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Old 28-Jan-21, 02:19
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Default Re: Mixed Death Match Tournament

Originally Posted by RyonaGuy [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Age: 35

Height: 6' 2

Weight: 220lbs

Nationality: British


Aimee (left) & Ivanna (Right)


Age: 22

Height: 5"1

Weight: 95lbs

Nationality: French


Age: 24

Height: 4"11

Weight: 104lbs

Nationality: Russian

David cackled as her glared at his opponents from across the ring 'Are you fucking kidding me!?!' He muttered in a bemused tone.

The two gymnasts eyed him and giggled, as they prepared to fight the big boxer.
David simply put his hands on his hips "are you lost little honey?" He mocked as he stared at Aimee, he then turns to Ivanna, "run home to mommy before I spank you!" He cackled derisively.

Ivanna and Aimee scowled at him! "We're gonna beat you!" Shouted Aimee. "He can't beat both of us, we will destroy him!" Laughed Ivanna.

David swaggered over to the pair irked by their taunts. He swings a big backhanded slap at Aimee but she performs the splits as the blow sails over her head, she elegantly tumbles forward and raises both her feet hard into David's groin! The big boxer doubles over in shock and pain as Ivanna sprints at him, she leaps up with a scissor kick smashing into his face as he staggers back in shock!

"Fucking bitches!" He yells in fury and a pang of humiliation.
He runs at Aimee and stomps at her but again she giggles and simply tumbles away from the incoming blow! Ivanna cartwheels at David but he prepares with raised fists determined to wreck the little Russian.

Aimee has other plans, she throws a swooping low kick from behind David trying to sweep him.to the ground. Her blow lacks the power to do so but he does stagger back trying to maintain his balance!
Ivanna capitalises on her foes distracted state and cartwheels into him, planting her feet into his toned abs winding him slightly.

Aimee backflips at him from his left flank, "uhh, hip, hup" she grunts in effort as she moves quickly towards him, she flips up at him wrapping her legs around his neck sitting on his shoulders she raises her hands up and scratches his face with alternating swipes with her sharp nails. David howls in pain as he staggers around clumsily as Aimee continues to punish him leaving his face with nasty red scratch marks.

Ivanna runs and David and swings a kick into his groin as he sinks to his knees in agony. Aimee twists her hips pulling a muscle in David's thick neck and backflips back to Ivannas side, "yeah baby!" Exclaims Ivanna as she high fives Aimee. "Fuck, howww!?!?" Moans David in sheer humiliation.

He tries to get to his feet but Aimee sprints at him and jumps on his back, she covers his eyes with his hands as he gets to his feet trying to shake her off"

Ivanna runs at him and delivers a series of spinning, twirling kicks to his body and grins cruelly as David wheezes from each blow, finally sinking to his knees again. Aimee shoves him onto his belly and wraps her arms around his chin pulling up, ivanna sprints to them and baseball slides her feet into his face, breaking his nose with a huge crunch as he pants beaten and exhausted.

From her position Ivannna starts swooping her leg back and forth repeatedly, smashing David's black and blue face with a dozen little kicks as Aimee stands up, clamping the hapless boxers head between her legs. David begins to cry as it all becomes too much for him to handle. "Nooooo, pleeeaseee, it's not fair" he wails.

The girls erupt into laughter "ohhhh noooo I cant beat two little gymnasts! Tee hee hee" giggles Ivanna in a mocking impression as she continues to beat him senseless.

Aimee does the splits and smashes his face to the floor, she then grunts in efforts as she rolls him onto his back, the girls stand on his chest and prepare to end him.

Aimee stuffs her foot into his mouth, as his jaw cracks she suffs her entire foot in, he gurgles and turns red unable to breath! Ivanna grinds her foot hard into his balls as he emits a hideous gurgling howl of agony! He squirms and writhes helplessly as his oxygen starved lungs begin to ache as the brats cackle wildly. His vision blurs and his tear soaked face turns bright purple as his body starts to twitch and convulse. Aimee shoves her foot in further as David's eyes roll back and his arms and legs stop moving. He emits one last hideous gurgles wheeze and dies in utter fear and humiliation!

The girls high five again and cartwheel and tumble out of the ring eager to face the next person who underestimates them!!!

Aimee & Ivanna win!!! Via lethal foot asphyxiation!!!!
Loved this one!
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Old 28-Jan-21, 14:23
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Default Re: Mixed Death Match Tournament


Thanks for the kind words! Always enjoy hearing feedback on this thread, hopefully we haven't seen the last of this deceptively deadly duo!
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