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Default Check Mate


Rachel was an average, mousy looking girl. She was a little shy, often over looked, but inside she was strong and had surprised many people with her abilities. She attributed her surprise spurs of greatness to her love for chess.
“Life is like chess,” her grandma used to say. “Every move you make has a consequence.”
Rachel had taken her grandma’s words literally. Everything she did she thought of as as if she were moving a piece on a board. She loved moving her pawns into her opponents squares and forcing their move. As an accountant she often strategically submitted or withheld reports to make her look good, or in many cases, make her coworkers look bad.
But then one day everything had changed. Her coworker had made a move that in her mind, ‘put her in check.’
“Look at the photo! Just look at it!” James said laughing and pointing at his computer.
Rachel spun in her chair and scooted forwards to get a better look. Then her face went red and she felt her ears go warm. On the computer screen was a picture of James standing on a latter hanging up Christmas decorations. Rachel was standing beneath him and holding onto the ladder to make sure it didn’t topple over. The hilarity, in James’ mind was that he had slipped and fallen a few steps before catching himself. Just as he regained his balance, his right butt cheek had grazed Rachel on the cheek, and to her horror, it was caught on camera. James had been recording himself hanging up the decorations. When he saw the video he took a screen shot of the incident and uploaded it onto his computer screen.
“This is amazing,” James said still laughing. “Rachel, I know you’re trying to get ahead in business, but this is taking brown nosing to a whole new level.”
“Delete it!” Rachel snapped. “Delete it now!”
“Delete it?” James asked as if he were genuinely confused. “No way.”
Rachel turned away, furious. But then what James said next made the hairs on her neck stand up.
“So about that Avery report,” James said casually. “I was thinking you could do it.”
Rachel closed her eyes, trying to think. The Avery report was a long, dull project, but one that had to be done. It had been assigned to James, but it looked like he had found a way to pass it off.
“You wouldn’t mind doing it, would you?” James asked.
Rachel turned to face him.
“It’s your job, you do it,” Rachel said stubbornly.
“Well,” James said as he dropped the image into an email. Rachel saw right away that it was addressed to the entire company. Then he typed, ‘mishap in the office. LOL.’
“Don’t you dare,” Rachel said, feeling her face grow red again.
“So…I take it you don’t mind doing the Avery report?”
Rachel stuck out her hand and took the file from him. James deleted the email and turned in his chair triumphantly.
Rachel was furious, but she remained calm. She thought of James’ action like a move on a chess board. She would make her own move when the time was right.
The next day James was hanging up more Christmas decorations, standing on a ladder. She refused to hold it steady for him this time. Rachel watched him, hoping he would lose his balance and fall and break his neck. He didn’t, but something else happened. Something better.
James stretched to hang up a decoration in the corner of the office, but the hook on the wall was just out of reach. So he put one foot on top of the cubicle and tried again. He managed to hang up the candy cane, but lost his balance when he tried stepping back onto the ladder. He fell onto the cubicle, his right leg trapped between the wall and the desk.
Rachel laughed but also took out her phone to record James’ mishap. As James struggled to free his leg, she realized that any video or picture she got of him wouldn’t really be that embarrassing. He had a picture of his ass on her face. Him getting his leg trapped between the wall and desk was hardly embarrassing. Her mind raced, trying to think of a move she could make to take advantage. Then an idea formed inside her head. She thought of the idea like she always did. A game of chess. If she did this, then James would be at her mercy. She would put him in check. No, check mate! She hesitated for just a second, then sprung into action. She lifted up her skirt, revealing plain white underwear.
“What the…” James said, shocked at what Rachel was doing.
Rachel then took a step towards James, grabbed his tie and pulled his head down onto the desk.
“What are you doing?” James said in disbelief.
Rachel ignored him. She knew his leg wouldn’t remain trapped forever. But for now he had no leverage and couldn’t stop her from forcing his head onto the desk.
“Let go of me,” James said with a little anger in his tone.
But then Rachel sat directly onto his face. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was actually sitting on her coworkers face. This was so wrong. So inappropriate. She could get fired. She could get sued. A moment ago this had seemed like such a good idea. “If I get a better picture of my ass on his face, he’ll be forced to delete the picture he has of me.” That’s what she had told herself. But now that she was actually doing it, she wasn’t so sure. But it was too late. She couldn’t turn back now.
“Hold still,” Rachel said as she angled her phone down at James’ trapped head. Her feet were still on the ground, but she pressed most of her weight down onto him, her weight keeping his head pinned to the desk. She realized that the pressure she was putting on him, forcing his head onto the hard desk must be painful. But she just needed to get a quick picture of her ass on his face, then she would let him up. She was recording everything with one hand, holding onto the cubicle wall with the other. She was perfectly balanced, keeping her weight directly onto his face to make sure he couldn’t escape.
“Fucking hell Rachel,” James’ voice was muffled as he was forced to speak through her underwear. His nose was directly in her ass crack. He tried shifting left or right, but she was pressing her weight too hard onto him for him to be able to move. But then she lifted up slightly and he slid his face sideways onto the desk. But then he saw the camera pointed directly at him and he tried moving away, but he couldn’t. Rachel’s ass pressed down firmly onto his face, forcing him still.
“Oh crap!” James gasped as he saw Rachel recording everything.
“Got it,” Rachel said. She quickly checked the video, screen shotted several embarrassing photos, then switched off her phone. She was about to get up, but then a strong urge to remain seated on his face rushed through her. She liked doing this. It felt good. She knew it was wrong, that she was acting crazy, like a complete maniac. But it felt so strangely satisfying. She pressed her weight a little harder onto his face, and as he grimaced in pain she felt something warm inside her body. A rush of excitement exploded within her. But also a rush of fear. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she knew it was monumental. She pressed her weight a little harder onto his face, savored the moment, then got up.
As soon as she stood she grabbed her purse and left the office. It wasn’t quite time to go home, but she didn’t care. She needed to go home and think about what had just happened.


