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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 5

I woozily woke up and wiped the drool off my face, and looked up to find Becky, Chloe and Samantha looking behind me with glee. I turned, and to my horror I found Lindsay walking in the living room with a frilly pink dress in one hand, and wearing a huge 12 inch strap-on. I put two and two together, and felt a pit in my stomach.
"Hey twig dick, hope you don't mind but I really wanted you to try on my 11 year sister's dress, I think it will look great on you!" said Chloe. "I hope it's not too big though, you are very small after all".
"It's only fitting that you wear a dress, since I'm about to fuck you like a girl after all" said Lindsay.
No, no, I did not want this at all I thought. I needed to do something. I didn't want that strap-on anywhere near me. I crawled to Lindsay and kissed her calves and legs, and pleaded harder than I ever did in my entire life. Chloe and Samantha were laughing their asses off, Becky had a large smug and arrogant grin on her face.
"Like I said, there's going to be plenty of time for you to worship these legs. But in the meantime you are going to wear this dress and I am going to fuck your ass." said Lindsay. I started begging and kissing her legs even more, my tears falling on her legs.
Lindsay took a long sigh, and motioned for Becky to come over. She understood her intention, and dragged me away from Lindsay's legs by my feet. I was turned facing the ceiling, and before I realized what was happening, Becky got me in a tight reverse headscissors. Yet again I was trapped in between her steel legs, and I could clearly tell she was not even squeezing, but the fact that her legs were so large and so well toned was enough to trap my head in place, and my head felt like i was trapped in a steel vice, my mind was already spinning at this point. Even at this point, I wasn't sure if my head was going to pop like a melon, or if I was going to pass out again, all while Becky hadn't even begun squeezing.
"Aww you poor baby, I haven't even begun squeezing yet" replied Becky. "Your little pecker here is standing in attention, that won't do. It's small and cute, but since you are going to a lady soon, you won’t be needing this” She grabbed my shaft with one hand and squeezed hard, causing me to scream and wail something that wasn’t human-like. She started squeezing harder with her hand, tightened her legs also, slowly putting pressure in unison. I knew that she had the power to break off my useless small dick, but what she said still surprised me.
"You know, I'm not even using 10% of my power yet on my hand or my legs. I'm using 5%. And look at you, already this spent. I honestly feel sorry for your parents, forced to raise a complete fucking failure like you. But don't worry, the next time you wake up, instead of being a little bitch boy, you can be reborn as a little bitch girl instead".
She repositoned her reverse headscissors hold instead into a figure 4 reverse headscissors, with my nose firmly lodged into her asshole, and her legs tightly around my neck and cheeks, and her feet crossed. Her hard D cup breasts were now positioned in between her breasts, completely buried under.
"Uwah I can't even see his little pecker anymore" said Samantha. Becky was using her free hands to jiggle her boobs around, giving me a titty fuck, meanwhile she kept slowly squeezing her legs more and more, and I was slowly losing air as my head was wedging closer and closer to her large, encompassing ass.
"His eyes are fading Becky, wrap things up will you, I'm getting quite horny right now" said Lindsay. Becky reluctantly accepted, and ramped up the pressure in her legs and the large globes of steel that was her breasts. My head and dick was in massive pain, but it did not stop me from ejaculating in between her tits, and just as that happened I finally lost consciousness.

I woke up from my slumber to find myself dressed in the frilly pink dress, with myself already bent over a table with my ass out. Lindsay was already behind me in her 12-inch strap-on, with her hands on my waist.
"Oh good. I was hoping you'd be awake for this" said Lindsay. "I was growing tired of waiting. Also I didn't lube up this badboy and I'll be going pretty fucking hard. Oh, and I don't think anyone had congratulated you properly yet, but" as she continued she brought forth her pelvis and strap-on and just thrusted inside my asshole without any warning. I yelled out a girlish scream that I wasn't proud of. The other girls spat out laughing at this.
"Congratulations on your anal virginity Twiggy" all the other girls started clapping and cheering. I was gripping the table hard, and my girlish screams and pleas continued even louder. I was responded with cold laughter.
Lindsay herself mercilessly started to thrust deeper and faster, and I felt my insides feeling funny, as if her strap-on reached the way to my stomach.
"Your small cute asshole can't really fit this entire thing in, but don't worry babe, we're going to expand your little asshole pussy the hard way, won't we girls?" The girls responding with woos and cheers, all of them who were starting to finger themselves watching this display of pure domination.
I was no longer making coherent words at this point, sobbing uncontrollably at the pain and utter humiliaton. I knew that this only fueled them to inflict them to take it even further, but I wasn't thinking anything at this point. I was slowly turning into a mindless fleshlight, in other words, a tool.
Lindsay started thrusting with just her hips this time, and brought her two hands inside my mouth. She started expanding my mouth more and more with her two fingers, and it got increasingly painful as she widened my mouth, and the other girls started cackling at this. My ass was still being violated by a consistent and fast tempo, and I was beyond my limit for how much my ass could take, I'm pretty sure it teared and I was 100% sure my ass was bleeding. She placed two fingers up my nostrils, and pulled her arm further upwards and towards her, while hooking her fingers up my nose. My neck started to ache as my head was being violently bend backwards.
"Ahahhahaha this would make such a good profile picture for you bitchgirl" said Samantha. "Mabye you'd finally be able to be popular and make some friends"
"Ahahaha as if anyone wants this crossdressing faggot freak anywhere around them" said Becky. "There's no place in the world for losers like these, you should just end his miserable life already. The world would be better for it."
"Fascinating idea Becky" said Lindsay. "Mabye I should just break his fucking neck." She slid her left arm and hooked my neck, and started pullling it even more backwards and upwards, like a modified camel clutch choke-hold. I was gagging for air, I was tapping frantically on the table. I clawed at her arm to no effect. I was going to die with a strap-on up my ass. My spine felt like it was ready to break, as the human body was simply not meant to be bent this way, especially not my fragile body.
Lindsay stopped thrusting, but the strap-on was still firmly up my ass, with most of it inside at this point. I could definitely that the tip reached my abdomen.
"Let's see what's gunna break first, your neck or your spine" whispered Lindsay to my ear, since my head was already close enough to her. "If you want though, I could be merciful and let you live little one. You just have to do one thing for me."
I could barely make out the words with my damaged voicebox and larynx "wwhhhatt"
"Beg me not to kill you. Make it sound convincing and creative."
Lindsay smiled, seemingly satisfied by my answer, replied directly to my ear "Aww that was great sissy boy. I'm so touched that you are willing to serve all of us. And did you hear aswell girls? He actually wants us to fuck his brains out, we don't need to be gentle with him.
"Aww i'm so touched" said Chloe, "I'll be sure to use our new slave bitchboy past his limits then since he's verbally consented".
"Yes indeed" replied Lindsay. "And you know what Twiggy", she got closer to my ear and whispered. "I was actually going to break your spine here and now, but since you're such a good girl I'm going to let you live, and we are going to spend this entire weekend making you happy! Isn't that fun?"
"Yyyyesss goddess Lindsay" I replied. "I'mmm I'mm honored"
"I'm sure, now then, I can't keep the other girls waiting too long, so I'm going to pass you over, but it looks like your little cute tight ass needs a break. And you need a nap".
She still had a tight hold on my neck, but she brought her other arm over and locked the headlock over and started squeezing. I really wished these girls would knock me out faster, but it seemed like all of them wanted to prolong my pain and make me pass out nice and slow.
"Night night princess. Sweet dreams" whispered Lindsay.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 6

