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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet


"alright that's enough good work," coach said as I pinned down Thomas this time, once again I was on a absolute roll, beating all the guys for the wrestling spot on my high schools team for the mixed martial arts tournament.

153 lbs of mostly lean muscle I fit in perfectly for the 155 weight limit, and my skill was something worth mentioning as well. As a team you could submit up to 7 athletes for the tournament and then each competition against another school you would select 3 competitors from your team first competitor to compete in judo, second in BJJ grappling, and third in a wrestling match. I despised judo, and wasn't anything special at BJJ, but in wrestling I could use my bulk advantage very well and so far I was 2/2 matches won, with my school Clayton High winning 3/3. (One time we won in two matches) After practice I got showered up feeling pretty good about myself but then coach waited to talk to me. Next competition in a few days wasn't going to be so easy he said. The school we were facings top wrestler Emerson was undefeated as well, only they were more impressive than me because each of their 3 matches he competed a different martial art, always pairing up against whoever the opponent's best fighter was, and winning consistently. Coach warned me that I was probably going to be considered the top dog so he wanted me well rested for the round that would likely decide the match between the two schools. It was a little unnerving looking at his stats, but I was just as undefeated as him and confident I could win this for the team, and man what a good feeling that glory would be.

Finally two days later I drove over to the complex excited for the big match. The other school only had 4 wrestlers there so I was eyeing each one down, trying to intimidate them before our match even started. Will who was selected for a competition for his first time went in judo and took a pretty major loss meaning even if we won our next match I would still have to face the goliath Emerson. Next we chose Jake, who so far seemed to be in control of the match and I was now trying to eye ball the final two possibilities and decide who my opponent would be, I was a little confused though as none of them struck me as a dominant wrestler, both seeming kind of timid. Finally one dude started to gear up but he looked nervous and unsure what to do, as if this would be his first match. I shook my head realizing that wasn't something to be focusing on right now though and continued watching Jake's grappling.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl walking into the gym that froze me for a second... Damn was she just absolutely beautiful, she had straight caramel hair falling down her upper back and a tanned beautiful face with blue eyes that seemed to sparkle too much to be human eyes. She had rosy cheeks from just coming in from outside in cold and was all dressed up in red lipstick and a simple but sexy black dress underneath her winter coat, to top of her fancy heels, she had obviously been somewhere very fancy. She had a face kinda like a blue eyed Selena Gomez, and a fantastic body to support it. The dress did a good job of accenting her tits which were super large for her slim figure and she had a very noticeable bump on the back of her waist almost making me hesitant to believe it. It was too damn big, must've had a fancy dress that lifts up to make yourself look bigger I assumed, girls my age don't have assess like that, although I was staring at her sexy legs as she walked towards the other team's bench and her legs seemed unnaturally large and muscular, possibly even enough to accompany an ass like that.

I begun to realize I was easily distracted again and tried to focus on the match again, it seemed Jake would finish it soon. Out of the corner of my eye, I had an instinct to not stop watching this babe though and was curious to notice as she was quickly talking with the coach for the other team, finally it seemed they worked through an issue and the coach dug a basic red wrestling singlet from his bag handing it to her. That's weird, I don't remember any female tournaments after this I thought, although you already know I'm going to be watching hers. Even weirder was as who I assumed to be Emerson sat back on the back of the bench looking a little embarrassed, which made it seem like he wouldn't be competing. Finally the clock ran out and Jake won by a comfortable score making our match a sudden death. I walked out to the mats, but the coach informed the ref they were going to have a delay, and that they were calling a time out. That's weird, I can see Emerson sitting right there I thought, not able to piece 2 and 2 together for a moment before realizing my situation.


Jeez it's getting annoying how much my team depends on me to win. Was planning on not going as I was at a fancy hockey dinner. But coach was ready to blow a fuse if team lost so I decided to have to show up late, but I don't have my wrestling outfit so I have to wear coaches extra singlet. It's not my favorite, BJJ either, but at least it's not judo. Even more annoying when I showed up Mark was wanting me to back down so he could take the match, told coach it was embarassing to switch wrestlers after he already walked up, but coach told him it was a must win and is putting me in. God dammit this singlet is tight though, at a size too small. I barely managed to stretch the compression over me and looked at the mirror slightly embarrassed at how it tightly sculpted every crevice on my body. I looked good though, I think? Some guys seem to be put off at how I'm pretty muscular, mostly in my bum and my abs, and this tight suit was showing exactly the size of my whole body. Ohhhh right, I was up against that cute guy with the wavy hair I just saw outside. Judging by the way he was staring with a slightly open mouth he probably thought I looked pretty decent, or maybe he just thought I looked silly. Hopefully the first, would be fun to roll around with him, maybe get him a cute little boner before he realises he's gonna get pinned down by me.

Wrestling has been my passion ever since I was young, when my older brother was an expert at a young age but my dad wouldn't let me join because it wasn't feminine. I rebelled by working out like crazy and teaching myself off YouTube starting at a crazy young age, 6 I think. By 9 I had a six pack and at 10 I was registered in a young female BJJ tournament, comfortably winning and finally convincing my dad I should start taking formal lessons. Ever since then I've sky rocketed into being the best in the state, and who knows how well I could've done if we had the money for Nationals. I was on the girls wrestling team, but I dominated so much at the school level that it wasn't even fun anymore so they let me help the struggling guys team, since then I haven't lost and our team is 3-1. I actually really enjoy going against guys though, first off they're usually stronger than me at the same weight so I have to be more technical, and I think I'd consider myself to be a feminist. Not in a bitchy complainy way, but think a girl can do anything a guy can do and I love myself some girl power, so humbling a guy in a physical battle is a phenomenal feeling. Plus it makes me feel really sexy and powerful when I pin down a guy who's aroused and has an erection, makes me feel like a goddess, I would totally sort the boner out for some of the cute guys I've wrestled if it wouldn't immediately have me disqualified and suspended. I think when I'm in a relationship I'm probably gonna be a domme. Fuck I've been spending too much time being self conscious about this tight suit though and the ref was blowing a whistle saying time outs over. I turned around to check out my ass and cringed a little, the suit looked ready to rip trying to contain it, that guy is gonna think I'm super fat. Coach was calling me now. I sighed and took a last look. Yikes way too tight I thought as I pulled out my camel toe and prayed that wouldn't happen in the match.

I walked out of the change room subconsciously pulling on the uniform around my ass trying to make it stretch out but It just snapped back on my ass like spandex. The brown haired dark eyed Clayton dude was already waiting for me on the mats. I walked towards the mat trying to keep my butt out of eyesight from him in embarrassment and crouched down in a ready position down on the mats meeting his eyes and smiling meekly. He gave a fake grin through his overwhelming look of astonishment, his mouth still hanging slightly open. I bit my lip trying to hold back a giggle, lots of guys had a pretty similar face when they saw who they were up against but it was funny every time.


Holy fuck I'm facing a girl this can't be happening. Oh wait, but she was hot it could be fun to pin her down and show her the strength of a man. Oh fuck she has a really good record though. Holy shit! It's gonna be so embarassing when I lose to a pretty girl!... What the hell am I talking about I barely know any guys that can beat me I'm way too good to be beat by some fitness chick.

