt to pull it free.

As my upper body lifted off the bed, I felt her hips twist sideways, with her butt turning up toward my face. I didn’t have much time to enjoy it, however, as she slipped her far leg under my back and behind my head.

She squeezed my face into the crook of her bent knee, between her calve and thigh and powered back down, pressing the back of my head into the inside of her opposite thigh and yanking my arm out straight yet again.

Now I had both the pain of elbow being split backwards and that of my head being choked off by her leg.

I knew then that I was pretty much fucked.

I reached up with my arm and began prying at her calve. It came as no surprise to me when it didn’t budge. I knew couldn’t budge her legs with both my arms, let alone one of them, and so the only option I could think of was to try and get my own legs around her body somehow.

I began flinging them towards her, pressing off the bed and trying to press off and kicked the mover, but each time I did, she simply arched her back further, sending flares of hot pain through my throbbing arm.

“Uh-uh.” she cooed.

I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and I knew what It meant.

As much as I wanted to fight it, to rip my arm away and mount her yet again, I knew it wouldn’t happen now, and that I was only prolonging the inevitable.

“Tap or nap, bitch.” she commanded.

I began tapping against her thigh in submission.

She eased off the pressure and sat upright, with my arm still held firmly to her chest. She looked like she wanted to say something, but decided against it. Instead, she brought her foot up and planted in on my face. She rubbed it back and forth for a few seconds, before placing it against my neck and pushing away. I realized then that it was a good thing that she hadn't been trying to kill me, as I was sure that a full powered kick would have snapped my neck instantly.

She kept her feet up as she released my arm. I brushed it against her crotch briefly as it slid between her thighs and out onto the bed, but she didn’t seem to mind. I returned to the far corner of the bed and turned to face her.


Just then, I watched as Sarah reached down and began sliding her hands to her underwear strap. She gripped the edges and tugged lightly, pulling them away down along the skin. I stared, hypnotized, as the small triangle of fabric slid down with them, revealing a small crease of pink, then spreading into two tight, supple lips. I looked up quickly to see Sarah biting her lip and gazing into my eyes, as the thin triangle of fabric slid down with the waist band along the remainder her thighs.

Suddenly, the pain in my arm was forgotten, as was my recent submision, and the only sensation I felt was a slight twitch in my erection, as if it could feel the energy coming out from between those lips. I swore that I could feel the heat.

I began to plan my attack, but I knew that if I took too long, she would be upon me again. Images from our earlier encounters ran through my mind.

“Last chance…” she breathed.

She brought her finger down, straightened it out over the center, then slowly dragged it up, sliding it partially between the lips, then continued up her stomach, between her cleavage, and finally int other mouth.

She leaned forward onto her hands and began shaking her hips back and forth slowly.

“Come and get it.”

And boy, did I want to.

But I knew that right now, being my final chance, was not the time to let my excitement get the best of me.

I slowed my breathing and focused. The memories of every painful and humiliating hold, every knockout ran through my mind, as it tried to use them in some way to formulate a working plan. It was hard, though. She had made it quite evident that no matter what I did or how I came at her, she was ready, and more than capable of turning it on me at any moment.

Then it came to me.

I remembered the sound of her quick moan when I had touched her crotch earlier.

Of course,
I thought.

I looked at her legs. I knew exactly how much risk I was taking on, and that if I missed my target by even an inch, I was done, but It was also the best chance I had.

I dug my feet into the bed and shot my body forward, twisting as I did, like a human torpedo, reaching out straight towards her legs. The last moment was the most terrifying, as I saw the muscles in her legs twitch in reaction as my face approached it’s target. I felt her reach down and grab at my now upside down body, but she hadn’t been fast enough.

My arms swung around her butt and thighs and pulled with as much force as I could muster, sliding my face along the insides of her quickly closing legs, watching the small pink slit grow before my vision.

A millisecond later, my face collided with a wet smack as my mouth pressed deeply into the puffy tenderness of her crotch. I squeezed her hips towards my face as hard a I could, knowing that if it was forced back even a little bit I would lose the only advantage I had. A ripe flavor, a sweet fishy taste, covered my tongue as it dug inwards into the hot, wet crevice as her thigh meat pressed inwards covering the entirety of each side of my face. My nose tickled against the bottom of her butt crack as I stared up towards the ceiling in a state of pure adrenaline, my vision half obscured by the naked cheeks.

When I heard her moan loudly a half second later, I knew that my plan had been successful.

It was something she hadn’t expected: diving for her wildly, purposefully putting my most vulnerable part easily within reach of her most dangerous assets. If I had missed by even an inch, I would be getting crushed asleep right now. I had risked it all and, by some miracle, it had worked.

I had used her own game against her. It was payback for all the times I had bee distracted by her body.

Her thighs had stopped squeezing with the intent to kill, and now held my head firmly in place, as I began sliding my tongue up and out, searching for the small nub of her clit. I continued to wrap my arms around her butt and waist, forming the tightest possible seat between my mouth and her vagina as I readily ate her out.

