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Default Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady (Pt. 1)

Hi, this is my first post on this forum! Thank you for accepting me!

If that's OK, I would like to share the very first story I have ever published on my blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy and on Diana the Valkyirie's Library (see below).

Perhaps some members might find it interesting, even if my focus is more on martial arts and female supremacy, rather than wrestling.

However, I hope you will enjoy it.

You can find a direct link to my blog at the end of this post.

Thank you and have a good day!

Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady

A story by Kicked72

Part 1 (The Beginning): Born-Again Slave

Enter the Dragoness

She was a top-class female secret agent – and an expert in martial arts – specialised in fighting organised crime. On a mission on Italian territory, she managed to infiltrate the headquarters of a big Mafia family during a secret summit. Disguised as a hostess, she entered the mob’s assembly room to attack the bosses and their thugs with her martial arts skills. Despite being armed with guns, knives and all kinds of weapons, the mobsters couldn’t do anything against a female martial artist who was fighting with her bare hands and feet. Shocked by the fact that one single unarmed woman was having the best of all of them, the Mafiosi desperately tried to stop her with their typical treacherous tactics: cowardly as they were, they even tried to attack her in groups and from all sides, but none of them was able to lay a single blow on the female warrior. Instead, she destroyed each one of them with her lethal kicks, beheading their centuries-old crime organisation in just one evening. It was an impressive show of power by anyone's standards, but for the deadliest secret agent in the world it was just another day at work...

The Sound of Silence

Now the martial arts lady's fight against the Mafia mob had ended. It had been a landslide victory for her and a surreal silence had taken the place of all the shooting, hitting and screaming which had filled the air until a few seconds before. The lethal woman was proudly standing in the middle of the assembly room, right on top of the big wooden table around which the mob that she had just exterminated used to congregate. She looked savagely beautiful in her red mini dress and flesh coloured transparent pantyhose. Before starting her attack on the mob, she had torn the hem of her already short dress in order to give her legs the ability to kick, run and jump as freely and efficiently as she wanted. She had also kicked off her high-heel shoes to enhance her agility and stability. The martial arts lady always took off her shoes to fight: she loved to feel the impact of her kicks on the faces and bodies of her opponents - especially when they were macho criminals like the Mafiosi - through her expert but sensitive bare soles or, like in this case, through a thin and soft layer of nylon covering her feet. It was an extremely satisfying feeling and it gave her a visceral and almost sensual sense of the irreparable damage she was delivering to her opponents with her barefoot kicks. Being sexy and lethal at the same time was a real turn on for her and - invariably - it sent her chauvinistic male enemies in a state of total confusion: this was another psychologically debilitating effect she had on her opponents, while she slaughtered them one after the other with her spectacular and creative kicks.
With a cold and determined look on her face, she was now scanning the assembly room with her eyes, making sure that none of the criminals had survived. Several mafiosi lied dead on the floor around her. The Capo dei Capi was actually laying face up between the woman's feet and the table. The young lady had demolished him with a spectacular display of bone-crushing kicks. She was now finishing the job by smothering the mafioso under her pantyhosed feet while standing on his body. Her toes were piercing his throat and blocking the man's breath: that's how the life of the middle-aged mafia boss was inexorably ending, under the punishing feet of a young female justice warrior. As she could feel the boss exhaling his last breath under her soles, the lady looked incredibly elegant, powerful and fierce. She was using a once powerful man's lifeless body as a pedestal, while standing on the big table in the centre of the large and luxurious room, surrounded by her victims. It was an impressive image of female superiority: here is a beautiful, strong, and smart woman, triumphant over the machismo of the big mafia bosses! 27 fully armed male criminals had fought united against one single bare-handed female martial artist that day: in the end, the young unarmed female came out as the winner. When the news will spread, her legend as the deadliest martial arts secret agent ever will grow even stronger, inspiring woman fighters all over the world and spreading terror among male criminals. She had done it again, she had erased another crime organization with her lethal skills. She was aware that each time she left a room full of dead criminals behind her, the world became a little better. That deadly silence in a room after a brutal fight, that silence that she experienced so many times before, was not only the proverbial quiet after the storm: it was the Sound of Justice.

A Little-Big Surprise

Just as that satisfying and familiar feeling was beginning to sink in and she was ready to leave the premises, she heard a painful moan coming from somewhere in the hall. Her eyes widened in disbelief: that noise could only come from one of the men she had just defeated! How could one of them manage to survive the fury of her deadly feet? To her great surprise though, she clearly was not the only person left alive in the Mafia assembly hall...
She had been trained to track the location of even the slightest noise, so she promptly turned her head towards one corner of the room, where a very big man was sitting with his back against the wall: his legs were spread open and his head was reclined on his chest. Shockingly, he was still breathing despite the savage beating she had inflicted him. He was the first mobster she faced when she entered the room. He was not one of the big bosses, but he was an experienced hitman and a ruthless assassin: he was no match for her though and she immediately pummelled him into a bloody mess with her kicks. It was a one-sided beatdown from the beginning: she unleashed a perfect display of martial arts destruction on the big man. It was almost surreal to see a young and pretty girl easily inflicting so much punishment on such a large and imposing brute. It was like watching a graceful and flexible female gymnast mercilessly demolishing a giant sumo wrestler. He was big, tall and armed to his teeth, so she had to put extra power into her kicks while fighting him. But apparently, she hadn’t finished her job...
Baffled and slightly bemused, she stepped down from the dead boss’s body and jumped down from the table. Looking like a panther confidently approaching an already injured prey, she started walking towards the only breathing male in the house. Unable of raising his head from his chest, the battered thug could only see her pantyhosed feet slowly coming towards him. The mere sight of her feet approaching made him start shaking with fear. The martial arts lady smirked at the visible distress of this formerly cruel assassin who was now terrified by her sexy feet. The mobster's fright was perfectly justified though: not only she had beaten him to within an inch of his life, but from his corner he had just watched this young woman exterminate 26 ultra-violent and notorious criminals by herself, using no other weapon but her deadly feet. Until today, he used to laugh at the stories of the mysterious female martial arts agent who was erasing all the most powerful mafia families of the world one by one. In his machismo, he thought it was just Feminist propaganda: now he had learned the hard way that it was all true and that this legendary dragoness was even deadlier than what he heard of. Actually, until a few seconds before that undefeatable woman had unleashed her feet of fury on his clan, he and the other assemble mafiosi were still making sexist comments and gross remarks about how incredibly hot the new hostess was. The men were boasting out loud about how they were going to take turns at raping her after the meeting: they all laughed, thinking that they were going to get away with the abuse, and maybe murder of yet another woman. That was the way the gangsters dealt their female escorts, that was their consideration of women; to them they were just objects that had to be used, abused and disposed of with carelessness and contempt. Until she was undercover, the martial arts lady pretended to be coyly embarassed by the gangsters' sexist jokes: she played the part of the submissive female prey. In her mind, she was anticipating the shocking and merciless retribution that she was about to unleash on these cowards: she could not wait to take off her shoes and commence her destruction of these evil bastards, but she had learned to be patient. Alone, she endured the harassment of 27 men, making them believe that she was ready to be abused by their machismo: actually she was already taking mental notes of which ones among the Mafiosi she was going to make suffer and humiliate the most that night, before killing them under her punishing feet. When she decided that it was time to attack, there was no way to stop her for the mafiosi, not even with their multiple firearms: she was absolutely devastating. In a matter of minutes, these once arrogant men found themselves begging for the mercy of the same hot woman that they wanted to rape and abuse: needless to say, she took particular pleasure in offing them with her kicks. They wanted to dispose of her but, to their shock and bewilderment, she had easily disposed of all of them instead: and she did it alone, like the brave and unstoppable warrior she was. From the corner of the room to which the martial arts lady had sent him flying with her last kick to his head, the big man had seen the entire massacre unfold before his swollen eyes: on her own, that woman had just kicked to death some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, making each one of them prey for their life at her feet before inflicting them the final blow. He had never been so terrified in his entire life. And now that unrelenting female avenger was walking towards him to finish him off: he knew there’s nothing he could do against her. Unbeknownst to him though, she had different plans...

The Lady and the Brute

When he saw the pretty feet of the deadly woman stopping between his legs, the brute started whining like a dog, begging not to be beaten anymore.‘What a pathetic loser’ - she thought.
Looking down on him with a smile on her face, she started clapping her hands very slowly, without saying a word.
She quit her sarcastic applause to address the broken men at her feet. ‘Congratulations, you are the first man who survived me in all these years’- when he heard the woman's voice the massive man’s shivering increased visibly - ‘But why are you crying big macho man? Are you afraid of these? – she pointed at her feet- ‘Awwwww, look at you! So cute! Such a tall, big, strong macho shivering with fear at the sight of a woman’s feet! – she teased him - 'Well, after what they have done to you and your scumbag friends, I can’t say that you are wrong. You should be very afraid of these feet. You know, I like to refer to them as W.O.M.M.S., which stands for Weapons of Mass Male Destruction: indeed, I have already sent a few hundred men to hell with these pretty feet. I'm certainly doing my bit in reducing the world's male population - she laughed - In particular, I take a lot of pleasure in cleansing the planet from chauvinist macho dickheads like yourself. What can I say? It's a dirty job but someone's got to it...I only hope that one day, when women will rightfully rule the earth, my contribution to the extermination of rapey males like you will be recognised - she sighed ironically and then continued- 'until that day I guess that I only have to keep on killing men with these lethal feet of mine like there's no tomorrow...and actually there is no tomorrow but only for you and your kind my dear! - amused by her own train of thoughts she laughed once again and then reprised her speech- 'Now that I kicked your ass and vanquished all your little friends you are not cracking jokes about raping me anymore are you? But let me guess…you would have never believed that someone like me could do this to someone like to you, did you? Don’t worry dumbass, I like giving little surprises to sexist assholes. Actually, it has always been the last surprise of their life...but you...you survived. I must admit you have shocked me by not dying under my blows! It’s a first time for me. This is why I want to share with you an idea that I’ve been caressing for some time’
The ravishingly beautiful woman warrior paused for a second and then reprised her speech: ‘So, listen to me carefully, scumbag, because I don’t like to repeat myself. Is that clear?’
Without raising his head from his chest, the big man replied with another muffled groan as he could not articulate any words through his broken teeth, destroyed ribs and swollen lips. Slightly annoyed, the woman put the toes of one foot under the man's chin and pushed his big head up so that she could look into his blackened eyes: ‘Hey scumbag! Didn’t they teach you good manners at Mafia school?’ she teased him again, always smiling superiorly - ‘When you speak to a lady you have to make yourself understood!’. As she scolded him in such a sassy way, she pointed her martial arts toes into the soft tissue under his fat chin raising his head further up. The thug felt like her toes were cutting through his skin and sent out another worried moan of pain. A pretty but strong female foot was supporting - almost impaling actually - the huge head of a beaten down, massive man. She was aware of how sassy and surreal the situation was, but she always liked to play with these criminals’ minds. It gives them a taste of their own medicine: humiliation, fear and helplessness.
She decided that she wanted to play with him some more: ‘What is you name again? I don’t think we have been introduced yet. Well I have well introduced you to my feet, but that’s another matter…’
The thug could only reply with another undecipherable moan: ‘MGHMGGMMM’
‘OK, OK - she told him dismissingly- don’t worry about it, douchebag. I don’t care about your fucking name anyway and probably you will not need one for much longer, especially if you don’t pay attention to what I’m about to tell you.’