Reread that paragraph 100 times and that's what my last five minutes were like waiting for Emerson to come out of the change room. Then she did and my mind instantly stopped racing to focus on the only important thing in the world right now, her body. Jesus, she is perfect. She seemed to have lost her apparent confidence before and was half hiding her face with her beautiful soft hair. Something was really appealing about it though and I had a sudden urge to tell her how pretty she was, that was if my mouth could do anything other than gape at the moment. Her singlet was obviously too small, but that was no issue for me. The tight red singlet wrapped around her beautiful chest so tightly that rather than just making one big lump at her chest, each individual boob was shaped kinda like Catwoman's famous spandex suit. Well they looked even bigger and rounder in this outfit than her dress and the nipples slightly pertruding from the imprint in her costume gave me a metaphorical erection. Then there was her thin waist, I don't understand how her body can go from so big to small in an hourglass way yet look completely natural and fit. And oh my god, to top off her body that ass was too die for. It seemed like something out of a fairy tale, like if I reached forward to touch it she would fade away and I would realize it was a dream. I didn't think butts like these existed outside of Instagram fitness models, and I assumed even those were photoshopped. It was huge, round, and lifted off her waist in an anti Gravity way that only a fit bum from squatting could pull off. It was so big that once again the outfit couldn't wrap around both at once but instead tightly hugged each individual glute, the only space on her whole body where the singlet wasn't skin tight being the tight fabric between her cheeks that looked ready to rip.

She seemed slightly uncomfortable and pulled on the fabric, but it only slingshotted back against her amazing ass making it ripple. And shit, if I had had a metaphorical boner before, I just had a metaphorical orgasm now. Too bad she was now walking at a weird angle trying to hide her ass. Oops maybe she saw me staring I thought blushing. I tried not to stare at her legs as her quads rippled walking toward me but they were almost as nice as her butt and it was definitely a challenge.

Finally she crouched down on the mat with me and gave a smile, struggling to meet my eyes. How could a girl this beautiful and obviously talented not be more confident. I almost wanted to give her a hug, but coach had warned me not to let my guard down. Afterall she was my opponent but the thought of wrestling such a sexy feminine figure was so strange and I felt so confused on how to feel about it. I gave my best smile trying to be nice anyway, and tried to say "hi" but it was inaudible. I was just starting to think about how her goal was going to be to pin me down helplessly under her weight and was surprised to feel myself stiffen up downstairs with that thought. The ref looked between us looking just as taken aback as me but then motioned to the judge and blew his whistle interrupting my thought however.


Instantly her friendly smile faded and she got in a complete mode of focus. I still was not at all accustomed to this yet and was standing in a half ready position, it just seems so awkward when it was a girl on the other side of the mat. Emerson was clearly taking advantage of that and charged forward faking one way, and never have I ever bit that hard, with the combination of awkwardness and a perfectly smooth headfake she paused and I was so off balanced I felt like I was gonna fall over by myself when she rammed her female body into me getting a double leg takedown. I hit the ground with an oof and instantly she shifts into side mount controlling my left arm while pressing her weight against my right. I bridge hard getting off the ground but I can't get my arms free or force her off me. I used my strength to my advantage to finally free my left arm and bridged again but even though she no longer had good grip on my arm she was swimming expertly and I couldn't get enough room to push her away. She was clearly a great bjj grappler. The ref called for a 3 point near fall within the first minute of the match and I could hear coach yelling at me and a girl giggling on the bleachers nearby all in slow motion.

Suddenly I was very aware I was losing to a girl, badly. In a sudden rage I ripped my arm away and bucked up shoving her off me. I turned with her momentum and ended up on top of her with her on her stomach for a two point reversal. Okay this isn't too bad I thought, I'm alot stronger, so as long as I don't make any big mistakes she should be stuck under me the rest of the match. She's now flailing in a controlled panic, we both know this isn't a position you want to be in. I'm also very aware of her struggling meaning my crotch keeps bouncing against her lower back inches from her phenomenal ass. Finally she whips up enough to get one leg into a kneeling position then pushed off with a shocking amount of power in that one leg sending us both flying free for a one point escape. Dammit I had her back lying on the ground and I couldn't get another single point from it. The clock is running out for the first round and I rush in to get one last takedown, she grabs my arms in a strength test and puts up surprisingly good resistance, but she still underestimated my strength and I end up putting her on her great ass just before the ref blows his whistle giving me to more points. I glanced over at the board careful not to look at the giggling teenage girls (the few guys spectating don't seem to approve of her dominance and appear uninterested) to see the score is 6-4 for her. I get off her quickly and walk back to my bench, my teammates not saying much, coach was giving me rapid tips deciding to but mention how I was losing to a girl but they were going through one ear out the other as I was having a mini panic attack as I realized the reality that I could very well suffer the biggest humiliation of my life in the next 10 minutes. At least now I could finally get my buldge under control with a break from our bodies squirming against eachother.


Damnit! I looked like such a rookie out there, gave such an easy escape from my first hold, then the embarrassment of being held down squirming while he controlled me. God that's the worst feeling. He is pretty strong though, and wow it feels nice to squirm with him feeling his muscles and power trying to resist me. I just can't wait till they struggle helplessly. I looked over at his bench where he looked nervous and white-faced, it probably never hit him he may lose till now, poor guy, I feel a little bit bad for him since society always makes such a big deal about this stuff, but sorry it's going to be way too fun to pin you for me to start going easy. My coach finished giving me my tips and I just realized he was speaking at all. I nod enthusiastically to whatever he said, coach doesn't really know what he's talking about anyway.

The ref signals us back and I walk back out to the mats, subconsciously trying to stretch my singlet again, I notice him staring and a slight twitch in his crotch. So he does think I'm hot then. I feel childish needing my assurance from others but I felt an uncontrollable grin, and he blushed as he noticed I saw him. Hes so cute, I can't wait to hold him down under me. If only we were wrestling alone right now. Fuck the match is starting refocus Emerson.

The ref flipped the disc glancing up at me as we won.

"Err I'll start on top"

This was my least favorite thing about wrestling why should someone get an advantage without doing anything. Anyways I'll take it for now. He got on his knees and I bent over him. Then came the whistle.


I held on tightly to his back as he tried to roll forward and I pulled back, then quickly using momentum he quickly jumped up onto one knee and from there it was easy for him to use a standing escape for one point using his superior strength. Fuck me I'm so bad I swore at myself. I tried to trip him as he stood but we ended up both toppling to the ground each struggling for control on our knees. In this position I was much better practiced though and was able to get under his arm and slam against him clearly suprising him with my strength and forcing him to the ground. This is more like it I thought as everything started to feel like grappling and the ref awarded me two points. I crawled into a mount, pushing my weight against him. He was frantically trying to use his strength to free his arms but I was just expertly swimming, keeping my arms in the dominant position. His face was in a clear panic now as he recognized I wasn't making any mistakes, meaning he's not getting free from my prison any time soon. I felt so hot and in control. In desperation he tried to bridge me off to no effect. But I felt his hard member poke against my belly as he continued to struggle. Ugghh I just wish I could smother him. That's what I hate about wrestling there's not many cheeky holds, meant to rub in a victory.


There's no way this is happening... But it is, the reality was I'm struggling my hardest to free myself from this sexy babe in the too tight uniform but it was useless, every move I made was perfectly countered and I never even felt close to escaping. Her amazing boobs hovering above my face tauntingly as if to remind me who my opponent was as I wasted all my energy to no avail while she rode easily on top of me. A bear crushing it's prey until it has no fight left in it. Finally I quit struggling for a second and instantly before even I realized I was stopping Emerson reacted like a cheetah and sprung her legs out wrapping then around mine in a grapevine. I'd seen this hold before in grappling and remember thinking "wow that is a hold of true dominance" so you can understand my humiliation when I found myself in the same hold under a girl with the greatest ass of ever witnessed. I started to struggle and as I struggled her weight shifted down and before I realized it her massive bum was lying on my crotch, with every time I struggled my hard-on would run along her magnificent curve. That combined with her panting to keep a stronger male under control in such a hold had me so reluctantly turned on, but at the same time humiliated. I mustered up every last ounce of energy I had and freed one leg from her grapevine only after she got 3 points and 2 points for a near pin and I quickly turned away from her. Before I could escape though she used her one leg she still had under me to leverage herself and swung into a body scissor leaning her upper body out of my reach. The clock didn't have much time left so I was frantically trying to pull her off for a one point escape but her legs were solid as a wall. Then I don't know if she was used to submission style out what, but she started to clamp down and squeeze my stomach. The amount of force squeezing my slowly, easily, from her thick legs was uncomprehendable I frantically squirmed and slapped her thigh tapping out. The ref noticed this and got mad, penalizing her for unnesecary force just before the round ended.