I awoke to find Becky standing up looking at me with one hand on her hips, looking great as ever, flashing me a cute wink as well. She was wearing a 12 inch strap-on of her own, no doubt she was next I thought. I looked behind her and saw Chloe and Samantha aswell with their own 12 inch strap-ons, Samantha with the camera still, and Chloe giving me a cute wave.
"Hey sissy, nice nap?" said Becky. "Get up for me would you? I want to see something". I slowly and steadily stood up, trying my best not to trip over because I was still feeling groggy. I couldn't help but look at her naked D cup breasts that were nearly eye level with me, and my penis was almost brought back to life as I got another boner.
"Great, your little stick is already at attention" said Becky. "Let's compare and see who's bigger". She walked close enough to me where my erect 4 inch dick was touching the 12 inch strap-on. It was painful to see the difference in how much smaller and weaker it was, and it reminded me of how much smaller and weaker I am to these girls. It felt really emasculating, as I knew I was always weaker than all of the guys, and I was weaker than all of the girls too I thought, but I never thought I'd be this much weaker. I'd end up being prey to the strong for the rest of my life I thought.
Lindsay was back in the room to see this humiliating display, and gave out a huge smirk. Chloe and Samantha were very amused also.
"Wow you must feel pretty fucking pathetic huh shrimp dick" said Becky. "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, sissy bitch". As she said this, she spits in my face. I was taken aback by this, but I tried my best not to cry anyhow.
"You see, a real man would not have taken that, a real man would have done something about it" said Becky, as she grabs my throat with her right hand and starts lifting me up with incredible ease.
"You are not a real man though" continued Becky. "You're not a girl nor are you even human, you are a fucking toy doll that weighs about as heavy as one. And your one and only purpose here is to be played with, toyed with, and thrown out after". I was equally impressed by her strength at lifting me high with one hand as I was terrified at how she could kill me by choking the life out of me.
"Wow he's so high" said Chloe, watching as I'm lifted to as high as Becky's arm can reach.
"Becky, the other girls aren't finished with him." said Lindsay. "He's already our submissive bitch so there's little need to hurt him too much anymore. He's already well aware that we are his superiors in every way."
"I know" said Becky, gently putting me back down to my feet, I start coughing and gagging as she continues "I just wanted to give him a little reminder is all". I'm down on one knee, trying to get some air back, when she pulls my hair and commands me to stand up.
"Feel my biceps wimp" as she drags my hand towards her bicep. I'm astonished at how hard it really feels, this same arm that knocked me out when I was in school.
"This is how hard a real bicep feels, you should've had this if you weren't born as a spineless worm. And I'm not even tensing properly yet." She says, as she starts tensing up, and I feel it's raw power firsthand yet again, giving me another boner.
She stops flexing her bicep and brings it down. "Push me" said Becky. I wasn't sure what I heard.
"Push me" repeated Becky. "I'm 165 pounds, I want to see if you can at least even budge or move me.
"I would, I would never.." I try to reply.
"Yes I know you aren't psychically capable of moving me" interrupted Becky. "I just want to see you try, it turns on when little wimps like you are struggling." I dared not to even try and argue, and I started trying to push her over. I put my back into it even and started using my full weight, and whatever little power my legs had. She wouldn't budge. Not even a cm. It wasn't even that she was putting her body weight in keeping herself in her position, it's just that I was that weak.
"AHAHAHHAHA" all the girls included Becky just started out laughing their heads off, which got me even furthered emasculated than normal, and I put my head down in shame as to not let the girls see that my eyes were watering.
"My turn" said Becky, who approached me as I was bringing my head back up. She shoved me with regular force, which would have normally send a regular man stumbling back slightly, but that small shove send me flying back across the room, falling flat on my ass.
"Pfffttt ahahahahaha you see how far the sissy midget flew??" squealed Becky. The other girls were laughing harder than ever as well.
"Ahahahaha oh man if we flung our sissy here properly, we would set an olympic record." added Samantha
"Ahhaha mabye another day us girls can try that" remarked Lindsay.

I was making an attempt to get up to my feet when Becky shook her head and said: "Nono sissy, come crawl here on all fours and lick my toes little Twiggy". I knew better than to even hesitate, and did exactly as instructed. I obediently licked between her toes and did it with enough vigor that it warranted no complaints from Becky.
"Make your way up to my legs. Start kissing them now, and I want to hear how much you love my legs" said Becky.
I started kissing her calves, making my way up to her thighs exclaiming that "I love the hard legs that knocked my sissy ass out", which got a loud reception from the girls, and I was at the point where I was at eye level with the 12 inch dildo.
"Now blow me. Blow me real good like a proper slut" As I began to open my mouth to insert it in, she reached to the back of my head and shoved the strap-on deep in my throat. I wanted to gag, I wanted to cry from the humiliation, but soon enough I just wanted to breathe.
"Yeah, that's right deep-throat it you cheap whore!" shouted Becky, thrusting her hips back and forth, essentially fucking my mouth. I was holding onto her toned ass for support, and started frantically tapping it for submission, for a breather, for mercy, for anything. But she stopped fucking my mouth when she felt like it. After what was way too long for my liking, she got the dildo out of my mouth.
"Right, since I was nice enough to get this lubed up for you, it's time I shove this badboy up your tight little asspussy" said Becky. She lifted me up by my armpits and shoved me roughly to the nearby wall. She slid me down to where I was directly eye level to her D cup breasts and said "Use your puny legs to hang on to my stomach for support". I did what I was told, not really sure why, but then I realized that my ass was directly under the strap-on.
"Relax your ass, little fleshlight, and in the meantime, I'll use these Grade A tits of mine that you like so much to take you straight to heaven." She shoved the dildo up my ass, while simultaneously driving her solid breasts to squish my small head in between the wall. She removed her hands and placed them above on the wall, to give herself leverage while holding me aloft with simply her breasts and her strap-on, in a completely dominating power play. Samantha, ever the photographer, made sure to not let this moment pass and made sure to record everything in an even closer view. Once again, my vision and smell was completely taken over by these wonderful tits, which were ever so tense and threatened to crush my head between the wall like a small bug. In the meantime, she kept thrusting the dildo violently deeper inside my asshole. My ass needed days of recuperating after what Lindsay did to me, yet here I am again, being used as a fucktoy, while wondering if I was to be crushed to death, or smothered to death. I was sobbing pretty hard actually, but it's not Becky could notice it or care anyway, and kept thrusting even harder.
"Oh fuck me" moaned Becky "He's so fucking pathetic. I want to fuck this wimp all fucking day"
"I hope not all day" retorted Samantha. "Remember that I'm going to try that one thing on him that I was telling everyone here about."
"Well Becky" said Lindsay, I'd hate to rush you, but ya know, try not to suffocate the poor wimp".
"Hmph, if I have to give him back I'd rather let him suffocate" said Becky. "I'm sure our pervert sissy here wouldn't mind dying to my amazing boobs, isn't that right?" She looked down for a reply, and I muffled a reply which got her laughing.
"Ah, of course, you can't speak can you?" said Becky. "Well I won't be killing you but I'm nearly done so bear with me a second". Becky then pushed her breasts even more, while thrusting even harder. My body and ass couldn't take it anymore. I was about to pass out when she suddenly removed her strap-on out of my ass and removed her breasts away from my head. When she stepped back, I fell flat on my wounded ass, and looked up to see a bloodied strap-on.
"Eww, you got blood on it" remarked Becky.
"He got some blood on mine aswell" said Lindsay. "Just get it clean".
"Too much of a hassle" remarked Becky. "I'll just get this loser's mouth to clean it". And with that, she harshly grabbed my hair and jammed the blood-coated dildo into my mouth. It was extra disgusting because it's the blood that came out of my ass, but I couldn't do anything about it anyway. She fucked my mouth for even longer than usual, following her orders and ensuring that "I had to make sure the dildo was fucking spotless". She finally got the strap-on out of my mouth, and went to inspect it.
"Not bad wimp, you are pretty good with your tongue" said Becky. "I'm having you lick my alpha clit tonight as a reward".

Chloe and Samantha start walking towards me now. The phone has been handed to Lindsay who's next to record, and Becky walks up to where Lindsay is while grabbing a drink.
"I guess you are all ours now lover boy" remarked Samantha, gripping her strap-on tightly.
"Aww it looks like you could a breather though" said Chloe, bending down towards, looking down at me in mock pity. She grabs my chin with her one overwhelming hand and says "It's too bad we waited all day for this, and are not willing to let this chance pass us by, so be a good little dear and bear with it for us, okay?" I looked up to see Chloe smiling like an angel from my dreams. I would have fallen deep in love with her if I didn't know what she was really like. I also see Sam looking down me seductively, like she's eyeing up a fresh meal. I would have thought that Samantha was the hottest girl on the planet, if i didn't know how she really was. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm way past the point of thinking any other girls could compete with these 4 goddesses. I love every single one of them. I'm sexually attracted to every single one of them. They have brought my miserable life purpose. Yes, I was born to serve these world-class human specimens for the rest of my insignificant life.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Hi guys, it seems that I'll be posting more than 7 parts, because I simply won't be able to wrap up the story in one more part. So realistically, I probably can wrap up the sleepover weekend event by part 10. I do have a set guidline for what's going to happen, but since I ended up just writing more to fully describe and set the scene for the situations that are presented, I ended up writing more.

I'm very sorry that I didn't really write your usual story about competitive wrestling, this story does have wrestling holds and will continue to have wrestling holds, but they are more there to inflict punishment and show dominance rather than get a submission point. You see I just had this idea where a small weak boy would get manhandled and dominated by highschool girls, who were athletic and muscular sure, but were not straight up 7ft amazons. I just wanted to blend in a bunch of different fetishes that personally appealed to me, and I'll be including more and adding it in if it's relevant to the story, but I worry I might have turned off those who are turned off by certain fetishes, and if that's the case then I apologize. I just really wanted my first story to be a self indulgent piece of what I think is hot, and just run with it. In the future though, I could write something that can appeal to more people, or I could just write another self indulgent piece, either way I'm going to finish this story first though.