A Second Chance

The martial arts agent proceeded to present the thug with her plans for his future: ‘As you can see, I’m a very independent and busy woman. I’m always travelling around the world killing pieces of shit just like you with my martial arts skills. Disposing of bastards of your kind makes me a lot of money but it also takes most of my time, so I have little left to take care of my nice house, my cars and my private life in general. That is another reason why I not only enjoy beating the shit out of you guys, but I also like to make you suffer before I kill you: you take too much of my pleasure time and make my life way too hectic!’
As she spoke, she was getting angrier and angrier: she wanted to make him feel how annoyed she was by this situation. She removed her toes from under his chin and pointed them straight into his throat. She was now pinning him to the wall, crushing the big man’s Adam’s apple, chocking him and sending shockwaves of pain to his broken neck.
When he was about to pass out, she slightly reduced the pressure on his neck, allowing him to breathe a little bit. With a calmer tone, she continued:
‘Nevertheless, having a servant like you around the house would be the solution for a lot of my problems. In this way, you could at least repay me for the bother of having to come to your country to kick your ass! Actually, you could also be useful for another purpose…I have delivered some of my most legendary - and lethal - kicks to your stupid head and body and yet you are still breathing: you surprised me, big fat asshole!’ – she laughed before going on – ‘It took me much less than that to slaughter the rest of your pathetic friends and Mafia family members. That means you are a very good at taking blows. And since you have been the first one who survived my kicks since the beginning of my career, I have decided to take this as a sign of destiny. Actually, I need a new ‘Bob’ dummy for my martial arts training: having a flesh and blood one who only deserves a daily dose of kicks because he’s a fucking criminal would further motivate me to practice and improve my training sessions.’
She took a brief pause before she finally introduced him with her proposal:
‘So, are you ready to become my servant and my kicking Bob for the rest of your life? I am being very generous with you, but only because you have proven to be able to take a lot of punishment: this had earned you the luxury of a second chance at life. That's right, you owe your survival only to the fact that you are really good at getting your ass kicked by a woman who's half your size: that must be very flattering for the ego of an Italian stallion like you, hahaha - she laughed heartily at her own relentless teasing of the wrecked man at her feet - Actually you should be honoured to be offered the unique position of human kicking bag for the most lethal feet in the world. But I'm sure that by now you have realised how deadly my feet can be. Consider yourself very lucky, because I have never given this opportunity to no-one so far. So here are your options: you can die now, or you can become my servant and live as long as I want you to live.’
Her words tore through the criminal’s brain like bullets of humiliation but he had no choice: he could only accept his destiny as this superior woman was reshaping it for him.
‘I’ll make it very easy for you – she continued - If you want to die just say nothing and I will drive my toes through your throat and end your miserable life in the next few seconds.'
She paused for a second, to give him the time to form a mental picture of this possible painful and humiliating death. Then she continued:
‘But if you want to live… just say ‘I’m ready to serve you my lady’ and I will take you home, make sure you recover from this beating and let you serve me as long as I’m pleased with you. It can be forever or just for a few days. It depends on how well you will be able to service me. Understand? So tell me, what is your choice, dumbass?’
In his devastated condition and with her deadly toes piercing through his Adam’s apple, the humiliated criminal tried to utter a sentence, but all that he could come up to was something that sounded like: ‘MMMMRTSSSUUMMM’
‘What did you just try to say?’ - she scolded him again - ‘you know what? You are already starting to annoy me and when I’m annoyed I get very dangerous, as you could see. But luckily for you, I’m in a good mood today so - since words are not your forte - let’s see if you can use your mouth to express yourself in other ways’
She removed her foot from his throat and put it in front of his face, so that the upper arch was in front of his eyes and her pointed toes were positioned just under his lips. As graceful as a prima ballerina, she balanced on one leg, while the other was bent at the knee so that her irresistible foot was right in front of the man's face. Then she spoke again: ‘See these toes? They are pretty, aren't they? Bu as you know, they can easily send you to join your dead friends in the hell where you belong: I just need to apply a little pressure on you throat and you are gone. Arrivederci, ciao, ciao, ok?’
Another pathetic whine of terror from the Mafioso followed her words. He knew that she was speaking the truth.
‘Or – she continued nonchalantly – you can accept my proposal of eternal servitude by kissing my feet and showing the respect and devotion they deserve. Don’t ever forget what they have done to you and your little Mafia family!’
She did not need to ask twice: it was a no brainer for the thug. He’d much rather be the slave of a beautiful woman who had proven to be clearly superior to him than die there on the spot. Only one hour ago, before she had beaten him, he would have never even imagined he would end up in this situation: but now everything had changed, and his life is literally hanging from her toes. Psychologically, he already was this incredible woman’s slave for life.

The name is Bob…Slave Bob

To make his choice as clear as possible to the lady, the thug started kissing her female punisher’s toes, as his life depended on it: funnily enough, his life actually depended on it…
He was kissing the feet who had beaten and humiliated him: the feet of a woman.
He was kissing the pantyhose she had been fighting in all day, salty with her own sweat and stained with the blood of her enemies.
Now she was sure that he was completely terrified by her and that he will make an obedient slave, albeit with some more training. He would never try to escape or attack her mistress: he was too afraid of her. Even if he managed to escape he was now shamed forever in the macho Mafia world: he belonged to the clan who was singlehandedly destroyed by a woman. His honour was irreparably lost. Not even his mother would accept him again: he was as good as dead to them.
‘Good job! I see that I have kicked some sense into your stupid brain – she said with a smile – I hope you get used to kissing these feet as you will be doing a lot of that in the remainder of your sorry life!’
Look how pathetic you are, you make me want to make a video of you so that everyone, including what is left of your family, will see their powerful son creeping at the feet of the woman who destroyed him. What a glorious end!!!’
She took out her phone and filmed him while he was passionately kissing her feet.
‘I will keep this little video in store and if I feel like it I will put in on Youtube, one day: what do you think? I’m sure it will go viral, hahaha’.
While the woman was flagging him with her sarcastic words, an irresistible wave of shame rose into him: but that only made him want to worship her more. Who was this devil woman who had completely crushed his world with her feet? Where did she come from? One thing was for sure: his former life had ended there. The world will soon know that his family had been destroyed by a woman. He could never return to public life or to his home, he was a dead man walking: he could only die or accept the new life that this incredible female had in mind for him. He felt like he could only submit to her superiority and actually he started to feel an irresistible attraction for that prospect. As his ego and body were being destroyed he felt like he had finally found his most intimate reason to live: all that he wanted to do now was to lick and kiss the deadly and beautiful feet of his new ruler. The only place where he could or wanted to be for the rest of his life was under her bare soles. The female martial agent knew all that very well: she knew that being destroyed by a woman was a devastating blow to the chauvinistic mind of a Mafioso. To her, demolishing patriarchal structures like the Mafia and crushing male egos under her martial arts feet was the most enjoyable aspect of her missions against the mob.
Now that she had completely erased his former personality, the deadly woman knew it was time to mold the new identity of her servant: ‘Now you only need a new name, don’t you? I’m a classy lady and I can’t just call you scumbag when I need your services!’ – she said while stroking her chin.
‘Ok, I got it!’ - she said enthusiastically - ‘you will be called Bob Slave: you are going to be my kicking Bob dummy so your first name will be Bob. And you will also be my personal slave so, Slave will be your surname! Simple and easy no? What do you think Bob?’
As a reply, her brand-new slave could only let out another pained moan.
‘Fine Bob, I’m glad you like it because this is the beginning of your new life! And remember to always serve me obediently or I will kill you and replace you as soon as I find someone else who can take punishment as well as you. I meet and defeat douchebags like you every day. I have plenty of choice, remember!’. While hearing her tease him in this way, the thug put even more devotion in kissing the woman’s deadly feet. She shook her head, smirking confidently. Under one hand, she was now convinced that he definitely was the perfect slave for her. On the other hand, even if she was used to doomed men humiliating themselves at her feet, she couldn’t believe how quickly she had turned a ruthless mafia sicario into a female martial foot creep. From now on, the feet of the woman who destroyed his body and erased his mind were going to be the one and only object of Bob's devotion as well as his sole sexual desire, as a huge swelling in his groin clearly showed. Indeed, despite his mental distress and incredible physical pain, his penis had become rock hard under his pants while he was worshipping the fearsome feet of his new mistress. The woman who had just inflicted him the most ferocious beating was also causing him the most powerful erection he had ever experienced. He was simultaneously scared, confused and aroused by the devastating impact that this unstoppable young female was having on him: even if she had spared his biological existence, she most surely had erased his previous life and identity under her feet. Bob had just met the martial arts lady, but her footprints were already indelibly stamped all over Bob's brain. This was no surprise for the secret agent girl: the male brain is primitive, predictable and weak and she knew how to take advantage of its repetitive mechanisms very well. Early on in her life, she realised that the desire to kneel at the feet of a powerful woman was lying dormant in the deep subconscious recesses of each man's cerebrum: in order to bring that submissive nature to the surface, all that it took was a sound and savage beatdown delivered by a barefoot female fighter. She also knew instinctively that it was essential that she defeated her male opponents with loads of kicks and that she fought them without shoes on her feet: being vanquished by bare female feet made human males understand that their natural place in life was right under the soles of a woman. Punishment by the female foot was indeed a potent reminder of the primordial order of the glorious Matriarchal age, before men usurped women's natural rule over the earth with their treachery and cowardice. But now the tables had turned and the Martial Arts Lady with her lethal feet was the unstoppable messenger of a new, inevitable female world order. Slave Bob was going to experiment life under a woman's rule: judging by how passionately he was kissing and licking his mistress's feet, he was more than ready for his new life and for the future of society. The female warrior looked down on her new slave with a mixture of pity and contempt in her eyes. Bob had been devotedly worshipping the young woman's foot for several minutes now. She told him ‘Enough with the toe kissing Bob! Oh my God, you're so pathetic...Actually, besides not letting me down as a slave and a kicking bag, there’s another thing you must never do’ - she took a little pause before delivering her next line – ‘Don’t ever fucking bore me!’. As soon as she finished her sentence, the lady brutally removed her foot from Bob’s adoring lips. Fast as lightning, she bent her leg and delivered a vicious snap-kick to her male worshipper's temple. As soon as the upper arch of her exquisite foot connected with his temple, Bob passed out immediately and his big head fell back on his chest. He was out cold now and he was going to remain in that state for a very long time. At this point, the martial arts lady's job was almost finished for the day.'26 male pigs dead, plus one turned into a lifetime slave: not bad, I must admit. Let's call it another victorious day in the fight against the patriarchy' she thought to herself, as she smiled sarcastically. The woman then looked at her sweaty, ripped and bloody nylon pantyhose and sighed: she could not wear it anymore. But her creative mind came up with another use for her ruined nylons. Giggling at her own crazy idea, she took her pantyhose off and curled it into a ball in her hands. Then she bent down and rudely shoved the pantyhose right into Bob's semi-opened mouth: she left it there, as a memento for Bob of the tremendous beatdown he just received from a woman. After all, it was a life changing event for him: a little souvenir of such an important day can be a nice thing to keep. When he will wake up, Bob will immediately be reminded of what had happened - and of his new condition - by the fragrance of the pantyhose in his mouth. She will treat him like her own personal dustbin from now on: he better learn to take care of his mistress's rubbish fast, if he wanted to become a good house slave. However, Bob's humiliation on the first day of his new life was not over yet...While stuffing her slave's broken mouth with her dirty pantyhose, one of the martial arts lady's feet was casually resting on his crotch: while she was enjoying a close-up of Bob's nylon stuffed face, she suddenly felt a sticky semi liquid substance under her naked toes. Grossed out, she stepped back only to find that a large semen stain had appeared on Bob's crotch: it was clearly visible through his trousers. Even after its owner had been knocked out by the Martial Lady's malicious kick to the temple, the massive man's penis clearly could not help but pay homage to the formidable feet of his Mistress with an abundant ejaculation. She shook her head and smirked: her slave had released himself after she had already kicked his lights out. It was clear that her command over Bob already extended way beyond the realm of his consciousness. As she casually wiped her cum wet toes on Bob's face and body, she spoke softly to him almost as if he was a child who she had just sent to sleep: 'Dear slave, you are so gross, weak and hopeless: I have a feeling that this will not be the last time that you'll uncontrollably cream in your pants for my feet'. Obviously he could not hear her words...Then, amused by the surreal sight of a big man knocked out on the floor with a pair of female stockings hanging from his mouth and a huge semen stain on his crotch, the lethal secret agent lady laughed again. 'Life can be so funny', she thought: only one hour ago, this guy was an almighty mafia hitman who inspired fear in his enemies, but in a matter of minutes his entire existence had been completely crushed, destroyed and reshaped by the feet of a young female martial arts expert. When he will wake up, he will be born again…born-again as her faithful Slave Bob!