"Oh I'm so sorry! Im used to BJJ rules, I'm so sorry! Emerson was saying to me with her hand on my chest.

It felt weird to have a girl apologize for being too rough but after all I was losing a wrestling match to this particular girl by a horrific score of 13-6.

"I'm okay" I muttered embarrassed.

We each went back to our corner and got some water. Nobody had much to say to me this time, all just kinda happy not to be me I guess. Coach told me id have to pin her, and a few tips. Shortly we were back on the mats, me getting the advantage this time. This would likely be my last chance, if I could utilize this advantage to pin her I could win, if not, I doubt I have enough energy left to free myself from her holds again. We got into the referee position and the whistle blew for us to start. Instantly she shot forward like a rocket in an escape of never seen, kicking my feet as she did so. I tried my hardest to hang onto her toppling forward, however embarrassed to find myself falling on her with my face on her huge ass. She almost did a reverse headscissors by instinct but held herself back, just turning over and grabbing me around the chest. It was pretty humiliating to know if the hold wasn't barred I'd be stuck in her reverse headscissors right now though, and judging by her body scissor, with no hope of escaping.


He was exhausted, he was mentally destroyed, he was getting turned over onto his back with me on top, and he was turned on. John was exactly where I wanted him, now I just needed to decide the best way for us to spend the next 110 seconds. Fairly easily I crawled up my mount into a school girl pin. By far my favorite wrestling move for when you're trying to humble an opponent. The ref saw his shoulders on the ground and started to count so I made the quick adjustment I often do in wrestling matches. I pulled his neck and shoulders up, folded my calves underneath them and sat cross-legged with his face resting in the pocket in my lap. With my free arms and leverage I could easily control his. I then gave a big friendly smile down to his red face, bet he wishes he hadn't started giving up now. He tried for a moment to struggle but realizing how helpless it was he just started up at me, my tits blocking most of his view. This pin felt fucking great to hold this cute boy in but oh my god a face sit is so much better I wished I was in BJJ so badly right now. I was getting more comfortable in this suit and I know he was staring at my ass. Then I realised, I only lose one point for an illegal hold, damn I'm going for this. So I smiled down at him a couple seconds longer (the ref called another meaningless 3 points for me), poked him in the nose then shifted forward engulfing his face in my huge posterior.


You have to be fucking kidding me. Okay you beat me sure, but the school girl pin was intentionally to embarrass me, and now a facesit? This actually cannot be happening right now this has to be a bad joke of a nightmare. On one hand it felt absolutely amazing her ass had enough muscle to completely surrounded my whole face and just enough fat to feel squishy and comfortable. This girl was so beautiful I'd have no problem her sitting on my face, but as a public humiliation after she wrestled me down? That's too much. Doesn't matter though struggling is absolutely hopeless so until the ref realizes I'm being smothered this is my place. Under her perfect ass while she sits calmly not even needing her arms to keep me stuck in this 'comeditive' wrestling match. Apparently she's just as turned on as I am too as I can now notice the damp fabric to her singlet, and the scent of her juices, which as you can expect smelled absolutely amazing. So I suppose I wasn't the only one turned on, but it feels alot more humiliating to be turned on by getting dominated than to be getting turned on by dominating, I felt like I had the worth of a cuck. I realized the ref didn't realize I was getting suffocated and probably was just frozen in shock so I tapped out and gave a muffled cry saying I couldn't breathe. The ref ordered her off me and gave me another point for her penalty. Somehow I wasn't very proud.
We both squared off on our knees again, Emerson was biting her lip trying to hold back from giggling but was still letting some out. The ref told us we could resume and she regained focus, I was happy stalling, so I just waited for her to make a move. She glanced down at my cock now obviously sticking out my singlet and subtly licked her lips, so only I would notice. It distracted me more than enough for her to take my back and start pushing me to the ground.

"Two point takedown" the ref barely muttered evidently feeling sorry for me.

She wrapped her feet around my calves in a reverse grapevine of sorts but just wrapped them tight keeping us on our knees rather than spreading me out. Her body was now tightly spooning me and what... Did I imagine that.... Nope, she was seriously humping me from the back, her vagina bouncing against my undefended ass. Maybe before in my deepest fantasy I'd imagine fucking her and that amazing ass from behind, but this seemed like a pretty symbolic way to say that was never gonna happen. I was her little bitch. She did it just lightly enough so that it wasn't obvious to the ref, he mightve noticed, but what was he going to say? Penalty, dryhump rape! He knows nobody would want him to mention it, so he's better off not noticing. I was never more humiliated, but at the same time never more aroused in his life. Here was the sexiest girl he had ever seen, but she had dominated him so badly he was now a toy in her grasp free for her to do whatever she pleases to his body. Emerson now shot our legs out so it was a true reverse grapevine and was pinning me down. While still making an effort to push her crotch into my ass. Rather than thrust now though it was a constant pressure just forcing my waist and crotch into the ground along with my shoulders. I looked up 0:12 on the clock. If I could just have the single victory of her not pinning me that would be at least something. I struggled desperately and got a shoulder of the ground. She instantly forced it back down though and I had no energy or more motivation to free myself. The ref counted to 3 and with 7 seconds on the clock I was pinned, I had officially lost my first match, to a sexy girl, 21-7, finishing in a pin.

"Thanks for the fun hot stuff" Emerson said as she got off me and walked back to her bench.

I didn't dare look up to see her cocky grin or my coaches disappointment. I couldn't even if I wanted to without displaying my erection to the public. She had aroused us both, but it didn't really matter for her at all as it is hardly noticeable for her. She was probably having a good laugh knowing I couldn't get up being Rock hard though.

Fuck that was embarassing.

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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

I know he can barely move after that humiliating and arousing loss,but I hope he picks himself up in time to at least get Emerson's number. I really want them to start dating so I can read about the wrestling fun they have in private. Thank you so much for this exciting story, mate. I truly enjoyed reading from their different perspectives. That can be hard to write well, but you succeeded masterfully.

Oh, and realising that she was far enough ahead on points that a penalty for the facesit wouldn't hurt her chances for victory was a great touch. I could have read about his face being trapped under her phenomenal ass for pages and pages.
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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

bravo mate. that was pretty outstanding. I know the premise is one thats been covered by several different writers on this forum but your version is amongst the best imho. good stuff.
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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

Thanks guys, ya I've read a bunch of stories with similar idea, and thought I might as well try one out for myself. As for continuing, I'll see, didn't originally plan on it (I've got another half done draft and an idea for another story) but I do really like Emerson might try to write it soon or some time later and see if I can come up with anything good.

Added after 7 minutes:

Also as I was working on this project I came across a fantastic article. Funnily enough it wasn't even on a search that had mixed wrestling in it. Was looking up tips on writing wrestling scenes and this article was in the images tab [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

It's an American Olympic wrestler, I think she did really well in Rio, who used to wrestle guys in high school and talks about some dropping out knowing they'd lose, and beating many. She also super hot so ya basically this is gold haha.