I could feel her hips gyrating and her legs shivering ever so slightly. She wanted to squeeze right then, I could tell, but she couldn’t. She wanted this too much. She wanted my mouth in her more than she wanted to win. This had been the entire basis for my plan.

I felt her hands grip my waist and press down, for only a moment.

Then, to my absolute relief, she simply gave in.

She exhaled loudly and deeply, releasing her thighs and sinking her crotch down onto my face. Her legs spread out and her hips sunk deeper, pressing my head into the bed and engulfing my entire mouth and part of my nose in her pussy. I finally found the small bump of her clit and began running the tip of my tongue slowly down one side, then the other, as I reached one hand down and lightly massaged the side of the lips. My mouth and fingertips were now glistening with wetness. She ground my face deeply and slowly, her entire body arching and flowing, her inner thighs sliding back and forth against my ears as she moaned deeper each time.

Ohhhhhhhh... fuuuuuck…” I heard her breath.

My mouth was now soaked with her juices as I continued to suck and lick.

After a minute, I felt her body weight sink down onto mine. Her hot breath and lips tingled against my tip first, followed by the wet, heavenly wave of her hot soaking mouth as it engulfed my shaft, just as it had during our first match, causing me to moan deeply into her pussy.

I relaxed my grip of her waist and ran my hands down the outsides of her legs, as she began to slide her mouth up and down, sucking my shaft. My hands came to rest them on her butt and I squeezed her cheeks tightly as I sucked her clit into my mouth and pinched it lightly within my lips.

If I can just get her to cum, I thought, then I’ll have my opening. She’ll be vulnerable then, not thinking straight. I can take her then...

But I had gotten carried away, it seemed, and in my excitement I caused her to tense her thighs inwards, squeezing my face even deeper inside as the familiar pressure immediate began to tingle in my face.

My eyes widened in panic as I began tugging on the insides of her quivering thighs and trying to pull my face back.

But it was of no use. Sarah was now lost in the throws of pleasure as she continued to grind my face and squeeze it deeper into her.

I stopped sucking, as on top of the blood being slowly choked off, I was now nearly suffocating in her juices which flowed freely over my mouth and nostrils. I arched my head back as her thighs squeezed my neck and managed to take a single wet, snorted breath before my nose was squeezed back in. I continued gripping at her firm ass and legs.

My hips had began to gyrate with her sucking as I felt the orgasm building up. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t, and I couldn’t have stopped her from sucking if I had wanted to, which I didn’t.

I was now in a mixed state of ecstasy and panic, as she continued to grind harder and deeper, squeezing tightly, engulfing my face.

I felt my head begin to throb with the beginnings of a knockout as my dick quivered

It was all just too much for me to handle. I was about to erupt at any second...

Then her mouth left my dick.

My hips thrust wildly in the air, begging for the release, but none was to be had. Sarah arched her back and slid her thighs back along the bed, straightening them. She crushed my neck inwards with a series of small popping sounds as my arteries were sealed shut, locking my mouth into her pussy and my nose up into her massive ass. Her thighs ballooned on either side of my head and the bottoms of her butt cheeks pressed into my chin. I shot my hands up to smack them on the sides, feeling the sheer power and realizing I was completely fucked. Her breathing was sharp and erratic, and I knew what It meant.

Oh fuck… Nooooo… you... bitch!

In the back of my mind I knew that even if I tapped, It was still the final round and I would be giving up my chance to fuck her. But in my panicked state I simply didn’t think about it.

My vision danced and my ears buzzed. All rational though left my body as my hands began desperately smacking her thighs, petitioning for release. They continued to slap her legs, then transitioned to her ass, popping off the cheeks as I shouted my muffled, gurgled submission into her pussy.


I thought I was done for, when suddenly my head fell from her thighs, hitting the bed with a thud.

I heaved and snorted, my face red and pulsing. My eyes blinked rapidly as I curled my hands twitched and grabbed at the sheets.

I was certain that I had just been knocked out, if only for a second.

But It didn't matter.

Before I could react, Sarah spun around on my body like wild cat. Her hair flailed to the side as she staring dreamily eyes, her mind lost in the moment.

Her chest arched up and heaved deeply as her pussy sank down and engulfed my dick.

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she moaned, staring up at the ceiling, her mouth opening up widely as my tip slid up into her guts.

I felt her juices tickle against my ball sack and slobber onto my waist as she resumed her grinding motion immediately.

I knew for a fact that I had just tapped out, and that by all means it meant that I had lost my final chance, but I had forgotten about it in an instant and, apparently, so had she.

Here she was, sitting on my dick, as I, in turn, began to thrust my hips upwards and squeeze her hips, fucking her bouncing body. My dick, now aching from having been denied its climate moments ago, came to life once again as the sensations ran all the way to my brain.

“Awwwww… fuck… yeah.” I breathed, feeling out energies combine and intensify.

“Oooooooooooh.” she breathed back, as she twerked against me rhythmically, her breasts bouncing up and down hypnotically. “Fuuuuuck…..meeeee…..fuuuuck..”