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Default Re: Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady (Pt. 1)

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing good. This is the second part of the story I have published with my first post. I hope you will enjoy it.

Happiness in Slavery: Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady (PT.2/1)

A story by Kicked 72.


She was the deadliest female martial artist in the world and a freelance secret agent. She got hired by international secret services regularly to carry out otherwise impossible missions. In particular, she was specialised in destroying crime organizations and killing high profile gangsters all over the world. Where many armed men had failed, she had always succeeded brilliantly: moreover, she employed no other weapon but her lethal martial arts feet to wipe out her opponents. In her type of mission, she took no prisoners: in fact, no enemy had ever survived her. She was still young but she had already left a long trail of dead men behind her heels. However, while she was on a trip to annihilate an Italian Mafia family, she met one mobster who surprisingly managed not to die from her thundering kicks. The defeated man's endurance impressed her and - after having easily killed 26 of his accomplices - she decided not to finish the mafioso. Actually, she had a plan for him, or better, a design for a new life. Being a very wise and smart woman, she thought that she could use such a resilient male as her own house servant and real-life training Bob. He was a massive man, tall and large, and he proved himself capable of enduring a lot of kicking punishment. Furthermore, with all the action in her life and her constant travels, she had no time to look after her house and do her everyday chores. So, she decided to take the surviving criminal home and train him as her butler and sparring partner: it was obvious that he would never betray her as she had already physically and psychologically submitted him by beating him to within an inch of his life. She also renamed him, to mark the beginning of his new life as her multi-purpose servant: from now on his name will be Bob Slave or, if you prefer, Slave Bob.

The Lethal Lady Comes Home

(Two years later...) After a relaxing afternoon stroll through the city centre, the most lethal secret agent in the world was walking back to her beautiful house. While the young woman enjoyed her pleasant walk, her faithful servant Slave Bob was waiting in her house, busy with his daily chores. When Bob heard the familiar noise of his mistress's high heel shoes on the walkaway of the villa’s main entrance, he rushed to the door and opened it. The radiantly beautiful woman walked in confidently, without even looking at her male servant who was holding the door for her. Bob humbly bowed his head down, his eyes fixed on the lady's pretty and lethal feet. After a few steps inside her luxurious hi-tech home, the woman stopped and started undoing her elegant high-couture overcoat. Knowing exactly what he was expected to do, Bob walked behind her to take the stylish garment from her shoulders and put it in the hanger by the entrance. Once he had finished with the overcoat, Bob dropped to his knees, right behind his mistress. His legs were slightly apart. He had been trained by his owner to assume this position when she returned home, especially when she was wearing high heels with no strings or straps. Indeed, as soon as he was down on his knees, the Martial Arts Lady casually kicked back with one of her legs: her heel hit right between Bob’s legs. As he received the woman's heel in his crotch, Slave Bob sent out a muted whine but carefully refrained from screaming or moving: he knew too well what she would do to him if he did. Bob then closed his thighs, so that the young woman's heel was firmly in place between his legs. The Martial Arts Lady then slid her foot out easily, while her shoe remained stuck in his slave's crotch. As she was checking her phone, the lady casually offered her nylon covered sole to the slave behind her back. grateful for this unexpected gift, Bob kissed the young woman's beautiful sole with devotion and respect, inhaling the inebriating fragrance coming from the lady's pantyhose after her long afternoon stroll. The Bob carefully removed the high-heel shoe still stuck his crotch and tidily placed it to his side.

The young woman repeated the same operation with her other foot, using her Slave's genitals as a shoehorn to remove both her fashionable shoes.
Bob would have loved to be allowed to kiss his owner's other foot as well but this time the Martial Arts Lady just walked away in her bare pantyhose, leaving the kneeling slave behind with one of her sexy high heels still painfully stuck in his crotch. Carefully, Bob took the second shoe out of his groin and placed it tidily next to the other one: he will later shine them and put them back in the large shoe closet - it was actually a room more than a closet - where the young woman was storing her impressive shoe collection. Despite the pain in his genitals, Bob rapidly stood up to follow the young lady's footsteps. As the Martial Arts Lady entered her changing room, Bob handed her a pair of tight gym shorts and a spandex top: it was time to get ready for her afternoon martial arts training session. While she changed, she playfully threw her clothes at Bob, who was standing right outside the door, awkwardly trying to catch the flying garments. He managed to catch her dress with one hand and her bra with the other one, but when she nonchalantly threw her pantyhose at him, the only way he could catch it was with his mouth. The lady just had to laugh at the pathetic sight of this massive man standing there with her dress in one hand, her bra in the other and her pantyhose in his mouth. 'Bob, just admit it! You love the taste of my worn pantyhose in your mouth, don't you?'. She was teasing her slave by making a humorous reference to their first meeting. Unable to sustain his mistress's sarcasm Bob kept his head down and nodded nervously. With the pantyhose between his lips he moaned a muffled and incomprehensible reply and then humbly walked away to put the lady's clothes in the pre-washing cupboard: he was going to take care of them later. As he performed his duties he could hear his mistress's laughter following him around the house.

The Training Routine
When Bob came back from the laundry room, the Martial Arts Lady had already changed into her training outfit. She looked stunning in her short and tight gym pants and her top. As usual, she was going to fight in her bare feet. At this time of the day, the sight of his mistress’s beautiful bare feet always meant one thing to Slave Bob: a lot of punishment was awaiting him in the next hour or so. Bob felt a weakness in the knees and butterflies in his stomach in anticipation of what was going to happen. The feet of his mistress were internationally famous for being the deadliest Weapons of Mass Male Destruction in the world and for very good reasons. After two years of slavery, the awe that those deadly female feet caused him had only increased. With his eyes sheepishly fixed on his mistress’s shapely bare heels leading the way, Bob followed her into the house gym for the second sparring session of the day. All over his body, Bob was still hurting from the kicks he received in the morning session, but he knew he had to show the Martial Arts Lady that he was perfectly able to receive his second kicking of the day. It was part of his mistress's daily routine and he could not let her down. The main reason why the lady had spared Bob’s life at the end of her mission against his Italian Mafia family was to use him as a flesh and bone kicking bob for her daily martial arts training: she knew that practising with a human rather than a dummy was much more realistic and closer to a real fight. On his part, Bob knew that it was during this training sessions that he could prove his worth as a slave to her. He knew that he had to endure all the punishment she was going to inflict him without complaining, as this was the only way to convince her to let him live one more day. Indeed, it would be very easy for her to kill him and dispose of his body without anyone noticing. In her Italian assignment this fearless female martial arts champion had slaughtered most of the male members of Bob’s former Mafia family. The rest of his relatives believed that he had been killed by the woman crime punisher just like the other Mafiosi. Bob knew that he had nobody but her in the world: if, for some reason, she would grow tired of him she could easily replace him with another captured mobster in one of her future missions. He knew his life depended on how well he was be able to satisfy her as a slave and sparring partner. And she was an extremely demanding fighter: she trained twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. In each session, she did not hold back, kicking his human training bag with all the energy and precision that she would apply in a real fight. On several occasions she kicked him so hard that he had to be hospitalised: luckily, through the secret agent organizations she was working with, the lady had access to the best clinics in the world where all the most advanced medical technologies were available. No matter how bad Bob's condition was they were able to put Bob back together and deliver him back to his mistress in a matter of days: she was always very enthusiastic to have Bob back so that she could experiment the new techniques she had been working on in his absence on her slave. The only precaution that the Martial Arts Lady was taking was not to kill or damage Bob beyond 'repair': but that’s only because she did not want to waste time in finding and training another slave to replace him. Sometimes, while he was taking his daily multiple doses of kicks, Bob wished that his mistress had not shown him mercy on the fateful day when his life was changed forever by her martial arts feet. If she had killed him on their first encounter, he would had suffered once and now he'd be resting in peace. Instead, he was now doomed to relive the incredible pain and humiliation of his defeat at least twice a day for the rest of his life. Furthermore, each training could be the last for him, because she might decide that she had enough and kill him at any time. His mistress always made sure he never knew what was on her mind: that added to the realism of the session and, on the other hand, made Bob further shake with fear not only for the certainty of the pain, but also for the possibility of his death. Each day, he had to fight for his life and that made it more of a challenge for her and for him too. In his permanent state of total distress, Bob sometimes found himself thinking that he did actually die under the young woman’s feet during that fateful first fight and that martial lady's house was his own hell's ditch: in female martial arts supremacy version of Dante’s Inferno, his eternal punishment in the afterlife was to be the slave and the kicking bag of the woman who killed and humiliated him.
Nevertheless, somewhere deep down in his confused male brain, Bob was experiencing also other undeniable but contrasting feelings. After the young woman had repeatedly shown him her physical and intellectual superiority, Bob had actually begun to develop a profound sense of admiration and devotion for her. That feeling was already there since the first day, after he saw her singlehandedly destroy him and his entire mafia gang with her martial arts feet. His devotion was cemented by serving the Martial Arts Lady every day for two full years now. Bob was in awe of her body and mind and he was completely subdued by her charisma. He loved her with a love that was total submission and surrender. After receiving several hundred daily beatdowns during the previous two years, he was still increasingly aroused by the Martial Arts Lady's body and personality, to the point that a very unconscious part of him was actually looking forward to the daily training: despite the pain, those trainings were the moments when he could experience contact with his mistress and, in particular, with her feet which he had learned to fear and worship like deities. Being kicked by her bare feet surpassed every sexual and spiritual experience Bob had ever had in his life. Those merciless beatings were almost a religious rite for him in which, through an incredible amount of physical suffering, he could get in contact with his goddess. After having been a chauvinistic male all his life, now he was totally devoted to this outstanding super woman who had made him his personal servant. He loved her desperately, but obviously he would not even dare to think to be her partner or friend. He knew that his place was under her feet and at the receiving end of her devastating kicks: that knowledge gave him a sense of profound inner peace. He had found his place in life after that woman crushed his ego under her feet. He was like a monk now, devoted to a high kicking Madonna or a sinner tormented by a female martial arts demon in the afterlife. So, was that heaven or hell for Bob? This dilemma was too much for his weak mind, especially right now, while he was witnessing the spectacle of his mistress getting ready to kick his sorry male ass again.

