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Lightbulb Don't Question The Empress

Hey Everybody, Ty The Femdom Story Guy here. As promised, here's one final "thank you" story. I hope you enjoy

Don't Question The Empress


You must understand, the poor souls who have learned this lesson had no idea how bad it would be.

One such sub, made the mistake of correcting Her

Let's just say...the air went out of the room

The slave, bless his heart, simply said, "but, You said red wine"

Which She did.

But the correct answer should have been, "Yes, Your Highness I apologize. I will bring You white wine immediately. Please have mercy"

(By the time She was done with him that night, all you saw was a man who looked like he had been water boarded for days.)

"Come here, bitch. COME HERE!!!"

He got on his knees and crawled over.

"Stay on your knees and start stroking, mutt! Stroke with one hand, other on the floor like the dog you are", She commanded

"Slowly", She warned

He obeyed

Her Highness flipped stations on the TV while he stroked

3 minutes later


"Both hands on the ground, bitch"

Then all of a sudden


He howled in pain as the whip came down across his bare ass and he collapsed


"Empress, please I'm so sorry! I honestly thought You said red wine. Please I'm sorry"

She didn't say a single word

She just stared at him with a look that said, "I better not have to repeat myself"

Trembling, he got back on all fours

"Stroke", She said with a calm but commanding tone

He obeyed

She began flipping stations again

And then


He yelled much louder this time as he collapsed

"Did I tell you to stop stroking, slave?"


"Did I?"

"No, Your Highness, I'm sorry" he cried

"Get your ass up and stroke"

He obeyed


He buckled but manage to stay up...and he continued to stroke

She hit him 3 more times before pausing to check out Her handiwork

She traced the welts on his ass with Her finger as he whimpered

"You better not stop stroking, bitch"

He continued

She sat back down

"Now speed up"

He began stroking faster

She took the candle off the table and poured the wax right on his back and abused ass

And it wasn't slow and sexy...

She dumped that shit on him

He collapsed again

But he scrambled so fast to get back on all fours that all She could do was laugh

(his fear made Her so wet)

He continued to stroke


She got down at his level and began tickling the rim of his ear and ear lobe with Her tongue.

"Start stroking, bitch" She whispered seductively in his ear

His hand had automatically sped up with the hormones and blood rushing to his member

She continued to lick his ear...

And then She whispered, "stop"

"Oh please no" he thought to himself

But he knew he had no choice

He whimpered and fearfully obeyed

She sat back on the couch and said "turn and face me, bitch"

"Show me your front paws, dog"

He got up on his knees and presented his limp wrists before her


She seductively took her shoe off...right in his face

His boner throbbed. Her feet are perfect and he has a massive foot fetish!

She took off the other shoe in the same manner

And then...

She placed her feet on each of his thighs, just inches from his cock on either side

And his whimpers were priceless

(She was so wet)

And She proceeded to let him remain in that position for an hour

Rubbing Her sexy feet up and down, bouncing them

Rubbing them on his thighs, chest...

And the cruelest thing...

She would push down on his cock and then release and watch it "boing"

While sitting there torturing him, She had him grab the glass of red wine

She continued to rub her feet all over Her human foot stool/ottoman/foot massage/foot toy

Then the kill shot...

She stuck Her foot on his lip

He quivered in pain and arousal

She took a sip of Her wine and said

"huh, I wonder why I asked for white wine? I'm clearly in a mood for red. Silly me" She said as She giggled, digging that emotional knife in

Tears of torture fell from his face as Her perfect feet and words destroyed him

"Did I ask for white wine? I thought I did, right?" She asked Herself

She began rubbing her right foot against his lips

"I did ask for white wine, didn't I mutt?" She asked as She boinked his nose with her big toe

"Yyyyyyyyyyyes, Your Highness" he cried...I mean literally cried

"Okay", She said with a smile and immediately removed her feet from his body like nothing was going on.

"Make me some dinner, slave"

He was destroyed but relieved it was over...

He had learned a valuable lesson...or lessons: Empress is always right

Her power, authority, and decisions were never to be questioned

Her word is law

Empress would always demand complete control and challenging that in any way would mean a fate no man would wish on his worst enemy.

As he headed to the kitchen, She said,

"Oh and when you're done, mutt, I'm gonna need my foot rest again, little doggie" She said with a sadistic laugh

Oh shit!

(It wasn't over...in fact, he would be tortured by Her feet and kept on a painful edge ALL night.)

A jolt went through his heart when he heard Her laugh

And when She saw the broken look on his face, a jolt also went through Her.

But it went through a place little bit lower

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