Also, if you have any tips for how I could improve my writing or presentation, or any criticisms in general, I'd be glad to hear it.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 7

Chloe's imposive hand that was still on my fragile chin suddenly tensed up, and she her finger wrapped all the way around my chin and mouth as she started squeezing ever so slightly. I felt like she could dislocate my chin at any moment, and her large hand was cutting off my air supply. While continuing her brutal and effortless destruction, she lifted me higher to where I was eye level with her chin.
"Aww, it would turn me on so much if you let me squish your head open like a little apple" said Chloe, her lips moving closer to my ears as she cooed. "Ah, but I guess if you die, I'd be pretty sad y'know? I mean where else am I gunna find a fart sniffing crossdresser?" The other girls were giggling at her cruel remark naturally. She maneuvered the hand that was suffocating and hurting me, and brought it down to my neck, holding it still without squeezing. Yet, because her hand was so powerful and my neck was so weak, she didn't to squeeze for me to be in pain. However, I feared the worst and she squeezed her hand ever so slightly, meaning she planned on cutting off my air supply again. I couldn't make out any words of protests, gargling and looking up at her with pleading eyes.
"Aww don't worry sissy" Chloe said in mock tone. "This is going to be fun for you too." She used her other free hand to maneuver my penis, and slotted it in between her thighs. She started sexily rubbing her thighs together, with my poor penis trapped in between them. She wasn't squeezing, and was extremely stimulating to the point where I was building the urge to ejaculate, her legs were so naturally muscular that my dick, or any part of my body really, could handle legs this strong. I was screaming and moaning in pain, when Chloe's big lips silenced me and she shoved her expert tongue down my throat. I was thankful to the lord that she was no longer squeezing my neck with her hand, but her strong hand was still there keeping me painfully up there. Her expert french kiss that lasted what seemed to be an eternity, was so great and so stimulating that I wasn't breathing and I didn't care. My penis felt numb from all the rubbing it was receiving from Chloe's talented thighs, yet I also started to feel like I was about to explode at any moment.
As I felt like my life was flashing before me, I came in pure ecstasy between her strong legs, and my eyes started rolling.
"Hey Chloe, think our little boy here made a little mess" said Samantha. Chloe, breaking off the kiss and finally letting me breathe, commented.
"Yeah? I didn't really feel anything though." Without warning she let go of my neck and stepped back, and because I no longer had support I just fell on my ass again. She looked down on her legs to confirm, without any care for me.
"Aww, seems like our little baby here made an accident" said Chloe in a condescending baby voice. "That won't do, you will have to clean it up."

I knew instantly what she meant, and I really didn't want to lick my own cum, just like I didn't want to lick my own blood. I had to act fast though or even Chloe or someone else would lose their temper and start breaking something again. I licked her thighs as if I was an excited puppy, Samantha herself also had that same image in her head and snickered. I licked as much as I could around her legs, and thought I had done a satisfying job, Chloe had other plans though.
"Uh aren't you forgetting something little doggy?" I wasn't sure what she meant at all until she grabbed my hair, and pulled it so my face was facing the ceiling. She positioned her legs so that my face was lodged tightly in her thighs, my nose firmly in her very strongly scented pussy, and my mouth wedged in between her asschecks. Her pussy was incredibly sweaty, and smelling her musky odor so close up was threatening to knock me out. Her world-class ass was completely covering my mouth also, and I knew that I was to be slowly knocked in this position no matter what. I could not hear Chloe for the first time she spoke, since her legs were completely covering my ears, so she shouted even louder to get the message across.
"EAT MY ASS OR I SQUISH YOUR PUNY HEAD LIKE A FUCKING WATERMELON!" I didn't need to be told twice, and what little tiny room my mouth had for breathing was completely gone as I forced myself to taste her ass. It was going to take alot to get used to it since I could tell she hadn't wiped in a long time, but I suppose in my new life now I was sure that one of the girls here would use me as a toilet slave.
"Eww, gotta feel sorry for him" remarked Sam. "Bet you haven't wiped all day today"
"Or yesterday" replied Chloe, which got a mock reaction of disgust from Samantha, Lindsay and Becky.
"Fucks sake Chloe" said Becky. "This poor little shit is basically licking your shit right now?"
"Well, I thought to myself yesterday that's no need to clean my ass." replied Chloe, looking down to see a barely visible head, infact only my forehead and eyes were visible from her view. "Since we got such a willing toilet slave here who's going to clean my ass". The other girls started laughing hysterically at this point, all with no care or emotion to how I was feeling.
"Wow, you really are cruel Chloe" said Lindsay. "I gotta step my game up and do all sorts of sick shit to him." Chloe responded with a peace sign and her innocent cutesy smile, while my tongue was gradually getting tired and I was slowly losing consciousness.
My mouth was made to lick more of her shit, as I slung my tongue deeper in. I eventually realized that I wasn't getting used to the taste, it was still rancid, and this situation was still humiliating and painful in alot of ways. Chloe could make out I was crying, which that and me stimulating her with my tongue got her pussy even more wet. She started cumming all over my tear stained face, grinning with glee at my utter hopelessness.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck me his tongue is good" moaned Chloe. "And I can't get over his crying aswell." She started cumming even more, which led to her involuntarily squeezing her thighs together, with my poor face in-between. I wanted to scream, but now my tongue was firmly stuck inside her shit stained asshole. My scent completely taken over and intoxicated by Chloe's pussy, my senses were completely taken over by Chloe's sweaty scent, which I probably guessed has not been washed since yesterday either. But more importantly, it seemed like she was going to squeeze my head off anyway, and I was degrading myself to eating her ass for nothing. My legs were flailing about and my hands were used to try and pry her legs. She couldn't even respond or feel anything, she was deep in ecstasy, moaning loudly in heat, twisting and pinching her magnificently shaped nipples. She was cumming buckets all over my pain stricken face, my tears no longer visible now. I couldn't take the pain anymore, and my hands were limp and my legs were no longer flailing.
Samantha had to stop and shake her shoulders to get her to stop. "HEY SNAP OUT OF IT" she shouted. Chloe woke up from her spell and saw what she had done. She grabbed my hair to ensure my head didn't fall on the floor, and gently picked my unconscious body in a cradle hold.

"Aww you poor baby" said Chloe, rocking me gently around. She did this until I woke up slowly. I looked up to saw the position I was in, and looked around to see the other girls look down at me with gooey eyes.
"Hey our little boo boo baby is up" said Samantha, harshly pinching my cheeks. I squealed in pain at this, which Chloe wasn't too happy about it.
"Hey quit it, our little solider here did very well, he finished his meal and he's been a good boy"
"He smells like shit Chloe" said Becky. "Literally"
"Shit or not, he deserves a reward" said Chloe. She brought one of her D cup breasts and forced the nipple and the breast inside my mouth.
"Have some of mommy's milk" said Chloe. "Be a good boy and start sucking". Clearly she was not lactating, but I dared not to question it and sucked like my life depending on it. All the other girls were laughing, with Lindsay getting closer with the camera.
"Congratulations on the baby Chloe!" announced Lindsay. "How old is he now?"
"Well I'm sure he's about our age at 16, but clearly he's about as weak as a 4 week old baby" remarked Chloe. "And that age, he can't really do anything without his mommy isn't that right?" I did not even get to mumble a reply, as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed her breast even deeper in my mouth. There was no way my mouth could fit her D cup breast entirely, but she sure tried anyway. I was able to breathe through my nose, but I wanted to gag as she was violently trying to cut off my airways. I sucked anyway, hoping that this would end soon.
"Since you were such a good boy in making me feel good before" said Chloe, grabbing my shaft. "I'll make sure your little baby dick feels good too". With one hand supporting the cradle hold, she used the other to start giving me my first ever hand-job, and it was erotic as it was painful. I could not suck her tits anymore and started muffling pathetic screams, partly because I couldn't breathe, but also because her hand-job was especially painful. I did not want to move my arms and legs, in fear that she would drop my already wounded body to the hard, marble floor. I was at a loss for what to do.
"Shhh boo boo" cooed Chloe, rocking me ever so slightly while still jerking me off. "This ends when you cum on my hand, so don't be shy, let your baby dick shoot our your white pee". She starts jerking me off faster now, with more urgency to it, and it naturally hurt even more. I thought my tear ducts were empty by now, but yet I still cried in utter defeat.
"Aww, mommy loves it when I see you all helpless and weak" mocked Chloe. "Now, give up your pride again and cum in this humiliating position. I want you cumming on camera, so that you will forever know that I can make you cum in whatever position I fucking like. Whether you fucking it like it or not."
The stimulation between her expert hand-job, her intoxicating breast in my mouth, the emasculating hold she had me in, and her cruel sadistic words were all a factor that brought out the masochist in me, and I came on her hand like instructed.
She finally took her breast off my mouth, and gently placed me on the sofa. I got the urge to start crying, and started curling up and facing the other way from the girls, and started sobbing quietly. The other girls couldn't help but laugh hysterically, unable to hold it in any longer, but Chloe was still able to keep up the act and bend down towards me, and started petting my head and tussling my hair."
"Aww don't listen to them" said Chloe. "You did real good, and if I was your real mommy I would be so proud of you. But unfortunately, after you have your little cry, I need you to get up and start walking to Samantha. She didn't get her turn yet"
"Yeah, I'm dying to try out a bunch of erotic shit on you, I'm sure you'll love it" said Samantha, caressing her C cup breasts erotically, licking her lips at the anticipation of what she's going to do to me I'm sure.
I let out a soft "Yyyesss", which Chloe replied with: "Yes, what?"
"Yesss mommy" I repeated, slightly more loud. Chloe squealed in glee, with a bright smile on her face, and responded with a kiss on my cheek. "That's a good boy, now up you get"