The ‘Fight’
The Martial Arts Lady walked to the center of the gym room: she started stretching her beautifully muscular yet slender body and practicing her moves for the upcoming fight. Standing in a corner of the room, Bob was obediently waiting for her to finish her pre-training routine. The young woman was perfectly aware of what was burning inside of her slave as he watched her warming up. Thanks to her superior female intelligence, she could read his simple male mind like an open book. She knew that every single movement of her athletic body made Bob shiver with a mixture of fear, sexual arousement and feverish devotion. It’s exactly this confusion that made him such a perfect slave and ensured the absolute psychological power she enjoyed over him. She teased him by getting very close to him with her warm-up kick routine: at a certain point she stood on one foot while the other was in front of his face for several seconds, in a perfect high Yoko Geri position. She knew that Bob was fighting against his instinctive urge to kiss and lick her martial arts sole so close to his lips: however he would have never dared to do it, knowing that such an unrequired gesture could cost him an unbelievable dose of punishment. As usual, a huge bulge in his gym pants was pathetically showing Bob’s uncontrollable state of excitement: she knew that the mere sight, let alone the fragrance, of her feet could make him come immediately…but obviously he was not allowed to relieve himself without her explicit permission. The woman smiled and shook her head in disbelief thinking about how incredibly weak and endlessly submissive men can be. When she was ready, the Lady called Bob to the center of the room to begin the sparring session. Scared, trembling but also determined to show her mistress that he was still a valid sparring partner, Bob attacked with all his energy. Nevertheless, just like every training session before that day, this one too was a one-sided massacre, during which the undefeatable martial arts woman applied all the kicking techniques she knew on her male slave. Her feet struck Bob’s face, upper body and groin from all angles with no mercy. Being 174 cm tall, the lady was by no means a short woman, but Bob was only a few centimeters short from two meters! Nevertheless, thanks to her long legs and her incredible agility and flexibility her feet could reach way higher that Bob’s head: she was able to kick every part of Bob’s body effortlessly and with full power. Moreover, she adored performing acrobatic jump kicks: tall Bob was a perfect target for training those techniques and trying out new inventive flying kicks. She took a lot of childlike fun in jumping into the air, feet first, and landing devastating kicks on Bob’s big face and head. Since she was a little girl, the lady had also been trained in ballet and gymnastics, as well as in several martial arts disciplines: being a natural talent in every activity she engaged in, she could have been a world famous prima ballerina or a multiple Olympic medalist in gymnastics (despite her height), if only she had desired to pursue any of those careers. Unfortunately for male criminals like Bob though, she decided to focus on martial arts instead, taking particular joy in experimenting with Karate and Tae Kwon Do kicks. Her gymnastic and ballet training gave even more flexibility, elegance, elevation, speed, precision and acrobatic skills to her kicking style: she could effortlessly propel herself in the air and stay elevated for an incredibly long time when she was performing her deadly flying kicks. She intelligently incorporated her background as a dancer and as a gymnast into her own deadly mix of the most effective martial arts. Assets like these made her the perfect female fighting machine, the most lethal and beautiful martial artist in the world. Even her adversaries were mesmerised by her grace and elegance as she was slaughtering them with no mercy. In combat, no one stood a chance against her not even when she was fighting against multiple - and well-armed - opponents, as Bob knew very well.

Sometimes during the sparring sessions the lady also used holds and grappling techniques as well, always making sure that her feet were touching Bob’s body and/or face, to reinforce her psychophysical domination over him. At the beginning of each sparring session, Bob desperately tried to fight back as much as he could but he was always quickly and easily overwhelmed by his mistress. In two years he never managed to land a single blow on her: on the other hand, he had received hundreds of thousands barefoot kicks from the fearsome young woman. There was no part of his body that had not been severely damaged by the feet of this martial arts goddess multiple times. Moreover, Bob had lost a lot of weight too since he had become the slave of this fearless female warrior: having to fight the deadliest martial artist in the world at least twice a day and taking care of her house was a lot of work for a former big fat lazy mafia boy...

During that day's session the Martial Arts Lady was in a particularly funny mood: she hit Bob with several humiliating series of foot-slaps to the face, in Van Damme style. The young woman liked how hopeless Bob looked when her foot slapped his face for entire minutes while she was easily balancing on one leg. Sometimes she would nonchalantly check her nails as she kicked him. She did it to humiliate Bob even more and to add a little comedy element to the proceedings: she always liked a laugh, especially when it was at her slave's expense. Then she would switch legs to inflict him the same treatment with her other foot. During these training sessions, she performed her entire kicking repertoire on her slave: moreover, she also used Bob to try out the new, always creative and spectacular kicks she was currently developing and experimenting with. Bob felt privileged and proud to be the first target for the new, devastating kicking techniques that his smart mistress was continuosly working on. He was taking endless doses of punishment but he knew that he was helping her find new and effective ways of taking out criminals with her deadly martial arts feet.

More than one hour had now passed since the Martial Arts Lady had begun her second daily demolition of Slave Bob. She decided it was time to call it off for that afternoon, as she had somewhere to go later that night. To round off the beating, she jumped in the air and executed a perfect spinning back kick which hit Bob right in the face. Her movement was fast as lightning but Bob, already woozy from the previous barrage of kicks, experienced it in slow motion: utterly flabbergasted, he saw his mistress perfect ivory body leave the ground with supreme grace and unmatched agility. While she was suspended in the air, one of her long and shapely legs extended in an elegant arc sending her bare foot out towards Bob's head. Unable to put up any defense against the young woman's flying foot, Bob took the full impact of her sole all over his battered face: he felt her bare heel hammering against his forehead, her instep crushing his nose and the ball of her foot splintering his already bloodied lips. A cloud of blood surrounded him as he fell down to the floor for the umpteenth time that day, totally overwhelmed by the power and the accuracy of the young woman’s stunning kick. Once again, the training session turned into a memerising display of superior female dexterity, class and power: Bob was in the very exclusive position of being a spectator - and a part - of his mistress's unique show each day, but he was always astonished by her perfect mix of elegance, force and pulchritude. Now Bob was down with his back on the floor, almost uncoscious: however, it was not over yet for him, as The Martial Arts Lady was not going to finish the training without performing one of her favourite fatality moves: the jumping Bruce Lee stomp to the chest. Letting out a savage 'Kiai!' she leapt in the air again and landed on Bob's ribcage with both feet. Pivoting on her heels, she then sadistically swept her feet from left to right all over her opponent's chest, while letting out another savage scream of victory. It as so satisfying for her to end a fight in this way. In a real combat situation, this move would completely crush and ravage her opponent’s ribcage, driving the bones through the heart and lungs, killing him on the spot: in this case she obviously held back a little bit, as she still needed Bob…at least for now. Also, since she was in good spirits, she just stomped on his chest and not on his groin too, as she would have done on a bad mood day. She stood still on Bob’s ribcage for a few seconds, savouring the devastating effects of her fatality kick, while his slave moaned in pain under her feet. She had done that move to him so many times in the previous years that Bob’s chest had her footprints permanently carved in it, like a humiliating tattoo. She had literally branded him with her pretty but mortal feet: another physical sign that he was her ‘sole’ property. And frankly, her footprints were by far the prettiest thing all over Slave Bob’s ugly brutish body, as she always cheerfully reminded him: so she had definitely improved his appearance…While she was standing on his slave’s chest, the young lady put one foot over his swollen lips and told him: ‘Since you’ve been such a good kicking sack today, you will get a little reward, dog. You can have the privilege of kissing my feet, the feet which have just destroyed and degraded you once again’. Bob complied immediately: he devotedly kissed her toes, the ball of her foot and then her heel. She switched legs, so that he could repeat the same operation with the other foot. ‘Do my feet taste good Bob?’ she ask him teasingly. ‘Does their aroma remind you of the first time we met?’ she continued. She laughed at him while he was intensely worshipping her post-training feet: his lips were swollen from her kicks but the desire to honour the feet of his mistress was too strong for any pain. The woman was perfectly aware that giving her slave a little reward from time to time only reinforced her superiority over him: it reminded him of his position and augmented his boundless adoration for her. Indeed, while he was kissing the young woman's incredibly powerful feet, Bob was feeling a wave of immense gratitude for his martial arts mistress: not only she was keeping him alive for another day but she was also letting him have the honour of kissing the part of her body he was most in awe of. Moreover, she did not let him worship her Weapons of Mass Male Destruction everyday: Bob knew he had to take that chance to express his devotion with all his passion when he had the opportunity. When she had enough of the big man’s display of submission, the female martial arts champion just stepped off his chest and headed for the gym’s door without saying a word. She left her semi-unconscious Slave lying on the floor in the center of the room with his bulge still visible and uncontrollably throbbing, despite the terrible ache coming from each part of his body.

The Snap

Totally indifferent to Bob's distressful state, the young woman walked out of the room: she knew that, just like every day, she had completely wrecked him physically and mentally. It was her slave’s own business to deal with the injuries and the pain she caused him. He would have to take care of his own bleeding face and resume his daily chores around the house very fast: she would punish him very severely if he did not get ready to serve her again in a matter of minutes. She also knew that he could not help but be incredibly sexually aroused by her daily show of martial arts superiority: since the start of the training she had been aware of his painful and pathetic erection. It happened all the time, and she actually enjoyed leaving him in that state for as long as she desired, knowing that he would never dare to come without her permission. By now, after two years into their mistress and slave relationship, she had acquired total control of his sexuality. She had perfected a system called The Snap. It was very simple: in her presence and when he was outside of his basement bedroom, Bob was only allowed to come when his mistress snapped her fingers. She had to introduce this system because Bob’s incontrollable – and multiple - ejaculations during the training sessions were starting to annoy her. Bob’s did his best to hide his erections and orgasms during his daily confrontations with the Martial Arts Lady, but his throbbing groin, his pathetic stiffness and the stains in his pants were impossible to ignore. There’s nothing a stupid man can hide from a woman, especially when she’s as clever and experienced as Bob’s mistress. The female secret agent was aware that his ejaculations were just another sign of her total dominance over him, but they also represented a distraction when they happened in the middle of a fight. She could not tolerate that: it was highly unprofessional on Bob's part, as she would often disdanfully tell him for his extreme shame and desperation.

To prevent this inconvenience, the Martial Arts Lady tried several correctional systems on her house slave, but she initially failed to obtain significant results. Bob had to endure many extremely painful experiments before his smart female owner finally found a solution that did not include castrating or killing him. Actually, those would have been very simple solutions for the annoyance caused by Bob's dumb dick...however killing him would have meant looking for another male slave - and having to train him from scratch - and the Martial Arts Lady simply couldn't be bothered: moreover, apart from this little problem, Bob was an absolutely perfect slave and he had made her life much more comfortable and easy. He was one of the few people on earth who knew about her secret identity: she did not have to hide anything from him because he was so terrified and overwhelmed by her that he would have ever dared revealing her secret, not even under excruciating torture. It was relaxing for the Martial Arts Lady to have him around. As another possible solution for Bob's excessive ejaculations, the young woman could have easily castrated him with her feet: after all, she had already done it to many of her opponents before killing them. Her ability to caponize men with her expert footwork was almost clinical and very much feared. However, she was well aware that Bob's obsessive sexual desire for her was at the core of her slave's loyalty. Moreover, castrating him would have meant diminishing the realism of her fighting training sessions with Bob: when she was on a real mission she did not fight eunuchs but fully equipped males. She knew that all her male opponents' dicks were invariably erect for her during fights: however, the men normally climaxed towards the end of her overwhelming display of barefoot kicking superiority over them. In most cases, the losing males would irresistibly come as she was about to inflict them the final kick or as she was humiliating them by making them kiss, suck and lick her feet, uselessly asking for mercy before her final foot stomp or smother. Sometimes her ravaged adversaries would even ejaculate after her final blow, thus paying the ultimate tribute to the power of her feet with the last spasms of their dying bodies, brains and dicks. Indeed, if only they had survived, all these men would have turned out exactly like Bob: slavishly devoted to her and incapable to control their orgasms in her presence…but Bob was the only one who was still alive after having been demolished by the Martial Arts Lady and she needed him to function as a sparring partner! So, to make her trainings with Bob match the reality of a real fight, she needed him to climax only after the fight rather than at any moment ... The only way for her to obtain this was to take the control of his orgasms away from Bob and into her own hands, since her slave was clearly unable to handle it by himself when she was within his sight, let alone during fights. As soon as she realised this, she came up with the Pavlovian Dog style method of The Snap: since then things had finally started to improve. She gained complete control of his slave’s orgasms whenever he was in her presence and, most importantly, during the daily sparring sessions she had with him. Allowing him to come only when she snapped her fingers seemed like a very simple but effective solution: besides solving the annoying training incidents and it would make Bob even more subjugated to her power than before. Now even his own pleasure depended on his young mistress’s capricious will and feisty mind: she literally had him wrapped around her fingers. She also knew that controlling a man’s dick equaled to having boundless power on his mind too. Obviously, she totally dominated Bob even before introducing The Snap, but she had to make sure that his loyalty was boundless. This was another way to expand her power over him: she was the most important secret agent in the world and she could not run the risk of having someone in her house who was not absolutely submitted and devoted to her, even beyond the limits of his own consciousness.
Nevertheless, Bob had to take several mind numbingly painful beatings before he was perfectly tuned in with the Snap system, but now it worked like a charm: once again the clever Martial Arts Lady had managed to manipulate his slave’s deepest needs and desires for her own benefit...

