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Default Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Ariana Grande

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story featuring a match between myself and Ariana Grande. This is not an actual account, nor do I claim it to be so.

The Trina character is fictional and is neither based on an actual ex-girlfriend of mine, or a friend of Ariana's.

This is the final part of my "story line" that ran in [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].

I posted links to some pics of Ariana in my last story with her. But here they are again for those who missed them.
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

On a final note, while I normally would not post a spoiler to my own story. I felt given the nature of this forum I would make an exception.

This story ends differently than my other three. As the title should hint to. I hope anyone who reads this appreciated the change of pace. Got to cut my character a break occasionally

Revenge Against Ariana Grande

by Dan Femwrestlingfan

I couldn’t shake the rut I had been out of. I’d tried twice to redeem myself since Ariana Grande defeated me. But both times I found myself further humiliated. No matter how successful I was taking on ordinary girls in fights, something about going one on one with a larger than life celebrity had proven to be my weakness.

I finally knew what it was. Every time I fought another celebrity, be it Charisma Carpenters sound defeat, or Victoria’s humiliating me like I had never felt before, I kept seeing Ariana.

The shame and humiliation to losing to that petite little girl, with her baby voice and innocent demeanor was something I couldn’t shake. I’d avoided seeking out a re-match with her. As much as I kept insisting that the little brat had gotten lucky, I was secretly worried about the humiliation of being beaten by her again.

But if I was ever going to gain my confidence back, I had to have a rematch and teach this girl that one lucky win didn’t make her a bad ass. Otherwise, my problems with being able to beat these celebrities was going to filter out into my other matches.

So I finally contacted Trina, my ex-girlfriend and Ariana’s friend, and asked her to get Ariana to agree to a re-match. Trina was surprised, she hid it well but I knew Ariana must have bragged to her about what she had done to me. But I insisted on her setting up a re-match and she finally relented.

I got the call a few days later. Ariana was staying in a hotel out in San Francisco for some kind of public appearance. She said if I wanted a re-match I was going to have to drive there from L.A. to fight her. She told Trina she was too busy to kick my ass again any other time.

That comment alone enraged me enough to make the trip. I risked getting in trouble at work to call in, then made the drive down to San Francisco. I knew once I defeated the little girl it would be all worth it.


I waited patiently in my hotel room, having moved the furniture out of the center of the room and laid out the mats I had brought up, just like she requested. I then got into my wrestling gear and waited.

I waited almost an hour later then she requested, until she finally knocked on my door.

I opened up, angry at being made to wait. She clearly thought she could just blow me off until it was convenient. As I opened the door she stood in her trench and shades, clearly to keep from being recognized. Without waiting to be invited in, Ariana just walked into the room.

She removed her sunglasses and then dropped her coat. I was briefly caught off guard by her body. The yellow bikini top barely covered her perky young breast. And even though she had on denim shorts, the thong still showing revealed she was wearing matching bottoms.

I was hoping she was going to slide them off, but no such luck. Even with her bikini bottoms covered, she still looked insanely hot. But I pushed that thought out of my head; I kept letting these girls amazing looks distract me. I had to keep focused.

“So are you sure you don’t want to back out… Victoria told me you didn’t fare to well.” She smirked.

I got mad at the reminder. As far as I saw it, it was her fault Victoria was even able to beat me. Must less humiliate me. Clearly, beating me had given this girl more confidence then she had before; which made me want to knock it out of her even more.

“Oh trust me. I won’t be losing tonight!” I shot back.

Ariana then quickly spun to try and deliver a surprise backhand to me. But I had never let me guard down since she came in the room. So I quickly grabbed the little girls forearm as she did, stopping her attempted punch.

Arianas eyes grew wide, clearly not expecting me to be able to stop her. She tried to pull out, yanking her arm and moaning as she did. But I had her tight.

“It won’t be that easy this time bimbo!” I shot out at her.

I twisted her arm and was rewarded with a moan of pain as I did. I then threw a forearm on her shoulder, then another. As she groaned in pain, her tiny hand moved to my stomach to try and push me away, but she barely moved me.

Clearly she hadn’t had much more practice. Without the element of surprise she wasn’t about to get an easy win, and it was clear she wasn’t prepared to be on the defensive.

I moved her arm behind her back in a hammer lock. She tried to pull out of it, but was clearly not strong enough to muscle her way out of my hold. I wrapped my arm under her chin and then locked it onto her as she coughed.

“Get.. off me!” She cried out, as I manhandled her.

“Oh I plan to do some getting off…” I answered. I then began grinding my crotch into her fine little ass, to emphasize my point. As I felt it growing harder, the nearby mirror showed the shocked look on her face as I did. She squirmed which only made me grow harder as her ass rubbed against me.

“Stop it!” She called out. Proving she could dish out some sexual humiliation, but like a classic spoiled brat, she couldn’t take it.

I wanted to continue what I was doing, for so many reasons. But I wasn’t about to let her body distract me again. I twisted her arm once more and slingshot her into the wall. She turned as she went towards it and hit the wall back first with a grunt, moaning as she did.

“What’s wrong Ariana? Not sounding like a bad ass now are you?!” I taunted. I was enjoying that for once I was giving one of these bitches a taste of their own medicine.

I then lunged at her, which was a mistake. Ariana let out a shriek as my bigger body moved towards her, but at the last minute she rolled out of the way and I hit the wall, hard. I almost left a dent in it, and was briefly thankful I didn’t as it would have been hard to explain.

As I tried to clear the cobwebs from my head, I felt Ariana jump on top of my back and reach around my head, putting me in a sleeper hold as she did.