Chloe gently pulled me upright and walked me towards where Samantha was. I was thankful she was not wearing her strap-on, but I'm sure she had other sadistic plans. My fears were confirmed when her 5ft 8 frame was towering over my smaller 5ft 1 frame, and I'll never forget that sadistic smile I saw on her face, her very aura was exuding with pure evil at this point.
She bent down closer to my ear and whispered seductively "Now you are all, MINE" as she gave a flick of her tongue inside my earlobes. I shivered and got chills, my instincts were telling me that I was in danger. But there was nothing I could do about it, and it only turned Sam on all the more.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 8

Samantha gently locked her two hands with mine, and brought them both up to chest level.
"Wow it seems everything about you is small isn't it?" remarked Sam. "You got such small girly hands compared to mine"
"Compared to anyone really" replied Becky. "This is god's mistake we're looking at here" everyone started laughing at her comment, and my self esteem couldn't help but take a hit there, and I looked down with shame.
"Hey small hands" said Sam, hands still firmly locked with mine. "I got a good idea from Lindsay earlier, so I want to see you fight back against me for once." I wasn't sure what she meant, so she clarified. "I want us to play a game of mercy, sure you don't have a chance against me with your small weak hands, and I'm probably going to crush them without thinking." I knew exactly what mercy was and how to play, I was always forced to play against the other guys in middle school, and I was humiliated then and I was to be humiliated now by a sadistic blue haired beauty who didn't know what holding back meant.
I was clearly terrified, and was shaking my head sideways, I never felt more fear in my life.
"Hey, you are either going to put up a fight now or I'll kick your useless fucking nuts" spat out Sam. "How's that for an ultimatum you pussy bitch?"
The truth was I wish I could fight back, I wish I had the strength to. I was constantly crying and in pain up to this point, and I was an emotional wreck as well. Of course I was mad and frustrated at my situation, angry at my weakness, but more importantly, angry at these bitches for feeling like they could do whatever they wanted. I started to try and twist her hands and arms, taking the initiative and starting the game of mercy, but I couldn't budge her hands. I think she honestly didn't even realize I started. I put my back into it and started using my body weight and legs, but just like when I was trying to budge Becky, it was futile to try and budge Sam's hands.
"Wow, is this really all you are capable of doing?" said Sam coldly."I have no idea why you haven't killed yourself yet, you are so fucking pathetic". I tried using those harsh words as motivation to summon my inner strength, but I really was fucking useless. The girls were laughing hysterically at my feeble and pathetic attempts, and Samantha makes one final attempt to piss me off by building up her saliva, and I couldn't turn my head away in time as she spat straight in my face. I tried my best, but I was only tiring myself out at this point.
Samantha took a long sigh, and said "Well, I did give you all the chances in the world to do something to stop me, but I guess you are just too weak. Don't blame me for this sugar, blame your luck for being born as a sissy weakling." She started to now put some increasing pressure on her large hands, slowly crushing my bones, and slowly twisting my arms. I was soon down on my knees crying like a little bitch, which only garnered more laughter and Lindsay zooming in on the expressions on my face. My arms started to feel like they were being ripped out of it's sockets, but then I audibly heard the bones in my hands break.
"Oh fuck yes" moaned Sam. "I love the sound your itty little bones make, mabye I'll keep this up and break every fragile bone in your body."
"Watch your fucking language" shouted Sam, which got her to twist my arms further. I heard my arms dislocate, which got me to shout obscenities and cry out in even more pain.
"Ugghh you are too fucking loud bitch" said Sam. "Have a mouthful of this". She saw an opportunity to fit her large foot in my mouth. My pleas of mercy and frustration were completely silenced by her sweaty and large feminine foot. The same foot which cut off my air supply earlier, was threatening to do so again. She eventually put less pressure on my broken hands, and was more holding them aloft. Meanwhile, she was adding more pressure to her foot because I was trying to move my legs and get up. I was surprised that all it took for me to keep my body weight down in place was a single foot of hers. She flashed a sadistic grin at my situation and started pushing her foot deeper into my throat. My face was positioned directly upright facing the ceiling now, her foot sliding in ever so slowly, and because of the way she was able to slide her foot down perfectly downwards, she miraculously fit her entire giant foot down my mouth and throat.
"It's like wearing a fucking shoe lmfao" said Sam, I was legimately worried for my life because I was no longer breathing properly. If she slid her foot down even further, I would not be long for this world. Her massive and domineering foot was so far down my scrawny neck, you could even see the outline of it bulging from inside my neck. My eyes started rolling backwards.
"Eww I can see your foot down his little neck" said Chloe. "Mabye you should ease up a bit"
"Mabye I should shove my foot down all the way down your abdomen". remarked Sam, ignoring Chloe's advice entirely and addressing coldy. "Then I could wear you around the house and take you out"
"Sammy, stop, you are going to kill him" protested Chloe.
"I know" replied Sam. "The fact that I'm about to take a human life with just my foot sounds so fucking hot. Oh wait, you're not a human are you? Mabye you'd be more useful being reborn as a shoe anyway. And I'm sure a pervert like you wouldn't mind dying to these feet would you?" I was starting to pay less and less attention to her at this point, I started gagging and feeling nauseous, I felt like vomiting. I was probably going to die drowning in my vomit. I started to fade and Lindsay noticed
"Hey, he's going out" said Lindsay "It's too early to be doing this shit"
"Why?" replied Sam. "All the boys in our school love my feet. And this pussy wimp is getting first class service from my feet. He should feel fucking honored."
"Enough" said Becky. "It's still going to be your turn but you need to stop killing him.
"Hmph" pouted Samanta, who finally removed her foot from my throat, and released her grip from my hands. She stepped back to look at her handiwork. She smiled with sadistic glee as I gagged and coughed, desperate to get some air back in my lungs. My hands felt utterly shattered, my arms felt like they were no longer in use, but then again my arms were never going to help in this situation anyway, yet it still hurt like a bitch.

I couldn't contain myself anymore and started vomiting due to the large gag that was Samantha's foot. Everyone started laughing except Sam, who's feet I barely missed.
"You fucking piece of shit" spat out Sam, who brought her left foot and kicked me hard in the midsection. I rolled around in complete agony, still not even close to recovered from the knee strikes Lindsay delivered to me earlier. I rolled further away from the vomit, and Samantha caught up with me and stood up behind me, her calves in between my head. I knew what was coming and tried to quickly stand up, but as I shifted my head up, my head was caught inbetween the calves, and it was too late. I was facing down at the feet that caused me much grief today, and noticed she didn't cross her legs yet to start squeezing. She didn't need to after all, my head was firmly stuck there, and to further rub her dominance in my face, she started tensing her calves ever so slightly, slowly increasing the pressure.
"AGGGHHH AGHHHHH" I shouted in complete pain. My voicebox was fucked quite literally by her foot, and I could not properly voice my displeasure on the sitation, but clearly my pleas would have been ignored anyway.
"Here, shrimp dick" said Sam. "Feast your eyes on the feet you love so much. Your pussy ass is going to get knocked out looking at the thing you love the most". She started increasing the pressure again, my head was spinning already and couldn't take anything more than this. With my upper body being completely controlled only by her bulging calves trapping my head, I thought I could try using my lower body as leverage to wriggle out, but instead I was just flailing around.
"Yes, you keep flailing like a worm" said Sam. "I love it when you struggle. Tell you what though, how about you just massage these feet and I don't knock your ass out, sound like a fair deal?" It sounded like a great deal, and I should have known it was too good to be true. I pushed all such doubts away though and as I massaged I understood why she wanted that of me. My broken hands were trembling in pain and each time I tried to put force into my hands to give her a good massage, I yelped out in pain. It was a cruel tactic by her, who only started to belly laugh at my pathetic whimpers. Everyone else couldn't help but laugh also.
"Ahahahhahaha oh fuck, yeah I guess I forgot I broke your hands. That's on me" said Sam. "If I was feeling a bit more fair I would just let you go right now" as she said this she started to cross her legs and feet, and I braced myself as much as I possibly could.
"Too bad I don't give a fuck" she said as she fully tightened her hold and I was treated to the full power of her calves. I was out in mere seconds mercifully, but that was pain that the human body shouldn't be able to handle.