As the Martial Arts Lady was leaving the gym after her evening training, Bob was still lying on the floor with his body destroyed and his penis on the verge of exploding. Through his swollen and blackened eyes, he followed the sexy bare heels of his mistress walk out of the room. With every step, she was leaving a bloody footprint on the gym floor: it was Bob’s own blood, which he had to wash from the walls and the floor of the gym room after each training session. It was perhaps the most humiliating – but at the same time strangely arousing - chore he had to take care of each day: it was another visceral sign of his daily sacrifice to his martial arts goddess.

Bob let out a resignated sigh when he saw the young woman walk away carelessly: he was desperately hoping that she would show at least a little mercy and snap her fingers but no...Now not only he would have to recover from her barrage of perfect kicks, but he would also not be allowed to have relief from his painful erection until he was back in his room late at night, after having finished all his duties. Some very distressful and difficult hours lay ahead for the poor Bob: he knew that, as it had already happened many times before. Sometimes his mistress just 'forgot' to snap her fingers and there was nothing he could do about it. He started to slowly and carefully stand up from the gym floor. He put extra care in his movements, knowing that even the softest touch to his throbbing penis could result in possible immediate ejaculation: the lady would have never tolerated that. She would kick him to the point of permanent brain damage if she noticed that he had come without her ‘snapping’ permission…
As she left the gym, the female martial arts mistress did not even look back on the man she had just humiliated on her Tatami. However, when she was in the corridor just outside of the gym's door she stopped for a second and smirked. She extended her arm back so that her hand appeared in the doorway, to make sure that Bob could see it: she waited for a few excruciating (for Bob) seconds, then she casually snapped her fingers… After that, she just walked away with a prankster smile on her face. She knew exactly what that apparently insignificant hand gesture meant for her slave: feisty, playful and creative as she was, she always liked to have fun with the power she enjoyed over him. She hated boredom more than anything else…
As he was awkwardly trying to stand up Bob was caught off-guard by the young woman’s clever prank. As he saw and heard her snap her beautiful fingers, a flash of lightning struck right into the most primitive and remote part of his brain: it was the subconscious area of his psyche that the lady had gained control of with her merciless martial arts feet sending the most primordial and powerful impulse of all to his body. Immediately responding to The Snap signal, Bob’s dick exploded in an uncontrollable and over-abundant ejaculation: it was so strong and unexpected that it made him fall to the floor again with a heavy thud. Soon a large, wet stain appeared on his crotch: it was clearly visible through his pants. Here he was again, shaking uncontrollably on the floor, almost convulsing with pain and pleasure as his dick kept on throbbing in the final stages of an orgasm which had been only allowed by his female conqueror's wicked sense of humour. He had been knocked-out one more time by his all-powerful mistress, and all she had to do in this case was snap her pretty fingers: once again he had been outsmarted by this fearsome young woman. However, Bob had no time to think about the infiniteness of his submission to the Martial Arts Lady because, as he was lying down, defeated and humiliated, his female owner and her almighty Weapons of Mass Male Destruction were already walking towards the bathroom for her post training shower…

The Lady Takes a Shower

Satisfied with her training session, the deadly woman was now enjoying a warm and relaxing shower in her luxurious bathroom. She was going out on a dinner date with a brand new man that night and she wanted to look perfect. However, when she had finished showering and she opened the cabin, she noticed that Bob had forgotten to lay down the bathroom mat for her. Disappointed, she raised her head. She saw Bob standing in the bathroom doorway with the mat still in his hands: he was unforgivably late. Hazy and battered from the beatdown (and the orgasm), Bob remembered just a little too late that he had to prepare the bathroom for the Lady’s post shower toilette: that was one of his everyday duties in his service for the most lethal martial artist in the world. Despite her slave’s failure, the young woman did not lose her patience: with a calm and confident hand gesture she ordered Bob to lay down on his belly in front of the shower. Since he’d been so lazy, she decided to use his servant’s body as her human foot mat. Bob immediately obeyed and she rudely stepped on his back: once again, Bob was under her mistress's bare feet, serving as a carpet this time. She was aware of the suffering she was driving through his chest and back by standing on him, especially after he had been on the receiving end of a savage kicking sealed off with a punishing Bruce Lee stomp, but she did not care: that was the punishment her slave deserved for his sinful forgetfulness. With her feet still on his back, she dried her irresistible body up with a towel in front of the bathroom mirror, humming a happy song. She then stepped down from Bob’s back to walk into her bedroom: time to get dressed and apply make-up.

Toenail Polish Test
Dressed in sexy underwear, the deadliest martial artist in the world was now sitting at her make-up table. She had almost finished with her face and hands: now it was time to apply polish on her toenails. To do that comfortably though, she needed a footstool. She stood up from the chair in front of the make up mirror and she turned around to sit right on ther make-up the table. It was a high table so her feet were suspended and dangling a few centimeters from the floor. Her strong but sensual back was now reflected in the mirror. She then called in her servant: knowing exactly what to do, Bob ran from a nearby room and quickly got down on his knees, right in front of the young woman. He then extended his neck, so that his face was within the reach of the young woman's legs. The Martial Arts Lady rudely put her right foot square on his face, so that her toes were resting on his forehead and her heel was on his chin: Bob sent out a little moan of pain since his face was still swollen from all her previous kicks. Indifferent to her slave’s discomfort, she started applying the polish on her toes while still humming her happy song.

Bob was such a perfect footstool for The Martial Arts Lady's toe polish toilette: his face had taken so many kicks from her feet that now his facial features had adapted to accomodate the shape of the young woman's soles perfectly. She essentially sculpted his face with her kicks... Moreover by applying a little pressure on his face and thus bending his neck up, down or to whichever side she preferred, she could regulate the angle of her foot to do a more accurate paint job on her pretty toenails.
As she was applying her toe polish The Lady couldn't help but expressing her satisfaction to Bob: 'Good slave, my feet feel so comfortable on your face! It looks as if your face was custom made as a rest for my feet: you were born to be my foot stool. This is what they call a match made in heaven, no?'
Bob could not reply as his lips were sealed by his mistress lethal heel but he was really moved by her words.
He was immensely proud that the Martial Arts Lady thought that his face was a good match for her feet. He felt that his body as well as his useless life finally had found their only purpouse and reason: serving the feet of this most incredible female avenger. Once again, a huge bulge formed in his pants. Obviously, the Lady was aware of Bob's arousement and she decided to have fun with it: she let her other foot casually dangle between his legs, so that her toes were at times softly touching his swollen glans. Some other times she stepped on his groin for support as she was leaning forward to apply the toe nail polish. She smirked confidently: she knew that with that simple and casual movement, she was sending Bob to a place which was somewhere between heaven and hell: his desperate efforts to resist was all over his his face under her foot:'Careful Bob - she whispered to him as she was attentively painting her nails - you know what happens if you let yourself go without my permission'. Bob shivered in fear as he heard those words and that amused her even more.

When the Lady had finished with one foot, she removed it from Bob’s face, only to place her freshly painted toes in front of his swollen lips: Bob duly blew air on her toenails so that the polish could dry more rapidly. Then she repeated the same operation with her left foot too, using Bob as a footstool and as a toe polish drier.
After Bob had blown her toenails dry, she amusingly pat him on the lips with one foot: he behaved according to her instructions and she was mildly satisfied with him. She was glad and joyful, anticipating her date.

Nevertheless, she wanted to make sure that her freshly applied polish was resistant enough to face a night out in open high-heel shoes…so she commanded Bob to stand up. Not knowing what to expect, Bob complied. She came down from the table. When her slave was standing up, the Martial Arts Lady suddenly attacked him with a rapid fire series of slap kicks to his face. She was balancing on one leg and with each kick she pushed Bob closer and closer to the bedroom wall. Always standing on one leg, she pinned the big man against the wall, with the kicking foot pushing against his throat: ignoring his slave’s pained laments she checked out the status of her nail polish. It seemed fine, but now she had to check the polish on the other foot too! The young lady hook-kicked Bob away from the wall making him stumble clumsily to the center of the room: then she repeated the same foot slapping test, this time using her left foot. She ended up pinning Bob to the wall on the other side of the bedroom: this time her foot was on his face instead of his throat. Bending her leg, she inspected the status of the toe polish on the foot which was covering Slave Bob’s aching face: perfect! Despite his distress, Bob knew that he was always in a privileged position when his face was under her foot. The Martial Arts Lady's feet were a thing of rare beauty. To sustain herself, she had been working as a top ranking model when she was still in her training years.
She could have made a very remunerative career as a model and she soon was in very high demand. In particular her perfect feet had been noticed by all the most prestigious agencies in the world: her feet had appeared in dozens of advertisments and magazine covers. But she was craving for a much more action packed lifestyle than modelling: however, her beautiful size 9 feet (US size) were still paying her a very luxurious lifestyle, even if she decided to use them for crushing men's faces rather than gracing fashion magazine covers. Bob was totally mesmerised by the beauty of his mistress's deadly feet. Bob was totally mesmerised by the beauty of his mistress's deadly feet. Her strong but slender toes were elegantly and harmoniously aligned in decreasing height order, from her big toe to the pinky. The skin on the upper side of her foot was pure like marble and just as hard when she kicked a man's head. Her ballerina arches were outstanding, perfect for dance or gymnastics. Her insteps, which had crushed so many noses, were impeccably curved. The blades of her feet traced an elegant and pleasant line but they could cut male throats like a knife through butter. Her punishing heels were perfectly rounded, like the most graceful hammers ever designed. The balls of her feet were absolutely poetic with their fluid and sensual shape: they looked like the softest desert dunes but they could hit like the hardest rocks when they descended on a man's nose. In a similar way, her beautiful soles could be smooth like silk or hard as steel, depending on the Lady's will. The Martial Arts Lady's feet were not only Weapons of Mass Male Destruction but also intoxicatingly beautiful works of art: no wonder men would climax irresistibly as they were exhaling their last breath under those perfect feet which were exuding Female Martial Arts Supremacy from every pore.
On inspecting her own toes, the lady let out a girly 'Yay!' of excitement! She was ready to go out now and her toes are going to look perfectly polished all night! When the woman removed her foot from Bob’s face, the big man comically slid down along the wall to the floor, almost unconscious: that was too much even for an expert taker of punishment and abuse like Bob! Watching his slave’s total distress, the lady smiled like child who had misbehaved, and then told him: ‘Poor thing, maybe I roughed you up a little too much today but I’m a bit over-excited because I’m going on a date!’- but then she quickly switched to a more reproachful tone ‘Anyway, you must always remember that being ready for me and my moods is part of your duties, slave!’