Here's two images
Attached Images
File Type: jpeg 0_577d330419000025002199b1.jpeg (71.4 KB, 372 views)
File Type: jpg 1_81nYY6N540L._SX466_.jpg (15.2 KB, 326 views)

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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

Awesome story - you've renewed my faith in this forum!
I made a similar comment a couple of months ago about Rachel Brasnahan, star of "Marvelous Maisel" on Amazon Prime. When she was in high school she was the only girl on a 50-man wrestling team. She loved it! Here's a quote;

"Wrestling is a lot like acting, like improv. Its about reading other people, reading their body, anticipating their next move and responding quickly in the moment, she says gesturing with her hands to reinforce her point. It feels good to be that strong; its something primal and satisfying to get someone in a hold and pin them down.

And she's gorgeous -
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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

Thanks boyandy great to hear. Ya I remember seeing you post about that chick in a different thread... Phenomenal.
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Default Re: The Tight Red Singlet

As it was the winner of my poll I'll continue this story, was enjoying it so I'll write a third part as well.


After the match I waited for a minute on the ground before waddling to the changeroom still with a semi. Nobody on my team said anything to me, I just went to the shower and cleaned up trying to get the match out of my head. I couldn't believe i'd let that chick subject me to that much humiliation though, 21-7 ending with, grapevine, school girl, face sit, and ending in a pin? She was toying with me by the end. Remembering it got me so mad I almost punched the wall but I caught myself because that would be stupid, it's concrete. I sighed and dryed off getting my clothes on. I walked towards the back entrance of the school hoping to avoid anyone, but of course, I saw the one person I especially wasn't keen to see right now. Emerson was walking down the hallway with a friend of hers talking loudly, I tried to turn away hoping they wouldn't recognize me and it seemed like it worked. Then last second as she passed Emerson paused then turned on her heels.

"I kinda like you, would you like, call me or something?" She said.

I was frozen in shock as those were about the last words I was expecting.

"Uh-I" I started to stuter obviously confused. I could see her friend smirking behind her.

"Here's my number if you want" she said a little more shyly now and giving me a slip of paper.

"Thanks" I muttered still super unsure if this was legitimate, and embarrassed by her friend looking at my like I was the biggest loser ever. (Which honestly I kinda felt like) She smiled and turned to walk away. She had a really nice smile, it looked a little awkward but complimented by her amazing face she just looked really cute.

On the up hand of things this girl just gave me her number though, the hottest girl I've ever seen. I think she did anyway? I mean I don't get why she's wanting to start something with a guy she just pinned and humiliated. It looked like a legitimate number though. I slipped the paper in my jacket pocket and drove home to sulk the rest of the day.


I walked away from him blushing and feeling embarrassed, losing the confidence boost I had after the match. Jen was right no guy is gonna want to be in a relationship like this. I felt really stupid asking him.

"He thought I was crazy" I said as we made our way to the car.

"Whatever, honestly you could do better than that. Don't you think you'd rather have someone you feel can protect you?" Jen said trying not to sound like she thought I made no sense but I could tell she was thinking I'm crazy as well.

Great now I feel like I'm a freak. Basically nobody likes girls who want to be dominant, even my friend was starting to sound weirded out as she got suspicious that I wanted to be dominant. God it would be so much easier to be like most girls and want a guy that takes over in sex. I loved feeling powerful though, I want to make a guy squirm, I want to make a guy basically begging to cum, I want to fuck guy. Instead, it looks like I've just creeped out that cute guy and litterly everyone else at my school.

"I don't know, I thought he was cute" I said to Jen sitting down and turning to look out the window.

She glanced over at me for a second then looked away, eventually breaking the silence by congratulating me on another win.

"Yeah whatever"


A couple days later I was still spending periods of time each day fumbling with the paper and deciding whether or not to text. Eventually deciding to just go for it.

"Hey it's John, what's your favorite thing to do on a Friday?" I typed and retyped the message several times before finally hitting send.

I waited for 15 minutes nervously watching my phone over breakfast before she finally replied.

"Idk, if it's my favorite thing but I'm going to a party tonight

Would be cool if you could take me??"

I was actually so surprised when I saw that text, was kinda expecting the number to be a troll so I hadn't totally thought about if I really wanted to be going out with the girl who just destroyed my ego. Knew I would regret it forever if I said no to her though so after making it through a whole school day that lasted forever and texting back and forth with her about the details I picked her and one of her friends up from her house at 9:30. She looked fucking amazing, she was wearing a grey t-shirt tucked into black jeans that shaped her ass perfectly. I was super nervous for when we met again but they were actually really nice and easy to talk to, we didn't bring up the match at all. Luckily the party was at her friends boyfriends house from a different school so not many people really knew either of us or about our match. I thought we'd end up going around and talking to other people but we clicked really nicely and ended up talking to each other the whole night. It was honestly such a good time talking to someone that pretty and I completely forgot about how we met. I was in focus mode only thinking about two objectives. One, keep making her laugh cause the way her face scrunches is really cute (which I don't know if it was because of the alcohol but that was really easy, she laughed at litterly anything). And objective two, I gotta get in this girls pants. Which it seemed like I was gonna score. A little over an hour into the party sure enough we had been flirting with each other pretty hard and with the help of some alcohol we were making out. After a minute or so she stood up and was guiding my hand through the pack of people. Eventually finding her friend and whispering something in her ear. Her friend nodded and whispered something back, flashing me a cheeky wink before Emerson was guiding me through the pack of people again to what I was guessing was a guest bedroom, plain wall paper a drawer and a double bed. Emerson locked the door behind us and was aggressively making out with me again, pulling us both to the bed with her on top. She was passionately kissing and sucking all over my face and neck, occasionally giving light nibbles down my neck or along my jaw.

"I want you so fucking bad right now" she whispered in my ear sending waves of pleasure down my eardrum as I hadn't anticipated how sensitive I would be.

She was running her hands along my upper body feeling me up before taking off my shirt as I removed hers to reveal a mint green flock dot bustier, holy shit I want this girl so bad. It was striking, I felt like I was with a porn star, her tits were even bigger and firmer than I expected, almost slipping out of her skimpy underwear. The green wasn't a colour that I expected either but it contrasted with her tan skin really nicely and honestly, she'd look 10/10 bangable in litterly anything.

She started kissing and sucking down my upper body, taking her time to get every inch of my chest and stomach. Now licking along my v-line while watching me start to moan with her big blue eyes. She noticed how much I was liking that and started to gently trace her finger nails along my v-line while biting the edge of my abonimal muscle and maintaining eye contact. That drove me crazy, I was so damn ready to fuck. It felt a little bit off-put by how she was initiating it, I always initiated sex with my old girlfriend, but it was kinda nice feeling desired especially from this girl, (I still couldn't shake the feeling I was about to wake up from a wet dream) and she was really fucking good. I mean I only have one partner to compare her to, but I was a wreck, already twitching from arousal from her biting, kissing, and sucking and just super sexual vibe before she even touched my cock. So right now I wasn't really in the right mindset to decide if I liked letting her take the lead.

"These need to be off" she purred sexily tugging at my joggers with one hand and pawing at my cock with the other.

I didn't need telling twice and they were gone pretty quick. Fuck she was good with her words, my old girlfriend never had me this turned on in foreplay. It was pretty clear that that was an order though and I didnt want her thinking I was just a sub guy though so I grabbed her by the shoulder and back of her neck pulling her in for a kiss. She obliged and was kissing me but shortly after using her leverage she started forcing my head down into the pillow hard. It was like our mouths were battling but with her being on the top she easily was taking control, she was forcing me into the pillow so passionately, and biting my lip hard enough I was sure there was gonna be some bruising, and I felt like I was overly submissive again but it was so damn sexy. Nobody's ever wanted me this passionately before and it was a big morale booster and turn on. Our tongues were in a wrestling match looking to pin the other person's and I felt like I had her for a second but then she turned her tongue over and pinned mine to the roof of my mouth, I tried to free it again but the muscle was so sore and she had me good, holding me there for a little while as she kept driving my mouth into the pillow and started to grind against my dick.