I woke to see myself in the mirror facing it, with a horrific sight, I saw that Samantha was not done with me at all. I was held off my feet by a single arm slung around my neck, and she was wearing her strap-on again. I was to be fucked in another humiliating and painful position it seemed.
"Ah good, you are awake" said Sam. "I wanted you awake for this. Don't mind my huge arm around your neck, I'm not knocking you out, not yet." She said as she used her other arm to grab the shaft of the strap-on, and started inserting it up my ass. I made a girlish moan, which pleased Samantha
"I'm going to fuck your little tight ass first, and we take it from there ok?" She started to then shift her arm away and expertly maneuver her arms into a tight full nelson hold. I witnessed my poor sorry form being held this way, with a strap-on up my ass, and my small dick at attention. With this hold, instead of her thrusting her hips, she was thrusting me up and down, each time more violently than the other, and my ass was feeling the effects.
"Oh yeah girls" moaned Sam. "Got myself here a real fucking fleshlight now"
"He's fucking hard too, the little wimp" remarked Becky
"Of course he is" said Sam. "This little faggot is getting fucked by a real man, more of a man than this little fleshlight could ever be" She thrusted me harder and harder, each motion tearing my ass more and more.
"Bet his little asshole is loose enough for me to fit this whole badboy in now" remarked Samantha. "Let's see". She slid me all the way down, and as she predicted, my ass very painfully swallowed the entire 12 inch strap-on. My ass was surely broken beyond repair at this point, and I could feel the strap-on bulging in my small abdomen. I was wailing like a goddamn banshee at this point, and it was met with zero sympathy and extreme laughter. Since I was very skinny and my pathetic broken ribs were showing anyway, you could faintly see that the strap-on was bulging from inside my stomach.
"Holy shit" gasped Chloe. "I can see it"
"Right?" said Sam. "I told you guys I could fucking do it"
"Wow, ok, fair enough" said Becky. "Now can you shut this beta male up now? Me and Lindsay are up." Clearly, my pathetic screams were finally showing an effect in some small way.
"Fair enough, he is getting a bit loud" said Sam, who changed her hold from a full nelson, right back to the rear naked choke I was originally in. She brought her large bicep over my neck, her other hand began to lock the choke hold in. Just before she squeezed, I took a good look in the mirror, seeing myself held like this. The strap-on still painfully lodged in my asshole, my face a broken crying mess, my broken abdomen with a fucking strap-on noticeably inside it, and a wonderful yet sadistic goddess behind me about to fucking choke my life out. I wondered what the hell I did to deserve this, why I was even born to take this, and if I was even going to survive this weekend? I couldn't think of an answer in my head, as the goddess behind me flashed a wink, and tightened her choke. I was again, out in seconds.

I awoke on the floor with my back facing the ceiling, to find that Samantha now had the phone again, standing beside Chloe. I saw Becky and Lindsay standing either side of my broken, prone body. Becky standing in front of me, with Lindsay standing behind me. And both of them were wearing their strap-ons, so it was clear to me that my Friday night was nowhere near over.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 9

Becky harshly grabbed my hair, and I opened my mouth to yelp out in pain. Before I could do so, she stuffed her strap-on deep inside my mouth. Lindsay behind me picked me up, holding my legs up and then supporting my waist. The compromising position I was in meant that I was lifted horizontally, Becky with the strap-on in my mouth locked her arms beneath my armpits, and Lindsay locked my legs beneath her armpits, and held onto my hips. Without warning she shoved her 12 inch dildo once again into my ass, and my muffled screams did nothing but turn on these alpha females even more.
"Hehe, we got him skewered like a kebab" said Becky. "What a fine meal he will make" as she licked her lips, eyes wide with hunger and sadism. Samantha made sure to get this humiliating and embarrassing sight clearly on camera.
"Hey Becky" said Lindsay. "Let's fuck his brains out in the rhythm we worked on"
"Oh yeah" replied Becky. "You sure our little wimp here can handle it?"
"Nah, he's going to be more of a broken mess than he already is" said Lindsay. "But that's how he we like him". I started to see their plan brought to action, when Becky thrusted her dildo, lodging it deeper in my throat. Lindsay pulled her strap-on back, most of it out of my ass by now. Then, with some speed she rammed my ass again, which Becky pulled her strap-on closer away from my throat.
"It's like a modified game of see-saw" said Becky. "We're going to pick up the pace soon, if you try and not cum from this, we will give you a reward".
"If you do cum however" Lindsay added "I'm going to paralyze your ass and keep you in our home as a fucking vegetable". I could barely move my hands, my voice was gone, and I had difficulty breathing due to my broken ribs, how else was she going to break, I thought.
I tried hard my hardest not to cum, but each time they thrusted to their rhythm, my head started to going to blank, and I started feeling really funny.
"In" as Becky pushed the strap-on in. "And out" as Lindsay pulled the strap-on away. "In" as Lindsay went in deeper. "And out" as Becky started pulling it out. They started gradually increasing their speed as they were able to get the rhythm down, and instead of speaking started moaning in pure wild ecstasy instead. I was at my limit, and to my chargin, I had failed and came on the floor under my airbone body.
"Hahahahaha, can't believe the little wimp came from that" said Samantha. "We turned him from a virgin wimp to a pervert wimp in no time!"
"Not sure if that's an upgrade" said Chloe. "I mean, this poor boy won't be able to cum unless he's thinking about us. He can't possibly live without us!"

Lindsay stopped thrusting and pulled out, she then threw the used dildo on the ground. While holding on my legs, she briefly lowered them enough for her to step forward. So her hands were behind her, still holding my legs off the ground, but now her strong legs were by sides. She brought her legs closer together, now trapping my abdomen, and I knew instantly that this was to be my punishment.
"Becky, pull out" said Lindsay. "He's not going to fall off, and anyways I wanna hear his little screams as clearly as I can". Becky and Lindsay flashed each other a knowing and sly grin, and she removed her strap-on from my throat. My body was already in incredible pain, and I was already muffling some incoherent nonsense beforehand, but now I was able to scream as loudly as my damaged voicebox allowed, which wasn't very high. I was completely trapped and off the ground, feeling like as if I was a small insect that was caught by a spider.
"Aww, his throat really is fucked" said Sam. "My bad sugar"
"He sounds even more pathetic than usual" said Becky. "I feel like I'm watching a whimpering dog that's about to be put down.
"You know Chloe" interrupted Lindsay. "You are right, he can't live without us. That's why I've decided that he's going to be living here with me after the weekend." All the girls started gasping and clapping at this announcement, and it didn't really register to me just yet at that time.
"How are you going to keep a grown boy here all the time? Won't he just try and get out?" quizzed Samantha.
"Excellent question" said Lindsay. "And I have a solution. I'm going to make sure he's not even able to move." She started tensing her steel tights around my abdomen, and I wanted to speak and say some words of protests, but all that came out was blood.
"I'm going to break his itty bitty spine" said Lindsay. "He should be able to walk again eventually, I'm not going to outright kill him. However, he won't be able to move or get his own food and drinks. We're going to have to take good care of him after we have our fun tonight."
"Ah, so we basically have our own pet?" said Chloe. "YAY I always wanted a human pet around the house!"
"Well, it's going to be alot of work for us" said Lindsay. "But there's no way anyone wants to keep this wimp with the shape he is in, so either we have to keep him or we put him down".
Becky walked towards me and bend down, whispered to my ear and said "Hear that, wimp? Not even your parents want to have to deal with a burden and an embarrassment like you. Aren't you lucky that we girls are so benevolent?" I started weeping from the moment Lindsay said she was going to break my spine, and while I was no longer making any audible sounds, my tears just kept coming. Without any care, Becky pulled my hair and forced my head upright, staring right into my eyes. She had very pretty green eyes, green eyes that showed no compassion or emotion other than complete disdain.
"I realize you can't speak anymore, but I was expecting you to fucking nod. Now, aren't you happy that we decided to take of you?" I nodded harder than ever, afraid that she would pull out the hairs from my head. She finally relented since she gotten the response she wanted, and walked away, but not before flashing me an arrogant smirk.
"Well, we already discussed this, and it seems like we are all in agreement." said Lindsay, tightening up her leg hold even more. "So, I guess I'm going to start breaking a few bones now"
"Wait" said Samantha. "Do it slow, I want the phone to pick up the audible sounds of his ribs breaking".
Chloe got out another phone and filmed close up to my face, saying "I'm going to get his face, I can't wait to see his live reactions of sheer pain and fear!"
"Heh, you guys are pretty sick" said Lindsay. "Sure, I won't cross my legs though, that will just end his life. And I've already got the power here to do the damage without going above 40%." she said as she slapped her meaty thigh.
"So what percentage are you using now, you think?" asked Sam. "He's coughing up blood and crying so for his sake, I hope it's high"
"Nope. He's only feeling 5% now, the poor thing" replied Lindsay. I was still trashing my arms and legs about, I knew it was futile but my mind was on auto-pilot and was thinking of only survival. Anyone rational however could see that my life was figuratively and literally in Lindsay's powerful legs.
"Aww, he looks so pathetic" cooed Chloe. "I want to save him from the big, bad Lindsay, and let him suck on Mommy's titties again."
"He'll be sucking on whatever we want soon enough" replied Lindsay. "Just bear with me a bit". Her legs started tensing and increasing in size, her veins in her thighs almost showing by now. Meanwhile my torso felt like it was about to be sliced through, whatever was left of my broken ribs threatened to shatter. A sudden jolt in power of her thighs meant that the threat instantly became a reality. One rib cracked for everyone to hear, which led me to scream in a tone that did not even resembled a human's.
"Oh fuck that's so hot" moaned Becky, as she started fingering herself at this display of sick destruction, this display that showed zero sympathy for human life, was what was turning her on. It turned on Chloe and Sam aswell, who started fingering themselves in wild ecstasy. I wanted to shout for Lindsay to just end my life, I was pleading for release one way or the other, but no words came out, only blood. I soon stopped forming the ability to even think, as I was fading and I was fading fast. With my broken hands I was still able to feel for myself, what was causing me so much damage in the place. These feminine tights that turned me on so much, were hard as steel and was veiny at this point, threatened to split me in half.
"Don't really want you to pass out on me while I break you, but I guess I'm asking for the impossible huh" said Lindsay. She was right, I could barely keep up as it was getting near impossible to breathe, and the pain of my broken ribs was too much. I wish I was out for this, but I heard another rib break, that was 4 ribs in total broken most likely.
"Oofff, that one was real loud Lindsay!" moaned Becky. "Fuck yeah!"
"Sounds like opening a Christmas cracker if you ask me" added Sam.
I couldn't make out any more sounds, instead my mouth filled only with blood and foam. I was no longer thinking about anything. My mind drifted, and then I slept, but not before I heard my spine finally give out, which resulted in more cackling laughter and erotic moans from around the room. Because of this, I was indeed not able to move my body and my midsection in particular was constant pain.

