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Old 20-Aug-22, 21:30
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Default Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Scott sat in the narrow hallway of the old high school that was now a rentable office. His son had a piano music lesson and he sat outside and listened.

He was 41, divorced and with partial custody of his sons, 6 and 9. His work schedule allowed him to take his older son to his weekly lesson. He was normally the only one in the hallway, sitting with his younger son , occasionally another parent and child would go walking by.

As he scrolled through his phone, checking his online Ebay sales, another teacher came in and went into the room across from him.

Scott owned a sports collectible and coin store in the small downtown area. It was pretty much his whole life outside of his sons.

At 6'1 and very skinny 160 pounds, he rarely was a hit with women.

A few moments later, a man and boy about his son's age came and sat down across from him. He didn't bother to look up at him as the newly arrived piano teacher came out and got the boy for his lesson.

Tired of looking at his phone, Scott looked up and saw the man for the first time. He was very similar to Scott, early 40's, tall and very thin.

They were silent for the first 5 minutes, mostly looking at their phones. The man next to him noticed Scott looking at sports collectibles on Ebay.

"Are you into sports and collecting?" he asked. Scott looked up. "I am, I own Sports and More downtown" he said.

"Oh I know that place," he said. "I collect football helmets myself, I've got a few dozen lined up in my man cave" he said.

"Nice" Scott said. "I'm Scott by the way".

"John" the man said. The two of them spent the remaining 25 minutes talking about sports and collecting.

"You should come by the store sometime" Scott said, amazed he had made a friend. "I have a room in the back that I've turned into a man cave myself".

He didn't mention he mostly was back there alone. "Sounds great" John said as he got his phone out.

He swiped his finger across and looked up as his son came out of the practice room.

Scott glanced down at his phone, at the photo backdrop on it. It was John, his son and a woman he presumed was John's wife.

She had short, very dark hair, tied in a small knot behind her head. She wore a sleeveless top that showed off an unreal sized pair of huge arms, her torso was thick, shoulders thick.

Her forearms were huge as well, all muscle, with soft skin just over her muscles. There was a large black fitness tracker wrapped around her left wrist.

She had a long flowing skirt that covered a massive pair of thighs he could make out from the light behind her.

He realized he was staring at the phone and quickly looked away as John picked it up.

They exchanged phone numbers and promised to text each other and get the kids together.

John said goodbye and he and his son left. Scott spent the few minutes before his son was done emblazing the photo from John's phone in his mind. His wife was cute, but not a knockout. Very next door like. That made her even more desirable. Those huge arms too, good lord he thought.

From that moment on, Scott's life was going to change.....

Email me if you want [email protected]
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Old 17-Jan-23, 01:57
musclemom1234 musclemom1234 is offline
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Default Re: Forbidden Fruit

I'm working on part 2 for this one too and would like to hear comments and ideas for the next chapter.... musclemom1234@ gmail
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Old 01-Feb-23, 20:44
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Default Re: Forbidden Fruit

Hmmm dicey to be with the wife of someone who is your friend. Having to find ways to meet her will be a challenge. She would obviously see how attracted he was right away to her build and that might lead to all sorts of fun trouble.
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