This is goddamn amazing, I don't know what it is about this guy and his curly wavy hair but hes driving me crazy. I've never wanted somebody so badly, and so far he doesn't seem too upset about me playing a dominant role. Do I push my luck and try to initiate wrestling though? Ahh what the hell why not. I finally pulled out of our kiss resting my forehead on his and letting us pant for a little while.

"Can we tussle a little?" I said in-between exhales.

He took another moment to recover before responding with a confused "what?"

Damn might've pushed my luck, I'll give it a shot though. I started to tug at his cock playfully.

"Pleeease, c'mon. Our bodies squirming against each other that sounds so fucking hot. And we'll use a safe word or whatever" I said continuing to grind against him and deciding to test a little plan to lead him to wrestling.

"You could just say stop" he said looking a bit confused.

I gently kissed his lips before answering.

"Not worried about me sweetie, let's say the keyword is code red"

He seemed seemed more offput now and retorted back defensively "I don't need a keyword." And pulling away from my lips to make better eye contact with me, trying to figure me out.

I was starting to regret bringing up wrestling already but I decided at this point just to run with it. I bit into his neck again making him bend his neck back from the wonderful sensations again. There we go, just need to calm him down a little, show him he still turns me on.

"Yeah? Wanna prove it?" I chirped cheekily.

"Alright, alright, let's see if Ms. Martial Arts is such a big deal outside the ring" he said running his hand along my ass.

I could see he looked a little nervous though. I felt a little bad as I was manipulating him into a fetish of mine that was definitely new territory for him. Ehh ill treat him well after.

"Okay I have to get this off though" I said unmounting him and tugging at my jeans.

They were really damn tight and I had to shift and bounce around a little before I could get my ass to pop out and reveal my matching flock dot thong. He was watching keenly with his mouth open. I blushed a little, for someone a little insecure about there body it felt really good to see how much it turned him on. He got up to his knees pretending to look casual as I got ready as well. He had a massive boner sticking through his boxers. I puckered my lips and raised my eyebrows twice staring down at it impressed.

"Whenever your ready" he said with his hands out.

I lunged forward trying to get my arms around his shoulders and succeeded but at the same time he grabbed me around the stomach and was trying to push me into the mattress. He was a wrestler after all and used his weight well, I decided it wasn't a battle I was gonna win and conceded to falling onto my back with him on top. He was pressing all his weight against me squishing me like a bug as I squirmed under him. I eventually managed to roll sideways slightly so that not as much weight pushed down on me, but he did a good job of shifting his weight so that it still felt like he was crushing me. 'fuck I forgot that this dude was actually pretty decent. Whatever where's the fun in anything easy.' We were both starting to get short of breath struggling against the other. Eventually he managed to get back in the starting position able to fully use his weight, I tried to bridge unsuccessfully and as I did he playfully spanked me, smirking as he did so.

"C'mon you talked yourself up so much!" He chirped as I grew frustrated, fairplay though he is dominating so far.

Sometimes it's really annoying going against a bigger opponent, you can feel so overwhelmed especially if they're experienced and don't make many mistakes. I just have to be patient and lose as little energy as possible though and an opportunity will come up. As I managed to shift to the side again he leaned his top shoulder weight too far off the ground and I was able to tug violently at his bottom arm to twist his torso awkwardly, shoulders flat on the ground. I then did something I've practiced a million times from any position and whipped my body into the air landing in an armbar before he could barely react. I'm not a state champ for nothing. He looked panicked now, but he did know the right escape for an armbar. Only tsk tsk that was not executed very well, I guess it's usually a barred move when he competed but he gave me lots of space and telegraphed a bit making it a comfortable shift for someone at my level to switch into my favorite hold, the reverse headscissor.

"How bout that?" I taunted enjoying my first moment of having the advantage.

It'll be the last advantage too, he's screwed. I work out my legs and glutes 4 times a week and scissors have always been my specialty. Nobody's ever actually escaped from a headscissors of mine for the last two years. Even my older brother who's also a competitive BJJ grappler tapped out when he let me start in any position I wanted. And this poor guys never even been in one before. I was flexing on and off enjoying watching the way his body tightened up when I added pressure. I glanced back at him, he was blushing hard as he tugged at my thighs unsure what to do. My ass was pressing against his chin and pushed up against his mouth, probably almost entirely blocking his view. I absolutely loved the power of this hold, he was squirming desperately but I barely noticed, he was completely at the mercy of my legs and bum.

"Are you gonna use that keyword sweetie?" I said shifting into a figure four to tighten it even further and pull his face further against my ass.

He struggled for a little longer before tapping rapidly on my butt.

"Hmm, everything I'm doing is completely fine until he uses the keyword" I teased him by pretending to talk to myself in a sing-song voice. I reached over and started to rub his manhood through his underwear that was becoming fully erect again, while starting to create a wet spot in the fabric from the pre cum.

"Fuck off... Code red" he grunted blushing hard as I started to stroke him and stared into his eyes. I was so damn wet.

I got what I wanted now though, not wanting to push my luck I didn't rub it in and just instantly flipped over kissing him even more passionately than before, trying to reassure him I still found him sexy. (These were tips I read on Reddit lol) I lowered myself down his body scraping my teeth down his six pack looking up into his eyes. I had my fun, time to let him get in his comfort zone.

"Can you fuck me?" I said pleadingly to him. And that was exactly what he's been waiting for.


Well I have no idea what's happening in either of our heads. I just lost embarassingly to her again, with my faced forced up her langerie clad ass while she forced me to submit in the exact way I said I wouldn't. Now she's saying she wants me to fuck her. Im not sure exactly what she's into but I think she just enjoyed humiliating me. Which is pretty well... Humiliating. I couldn't tell myself I definitely didn't like it though, I'm hard as a rock down there, she has such a sexual vibe with anything shes doing that I'm more turned on than I ever was with my last girlfriend. This is so far out of my realm that I'm lost, how can somebody get off on getting humiliated by a hot girl? But I can't lie to myself, I got harder as she took control. Now fucking her, that's something I know I can do though.

"Hell yeah" I said grabbing her and flipping her on her back on the mattress. I quickly slipped my boxers off followed by her thong.

I mounted onto of her uncoupling her bra with one hand (I prided myself as a pro at this) while fingering her with the other. I started going down on her sucking her clitoris while doing the c'mere motion with my finger trying to reach her g-spot. She was closing her eyes and arching her back off the ground already, I loved how sensitive she was, seeing her losing control was such a turn-on. Litterly everything about this girl was designed for sex. Normally I would build a girl up for longer but she was already easily wet enough that I could finish her pretty quick. I lifted her legs up putting them on my shoulder (read online it can improve sensation for her, my old partner loved it) and slipped my dick in her pussy. Jesus Christ does she feel good. It had been awhile since I last had sex so I forgot how warm she would feel. I started slowly rocking my waist against her for a bit trying to remain focused not to blow my load until I felt I got control, I started fucking her hard now, grabbing onto her massive perfectly shaped tits and squeezing as she moaned and panted loudly. She was clutching the bedsheets tightly and her cheeks had gone rosy as she was letting out loud gasps. Litterly everything she did was a turn on. I'm sure people in the hallway could hear us but I didn't give a damn. This was perfect, she was beyond perfect. Finally her whole body convulsed in orgasm and I felt her pudding clenching against my dick that was more than I could take and I followed suit orgasming harder than I ever have before.