I didn't realize this at the time that I would be living like this for 6 months. I wasn't thinking of anything in those 6 months, I was on the floor passed out, lying in a puddle of my own cum. The girls all formed a circle around me, staring down at my broken body.
"Congratulations girls, we have our own pet now!" announced Lindsay, which got all the girls to start clapping and cheering with glee. "Now then" she added as she smiled down at the carnage she made. "Let's celebrate with the way we know how". In unison, all the girls started to piss on my broken and defeated body, and I was conscious enough to start feeling and realizing what happening, awoken due to them pissing all over my face, but without any sort of power in my limbs and body to even move away. I just took it, I was defeated mentally and psychically. I didn't care anymore what these girls were doing to me. If I was to drown horribly under the piss of these 4 alpha females, then there was no choice but to accept the will of god. I wasn't really religious, but I definitely believed in praying and worship the power of these 4 goddesses. I graciously accepted the golden nectar that my goddesses were bestowing upon me, and opened my mouth in complete submission. The girls smirked at this, and started aiming their piss more towards my mouth. Plenty of piss kept missing and hitting my eyes and hair.
"That's right, our poor wimp here hasn't had anything to drink since we picked him up" said Becky. "Be sure to hydrate on this, keep that toilet mouth of yours wide open".
"And you best get used to the taste" added Lindsay. "You won't be drinking anything else ever again". I wasn't even sure at the time if I could live off piss alone, but as I found out, apparently I can.
"Wait" said Chloe, who stopped pissing, and everyone else followed suit. "He can't survive on pee alone! He's gotta eat!
"We haven't even prepared our own food yet" said Samantha. "Not sure if I want to give him any of my stuff".
"Oh, I got something prepared just for him" said Chloe, as she squatted down to my piss filled face. She started pushing out what seemed to be a solid log of shit, and it started slowly going down. "And unlike you Sammy, I'm not a selfish bitch and don't mind sharing".
The log of shit kept growing larger and larger, and it was hovering over my mouth, open yet way too small to fit in that large log of stinky shit.
"Widen that mouth Twiggy" said Chloe, pushing her log out and into my awaiting and gaping mouth. She finally released and the shit landed straight in my mouth, I started gagging from the putrid smell and wanted to spit it out, but it was lodged in my throat.
"Better start chewing, you can't swallow that thing else you might die from choking" said Chloe. I knew she was right, but was very hesitant to chew away at her steamy shit. It was repulsive and probably the most degrading thing I've ever experienced at that point, but I felt like it was worse to die because I choked on a large piece of poo. I'm sure even those who had died choking on food could never possibly understand what I was currently going through. I bregudgingly started chewing, and the taste was so godawful that my taste buds were rejecting it completely, yet I had no choice in the situation but to endure and keep at it. I couldn't even chew faster because I would surely choke, and was forced to extend my own painful humiliation.
"You best get to used to it shit-eater" spat out Becky. "As you may have guessed, if you weren't a complete fucking retard, this is the only solid food you are going to be eating, so savour the fucking taste and be sure to kiss Chloe's benevolent ass after this". The girls started laughing, both at me and the nickname Becky gave me.
"LOL, shiteater, that's a cute nickname" said Samantha. "Twiggy doesn't quite work now since we already broke him like a twig."
"Both him, and his little twig there" said Lindsay, pointing at my currently unusable penis that was squashed under Samantha's ass, and forced to ejaculate over and over by these sadistic women. I was soon done with my "meal" at this point, but it was taking so long that my spirit was unable to bear it, I started tearing up again.
"Aww, don't worry shiteater" said Chloe. "I don't feel like pooing anymore so this is the only one you gotta eat"
"Yeah, keep it up and we're going to help you wash it down with a nice, refreshing beverage" said Sam. I focused as much as I can, and managed to eat what seemed to be a 6 inch log of shit. The girls were impressed I was finally able to eat the whole thing and started clapping.
"Lmfao, that log of shit he ate was even bigger than his little useless dick" said Becky.
"I know" said Chloe. "And I'm so proud of him for finishing it! As promised, here's something to help wash it down to your intestines" She said as she squatted down again, and released her stream of piss onto my still gaping mouth. My mouth that smelled abhorrently of shit was now mixing with the smell of piss again, and I started crying even more. I dared not close my mouth though despite my displeasure, and my fears were later confirmed and amplified when Lindsay bent down to say:
"If you throw any of this stuff up later, I'll put your puny ribs back in my tights and finish the job". That terrified me enough where I actually wanted to throw up due to the vivid imagery I was imagining, but managed to swallow hard the rest of the piss and shit that was still in my mouth.

"Let's clean this up in an hour" said Lindsay. "We got that show on Netflix to see."
"Oh yay I love that one!" remarked Chloe. They all started to walk away from the living room at this point, going off to another room. And leaving me on the floor, my entire body covered in piss, my mouth and face also covered in Chloe's shit, and slightly covered in my own cum when Becky and Lindsay were fucking me earlier. I couldn't even cry anymore, my tears were all dried up. I just laid there for the full hour, completely unable to move, unable to speak, unable to cry, unable to jerk myself at the eroticness of these 4 babes. I was just laying there, not really thinking of anything anymore.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 10

