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Old 10-Aug-22, 07:29
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Default Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year old woman? To be honest, I don't know how I feel about it because I liked it and at the same time I didn't. I knew this woman was an experienced martial artist for many years but was shocked at her athleticism. It also felt more embarrassing because it was a 62 year old woman. I basically got my ass handed to me by a grandma.

Without further ado, I'm going to explain what and how this happened. I was watching a martial arts video and noticed a video in the recommended and it was this older looking woman doing karate practicing her punches and kicks. I looked her up and found out her martial arts accolades and my jaw dropped. This woman practiced martial arts for 40 years, was a 6th degree black belt, black belt in kung fu, judo, and aikido and was an instructor for almost 30 years. Luckily, she also happened to be near my area. I found her contact information and thought it wouldn't hurt to send her an email asking for a karate lesson. I didn't think anything of it until I saw her email and was surprised that she replied back. We sent a couple emails back and forth and set up a date for my private lesson. I wasn't sure of showing up but for some reason I did. It felt weird because there is something that I can't explain that always held me back from going to wrestling sessions so I don't know why I showed up to this karate lesson.

Anyways, I enter the dojo and I meet this 62 year old female martial arts master. To put it in perspective, she's 5'10, blonde hair, and looks great for her age. She was wearing a red gi with black gi pants and a black belt with 6 red stripes indicating she's a 6th degree black belt. She had beautiful feet too with black nails that looked like it was done yesterday. She handed me my uniform which is just an all white gi and I went and changed.It's only me and her in the dojo and one other instructor who later stepped out. It was a nice hour long lesson of her introducing me to karate with basic punches and kicks. Then, after our lesson I thought of the good and yet terrible idea of challenging her to spar against someone who has done this for 40 years. So, I challenged her to a friendly sparring match and she was extremely hesitant against it. Anyways I stopped asking her until before we went to change I was playing around and tried to surprise her with a fake kick to her side. It was just a light touch and she turned around and said fine "if you want to fight me so bad, you got it. Just pray I don't hurt you too bad." I got excited off of this and felt my heart pumping that I'm sparring with her. We face each other and bow and I've never seen someone so old have that much athleticism. She moved faster than me and I'm 24 years old. I blocked a few hits and then she landed a hard side kick to my stomach. I didn't fall but that left a big mark on me. She then started doing combos with punches and kicks and I just became defenseless. I got punched twice in the stomach and then she landed a back roundhouse kick on me and I just fell back on the floor with my face numb. She was shit talking me the entire match too by the way. Saying things like "you see why I didn't want to spar you. The other black belts don't challenge me what made you think you will." I was just shocked by how fast her feet were moving and how she was able to do that at her age. Once I was on the floor, she stepped back bowed and said "be careful what you wish for." The match ended in under 5 minutes and I was in shock. I was angry at myself too and thought if only I landed a hit her on I could've won. Anyways, we went and changed and I thanked her for the lesson and walked out.

I'm still debating whether I should go back for another lesson. It's not like I'm going to fight her again unless I mention it, which I'm not. I'm not going to lie I was a bit turned on by it though. What do you guys think? Should I go back for another lesson and keep taking lessons with her as my martial arts instructor? I don't know if I can look at her anymore without thinking of how she beat the shit out of me and I couldn't even hit her once. I guess skill really does pay off.

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Old 10-Aug-22, 08:59
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Thumbs up Re: Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

Very nice story but...
a couple of little details
are a bit off,
but nice nevertheless.
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Old 10-Aug-22, 09:20
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Default Re: Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

You don't seem to be very consistent from day to day:

"I don't like the idea of wrestling someone whose old enough to be a grandma."
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Old 10-Aug-22, 10:52
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Default Re: Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

Nope. Sixty is still much younger than me. The woman in the story (?) has great credentials. There are some older sessionistas who could beat almost any plausible opponent just due to experience, overall conditioning, and a much lower level of training than that woman. They are not Olympic level, of course, but way beyond the average man.
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Old 10-Aug-22, 22:58
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Default Re: Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

Originally Posted by verscont [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You don't seem to be very consistent from day to day:
I should mention that I did exaggerate what happened to make it sound a bit more interesting but I still got kicked in the face and knocked down by a female karate master who could have messed me up way worse if she wanted to. I went for a martial arts lesson not a wrestling session in which the two are completely different things. Also, I didn't go to this martial arts lesson with the intention of getting beat up, foot shoved in my face, ballbusting etc. So, the age of the instructor in this case doesn't matter to me as much as a session wrestler's does.
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Old 10-Aug-22, 23:31
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Default Re: Would you be surprised if you got beat up by a 60+ year woman?

I'm surprised you didn't grab a Katana off the wall and launch a flurry of sword strikes .. Which she expertly dodged and parried, saying "Thought you could beat me with a weapon, huh? Well now you've done it .. You shall be the first human to see my true form! Writhe in agony, mortal! You are about to witness .. the Priestess!"
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