Alright letting him take control wasn't so bad, he knew what he was doing, still not as fun, but once I got really in the mood I'm not picky. Just wait till I fuck you I thought grinning though. He collapsed beside me in the bed both of us staring up at the roof smiling. We were both hoping the night would end like this so it felt pretty damn good. He put his arm around my shoulder and we just lied there for a moment letting the earth come back to us. It felt right to be lying there with him and I just wanted to curl up into a ball and go to sleep but I knew we'd have to head out soon, the laughs outside the bedroom walls were getting father apart and it sounded like the party was wrapping up.

I looked over at John. His mouth kept opening and closing slightly as he inhaled and it looked really cute. He looked like he was struggling with something though, I felt a little bad that he was probably having trouble adjusting to my fetish. He definitely enjoyed himself though. I leaned over and kissed his cheek before starting to pull my underwear on again. John turned his phone on to check the time 12:13. The plan was to meet some other kid at 12:30 who was DDing and was gonna drive us home in John's car.

"You should get dressed hun" I said scratching his stomach.

He nodded and lied there for a second before swinging up and starting getting dressed.

"Can you like, text me again sometime" I said meekly as I pulled my bra on.

"Damn right I can," he said without missing a beat making me smile.

We pulled our clothes on and headed out to the party, found the dude who was taking us and drove home, feeling one sex of a lot better than we did before.

The two of us chatted a bit over text for the next couple but it seemed we weren't in an actual relationship, more kinda just looking for a chance for a second hookup. I wasn't sure I wanted to be committed to anyone right now, and I don't think he wanted people to know he was hooking up with the girl who kicked his ass in wrestling so we were both pretty happy to meet every once in awhile to have sex.

Over the next three weeks we'd hooked up a couple times I tried not too push it too far with him as I could tell he was definitely used to be dominant. Still wrestled him another two times, won both times again but I tried to make sure I held back in the part of my fetish that likes to rub in the fact that I won with taunting and humiliating him. Just beat him fair and square and as soon as he tapped I would hop off and start sucking his dick or something. What I would love to do is practice my control over him by edging him, teasing him, and then fucking him while I had him in a pin but I think that would be too much for him to handle at this point. He always got hard as a rock but it almost seemed like after we wrestled he was really annoyed but wouldn't stop our sex because he just needed to release his sexual tension. Then after we're done he always just seems confused. I will admit I got carried away last time though. When we were wrestling nude he made some pretty big mistakes and I was able to get him in a reverse facesit for the first time. He was obviously embarassed out of his mind for the girl he was hooking up with to be dominating him in that way and was squirming like never before but at the same time I'd never seen his cock that swollen, it was straight up in the air and begging for attention. As he struggled for a moment he couldn't help himself being that turned on and without even realizing it he started to stroke himself before he noticed what he was doing and caught himself. I don't even know why that clicked with me so much in particular but something about how he was that embarassed but at the same time so turned on his animal instinct was to jerk himself off really got me going. After he tapped I held down his chest lightly and said I wanted to show him something, then rode him like a horse. That was the first time I took the full control in sex as I usually was more submissive so he felt more comfortable. Not sure if that was too far for him but he definitely enjoyed it in the moment, sweating gasping and moaning like crazy. We made plans to go to a temporary theme park this weekend now, and were gonna go to my place after so I'll try to make it up to him a bit, I liked seeing him happy. I don't think I'm suitable for this FWB shit.


This has been the best, worst, and most confusing month of my life. I walked around 24/7 with the truth that I was in a relationship where I got totally dominated and humiliated by a super hot girl who got off on embarassing me. Even though it made no sense I felt like everywhere I went people knew and were watching me out of the corner of there eye with contempt. When I thought about the proud wrestler I was last month it seemed like a different person, that guy couldn't get put in a facesit by his fwb then held down and fucked, much less get turned on by it. But the fact was it turned me on so much, I can't even explain why. Even though I hated the humiliation so much, when she took control signals were sent down from my brain and no matter how much I tried to hold it back, I would get painfully hard, my dick completely oblivious to everything else going on. I'm especially worried about how I'm starting to adjust to the whole fetish. When she was dominant for the first time last week in actuall intercourse I'd never felt that overwhelmed in sexual pleasure ever, she just felt so powerful and primal, she wasn't actually making a conscious effort to stay on top I don't think, but as she got going her feet hooked slightly around my calves and she pressed my hands into the pillow, so I'm not even sure if she realized it or not but I'm confident if I tried to reverse our position I would get sprung into a grapevine by her instinct. That memory is still etched in my mind, her riding me like crazy her perfect tits bouncing up and down while I felt completely helpless to the fact I was getting overwhelmed in pleasure. And I loved every part of it until the realization of what I just did after we were done. I'm now able to tolerate her dominance more, and starting to get more and more turned on by it. I feel like she's slowly turning me into her complete sub. Which is really fucking humiliating to think about. She does mostly let me be more dominant during actuall sex but even that feels a bit degrading, like an adult letting a kid win in a game. No matter how much I hate that part of our sex life though I can't help but text her again, she's so damn sexy and I'm really drawn to every part of her vibe. And while I hate to admit it a small part at the back of my brain that grows every hookup gets so excited to be dominated.

Tonight we were going to a theme park together and for the first time I'd be hanging out with her outside of a strict plan to have sex haha. I also found out some of her friends were going so I wasn't too excited about that. We got there at 7:00 and went around doing whatever was there but it was pretty awkward, her friends kept making subtle jokes referencing that fact that she had out wrestled me, that she was stronger, or that she was the man in our relationship at any opportunity they could, Emerson was getting frustrated at her friends but didn't want to confront them upright as I was right there. It was obvious we all understood the jokes, but don't acknowledge the elephant in the room right. I was just kinda pretending I was naive and feeling like the biggest bitch in the world this is what most people think about the relationship I'm in right now. I was just waiting for us to go home, it seemed Emerson was trying to figure out what was the earliest we could go home without being obvious that was the reason why as well she kept glancing at my face trying to gauge my reactions and checking her phone. Finally her friends got carried away trying to 1-up each other's jokes and when we were at a gift shop Emerson was looking at a bikini when one of her friends asked if she thought I'd look nice in it. I was around the corner and pretended I didn't hear but she pretty much told her friend to fuck off then came over to me and said we were leaving angrily, I wasn't going to complain. We got in the car and and started to drive in silence.

"I'm sorry, my friends are assholes," Emerson said deciding not to ignore it.

I couldn't help feel like they were just bringing my secret to light though. I didn't say anything for a bit just keeping my eyes on the road.

"Ya I wasn't a big fan to be honest," I finally mumbled.

"Who cares right? They're just jealous cus your way hotter than any of the boyfriends they've ever had!" She said trying to cheer me up.

'or they're making fun of me because I'm your bitch' I thought to myself. She seemed to be able to be reading my mind and she reached her arm over rubbing my shoulder affectionately.

"You know I like you right?" She said looking up at me. Even in just a sweater with her hood up she looked so damn beautiful. It made me feel a little better that someone that pretty was showing they cared about me.

I didn't say anything again, but I think she got that she made me feel better and looked happy. She curled up in her chair and was starting to nap for drive. It felt weird to think that the chick who had ruined my ego over the last month was this same girl curled up in my passenger seat. It definitely seems like she actually cares about me, so it feels a little better that she doesn't just think of me as her bitch. I drove her home then work her up,

"are you free tomorrow for dinner?" I asked.

She nodded smiling and looking relieved.

"Could I take you like as my girlfriend?"

"Ya, ya you could do that," she said smiling still.

"Alright sounds like a plan" I said.

She leaned over and kissed my forehead.



Then I drove home unsure if I just made an amazing choice or a horrible mistake.
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Amazing choice. Definitely an amazing choice.
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The next day we went on our first actual date as a couple at some restaurant. I was trying extra hard to give him a good time since yesterday didn't go well at all and was planning on giving him a pretty damn good time sexually after as well. Eventually we wrapped up the dinner and were driving back to my place when I got a text from my parents saying they were home early.