After the hour had passed. The girls came in to the living room, still nude but with gloves on.
"Let's take him to the big shower, it'll fit all of 5 of us and we can get clean aswell while we scrub him all over"
"And we mean, all over" said Becky, looking seductively at me while pulling down on her gloves. The girls started giggling innocently, yet what they had planned with me was not so innocent. They first ripped off the dress I was still wearing, and dragged me to my feet where the bathroom was, still leaving the ripped and tattered piss stained clothes there. They then slung me over to where the shower was. They started the water and it was instantly very cold.
"Turn the temperature down a bit" said Samantha. "We don't need our little shiteater here to die of hypothermia". To which, Lindsay turned down the temperature to a more normal one. Eventually, all 4 amazoness squeezed themselves into the shower and lifted me upright, supported by Lindsay and Becky's arms because I still could not have stood upright on my own. They then began to hose me and themselves down thoroughly. They eventually stopped hosing me and started to circle around me, each with sponge in hand. They looked up and down at my broken and fragile body, looking down with sadism at my small penis. Still being this time by Lindsay and Becky, Chloe and Samantha started to soap themselves up, and then supported me while Lindsay and Becky followed suit. They positioned the hose directly on top of us and started it, back with them circling me. Chloe and Samantha started to let go a bit, until eventually I did not need the support. That was because I ended up being solely supported by the natural bodies of all 4 soaped up, greek goddesses. Becky was behind me, Lindsay in front, and Chloe and Sam to the sides of me. The circle started closing up further and further, painfully keeping me in place between their rock hard female bodies, with my feet off the ground. My face was buried deep inside Lindsay's Double D breasts, Becky's hard D breasts also engulfing the back of my head. Their rock solid breasts alone was enough to keep me aloft securely, but then Chloe and Sam moved even closer to ensure that both my arms and legs were soaped up as well. My chest, stomach and back were once again under threat of collapsing, being in between the rock hard abs of Becky and Lindsay, who were not even close to tensing.
I could not make out what the girls were saying anymore since my head was completely buried in between all 4 of the girl's breasts at this point, since Chloe and Samantha moved closer, but I heard Lindsay say something along the lines of not hurting me, and making me feel good. Lindsay expertly brought my small pecker and slotted it in her thighs, while Chloe and Sam started rubbing themselves on my sides and arms. Becky slowly inserted her hand, still wearing her sanitary gloves, up my asshole, but it was not all the way in, and was clearly just trying to finger me and not hurt me much. Lindsay started to rub her thighs a bit more, which was alot more pain and stimulation than my dick could handle, so that and me also slowly losing my consciousness meant that I was slowly losing control of my ejaculation. All 4 girls were trying their very best to rub on me seductively, but since they were all just naturally much stronger than me and I was already broken, I couldn't help but be in agonizing pain, both me and my penis couldn't take too much more of this, and as I started fading from not getting enough air, I gave up and ejaculated on Lindsay's thighs. I lost consciousness but the girls cruelly did not let up, and said later that it was because they had to make sure I was "squeaky clean".

I woke up naked in what I later understood to be Lindsay's room, the girls gone but Lindsay carrying me in a cradle hold, wearing only a towel.
"The girls have all gone in their rooms to sleep" said Lindsay. "You and me should do the same. Oh, I get you first night by the way since this is my house and all". She gently places me on her bed, and removes her towel. She comes to the bed and snuggles up beside me. She starts to tousle my hair and lets out a girly giggle.
"Hey, you're not sleepy yet are you?" said Lindsay, bringing her mouth closer to my ear. "I'm not and I still wanna have a bit of fun with you, you don't mind right?" It wasn't as if I was able to make out a reply, but she didn't even wait for any kind of wordless consent as she brought her thighs over and wrapped them around my crotch. I let out a small ow, which was covered by Lindsay's large armpit, which should have been cleaned, but wasn't and smelled like rancid cheese.
"You'll have to forgive me, I made sure not to wash under my armpits, I thought you'd get to wash it for me. I sure hope that tongue works, else I might accidentally squeeze your little dick till it pops. I hope I don't have to do that, you've been quite cute and docile recently". I did not even need to be threatened at this point, and started licking her smelly armpits with great vigor. My service was rewarded as Lindsay started rubbing her thighs together, making not to employ any real force as not to actually break off my dick.
"Mmm yeah, keep it up sweetie" she said as she started rubbing with more urgency. I wanted desperately to match her pace, I wanted to make sure to serve my goddess diligently, I feared that she would be displeased. Luckily for me, she was not, and she kept the hold on my penis as painless as she possibly could, and eventually I creamed myself under her erotic thighs. She removed her armpit and started to mount me. Because of the size difference, when I was facing up at her eye level, my dick was squished under her rock-hard abs, and I couldn't help but wince in pain.
"Aww, such a fragile little on you are" she cooed, as she brushed her hand over my cheek. I looked up at her clear blue eyes, and thought she was the prettiest girl in the world. Her blonde silky hair smelled wonderful and intoxicating, and I would have had a boner if it wasn't painfully squished by now.
She whispered seductively in my ear "say, if I told you that i'd fuck you on the condition that you die afterwards, would you accept?". It didn't register to me at first, so she clarified.
"Like, at this point you are still a virgin really, right? I could change that for you if you want, but the condition is that you are going to die. I mean, you'd die being the happiest person in the world, but I really don't want to force it on you". Did I really have a choice in this? I wasn't sure at all but the truth was anyone would kill to be in this position I'm in, and I was already a paralyzed and broken mess, so why not end my suffering on a high note? I meekly nodded yes, which brought out her seductive, yet sadistic smile. She whispered closer in my ear, licking my earlobes with every sentence.
"Are you really sure? I'm quite serious about this you know. But, I guess you must think that it's better that than living like you are now, that's fair." She then brought my shaft and inserted it into her vagina. "So I guess I'll make your fleeting moments count for something huh" Her expert vagina had a firm grip on my small penis, and she started slowly thrusting her hips, which stimulated me greatly, but did nothing for her.
"Can't feel you there inside if i'm being honest. I'll have to move on to the next step if I'm getting something out of this. Her Double D breasts that were hovering over my head now smothered my small face, and I heard her say "That's better". She started pumping me up and down, faster and faster, my dick couldn't handle the pain and stimulus, I was going to cum raw in her vagina, we'd probably make a normal kid I thought, who has a mix of Lindsay's superior genes and my inferior ones.
"Oh yeah, this is a lot better, the fact that I'm fucking you while I'm snuffing you out turns me on" she said, as she make sure her globes of mass steel completely trapped my nose under her cleavage. My sight, smell, taste, touch and sound soon became all her breasts. My entire life at that moment revolved around her breasts. I'm pretty sure I came inside her at some point, I couldn't tell, nor could I tell what she was saying. Breasts. I was dying to her Double D breasts. I felt like the luckiest man alive. I passed out drifting of what I would choose to be reborn as, I decided I wanted to be reborn as Lindsay's bra in the next life. Although, in my next life I wouldn't exactly mind being Samantha's shoes, or Chloe's classroom seat, or Becky's pantyhose.

Lindsay got off me and lay beside my unconscious body. She looked at my sleeping body and smirked, held my sleeping head and started caressing it. She thought to herself "there's no way i'm going to kill such a good fucking wimp just yet, we can still torment and play with him some more". She soon slept herself, pushing my head beside her bosom, and her one leg draped over both of my legs. Her other hand gently pushed me closer, and I became the little spoon essentially. She herself had a good dream, and couldn't wait for Saturday to come so that she could have even more fun with her new pet.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Part 11

It was Saturday morning when I woke up, and what a sight I woke up to. I remember being smothered out by Lindsay, and I'm now facing the chiseled back of the muscle goddess herself. She was standing upright in the nude, tying up her hair in front of a mirror, when she noticed I was awake, and started walking to the bedside.
"Good-morning lover" she spoke. "Had a good rest? We had such a fun day together yesterday, and there's so much more to come today." She picked me up gently in a cradle hold, and started to walk me out of the room and continued "But I need to take you downstairs to the kitchen and get you something to eat. The other girls are waiting there aswell. She effortlessly carried me to the kitchen, and I was silently in awe of how big and great this house really was, I couldn't have possibly appreciated it yesterday with what was going on, naturally.