I struggled, moving around the room with her on top of me.

Thankfully, she wasn’t experienced enough to know to wrap her legs all the way around me. And I reached back and grabbed onto her red hair and leaned down, puller her forward and off of me as I did. I flipped her over and she landed onto her back with a thump.

I knew better then to let up again, so I grabbed at her arms as I worked to pin them to her side. Unfortunately, as we struggled she was able to get her legs between us and with a loud grunt she kicked out. Her tiny feet went on my chest as she shoved me off of her and onto my back.

I quickly moved to turn over, but she kept at me and I felt her grabbing my arm and pulling it. Trapping it between her arm as she sat away from me, locking me in an arm lock as I let out a moan of pain.

I looked towards the mirror and once more saw Ariana’s face. Although she was in control now, her cocky smirk was gone this time. She knew that I wasn’t playing anymore, and if she wanted to win this she was going to have to give it her all. And I could sense from the look on her face she wasn’t confident she had it this time.

She pulled up on my arm. And I closed my eyes grunting in pain.

“Give up?” She asked, although she sounded more hopeful than certain. Clearly she was hoping I would give in and end the fight, she was not enjoying being on top as much this time.

“Dream on slut!” I answered. I then got to my knees and began to stand, forcing her to her feet with me as she looked around nervously.

I delivered a forearm to her back with my free arm, then another one as she yelped with each blow. She loosened her grip enough I was able to break free. I then moved my arms up and trapped hers, locking her into a full nelson, as her eyes went wide in shock.

She struggled and tried to lean down, but I just laughed. This tiny little thing was not going to throw me. She clearly had no idea how to get out of this hold, which was fine with me.

Realizing that this match wasn’t going the way her arrogant little brain clearly thought it would, she started to panic and struggle. “Let me go! LET ME GO!” She cried out.

I laughed and applied the hold tighter, locking my hands behind her neck as she stood straight up, her young and small, but gorgeous, breast thrusting out giving me an ample view in the mirror.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Was all she cried, panic setting in as her dreams of embarrassing me to inflate her already huge ego started to disappear.

I laughed and stood straight up, lifting the little girls feet off the floor as she screamed before finally setting her back down. She continued to struggle and I felt her hot little ass grinding into me as I did.

I grew rock hard as she worked her ass into me. I finally decided I had her tight enough, that it was time to repay some of the humiliation I had felt last time we fought.

I moved my hips and began grinding up and down into her denim clad ass. She let out a yelp, “Oh my gosh! What the hell are you doing?” she cried out in horror.

I didn’t answer. I just kept humping her tight ass, feeling my member throb as I did, the look of horror on her face was all the reward I needed.

“No. Oh my gosh, how dare you!” She cried out, “Don’t you dare… don’t!”

I continued to grind into her faster and harder. Her ass was so toned and tight. She tried to squirm free, but all it did was drive her ass into my manhood even more as I groaned.

“A… Almost there” I moaned into her ear.

“Oh shit. No, don’t you dare… DON’T!” she cried out while still trying in vain to beak free.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I let out a cry as I exploded into my shorts, knowing she could feel the throbbing as I did.

“Ohh… Oh gosh. Gross!” She cried out, looking horrified. Not that I cared at this point.

As I caught my breath again I cleared my head. “Time to end this bitch!” I said.

I then released her arms as I threw her onto her stomach with a grunt. Before she could recover, I climbed on top of her and folded her legs, before planting my knee to old them in place as she let out a groan. I then grabbed onto her arms, she tried to fight but clearly the onslaught and humiliation was starting to take the fight out of her.

I folded her arms and moved them both over her throat in a strangle hold. She let out a gakk as she did. I laughed, “It’s your turn to go to sleep now bitch!” I said to her.

She coughed for a second, letting out a few cries for mercy, but there wouldn’t be any. After a minute she stopped struggling and I released the hold. She fell limply forward, out like a light.

I had done it. I had bested the bitch in a match.


I lifted her up into my arms as I recovered from the fight, and gently dropped her into the shower. I then reached around and turned on the water, delivering a cold blast to her face.

She woke up instantly and flailed around as she put her arms up, trying to block the water from hitting her as she screamed out in shock. Once I realized Ariana was fully awake I turned off the water and grabbed her now wet hair and pulled on it. I forced her head back to look at me.

“You have five minutes to leave this room and never come back, or I’m gonna to knock you out again! Got it?” I asked in the most threatening voice I could.

“Y… Yes!” she said, reluctantly.

“Good.” I answered, as I grabbed a towl and threw it at her. “And tell that bitch Victoria she will get worse if she tried to take me on again. Got it?”

She looked down and merely nodded.

“Good girl!” I said, rubbing her cheek until she pushed my hand off, her face turning red.

I went back to my bed and lay down. After a minute I heard the door open and close. True to her word, Ariana had left the room.

I laid back with a big smile as I fell asleep. Feeling confident for the first time in what seemed like ages.

I was back!
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Ariana Grande


I'd say now would be a good time to get back at Victoria too...
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Ariana Grande

agreed Victoria needs a beating as well.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Ariana Grande

Yes. Revenge against Victoria is deserved.

BTW: I love this concept. Would you mind if I took a stab at writing similar type stories.
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Default Re: Celebrity Fantasy Story: Revenge Against Ariana Grande

Just to let everyone know, I am in the process of writing another Victoria Justice story and well... it doesn't look good for her. Can't argue with what people apparently want. lol.

And tracij89 by all means take a stab at it. I hardly claim a copywrite to this idea, and obviously not to the women featured in them.
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