Happiness in Slavery
It was time to dress up for her date now. Before going out for her afternoon stroll, she had already selected her outfit for the evening: while she was applying her make-up, Bob had prepared all the clothes on her bed. She put on a short dress and slipped on her high heels, while Bob’s was still recovering from the third beatdown of the day. He might even get a fourth one, because sometimes she wanted to be attacked by surprise when she was coming back alone at night. Despite his disparaging condition, Bob did notice how beautiful and sexy the Martial Arts Lady looked in her short dress and high heels: she was frankly irresistible and she sure knew how to keep her legs in perfect shape!
Still humming happily, the female secret agent left the apartment to go and meet her new boyfriend. She did not care to say goodbye or even look at her freshly battered slave. She was radiating beauty, happiness and hope for her brand-new flirt.
After she left, Bob slowly came back to his senses and began cleaning and tidying up the house again. He was sincerely glad that his mistress was getting to meet a new man: Bob was madly and selflessly in love with her and he wanted the best for his martial arts Goddess. His mistress deserved a real man beside her, a man who could give her a full and satisfying relationship. It’s something that the pathetic devotion of a former criminal that the young woman had turned into her foot slave and personal training Bob could never provide. Being a female secret agent hunting criminals around the world can be quite a lonely lifestyle: also because of that, Bob was only happy to know that she might had found a possible companion. Slave Bob was ready to serve his mistress in the pursuit of her personal well-being, while she was busy bringing justice to the world. He never thought that he could feel this way for a woman, but that’s what the martial arts feet of his mistress had been capable of: with her all-conquering kicks she had dismantled not only his body but also his formerly chauvinistic and sexist mindset.
When Bob had finished tidying up the house, he went back to his tiny apartment which was located in the basement of the female martial artist's beautiful villa. He sat down on a little bed and grabbed something from under a cushion. It was his dearest possession: the pantyhose that his mistress was wearing on the day they met. She had those pantyhose on when she slaughtered his entire clan and when she had beaten him to within an inch of his life. At the end of the fight she had removed her well-worn nylons and stuck them in Bob's mouth. It was the gesture that sealed the beginning of his new life as Bob Slave: she let him keep the nylons, as a powerful reminder of that fateful event. With passion, Bob buried his face into the pantyhose and inhaled deeply. He had never washed it obviously: the fabric was still bearing a fragrance that took Bob right back to that incredible day when his life was forever destroyed and rebuilt by the martial arts feet of a superior woman.

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Your stories are awesome! Keep it up
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Thank you for your comment! It really means a lot! I'm very happy to know that you are enjoying my stories

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Great story I hope you write more.
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When can we expect next awesome part?;>
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Hi guys, here's the third chapter of my Slave Bob and the Martial Arts Lady saga

This time the Martial Arts Lady is venturing alone on a solitary beach just out of town. There she will make a weird encounter...
Please check all my other stories for free on my blog Tales of Female Martial Arts Supremacy. [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Thank you and enjoy!

Slaughter by the Water

Slave Blob and the Martial Arts Lady (PT.3)

A story by Kicked72

A 'Quiet' Beach

The Martial Arts Lady woke up in her date’s bed after a pleasurable dinner and a satisfying night of sex. While she was taking a shower she decided that she was going to spend the rest of her day at the beach. She wanted to award herself with a relaxing day by the sea. After all, she was on a break between missions and those were supposed to be her holidays! She got dressed and left the man’s flat by herself: she did not even wake her date up to tell him what she was up to. She liked to keep her lovers hanging on and she liked to spend quality time on her own without an annoying man beside her.
The young woman just made a quick stop by her house to change into her beach attire. As usual, Slave Bob – her house servant - had everything ready for her: she messaged him earlier, instructing him to prepare her beach bag with all the essential items for a day at the beach. She was also going to take a break from training today. It was a lucky coincidence for Slave Bob who was still recovering from the multiple beatdowns that the Lady had given him the day before, during their regular sparring sessions as well as in some other moments of impromptu ass kicking inspiration: today Bob will focus on washing her clothes, cleaning the house and cooking her a nice Italian dinner for when she'll return from the beach. Still, her slave was going to miss his daily double dose of kicks by his owner: that’s what he was alive for, after all. However, he was genuinely happy for her when she looked so cheerful and satisfied as she did today. His beloved mistress only deserved all the love and relax she could get.
After a healthy breakfast in her favourite café, the female secret agent finally got to the beach: it was as lonely and silent as she wanted it. No one was there but her. She hated noisy beaches, so she had picked an isolated and solitary part of the shore where she could be all alone. Actually, the local news had been warning the population about that specific location. According to the police and the media, that was a quite dangerous spot: some robberies and even sexual assaults on solitary women had been reported recently. Since no one was around there normally, nobody had been able to help the victims. Apparently, a dangerous sex pervert was on the loose in the area. This was not worrying her at all though: there was nothing that could scare the deadliest martial artist in the world.
When she reached a spot of her liking, The Martial Arts Lady stopped walking and calmly slipped off her flip-flops: she loved the feeling of warm sand under her pretty but deadly feet and in between her slender and lethal toes. She then stripped down to her bikini and laid down on her beach towel, with her face to the sun. She closed her eyes as she felt the sunlight kiss her toned body from her head to her toes. Incredibly relaxed, she almost fell asleep with the sweet sound of the water against the shore as her personal lullaby. Having had a night out, the martial arts lady was relaxed but still slightly sleepy. Lying down in the sun and having a nice swim seemed like a perfect plan to rest a little bit and recover some energy!
As she took in the sun with her eyes closed and a beatific smile on her face, she couldn’t help thinking that her life was not that bad after all: she had a slave at home taking care of everything, she was dating a man who might become a good partner – at least until she got bored of him -, and she was the best in the world at her highly paid job, which was cleansing the world from criminal scum with her martial arts feet. And today, she was enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the beach! It could get much worse than this, she thought, as a wave of pleasure and contentment filled her wonderful body.

An Annoying Visitor

The relax for the deadliest female fighter on the planet did not last for long, unfortunately...As she was lying with her back on the beach towel, she suddenly felt a little chill, almost as if the sun had been obscured by a passing cloud. Her body was a perfect fighting machine which was trained to notice even the slightest change in her surroundings: each one of her senses was way more awake and receptive if compared to other ‘normal’ human beings. She could easily fight blindfolded and still be undefeatable. That’s why she immediately sensed that something was weird and that the chill she was feeling on her velvety skin was not due to a change in the weather.
Without even opening her eyes she noticed a figure standing in front of her. He was a massive, big man dressed only in a swim speedo, a T-shirt and sport shoes. He was standing a few steps away from the lower end of the bath towel, right where her feet lied. He was clearly creeping over her and getting sexually excited by the almost-naked female body lying down in front of him. Inmediately, she realised that this guy had to be the sex maniac who had been assaulting, beating and raping women in this lonely part of the beach. He was now ready to attack her too, thinking that she will be his next victim. What the rapist did not know was that the hot body he was drooling over was the most perfect killing machine that ever walked the earth: that machine was about to be unleashed on him in a matter of seconds…
Still lying on her beach towel, the lady knew that if she wanted to have advantage over the rapist she had to make him think that she hadn’t seen him. She needed to tease him to make him to come closer so that he would be within range of her lethal feet. She kept her eyes closed and she smiled sensually, pretending to be delighted by the sun and that she was oblivious to the man’s presence: her body moved provocatively, sending waves of excitement through the maniac’s body. He took a couple of steps towards her and he spread his legs so that his feet were now on both sides of the lower end of her beach towel. The huge bulge in his speedo made his excitement very visible. It’s clear now that he wanted to lie over her body. He had made a fatal mistake though, and it was exactly the mistake that she wanted him to make: he got closer to her.
Demolishing a Rapist