"Wait, stop" I told John swinging my arm in front of him as we reached my block.

"What's up?" He asked pulling over.

"My parents are home,"

"That's okay I can say hi" he said, thinking I was asking if he wanted to meet them already.

I grabbed his shirt pulling him in so I could whisper in his ear.

"You wouldn't make a very good first impression with what I'm planning to do to you. I'm wearing nothing under this" I whispered as seductively as possible, I noticed him arching his neck slightly as he often did when I did anything to his sensitive ears.

Instantly he lunged over and was making out on top of me while pushing the chair flat. He reached under my white dress and started finger fucking me while pushing me down into the seat and making out with me. Now, I was planning on letting him be dominant to make up for last time but he just seemed too natural in this spot and a switch flipped inside of me that I instantly wanted to contest him, wanted us to compete for that dominant spot. Without thinking about anything else I grabbed him twisting us over while he resisted with his muscles to stay on top. Damn that struggling of our two bodies feeling eachothers resistance turned me on so much. My dress now hoisted up my waist I did some quick thinking and pushed my foot against the driver seat for leverage allowing me to take the top position. Instantly I wrapped my legs around his and could feel his rapid tugging. My lower body was as strong as his basically though and I perfected my grappling form so that I had all the advantage. I could feel his thigh muscles constantly flaring up attempting to flail each way in a panic but being held completely still to his frustration. Yet although you could see in his eyes frustration it was mixed with an overwhelming amount of arousal and I could feel his dick growing against my naked pussy perched right on top his pants. I made out with him for a bit and eventually he relented, relaxing his legs and feeling up my back as we kissed. I tore off my dress and pulled his pants down to his knees. Leaning back a bit and sat on his dick inserting it into my pussy while maintaining the hold and grabbing his arms. He didn't bother resisting anymore as I took my throne. I didn't hump him at all but instead just sat on him flexing my kegal and vaginal muscles to massage his dick while bending my head back moaning. I knew I should feel a bit guilty but he was as hard as a rock so I consoled myself with that. Eventually he came, but stayed hard as I started to rock my waist back and forth for a bit before cumming shortly after. He slipped out and I collapsed on top of him embracing his body, enjoying feeling ourselves breath together.

Fuck me I was supposed to let him be dominant this time, then I go and be more dominant than I ever have before! What kind of girlfriend am I. I started to feel like a piece of shit again knowing I was forcing this super nice guy into a fetish that is definitely not good for his psyche.

"Was that okay hun?" I asked him.

"That felt great" he said.

That made me feel a little better, but I knew that even though he sexually enjoyed it he probably was still having trouble adjusting. That's what I read online though, people just need time to adjust to new things. I just knew that if I wasn't so fucked up that he wouldn't have to adjust at all. I needed it though, like my animal primal instinct I felt an overwhelming urge to be alpha once we started going.

Hopefully I'm just overanalyzing things like I often do, maybe it's not so bad as long as I take good aftercare when I dominate him. (Subdrop, another tip I found on Reddit for being dominant) I grabbed my dress and pulled it back on fixing my hair in the rear view mirror. He was still lying there next to me sharing the passenger seat. I leaned back lying there with him and put my head on his chest.


I think that was ok? I felt amazing, I said it was okay. Was it though? Like sure it felt great but if I really think about what just happened... I mean what the fuck. She flipped me over pinning me down, this time by clear force and sat on my dick like it was her throne. Then I feel like I was milked, I mean she didn't hump me at all, she just sat on me squuezing my dick with her pussy till I came. I almost feel like that was her way of first beating me with her body, then it was a wrestling match, my dick against her pussy, and she won. The worst part about it, it drove me absolutely wild, she was so hot and her sitting there primal like a sex warrior was fucking hot. I think? I've never heard of anybody into this stuff before. What had I come to to now feel like that was hot, to desire it in some level. She cuddled up next to me while I thought about this. Then she started doing rapid little pecks and kisses down my neck and face distracting me from my thought process so I could enjoy being with her again. Her blue eyes seemed to glow in the dark, goddamn she is pretty, I'm shocked every time I look. Eventually we got dressed and sprayed ourselves down with scents so we didn't smell like sex before visiting her parents. Over the next week we wrestled several times, her winning each time and without fail me getting a boner each time. Over time I got used to it and just embraced her supremacy and the sexuality of it until 1 in the morning each night wondering how in hell this transition had happened in 6 weeks.

That next weekend her parents were gone overnight I told my parents I was gonna be at a sleepover and went to her place. Her older brother was gonna be at his girlfriends place overnight, and her younger brother was gonna be at a sleepover. We spent the whole time with me in underwear and her in lingerie, it was fantastic, I had no idea I could hold a boner that long. She had already kinda realized I was getting more okay with all the elements of her dominance and wanted to up the ante a little so after eating lunch we went up to her bedroom with the plan to wrestle or fuck. (We were planning on sexing all day and night). But this time to my surprise she had a bunch of shackles. Lying on the bed.

"There's no way I'm going in those" I chuckled

"What if we say whoever loses the wrestling match goes in them?" She says hopefully.

"You're just saying that cus you know you-" I caught myself, we both knew she could beat me but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to admit it out loud

She knew what I was saying though, she started tugging on my arm pleadingly
"C'mon babe, that's okay we know that ways fun right? How about I can only put you in them if I force it during the match"

I felt a little offended but still stiffened up a bit thinking about that. "There's no way you could do that, I'm not that bad" I said,

"How about this, I have 3 minutes to put you in the shackles, if not you get to put me in and do whatever you want to me" she said raising her eyebrows as she decided upon a final deal.

I thought it over, 3 minutes isn't a ton of time, I should really be able to survive enough to last not getting tied up for 3 minutes. And if I do, I get to do anything I want, I hadn't ever done anal and the idea of fucking the perfect, muscular, big ass while she was tied up was hot as fuck.

All of a sudden an image popped in my mind of her fucking me in the ass with a strap-on while I was tied up and I grew even stiffer. Nope, nope, get that out of my mind I thought as I tried to think about tieing her up again. But I couldn't help it but to my dismay I think I was more turned on about getting tied up. Man I really need to win this challenge so I can get used to being dominant again. Plus, it's a playful kinky addition to normal sex so it should be kinda fun. Besides id definitely damaged my ego over the last two months but not enough to reject a challenge by my girlfriend where she's heavily handicapped and if I win I get to do anything (we still used our keyword from the first time we wrestled so it couldn't really be ANYTHING but she mentioned she might let me do anal once before).

"Alright, alright that's a deal" I said. We shook hands. She ties the shackles to each bed post to give herself a decent chance, now she just needed to buckle each of my limbs in.

"Can we do this nude?" she asked

"Babe, we can be nude whenever the fuck you want" I said Making her chuckle as I slipped off my boxers and she slipped off her thin mesh underwear.

She set her phone to 3 minutes and we both got on our knees.

"3..2..1..go!" She said clicking her phone and squaring off.

I say back playing defense but she instantly Lunged at me, swimming her arms to get the upper hand and forcing me down. She had a deep look of concentration and felt more difficult than any time since our actual match when we first met. I started to realize all these times we wrestled in bed she wasn't even completely trying. I tried not to let her get in my head but she was taking control fast. She managed to mount me and get past my guard and was now working towards getting her legs up in a headscissors while I struggled frantically against it. Surely we must be over a minute in by now I thought hopefully. But it still looks bad, she got one leg up to my neck and it was only a matter of time before the other one got past my defenses that were mere delays, how the hell did she seem bigger than me when we wrestled. Her gigantic quads were now locking at my neck and I knew it was coming, I braced for impact but it's always more than I expected when she turned to the side and locked her ankles squuezing with her python legs. We were both straining harder than ever before determined not to be the one tied up. I was twisting away from the shackles trying to get out of range but she grabbed the corners of the mattress pulling us toward it then with both arms grabbed my left. Our arms shaking as she slowly maneuvered it toward the shackle and looped it around that arm.

