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Default Trapped in an Armbar by a Girl with a Foot Fetish

Mandy and Karl had just finished an all day trek through Danzuno National Park and were completely exhausted. They were outside all day through sticky humidity, a scorching hot sun and scattered rainfall that poured down on them twice. Their clothes were filthy, damp with drying sweat and smelling of body odor.

Mandy collapsed onto a chair as she entered the front door of his apartment, and Karl walked across the room towards the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Mandy called out to him.

“Where do you think? To take a shower.” Karl called back.

“Wait, what about our bet? You owe me a foot massage.”

Karl turned and paused for a moment. “I’ll pay up later.”

“No, my feat hurt. Pay up now!”

Karl turned away from her and headed for the bathroom. Mandy stood up and raced after him. With Karl’s back turned to her she grabbed a hold of his left arm and pulled him backwards into the living room.

“Let go of me.”

“You owe me a foot massage.”

Karl casually tugged his left arm back towards himself, but Mandy held on tight with both hands and wouldn't let go. He took a few steps towards the bathroom, dragging her behind him until she leaned back with all her weight and forced him still.

“Are you serious?” Karl asked her. “We both stink. After we both shower and have a rest, I promise to fulfill my end of the bargain.”

“No.” Mandy said determinedly. It was taking all of her strength to keep him in the living room. “It wasn’t a bargain, it was a bet. And you lost.”

Although Karl was exhausted and desperately needed a shower, he loved the attention Mandy was giving him. This was only their second date and she felt comfortable enough to grab onto him so aggressively. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had bright brown eyes, soft facial features and a fit body. It was her idea to go hiking today, and he loved a girl that stayed in shape and didn't mind getting dirty.

“Just let me take a shower.” Karl tugged his arm back with more force this time. Unexpectedly he crashed down to the floor. Mandy had stuck her foot out behind him and he tripped down hard to the ground.

Mandy kept a hold of Karl’s left arm as he fell to the floor. She dropped down next to him on her back and wrapped her legs around his arm. She then pulled his arm back across her stomach and straightened her legs across his chest. In a matter of seconds she had him in a perfect arm bar hold.

“What the heck, Mandy let go of…ouch. Stop…arrgh, that hurts…”

Mandy giggled but kept a tight grip on Karl’s arm. She pressed her legs down across his chest and bent his elbow slightly. He was struggling with his right arm, but she knew he was trapped. One lesson from a friend who practiced MMA taught her how to apply an arm bar hold and keep it.

“Mandy I’m serious…let go of me!” He raised his voice now and his tone was high pitched as Mandy continued to painfully bend his arm.

“I want my foot massage. Fair is fair.” Mandy told him sweetly.

Karl struggled for minute, trying to escape from her hold. But with every movement he made, Mandy bent his arm painfully and he was forced to remain still. Lying on his back, breathing hard and completely shocked at Ambers behavior, he wondered what the heck was going on? And then Mandy put the toe of her left shoe onto the heel of her right shoe and kicked it off. She then quickly slipped off her left shoe.

Karl was shocked. He couldn't believe what Mandy was doing. Was she really going to force him into massaging her feet, while keeping him trapped in an arm bar hold? Another moment passed and he smelled her feet. He gagged in disgust and scrunched his nose.

“Mandy, let go of me. Your feet stink!”

Mandy smiled up at the ceiling. She knew how bad her feet must smell. Today she had worn a pair of old, grimy hiking shoes that smelled bad even when not going out for a full days hike. Getting her socks wet in the rain and walking through several puddles probably didn't help either. She had been fantasizing about this moment all day. As she hiked and sweated through the park she kept thinking about the state of her feet. They must be sour and rancid smelling.

“Mandy, I know you can hear me. Let go of me!” Karl was screaming now and flailing his body in panic. Mandy was staring dreamily up towards the ceiling, totally satisfied with her accomplishment. Karl’s thrashing body brought her back to reality. She tightened the grip on his arm and bent it slightly. Karl squealed in discomfort and his pain excited her.

Karl stopped struggling and plugged his nose with his free hand. Mandy’s feet smelled unbelievably bad. He couldn't believe something so foul smelling could come from someone so beautiful. She had smooth clean skin and the appearance of a healthy, hygienic person. He tried tugging his left arm free again, but felt it locked in Mandy’s grip. He stopped struggling and continued to plug his nose.

Mandy sat up slightly and saw what Karl was doing. She lightly kicked away his right hand and and then rubbed the soul of her sock directly onto his face. Karl instantly gagged and shouted out in protest, but she pressed her foot down onto his face and smothered him completely for several seconds before he succeeded in grabbing her foot and pulling it out of his face. But she immediately followed with her other foot, sticking the toes of her feet into his mouth and burying her foot down his throat.

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