The following morning when Rachel arrived at the office she uploaded the best humiliating photo to her computer and waited patiently for James. When he arrived she smiled knowingly at him. He looked like a dear caught in headlights. She could tell he was uncomfortable, humiliated by what had happened, and what still might happen.
“Good morning James,” Rachel said cheerfully. “Check this out.” She pointed towards her computer screen, keeping her eyes locked on James. She wanted to see his reaction.
His face went from embarrassment, to panic. The photo showed his face parallel to the desk with a girl sitting squarely on top of him. It was a close up photo, and only his face and the girl’s ass could be seen. No one could tell, or would ever guess, that Rachel was the one sitting on top of him.
“Delete that,” James said quietly. “That’s not funny.”
“Delete it?” Rachel said innocently. “What for?” Then she dragged it into an email and smiled. She paused for a moment, then picked up the Avery file and handed it back to him. Then she turned away, smiling triumphantly.
For several days Rachel tortured James with her incriminating photo. Any task or work that she didn’t want to do, she simply put onto his desk. He tried arguing and reasoning wit her, but it was useless. She had him in ‘check mate.’
But then as several more days went by, Rachel wasn’t satisfied. She was thrilled to have this new power over her coworker, but she wanted more.
“Fancy a drink after work?” Rachel asked casually.
James looked taken aback. Rachel had been screwing with him for nearly a week now, forcing him to do all her petty tasks and emailing him the humiliating photo on a daily basis.
“You want to get a beer, tonight?” James asked.
“Yea, my place, 7pm.”
James agreed, thinking that finally Rachel was going to put an end to this. But he was wrong. Very, very wrong.
James arrived at Rachel’s apartment at 7pm sharp, bringing a bottle of wine with him.
“You came prepared,” Rachel said with a smile. “Come in, you’re going to need that,” Rachel gestured at the bottle in his hand.
As soon as James made his way into the apartment he froze in his footsteps. In the center of the living room was what looked like a piano bench. And pointed directly at it was a DSLR camera propped up on a tripod.
“What the hell is this?” James asked, unable to keep his voice level.
“Come in,” Rachel said, looping her arm into one of his and leading him into the room. “I’ll explain.”
“If you think…” James said, but Rachel cut him off.
“What, that I’m going to sit on your face again?” She watched for a reaction. “That’s right. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”
“I’m leaving,” James said, turning towards the door.
“Ok, before you go though, who should I tag in your Instagram photo?”
James stopped in his tracks.
“That’s right,” Rachel said confidently. “You’re not going anywhere”
For a moment the two stood staring at one another. Rachel smiled confidently. James looked shrunken, desperately searching for a way out.
“You’re bluffing,” James finally said.
Rachel laughed. “Ok, we’ll see. Open your Instagram, I’ll tag you.”
Rachel pulled out her phone and began clicking away. James hesitated for a moment, but then pulled out his cell phone. He opened the app and saw nothing, but then a second later a notification appeared. He felt his heart skip a beat as he clicked on the new notification.
“@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]LovesMyAss’ has tagged you in one photo.”
James read the notification, clicked on the picture and felt his entire body crumble.
“You can’t do this. Delete it, now,” James said, his voice panicking.
“Don’t worry, it’s a private account,” Rachel said assuringly. “For now at least. Now, unless you want me to tag your best friend, or say, Mr. Girvin, you better do what I say.”
James squirmed. He didn’t know what to do. How could he get out of this situation? But before he had any more time to ponder the situation, Rachel ordered him onto the bench.
“Not like that,” Rachel said sternly as James tried sitting onto the bench. “Lie down, onto your back.
James hesitated for a moment, but then did as he was told. Rachel felt a rush of excitement as James waited for her. She smoothed out her black dress and took a deep breath. Then she took two slow steps over to him and carefully lowered herself onto his face. As she sat down James tried shifting his nose to the side, but Rachel pulled his head straight up with one hand, then lowered more of her weight onto him. She felt an explosion of happiness at what was happening. She couldn’t explain it, or even understand it, but for some reason she truly loved this. For several minutes she just enjoyed sitting on him, humiliating him with every second. But then she remembered her camera and reached over to click the record button.
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Default Re: Check Mate

I want a copy of that recording. Oh, and Rachel can send me a copy of the original face sitting photo with which she was tormenting James, too.

Thanks for sharing this with us, mate. It is great to read another one of your stories.
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