"Aha!" She giggled as I blushed a deep red. Surely the time was running out though.

I buried my right arm under my body hoping to stall her out and she was frantically tugging but couldn't get it out. I could hear her breaths getting nervous as time ran out then she took a new strategy, focusing her energy on just squuezing me as hard as possible. It was beyond painful.

"Give me your arm." She ordered.

I refused, still wanting to hang on to the time that had to be running out.

She strained even further, I couldn't think about anything other than the pain from those perfect legs squuezing me with her pussy in front of my face.

"John, just give me your damn arm!" she ordered again through clenched teeth.

It was so painful, I just had to give, she was in complete control of me, and I had no idea how much longer this would last. I gave her my arm and she buckled in in the other shackle. Moments later the timer buzzed.

"Wooo!" She cheered.

"Well you don't have me in all four," I said growing nervous of what's to come.

"We never specified all four, I got you good that's for sure" she responded.

I mean I could keep arguing but it would look pretty stupid from my position. The truth was until she let me go I was stuck.

She released my scissor and got to my legs I struggled slightly but realized there was no point and she buckled each limb in. Next she grabbed a blindfold from under her mattress and put it on me.

"Ahh fuck" I said grinning, trying to embrace it while keeping out of my mind how fucked up perverted I felt.

She place a finger on my lips shushing me.

"Ill try to be at least a little gentle" she said climbing on-top me"

Then all of a sudden her phone started ringing. She was gonna just let it ring but then a voicemail came of her younger brother (11ish?) Saying he lost his ride to volleyball and needed her to pick him and his friend up fast before their game.

"Fuck I'm so sorry babe I gotta go, promised my mom I'd take care of him if he needed anything"

"Woah woah settle down your letting me out right?"

She kissed me, "I have to go babe.. oh I know what I can do for you!" She said ruffling through her nightstand.

"Nah nah can you let me out? You don't know how long you'll be gone." I pleaded

She found what she was looking for and attached a mini bullet vibrator to my dick setting it to the lowest setting.

"But it's so sexy knowing how your waiting for me!" She pleaded back with me as she started to get dressed into day clothes.

I moaned a bit from the vibrator then let out a "cmon? Em? Em?!" But she was already on her way out.

So there I was left, tied to her bed, blindfolded, and getting stimulated by the vibrator on low. At first it didn't seem like much stimulation, but after about 15 minutes it started to feel more intense as I got edged. Not long later it was at the point where it was severely uncomfortable, it was powerful enough to build me up, but not to release, and I had no other way to stimulate myself. Eventually it got to the point where I was loudly moaning constantly, squirming in the bed to get some energry out, and my dick was a stream of pre cum, twitching violently begging for a release it wasn't getting. My whole mind was clouded I was sweating and gasping and my abs were contracting so hard it felt like a workout. To think how my girlfriend had forced me into such a crazy sexual experience but the only thing I was sharing it with was a piece of plastic and metal was so humiliating. It felt like forever that I was held at this state of ecstasy, legs twitching and gasping and moaning like crazy and I didn't even notice her enter the room.

"I think that's the most delicious thing I've ever seen" I hear all of a sudden from only a foot away, she was perched on the bed next to me.

"Ughh fuck off let me go" I grunted between moans.

She pulled my blindfold back so I could see her pretty face inches from mine. It felt impossible this sweet face was the one subjecting me to this 'torture'.

"Do u want to be in my mouth?" She purred sexily

"Yes yes, but let me go!" I pleaded, not being able to move while I was in this much sensory overload felt way too weird.

"If you want to be in my mouth it's gonna be while your tied up Hun. Do you still want to be in my mouth?"

"Fuck, fuck yes please!"

"What's that?" She asked again enjoying teasing me while I was in this state of obviously needing release.

"Please, please suck me off!"

Then she leaned down and put me in her mouth, like I expected I exploded within 5 seconds. Blasts more powerful than I ever had before launching against the back of her throat and they just didn't stop cumming, she took them like a champ but eventually after like 11 powerful shots she removed her mouth full of cum, and swallowes it.

"Holy shit that is a load!" She said giggling impressed as I continued to get a few more spurts launching a foot up and landing on my chest. Finally after j finished cumming everything washed in on me. How my girlfriend kept outwrestling me, she tied me up, she edged me into insanity with a toy, and teased my release. It was all so sexy, but all so humiliating, it was too much, and I grew angry.

"Let me go!" I said more angrily than before and she let me go quickly.

"Em! What the hell!" I said not yelling but with stress in my voice.

"Your brother could have come home and found me like that or someone else with a key!"

"My brothers at his girlfriends," she responded defensively trying to defuse my annoyance.

"Things happen, you don't know! And that was soo..' I hesitated before saying 'humiliating."

"It seemed like you were enjoying this stuff more, and you didn't use the keyword," she said apologetic trying to reason with me, as I ruined her vibe.

"Fuck your keyword! Why can't we have sex like normal fucking people!" I half yelled, more frustrated at myself that I let myself be in this situation and enjoyed it, but venting on her.

She sat there on her knees for a second looking hurt and I immediately regretted saying these things. I knew she was insecure about her domination fetish.

"I'm really sorry" she said really softly and turned away hiding under the covers.

Often since she was so dominant during sex I forgot she was actually just a sweet insecure girl and I was paying for it now. My god. Did I just make the cutest girl id ever seen cry? I got under the blankets with her and wrapped my arms around her from behind.

"No babe I'm sorry, you know i don't mean that... Your so pretty babe" I kept repeating over and over, holding her in my arms.

She was just curled up in a ball, not saying anything but covering her face with the thick blanket.

"C'mon babe, you should never feel insecure, I swear your the sexiest girl I've ever seen" I said as I grabbed her knees, pulling her to the side a bit and spreading her legs.

She relented to the good feelings as I slowly made my way down her thigh, kissing and nibbling her perfect legs while rubbing my finger over her pussy. I made my way toward her feminity as she slowly lost more focus moaning and squirming her legs, I started to final start the oral while fingering her clit. Then, she lost all thought and instinct taking over her she twisted with me a but so that she was on top and started to gyrate slowly against me... Then it was a little faster, my finger was getting jammed so I pulled it out... Then it got faster, she's definitely humping me now... Now she has me in basically a facesit, fucking my face while gasping and running her ass and pussy along my face rapidly, I wasn't even giving her oral anymore, just lying under her till she came shortly later.


Im now fully aware I'm fucking his face but can't stop, I just need to finish, finally I climax and roll off him. Both of us lie there staring up at the ceiling, sexually satisfied, but left to contemplate everything that just happened and what it meant for us. Clearly he wasn't as mentally prepared for my dominance as I'd hoped, and I needed it, it just felt natural. I glanced over at him and made eye contact with his almond eyes, he was clearly thinking about the same thing. It definitely isn't conventional but if I want to figure this out, I think he's the guy I want to figure it out with. He slipped his hand into mine, I liked the feeling of that.

Added after 6 minutes:

similar to my exploring submission story I'm trying to write a story that feels like a realistic portrayal of what a couple with a dominant girl might look like, and what complications might occur, hope it feels realistic to you as well

Little gem for anyone whos still following along, found this this week.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
It's a video taped of a real scenario where a robber attempted to rob a lady who also just so happened to be a previous mma fighter. His buddy ran away but he got trapped by her while the cops are coming. The video starts with him trapped In a figure four litterly begging for his mommy at times haha

Anyways hope you enjoy the story and video, really appreciate any replies or thumbs ups!

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