Now the man’s groin was positioned right above the lady’s deadly feet: she immediately put her world famous Weapons of Mass Male Destruction to work. Always laying on her back and with her eyes still closed, she suddenly kicked his groin with one foot. She hit him with all the power in her leg: the upper arch of her foot connected with his genitalia making him scream for the sudden and unexpected blow to his reproductive organs. While the man was doubling down in extreme pain, the young woman brought both her legs up to her chest and then struck her opponent again with an all-powerful double kick to the same target: this time, she used her bare heels to bring destruction to his would-be-attacker’s balls. Her pretty feet disappeared into the man’s ugly and massive crotch. She kept her feet buried in the man’s groin for a few seconds to prolong and intensify the impact of her vicious double kick: when she finally removed her feet from between the rapist’s legs, they were already stained with the rapist’s blood. She then stung his nuts from underneath, using the pointed toes of one foot: with a self-assured smile on her face, she was twisting and turning her foot in his groin to further torture his genitals. Almost as it had been electrocuted by the woman's toes, the man’s back straightened up at first and then he bent down towards her, in pain. Now his neck and face were exposed to her deadly feet: she removed her foot from his groin, she brought her legs up to her chest again, and she hit him with a double uppercut kick to the jaw, using her bare heels to strike her opponent from underneath and shattering several of his teeth with one blow. She then crossed her feet under his neck and she began chocking him. The maniac’s knees were bent but they did not touch the ground because she was keeping him up with her feet locked around his neck. Desperately, he was trying to unlock her feet from under his neck with his arms but he was too weak and the woman’s martial arts legs were way too strong for his pathetic attempt. When he realized that he could never win against her feet, he tried to grab her body extending his arms towards her. She was way smarter than him though, and she counter attacked by immediately getting hold of his wrists with her hands. She started pulling his arms towards her, while her legs were pushing out. As a result, she had him crucified in a painful lock. She immediately dislocated his arms and broke both his wrists while strangling him with her feet: the man cried for the excruciating pain. Now the sex offender’s arms were useless and he was completely at Martial Arts Lady’s mercy. Giving her enemy no quarter nor pause, she arched her back to drive even more power into her deadly foot hold, always pulling his broken arms towards her. She then unlocked her foot from under his neck, but this was still no good news for the rapists, on the contrary! Fast as lighting, she first poked both is eyes with her big toe, then she hit his nose with the ball of her foot and finally she broke his lips with her sole. To continue this devastating ‘female-foot-to-male-face’ combination, she placed both her heels under his chin and pushed with all her strength for nearly a minute, almost breaking his neck. She then locked her right foot behind his head and reprised the foot torture on the maniac’s eyes with her left one: this time she was sadistically twisting and turning her pretty toe in his eye socket. She then switched feet. Now she had locked her left foot behind her victim’s head and was torturing his right eye socket with her right foot. Two small but unstoppable rivers of blood and tears were running down the brutish male’s cheeks as his eyeballs were being pierced, squashed and irreparably damaged by the young woman’s toes. It was an impressive show of lethal female footwork: she executed all these devastating techniques with methodical precision, incredible speed and unpredictable creativity, sending her dumb male opponent into a state of total agony and confusion. It was almost as if she was moving according to a choreography: a deadly ballet that her feet were expertly performing on the rapist’s already destroyed face. ‘Painful huh?' – she told him salaciously – 'Well, this is what I call the Agony of Defeet torture. It’s a little treatment that I reserve to filthy male animals like you after I have knocked them out with my kicks. It’s just another way to make them understand how useless men are against the power of a trained woman’s feet. Normally, I get paid a lot of money to put a man through this special ordeal but I don’t think that a loser like you could ever afford that. So I decided to give it to you for free, just before killing you obviously. Some guys just have all the luck, don’t they?’ She took a brief pause as she drove her punishing toe deeper into the man’s bleeding eye, 'there you go, for your eyes only!' she teased him as the man let out a scream of agony, then she added ‘And you know what? The best is yet to come! Actually, we’ve only just begun, asshole!’
Indeed, when the Martian Arts Lady was satisfied with the devastation she had brought to the rapist’s eyes, she turned to his nose again. She pinched the rapist’s big and ugly nose between the big and second toe of her right foot. The stark contrast between the candid beauty of the young woman’s perfect toes and the big and ugly nose of the male rapist which was trapped between them was almost grotesque. It seemed unfair that such a splendid female foot had to touch such a disgusting male face, but that’s the price the lady had to pay for carrying the most effective Weapons of Mass Male Destruction on earth. ‘It’s a dirty job but some woman has got to do it’, she sometimes told herself… but she actually loved her work with a passion and she would never change her action packed life for any other option. While she was gripping the man’s nose between her toes, the woman noticed with satisfaction that the polish on her toenails was still in nice shape: it had been a good idea to taste its endurance on Slave Bob the night before. His opponent was in a quite different state of mind though: the man’s eyes looked down in terror to the toes holding his nose, trying to figure out the next agonising trick that this unstoppable woman was going to unleash on him with her merciless feet. He did not have to wait too long as the bikini clad lady sprang into action again: with the man’s nose firmly locked between her toes she began to twist her ankle to one side. The bones in the man’s nose stated to crack loudly. Inside his cranium, the rapist heard the sickening noise of his nose breaking and then a wave of excruciating pain going though him, as the woman was accurately deforming his already unpleasant nose with her foot. The man let out one long scream of absolute agony while his nose was sent travelling around his face between the lady’s toes. ‘Oh you can scream as loud as you want asshole, no one will hear you here.’ – she told him calmly but menacingly - ‘I bet you have said that so many times to the young girls you have been raping right? That’s why you have chosen this isolated spot to attack lonely women, you coward! It made you feel so dominant, huh? Well now it’s your time to scream in vain!’. When the woman’s pretty ankle had completed its turn, the man’s nose had been excruciatingly twisted at 45° to the left compared to his natural position: she had reconfigured his facial features, changing the position of his nose. Totally indifferent to his suffering, the woman raised her foot and attentively studied her opponent’s disfigured face: she looked almost like a sculptor or a painter checking her work in progress. Indeed, the man’s disfigured face now looked very like one of the figures out of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. ‘Hey darling, whassup, now?’ – she told the suffering rapist – ‘You don’t like the free plastic surgery I’m giving you to improve your disgusting looks? Oh I get it, maybe you want your nose on the other side of your face’ - she said with girly enthusiasm - ‘Let me fix that for you: we always go out of our way to meet the demands of our clients in this beauty clinic!’. Knowing what she was about to do, the man started begging the pretty girl to stop: ‘No, no, please, don’t do it please, you don’t have to do this, I beg you no, no, no, noooooo!!!!’. Undeterred by the man’s pleas, the female martial artist pinched his nose between her toes again. As a result, the man’s voice came out with a nasal tone which made the young woman laugh: ‘Hahaha, you sound like a cartoon character, so funny!’ she told him. Then, with a malicious smile on her face, the lady began twisting her ankle again: this time she was making the nose between her toes slowly rotate from her opponent’s left cheek all the way to the right one: she was taking her time so that the man could experience every single nuance of the pain she was inflicting him. The bones were cracking loudly again as she moved the nose across the man’s face, making him scream again at the top of his lungs for the unbelievable levels of pain she was putting him through. When she had completed her foot twist, the maniac’s nose was bent 45 degrees to the left: she sent his nose travelling all across his face under her foot. ‘Ok, Ok I guess you don’t like it on this side too...' – she said sassily, faking frustration – Sorry, I was just trying to make your hideous face look slightly better… but if you like it as ugly as before I’ll put your horrible nose back in place, right? Oh my goodness you men have become so picky recently: you don’t appreciate what a woman is doing for you! I wonder why we bother sometimes!’. The man looked in terror as she proceeded to twist his nose again with her foot, placing it back right at the centre of his face. ‘There you are, handsome. Back to your former beauty’, she told him sarcastically. The man’s nose had always been ugly but now it was just a formless mass of broken bone and skin. The lady was tempted to kick him under his nose to send the pieces of bone she had just irreparably shattered right into his brain, but that would have killed him instantly thus ending the Agony of Defeet calvary for him: so she ‘just’ stomped his nose with her foot instead, squashing it a little bit more against his face. She did not want to kill him now: she wanted him to suffer some more, she wanted him to experience all the pain she could deliver to him. He now looked like a poor man in a lot of suffering, however the lady had learned one thing throughout the years: never forget who your enemies are, what they had done, and what they are capable of doing, even when they are begging for mercy at her feet. This guy was a filthy rapist: for what he had done to women - who often were just underage girls - he deserved every second of the torture she was inflicting him and more. Indeed, it was time to push things up a notch now and surprise the sex maniac once more with another clever female martial arts feet justice move.

While the man was still screaming in pain, the martial arts lady suddenly stuck her foot into his open mouth. She pushed it down his oral cavity until her foot was inside the maniac’s mouth up to her heel. With his mouth full of female foot, the rapist was reduced to immediate silence. At the same time, his eyes widened in disbelief for the woman’s endlessly creative and dominating fighting style. ‘Surprised Sir? Well there’s always a first time for everything, I guess’, she teased him. ‘I just had to shut you up though: your wussy screams are starting to annoy me, and you don’t want to see me annoyed, I’m telling you.’ As she spoke she twisted and turned her ankle to damage the man’s mouth and jaw from the inside: she also playfully wiggled her toes, ravaging his vocal chords and throat. She pushed her big toe against his cheek so that she could see the shape of it under the man’s painfully outstretched skin: that was always a comical sight to her as well as a particularly agonizing move for the man she was destroying. The man started to gag, choking with his own blood and saliva but she did not care. Undeterred, she started pumping her size 9 foot in and out of his mouth, almost as she was penetrating the man’s oral cavity. ‘As a fighter you really suck big time, pathetic loser’ – she hissed at him while she was fucking his mouth with her foot - ‘now let’s see if you are at least qualified to give suck a woman’s foot: c'mon, give me your best blow job, sucker!’ she told him disdainfully. Finally, the man’s jaw gave in to her relentless female foot action and his lips spit apart completely, bleeding profusely. She took her foot out, only to hear the man yell in indescribable agony. But his screaming did not last long because his male mouth was soon filled with female foot again. Indeed, the Lady had rapidly switched feet and was ravaging the inside of the maniac’s mouth again: this time though she had her right foot locked behind his head and her left one delivering the torture. Since the sex maniac’s jaws had already been painfully broken and disjointed by her right foot, the lady now managed to introduce her left one inside the man’s mouth even further: now her entire size 9 foot was inside his oral cavity, including her heel. The terrified man could feel and hear the young woman’s pointed toes push against the back of his neck and ripping his flesh apart from the inside: the lady noticed his opponent’s complete distress and did not miss the chance to tease him once more: ‘How does it feel to be mouth-raped by a female foot, asshole? How does it feel to be a victim? Luckily, I don’t have a disgusting dick like you do, so you should feel privileged for being violated by my pretty feet instead: they are supermodel feet, you know? I’ve bet you’ve seen them before on TV or on some magazine cover. Maybe you’ve been wanking to them already, because you really look like one of those foot fetishists to me…’. As the lady was penetrating the rapist’s mouth with her foot, she was considering the idea of performing a special move that she had already successfully experimented on some very unfortunate opponents during a couple of past missions: it consisted in thrusting her deadly foot inside a man’s mouth so that her toes would rip apart the flesh and skin in the back of his neck and come out on the other side of his head. It was a pretty gory but also very exhilarating kick to perform. The first time she attempted that she had dared by another secret agent who thought that was an impossible move to accomplish. She obviously won the bet and was happy to see her colleague’s shocked reaction when she sent him pictures and a live video of her foot ripping through the back of gangster’s neck from the inside of his mouth: there’s nothing that a woman’s foot can’t accomplish especially against an inferior male opponent (or opponents). However, that was definitely another fatality move and she did not want to put this chauvinistic pig out of his misery too soon: she wanted him to suffer for a much longer time under her feet… When the young woman was satisfied with the amount of destruction she had delivered, she extracted her foot from her opponent's mouth: she rudely wiped her blood and saliva-stained feet on the rapist’s white shirt, leaving very visible footprints all over it. ‘Nice’ – she told him while laughing – ‘It seems that I’ve branded your shirt now: you can sell this for a lot of money on the internet, don’t you know? Well, I guess you are not going to live long enough to capitalize on this, I’m afraid’. After her darkly sarcastic remark, the lady put both her bare feet on the would-be-sex-offender’s face, always pushing his arms towards her: her legs started extending, pushing now outwards and up. Her beautifully toned body arched in the effort, almost making her adversary stand up while she was resting on her head and shoulders. ‘You don’t mind if we do a little Yoga now, do you? It’s a relaxing thing to do on the beach, don’t you think so?’ – she teased him again, as she stretched her legs and pulled his arms further, putting her victim in even more mind numbing pain. The soles of her feet were pushing hard against the maniac’s broken face, almost blocking his breath, trampling on his injuries and sending him in a state of confused panic. She closed her eyes and began chanting ‘Oooommmmm’ as if in meditation: she was beatific and mindful while her enemy was in complete agony and distress under her feet.

After holding that excruciatingly painful (for the man) position for around ten minutes, the lady casually looked around her. Always sarcastic, she could not help but share her thoughts with the man who was struggling not to die under her feet. ‘Hey how about this? Deserted beach, almost-naked sexy woman, ugly rapist getting his ass kicked by a girl… Doesn’t this look exactly like one of those sleazy Rape and Revenge movies? Well, let’s say that we’ve skipped the rape part to go straight to the revenge, hahaha! However, it would have been highly unbelievable to see a loser like you rape an undefeated fighter like me. I have foot raped your mouth instead, so you are on the receiving end of both the rape and the revenge now, hahaha! It really sucks to be you buddy…Don’t worry though, it’s highly unlikely that I will ever ‘piss on your grave’, because I don’t give a shit about where your corpse is going end after this. If I should ever incidentally bump into you grave though I will have a think about it: maybe I could write a little epigraph over it like ‘dirty rapist slayed by the feet of a woman’ and then piss on it…anyway one thing is for sure: I am your Final Girl boy!’
The lady’s humorous popular culture and B-movie references totally went over the rapist’s head. He was in total shock, his eyes betraying his absolute terror under the young woman’s graceful toes. Almost effortlessly, she had sent him to a place of unbelievable suffering: he was in a trance-like state now as his brain was not able to process the amount of agony that the Martial Arts Lady was inflicting him with her lethal feet. That inviting female body that he wanted to violate had surprisingly turned in a deadly torture machine which was making him experience a level of suffering which he had never known before. The delicate flower he wanted to brutally reap had now turned into a luscious carnivorous plant which was eating him alive. And she did not even have to stand up from her beach towel to dominate him completely. Moreover, she was doing it by using just her feet. The lady was right: he always had an uncontrollable foot fetish but he would have never imagined to be so horribly disfigured by the feet of an irresistibly attractive young woman. And incredibly, he could not stop being sexually turned on by his bikini-clad female executioner, even as she was mutilating his face forever. He was not the first man to have gone through this disconcerting feeling while he was being systematically demolished by the Martial Arts Lady and he will not be the last for sure…

Kick to the Beat!