Her body fell forward as she thrust, and her tongue dug deeply into my mouth. I sucked back hard once, then again, and continued sucking and thrusting as my hands groped her entire body, from her neck to her back, then sliding down to her ass and legs. I slid my mouth down to her breasts, sinking my face into the cleavage at first, then sucking and pinching her nipples.

I didn’t last more than a minute longer.


I squeezed her ass and inhaled her tit as my dick erupted in a powerful burst, followed by thee more, filling her up with hot cum that coated both her insides and my dick, dripping back down onto my pelvis.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, she breathed, gyrating slowly as I continued shooting small bursts of cum into her.

Finally, my dick relaxed, tingling with a sublime sense of success.

Sarah, however, wasn’t done.

She continued to grind my still-hard erection as I tiredly gripped her ass and rubbed her back. Not wanting to be selfish, I rolled her over onto her back and continued thrusting down into her. I was incredibly tired at this point, but I force myself to continue fucking as held my body up with my one, wrapping the other around her waist and plunging into her over an over again.

After thirty seconds, her legs trembled and her breathing became short and harsh. I knew what it meant.

Or so I thought. To my surprise, she had something else in store.

She shot me a quick look. Before I could guess what it meant, she brought her feet up and pressed me back, sliding my dick out of her pussy, then swung her legs up and around to the sides of my neck. Her hands grabbed a handful of my hair as she pulled my face back into her womanhood once again.

I felt her thighs sliding along my neck and I was about to move.

But I couldn’t.

I was simply too tired now, my energy drained from my body through the orgasm. I was done, both physically and mentally. I had no fight left.

I knew that it was over, that she had me once again. I knew that even though i had just fucked her, she had actually been the one fucking me the whole time. She was in control, and we both knew it. She always had been.

My hands simply rested on her thighs as they pulled my face in and tightened around my neck. Her hips continued to grind as her thighs pulsated in slow squeezes. I stared down her body at her bobbing breasts, then at her eyes which stared straight back into mine. My head began to pound.

I watched her head tilt back as her thighs stopped pulsing and tightened into a single, long squeeze.

I gave a quick tap on her thighs, knowing it was pointless, then slid my hands down under her ass, groping it sensually for the last time.

She let it all out at once.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she bellowed, her mouth agape as she arched back, driving her head into the bed.

Her nails dug into the sheets like talons as a rippling orgasm erupted through her entire body. Her thighs and ass exploded beneath my hands as her juices erupted and poured into my mouth, the salty tang barely registering as my mind began to shut down from lack of blood.

She continued the assault, grinding and thrusting into my face as deep, possessed moans continued to flow from her mouth. Wave after wave spasm-ed through her as my hands fell limply to the bed. My neck popped, my face contorted inwards, molded against her legs. A deep breath escaped my gargling mouth as my eyes rolled up into my head. The pounding in my ears overtook all.

Her body gave out and relaxed backwards onto the bed, but it was too late. Her thighs had been locked shut by the electric pulse of her orgasm, and the last thing I remembered was sound of my heart beat and the smell and taste of her pussy as I passed out cold.


I awoke to the sight of Sarah pulling up her pants. She had already put her bra and tank top back on and now the waist line of her yoga pants had just now bumped over the bottom of her thong-covered ass.

I wasn’t sure what to say, or if I should even speak at all, so I decided to roll off the bed and begin doing the same.

As I reached down to my pants, Sarah turned around and smiled, dissipating my fears.

“Hey.” she said softly, sliding onto the bed next to me.

She leaned up and kissed my again, to which I reciprocated by pulling her in.

“I think I heard someone outside.” she whispered. “We should probably leave...”

Oh shit, I thought, remembered where I was.

“Yeah, alright.” I said quietly.

I got dressed quickly and we left the room together. There wasn’t anyone onsite when I opened the door. The hallway was empty, but as we neared the far end, I could hear the sound of two people talking.

I followed the sound toward the back door to where I saw parts of Trey and Joe talking outside through the opening. It was completely dark outside other that the light from a nearby porch lamp. I thought about going over, but decided against it. I assumed the conversation would be awkward, as I’m sure they both guessed more-or-less what had been going on down that hallway.

Sarah seemed to agree, as when I turned towards the kitchen, she followed.

We left out the front door and stopped half way down the drive.

I still wasn’t sure what to say, but luckily she spoke first.

“So.” Sarah said, turning to me. “You wanna... do this again sometime?”

“Sure.” I said simply, my brain still tired.

She smiled and handed me her phone. I put my number in without speaking and handed it back.

“Okay.” she said simply.

She stared up at me. I reached down and kissed her one more time, and as I pulled back ,she held my face close to hers.

“Wait.” she cooed. “Who’s my little bitch?”

She rubbed her nose on mine and smiled.

“I am.” I said grinning.

“That’s right.”

With that, she turned and walked away. I stared at her ass for a few seconds, then headed towards my car.

Well, I know one thing, I thought. I’m sure as hell skipping the gym tomorrow morning.



Let me know if you liked the story. I enjoyed writing the more basic sex aspects, and I thought it came out alright, idk. Anyway, thanks for reading.
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