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Default Wrestled to Death

There have been similar stories written like this one on this site, but I’ve decided to dip my toe in the water on this genre.

The year is 2050 and there’s a certain sector of extremely wealthy individuals who fund wrestling matches where the ultimate result is the death of one of the two combatants. These matches are streamed live on pay per view and are extremely profitable. The rules are as follows:

--$1 million to the winner
--The male combatants must be exactly 18 years old.
--Wrestling rules only meaning no punching, kicking, scratching, eye gouging, low blows or any other kind of illegal maneuvers.
--The first competitor to achieve a knockout wins. Following the knockout, the victor carries out the execution in a manner of their choosing.
--To avoid any litigation, both competitors sign a mutual consent agreement where they agree to the terms of the competition.

Age – 35
Height – 5 ft 3 in
Weight – 135 lbs
Additional info:
Record – 6-0
Biceps: 26 in
Preferred method of execution: Rear naked choke neck break

Age – 18
Height – 5 ft 9 in
Weight – 170 lbs
Additional info:
Played golf in high school

Billy waited in the arena for his opponent. He had heard about these underground wrestling matches through a couple of his friends and thought it would be an easy way to make a quick million. The lights dimmed and his opponent entered.

“And his opponent! Weighing in at 135 lbs—she has a record of 6-0…..Emily!”

The crowd in the arena rose to their feet as they welcomed Emily to the arena. Billy scoffed at her entrance as he looked over her physique. She was about 6 inches shorter than him and did not look that impressive. She had a hooded sweatshirt on with a backwards hat and a strange hairdo where she had half of her head shaved. She did have a beautiful face, though. She wore form fitting yoga pants that clung to her legs but they did not look that impressive. Emily smiled and waved to the crowd as she sauntered to the middle of the arena. She was always smiling and lit up any room that she walked into.

“This is it? You’ve got to be kidding me!?” Billy said in jest.

Emily gave Billy a rye, sideways grin and took off her hat and threw it into the crowd. She then removed her sweatshirt and Billy could not believe what was standing before him. Emily was wearing a sports bra that barely contained her huge tits, but that wasn’t what was most scary. She had a massive upper body! Bulging traps flared out from her neck. Her biceps measured 26 inches and her forearms had huge veins popping out. She leaned forward and hit a most muscular pose that would be the envy of any bodybuilder.

“COME ON YOU LITTLE BITCH!!” Emily hollered at Billy through clenched teeth as she powered into her most muscular pose over and over and over again.












Emily hit her last flex and held it and every vein in her upper body and forehead popped out to produce an incredibly horrifying sight.

“Oh shit.” Billy mumbled under his breath, coming to the realization he made a huge mistake agreeing to this in the first place.

Billy turned and sprinted towards the door attempting to escape. Emily saw this and, in a dead sprint, headed towards Billy. She closed the distance between the two almost immediately and slammed into Billy with the force of an NFL middle linebacker, taking him to the ground. She kept her arms encircled around Billy’s chest as she lay on top of him. The match was over before it even had a chance to start.

Emily remained on top of Billy and began to crush him in her massive arms with a bear hug. Billy was unable to draw any oxygen as he began to panic. He tried to push at Emily’s chin to get her off of him but that was no use due to her strong, bull neck. Emily planted her feet into the ground and in an impressive feat of strength lifted Billy up. She had the bearhug fully locked into place now. Her massive tits pushed into Billy’s chest not allowing him to inhale. Her forearms and biceps redoubled their efforts straining against her skin attempting to contain them. The crowd rose to their feet as they encouraged Emily to finish Billy off. Billy looked down at Emily who was just smiling up at him with the most adorable grin he’d ever seen on a woman.

“It’s too bad we had to meet this way. You seem like a nice kid, but you should’ve never signed up for this. I have a max bench press of 425 pounds and could probably kill a bear with these arms so your puny body stood no chance.” Emily said with a chuckle. “But now, I need my payday!”

With that, Billy saw Emily’s lats and chest expand to unhuman levels as she gave him her full force squeeze. Through the brutal, crushing pressure Emily was still smiling up at Billy. All of the blood in his body seemed to rush to his head all at once and then….darkness.

Emily dropped Billy’s lifeless body to the ground as he was knocked out cold.

“Your winner….EMILY!” The announcer’s voice blared over the PA.

Emily raised her hands in victory and began to blow kisses to the crowd. She then began a flexing routine showing off her massive upper body. Pausing, she then lifted her sports bra over her head revealing her incredible chest to the crowd. Her huge melons stuck out proudly from her massive frame without any sag. She began to rhythmically bounce them one at a time putting on a most impressive show. The men in the audience all stood at attention. Some couldn’t contain themselves and began to jack off to her physique.

Emily looked down at Billy who began to stir. It was time for the kill.

Emily knelt behind Billy who was now seated in an upright position and locked in her rear naked choke. It was a move the spectators became familiar with as Emily’s preferred method of finishing her opponent. She locked in her right forearm under Billy’s throat with her right hand clutching in the minimal space between her right forearm and bicep. Her left hand set in place behind Billy’s neck as his fate was now in her hands.

“Are you ready?” Emily asked in a calm, soothing voice with a smile. (as if Billy was going to respond) “All right, here….we…….go!!!”

Emily clinched down on Billy’s neck as she yelled out to the crowd who was now silent. “20%”

A couple of fights ago she would start announcing to the crowd how much of her power she was using as almost a countdown for those who found gratification in her kills, waiting until she hit full power for their sexual release.

“50%” Emily’s shoulders flared now as she continued to push down on Billy’s neck. His face was beginning to turn crimson and had a lifeless look on his face.

“75%” With this Emily stood to her feet and rag dolled Billy back and forth as if he was a lifeless corpse. Her veins were really now protruding from her forearms and biceps and she was readying for the final death blow.

She planted her feet in a half squat as she prepared for full power.

“FULLLL POWERRRRR!” Emily roared as she gave everything she had. Her veins in her forehead appeared. Her face began to shake and turn red, her teeth clenched as she really let Billy’s neck have it. Somehow her forearms and biceps grew even larger to the point where they appeared inhuman. Billy’s neck began to give way to her massive crushing strength. Emily could start to feel his bones bend and it began to turn her on. She was now full throttle as her upper body drove down and encircled Billy’s frail neck with everything she had.

“OHHHH FUCCCKKKKKK!” Emily screamed a guttural scream at the top of her lungs as a massive orgasm ripped through her body. Her muscles bulged to even scarier heights. It appeared as if Billy’s head was going to be severed from his body. She really leaned down into Billy with all her might.

All her strength.

And then……


Billy’s neck splintered under Emily’s crushing strength as the life left his body. Emily held on a little longer as her orgasm began to subside. She looked down at her nipples standing at attention--her abs flexing in and out as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her yoga pants were soaked with cum from her orgasm as she squirted massive amounts down her legs. Her chest heaving, a smile came over her face again as she again waived to the crowd who gave her a standing ovation. She removed her cum soaked leggings and threw them into the stands---a souvenir that a lucky, perverted fan was surely to enjoy later in the evening. Emily blew one more kiss to the audience, flashed that milliwatt smile again and strode proudly out of the arena. She always knew how to give the crowd what they want.
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Default Re: Wrestled to Death

I enjoyed the story, but I would have liked to see more of a struggle. Kristen Nun is a great model for this, although her weight has to be more like 175, not 135.
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Default Re: Wrestled to Death

Love it. Well done more like this please :-)
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