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Old 08-Apr-20, 03:32
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Default Re: Strip Club etiquette

I once paid a stripper to do some extreme faceslapping, she slapped the shit out of me for like 8 minutes. Pretty fun, she was on full on swinging on me. Put her foot on my throat and was choking me, not a choke out but just to show her dominance over me. Pretty fun time.
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Old 04-May-20, 21:34
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Default Re: Strip Club etiquette

Originally Posted by rapidjeff [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Yes. I was happy I asked. In a private booth I asked something like "Do you know any martial arts or self-defense moves?" Because these are beautiful ladies, the answer usually is yes. They learned that stuff to protect themselves. Then she practices what she knows on me, with her topless. We are careful not to make loud noises because other customers are just outside our booth. If she had no training, the new dancer was always willing to slap me around or practice any other fight move that I suggested. My visit lasts as long as I have money for this. I am with one dancer for several songs and I am with several dancers, one at a time, during each visit.
Strip clubs can be a gold mine with this approach, but you have to have patience to build rapport with dancers to earn their trust, and you have to be willing to spend money and time.

Over several years of strip clubs in San Francisco (and some other major cities where I've travelled), I have come across several girls who know some form of marital arts or kickboxing.

The absolute hottest was an Asian dancer at the Gold Club in San Francisco 4-5 years ago. She was an import model and I used to see her quite a bit, hanging out drinking, getting dances and private dances (as I said, you got to spend time and money). She was a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, very competitive when she was younger (like in her teens, and she was late twenties maybe at this time). I would have her show me some of her kicks and even with high heels on she was incredible - able to kick my hand held above my head with great force without even looking like she was trying.

But the best story was one I heard about her from another dancer who was friends with her. My ATF (all time favorite, the black belt) was not dancing that night so I spent some time with one of the other dancers and she asked who I see normally, blah blah. I told her about my ATF and she then proceeded to tell me a story about some guy asking her to kick him in the head in the private room...after he asked for a second kick she (in the words of the friend) "knocked him the fuck out". I was trying to hide my raging erection as I pressed for more details, pretending to not believe that it was a real story.

Well next the girl shows me a screenshot of the text exchange between the guy and my black belt ATF, and it basically said that he had to go to the hospital to be treated for a concussion and a burst ear drum! I have no doubt that this actually happened because it would have required quite a bit of work to fake such a text exchange and was too wild a story to make up.

Unfortunately my ATF quit dancing shortly after that but I was able to see her a couple of times before then and while I didn't want to betray the trust of the other girl by telling her that she'd showed me the text exchange, she "didn't want to talk about it" when I asked her for some details on the incident. But it was so hot when I asked her "So you knocked a guy out cold, put him in the hospital and broke his eardrum with one kick?" and she just looked me in the eyes and said matter of factly "He messed with it...I'm a black belt". So friggin hot.

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Old 19-May-20, 03:56
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Default Re: Strip Club etiquette

A few months back I was down in Tampa. Went to Thee Doll House. Bodybuilder caliber girl was there, very strong. Took her to VIP. She works 4 nights a week. Friday nights was one of them, I forget the rest. If you're in the area go check her out, you won't miss her.
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Old 23-May-20, 17:08
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Default Re: Strip Club etiquette

I didn't know it at the time but Tanya Danielle danced at the strip club I go to and worked days. What I meant by not knowing about her is her doing wrestling videos and porn until a female patron on another site mentioned her. If I knew a little more about her I would asked for some scissor action!
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scissors, strip club

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