We arrived at the kitchen, and saw Becky sitting naked at the table, giving me a friendly wave, with Samantha opening the fridge to grab a sandwich.
"Heyyy there stud" said Becky. "I heard you had sex with Lindsay yesterday, congrats on losing the V card". Samantha walked over to me to pinch my cheeks and added "ooh who's a handsome boy, can't wait to see what you learned soon".
Lindsay interrupts and starts carrying to me to where the fridge is, and keeps hold of me in one hand while she uses her other hand to open the fridge. "So anyway, what's there to eat for our little guy"
"He can have my sandwich" said Samantha. I was overjoyed at the idea of eating something that wasn't solid shit, I was wearing such an over-joyous smile, i started even crying tears of happiness. I wanted to crawl over at her legs and kiss them in pure gratitude.
"Aww isn't that great honey?" squealed Lindsay. "Our little man is soo happy too!" she began to lick my tears and gently rocked me back and forth. I was still so hungry, as shit alone just didn't fill me up properly at all. Lindsay brought me closer to Samantha, yet to my horror I see Sam drop the sandwich on the floor.
"Oops" said Sam, who tried to play it off as an accident, but then stepped on it and grinded it on her feet. Eventually the sandwich was completely crushed, and most of it was now stuck on her feet and between her toes.
"Oh you cruel bitch!" laughed Becky, who was in hysterics at this point. My tears of joy were replaced with tears of despair. I was so stupid, of course it was a front. They've been embarrassing and humiliating me nonstop, of course they were going to keep it up.
"Oh Sammy!" said Lindsay, playfully punching Sam in the arm. "How is our baby supposed to eat it now?!"
"Uh, I guess he's gunna have to eat it off my feet" replied Samantha. "It's not like the foot sniffer minds anyway"
"You say that, but he's clearly crying" remarked Lindsay
"Aww don't worry" said Sam, pinching my cheeks. "He's just overreacting". She went over to sit on a chair, her foot still covered in the crushed sandwich. She was sitting facing me, and gave me an evil smirk.
"Place him down, not too close to my feet" said Sam. "I'm not sure if he can crawl anymore, but he should be able to still wriggle himself towards my foot"
Lindsay did as Sam said, replying "Oh Sam, you and your antics. You're lucky my baby here loves your feet, else I would have surely put a stop to all this." She glanced down, and gave me what was supposed to be an encouraging smile, saying "Well, handsome what are you waiting for, get over there and dig in!". I look up at her pretty blue eyes which is the complete opposite from her smile, I saw sadistic glee, which I also happen to see from Sam and Becky's eyes too. What little pride in me didn't want to wriggle and make yet another ass of myself, but the other half of me was starving for some real food. I didn't care about the condition of it, and without realizing it my body moved on its own. The use of my hands and feet were null, but with great pain and for an agonizingly long time, my face got closer and closer to Samantha's foot. All of them were howling from laughter at this point. I finally reached her foot in what took an age, which was worthy of a round of applause from the girls.
"Wow, good job sweetie!" yelled out Lindsay.
"Yeah, now dig in before your food gets bad". said Sam, bringing her feminine and sandwich covered foot closer to my face. The sweaty aroma was not enough to keep me away from her foot, as I had largely gotten used to it. I started licking away, hands free, while Samantha was helping by moving her foot around, ensuring I was able to reach and lick off the sandwich parts.
"Make sure to get inbetween the toes" said Samantha. "We don't waste food in this house". I did as instructed and licked inbetween, and soon because of my sheer hunger, I licked her foot entirely clean.
"Wow, footboy actually did it" said Becky. "God he's so fucking disgusting."
"Well well, it seems like your tongue is as good as ever. I personally hope it's me who's getting you tonight, so I can shove your little tongue deep in my fartbox."

Becky walked over to me and eyed me up, before picking me up in her own cradlehold. She sat where she was originally sitting, and placed me on her lap.
"Aww you two look like mother and son" said Samantha.
"Heh, don't tell Chloe you said that" said Becky, who reached for an apple, and started addressing. "Anyway, if you were just living with me, I would ensure you have a healthy diet. You are already weak and I don't want any of the girls feeding you crap, I'm going to be the one around making sure you eat some healthy food". I was so sure she meant the apple, but I didn't get my hopes up this time, as everything seemed to come with a twist. I was right, she took a big bite off it and started chewing, and then she twisted my hair and positioned my head up, so my face was just below her face. She motioned for me to open my mouth, which I did seeing as how she could easily force it open anyway, and she slowly spat out what she chewed. She closed my mouth with her hand harshly and said "Swallow, don't you dare try and spit it out". I couldn't spit it out anyway as her imposing hand was in the way, but I wouldn't have dared to anything other than what I was told anyway. I swallowed it begrudgingly and started to feel a bit sick.
"Eww, this is so sick lmfao" said Samantha.
"Honestly, the shit we can make him do just cannot be written on one page." said Lindsay.
"Did you enjoy this feeding technique little one?" asked Becky, who didn't wait for a reply and started to take another big bite, before saying "Well, I hope you did, coz you aren't leaving without finishing this". She took another one, and the apple was nearly half eaten. She chewed and chewed, making sure it was "edible" enough for me to eat, and spat it down my throat again. The other girls smiled in pure amusement as I was forced to eat the entire apple this way. I wasn't sure if my body really counted that as nutrients, but I really hoped it did. My stomach was still audibly rumbling however, and I was still hungry, but I wasn't sure anymore if I was hungry enough to eat what they were serving me.

Chloe walks naked into the kitchen and sees me sitting on Becky's lap. "Hey Guys!" she shouts, as she walks over to where I'm sitting. "I told you guys to let me know when he wakes up!" she says, as she picks me up from my armpits away from Becky, and has me held in a snuggle hold, one arm under my bottom, her other arm snuggling my back, and my arms draped over her shoulders. She held me like a baby essentially, just as emasculating as their cradle holds felt.
"Well, sorry, but we were too busy feeding our little friend here" said Becky. Chloe pouts in response and says "Now that won't do! I was supposed to feed him this morning!" She starts taking me away from the kitchen, which puzzles the other girls.
"Where are you taking him" asks Lindsay.
"I need to go to the ladies room. I'm taking him with me" she replied. I got a pit in my stomach. I knew what she had planned for me, but I was helpless to stop it. I looked back one final time at the girls, who all flashed me waves and happy smiles, I heard a "good luck sweetie" from Lindsay as I no longer was able to see them. She takes me to another bathroom where I've not been before, and it was quite large, and has a lot of room on the floor. She gently places me there on my back, and to no one's surprise, she starts squatting down on my face.
"Now, I'm sure those girls fed you well, but I highly doubt they served you dessert so" as she says this she starts letting her another log of shit, "here's some chocolate for you, mommy made you lots so be sure to eat it all up". I was getting a hard case of ptsd, I wanted so badly to move my face away from the oncoming log of shit, but my face was frozen, frozen in complete fear. As the log is trickling down, I neglect to open my mouth, which she notices and she twists one of my nipples harshly in response.
"HEY! I SAID EAT IT ALL UP YOU FUCKING UNGRATEFUL PISSHEAD" she yells out. "YOU BETTER EAT OF ALL MY NASTY SHIT UP OR I'LL START PUNCHING YOUR FUCKING BROKEN RIBS. OPEN YOUR USELESS FUCKING MOUTH" I immediately opened my mouth, in time for me to the catch the log of shit in mouth. It tasted just as bad as the last time, but I made sure I chewed and ate it quicker because I had already pissed her off.
"Yeah that's fucking right bitch, eat it faster, because I've got more left for you." She started squeezing another log out just as I was almost done with the one that's in mouth. I wasn't able to finish in time as she completely covered my mouth with shit. She was able to see that she fit a bit too much in my mouth, so she mercifully let up a bit and stood up for a bit. I was able to eat the shit properly at a fast enough pace, without choking on it which I was very glad I was able to do. Chloe looks down at me, with her rage eyes now gone and looking at me back with her usual innocent eyes.
"Yay! You ate all of it! I'm sorry mommy shouted at you. I was worried that the shit I made just for you was going to waste you see, but now I see that you're such a grateful little boy." She squatted down, and I made sure to keep my mouth open for whatever it was.
"Then I guess you'll be happy to accept my golden nectar that I also prepared just for you" she said as she started pissing inside my mouth. "It'll help wash down your dessert after all." She pissed what seemed to be gallons, of pure piss straight down my mouth, which I forced down my throat. I eventually had too much piss in my mouth, and started gagging from the amount.
"AHAHAHAHAHA" she started laughing, laughing hard enough to stop pissing and she got off her squatting position, to start laughing more. "Ahahaha, I guess that was too much for you huh, my bad?" she flashed another one of her cutesy smiles and a peace sign to go with it.

She started walking outside the door to leave me there, and I could hear the other girls talking, especially Becky who shouted "WOW Chloe, something really stinks in there".
I heard Chloe reply "Soz, I blocked up our new toilet". I was again reminded that from their prespective, I was less of a human being that has feelings, and now barely even a toy. I was now demoted to a toilet. Life just couldn't get any worse for me at this point, but I soon found out that, once again, I was proven wrong.

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Default Re: Beating the new kid

Please vote in my new poll that I'm going to add soon, it concerns the future of this series, and I'd very much like your feedback!
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Default Re: Beating the new kid

You guys seem to think that this story is worth enough for me to continue, and for that I thank you. Writing this story has been fun for me, and while I've seen a bunch of grammatical errors from my earlier parts, I seem to have gotten slightly better at writing the newer parts. I'm going to continue the story since there's enough demand for it, but I'm going to also keep the votes of those who wanted me to end the story early or immediately, in mind. I've written one more part that's fairly long, and is setup that will finally lead me to write my conclusion. So in other words, I think this story's ending in 2 parts. I hope you guys will stick with my story in the meantime, and I hope you guys tolerate my story enough where you might be inclined to check out any other new stories I'm about to write. This is my final update, I'm going to close the poll now and add the next part soon.

Well, I think I left the poll up indefinitely and can't change it or remove it, or add a new one, so I guess you can keep voting for when you personally would have wanted the story to end. It's going to affect how I write and end future stories.

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