When the lady realised that her opponent had almost passed out from her smothering action, she removed her feet from his face and she let go of his wrists. Not supported by the lady's powerful legs anymore, the maniac fell on down his knees, with his head reclined on his chest.
Slightly amused, the woman looked at the wannabe rapist in front of her. He was now reduced to a desperate and totally unharmful state. She has been destroying him while laying down on a beach towel. She did not even bother to stand up: there was no need to and, let’s not forget, these were still her holidays so she had a right to take it easy!
She was going to have some fun in the sun while taking another filthy man out!
The lady turned her sexy body on one side, with one hand under her head for support.
She reached into her bag: she took out her mobile phone and headphones. She put them on and selected her favourite song: the music exploded in her ears and she started moving her head to the rhythm.
Then the young woman looked at the battered rapist and smiled confidently.
She used the tip of one foot to raise his chin up, so that his face was an easy target for her kicks. She then bent her knee and started delivering a long, fast and punishing series of slap kicks to the maniac’s face: it was almost as if she was performing an aerobic exercise, while lying on the floor on one side. She did the kicking rhythmically enjoying the music in her ears. The man’s head was spinning to the left and to the right in time with the music, while the woman’s foot was flailing his face back and forth, like a gracious, unflagging whip. Since she had completely broken and dislocated her opponent’s jaws, the man’s face was assuming weird and grotesque expression every time she was buffeted by the Martial Arts Lady’s feet. From time to time, one of his few remaining teeth were flying out of his mouth getting forever buried in the sand around the two fighters. It was a rather comical scene so the Martial Arts Lady decided to make little video with her phone, just to keep a memory of this lovely day at the beach. She will show it to Slave Bob tonight: he’s the only one who knows about her secret activities so at least she could have a laugh with him. After all Bob had been on the receiving end of her punishing series of slap kicks every day for two years now: for once the joke was on another man, so the lady thought that her servant might enjoy this little video treat. Slave Bob also knew about how she always liked to find the funny side to her work. Furthermore, this was supposed to be a day at the beach for her and even if she had to take out another male bastard she was not going to make him spoil her fun day: she was going to make it a beach kicking party! When she was halfway through the song, she turned around to lay onto the other side of her body: she then resumed the humiliating slapping of the rapist’s face with her other foot. She wanted both sides of her body to be tanned and she wanted the sex maniac to experience the power of both her bare feet: after all, her martial arts feet were the only part of her body he would be allowed to get in contact with!
While filming with her phone, she also realized that the perspective of the video was perfect: you could only see a man’s bloodied, swollen and deformed face being relentlessly kicked by a pretty female foot. Her face was never on camera so the lady’s identity was not revealed by the clip: that’s when she decided that, once she got home, she was going to put the video online from her incognito account so that all the world could watch how the once feared beach rapist got humiliated and destroyed by the barefoot kicks of a woman.

A Glimpse into the Future

The magical silence of the beach now was now only interrupted by the sound of the woman’s feet slapping the rapist’s face and by the man’s muffled moans of pain: actually, the only thing that was keeping his head from falling down on his chest were the perfectly-timed kicks of the female secret agent. She was not doing that just for fun though: her methodical and accurate foot busting of the sex maniac’s face was aimed at surgically shattering his facial bones so devastatingly that not even the most advanced medical technology could ever hope to reconstruct his features. She was bent on ruining him forever, but she was still going to do it in a playful way. When the song was finished the woman returned to lying on her back. The battered maniac was still kneeling with his legs apart, his heads on his chest, completely dazzled by the woman’s relentless slap kicking series. During the long slap kicking session his cheekbones had given in too. His face was such a bloody mess at this point that lady decided to take a picture of it. ‘Awww such a nice boy, let me take a photo of you won’t you: a reminder of this day at the beach with me’. She then cruelly showed the pic to the man. The rapist was still so flabbergasted that he could barely react to the gory sight of what once was his face: he certainly could not recognise himself in the gory mass of battered meat. Moreover his eyes were swollen and still full of blood from the previous foot torture. The young lady proudly commented: ‘Look at that! You have to admit that I’ve done a great job: it’s undeniable that your face was badly in need of a woman’s touch. I bet that not even your mother could recognise you now. Not that she would want to, though: who wants a rapist for a son? Actually, as a woman, I bet that your mama would be very proud of me for what I’m doing to you today’. The man heard the woman’s humiliating words but he was not able to reply since his mouth had just been completely destroyed by the female avenger’s feet. ‘Born from a woman just to be killed by another woman: this is the destiny of every man, remember pig.’ She told him with a smile. ‘You should not be surprised by what happened today. OK, my feet are internationally famous for being Weapons of Mass Male Destruction and I’ve killed thousands of men with them. I must admit I was born with a very special talent for vanquishing men with my feet: very soon though every woman will be trained in martial arts. Females all over the world are starting to wake up their full combat potential just now: all rapists and molesters will soon end up dead under their feet. No man will ever try to boss around - let alone harass - a woman anymore, on the contrary! Very soon females will dominate over men and women will rule over the earth again. Today you can say that you’ve got a glimpse of the future boy!’ -she smiled with glee at the prospect of a female-ruled planet - ‘Now, before we continue, it’s time for you to express gratitude to the feet of the woman who has just demolished you. I will not tell you my name because you don’t deserve to know the identity of she who has slayed you. I represent the natural supremacy of all women over men today. My feet are the instruments through which female martial arts justice is going to be delivered to you: show them the respect they deserve. I am your judge, jury and executioner and yes, you have been sentenced to death by female feet, pig! Now kiss them and say ‘Thank you superior Woman Sensei for improving my face before ending my miserable male life with your feet today’.’ The martial arts lady put her feet in front of the man’s lips, waiting for him to comply. Completely bamboozled but too scared not to obey her, the man managed to kiss the female martial artist’s feet with his swollen and broken lips. However, when he tried to utter the sentence he had been ordered him to deliver, he could only spit out some blood and let out a feeble whistle ‘thfkiiiiissss…’. The woman was not impressed: ‘Say the sentence, say it! Thank me and kiss my feet!’ - she yelled - but the man only managed another weak whistle. Desperate to compensate for his failure he kissed her feet again, shaking with fear. The martial arts lady shook her head in fake disbelief: she knew that there was no way he could utter a single word after what she had done to his mouth but she just wanted to humiliate and belittle him just a little more, just for her own personal entertainment. ‘Oh my goddess, you’re so pathetic and useless…Alright, let’s move on with this, let’s see if I can extract a little bit more fun out of you before I kick you to death’. She rudely removed her foot from under the man’s adoring lips and started preparing for the final station of the Agony of Defeet calvary.

Dancing Feet of Destruction

This was the part when the martial arts lady was going to deliver the punishment that every rapist deserves from a woman. She was going to make sure that he would never hurt no one else anymore and she was also determined to have fun in the process! She placed her killer feet right under his crotch: there was already a huge bloodstain on the man’s speedo, caused by her initial groin strikes. She pressed play on her phone and the music started again: it was another of her favourite songs, an upbeat summery tune. This time she had disconnected her headphones so that the maniac could hear the song too: ‘You don’t mind if I dance a little, do you? I just can’t resist when this tune comes up so… Sorry not sorry!’ - she told him with girly excitement.
Having said that, she enthusiastically started moving her shoulders to the beat and, tragically for the rapist, her feet started working too. She began pummeling his genitalia with her bare feet while she was still laying on her back, enjoying the music and the sun. ‘Do you like this song asshole?’ she teased the rapist ‘Well I really hope you do because this is the soundtrack to your castration!’ - she laughed heartily, without even looking at him: her head was resting on beach towel and her eyes were semi-closed in a dancing bliss. If felt almost like she was pressing wine grapes under her feet, but actually she was pressing nuts... With both his wrists broken, the pervert couldn’t even try to stop the two pretty hammers which were happily pulverizing his reproductive organs. Completely indifferent to the hellish pain she was delivering to the maniac at her feet, she kept humming the song with a whimsical attitude. Each time the song reached the chorus, she hit her victim with repeated double kicks to the crotch, to show her excitement for the refrain. When the song slowed down for a bit, she let her feet dwell into the rapist’s groin, twisting and turning them to follow the flow of the music and to bring even more destruction. When the beat was speeding up again, she reprised the alternate foot pummeling. By the end of the song she only felt a squishy pulp inside the man’s speedo, instead of the proud bulge of a few minutes before. The rapist’s genitalia had been completely and playfully erased by a young woman’s dancing feet: his once offending balls and dick were nothing but a bloody mess now. ‘Aaahhh I love dancing so much. Don’t you like it too?’, she said. Like a feline animal she stretched her whole body in pleasure and casually drove both her feet into the maniac’s crotch for one last excruciating time. She laughed again: ‘Hey you know what? From now on, if they're asking me how long this song lasts, I will reply “Just as long as it takes to castrate a pig!” Hahaha!’. She raised her head up to check the results of her devastating footwork. Among all the blood, she could also see some cum stains on the rapist’s speedo. Incredibly, the man had managed to climax while his genitals were being completely devasted by the Martial Arts Lady’s feet of justice. She shook her head at yet another sad display of dumb and masochist male lust. With a sarcastic tone the lady addressed the freshly caponized man again: ‘Apparently, you’ve enjoyed my footwork, asshole! Just like any male pig you can’t resist a good foot-job from a pair of pretty female feet…even while you are being mutilated by them! Unfortunately for you, I have to inform you that my feet just gave you the last ejaculation of your life. In the process they have castrated you, as it happens: let me welcome to your new life as an eunuch, pig! I guess it will be a short one though, judging by your bleeding down there…’

Peace, at last!

With her deadly dance the Martial Arts Lady had just emasculated a dangerous sex offender. She had been doing it with the sassy spirit of a young woman on holiday and, unfortunately for the maniac, with the feet of the most lethal martial artist in the world. Today this sex offender could have encountered any other woman and get away with another violent rape: unfortunately for him, he had bumped into the deadliest female on the planet and her unstoppable Weapons of Mass Male Destruction…
‘Ok, you worthless piece of shit, I think I’m almost done with you. Now I only want to enjoy my day at the beach finally: I feel like I gave you too much of my free time already but I couldn’t let you go without making you pay for what you’ve done to women. Again, consider yourself lucky because under different circumstances I would have kept you suffering for much longer.’
‘You were already dumb but I made you a mute’- she told the despairing man – ‘you were an aggressor and I’ve crippled your arms; you were a creep and I destroyed your nose and your sense of smell. You were a voyeur and, after what I’ve done to your eyes, you’ll become blind right before dying. You were a sex offender and I’ve castrated you. And I’ve done all this with my bare feet, the ultimate instruments of Female Martial Arts Supremacy! Now there’s just one last thing I must take care of before I can finally get rid of you’- she told him coldly. She brought her legs up and she spread them to the left and to the right of the kneeling rapist. Her feet were pointing outwards, parallel to the ground so that her heels were threateningly suspended on either side of the man’s head. She defiantly looked at his broken face first and then at her own pubic area, barely covered by the lower part of her bikini: ‘Do you like what you see, filthy pig?’ she told him with a sarcastic smile ‘I guess that if you still had a dick you would get an erection now…if!’, she laughed earthily as the man moaned in pain and humiliation, ‘Think about it, that was less than an hour ago: but then you met these two - she looked at her feet on both side of his head while smirking - …aaaawwww how unlucky this poor piggy has been today!- she looked to her groin again – ‘This is what you wanted…and this is what you get!’. As soon as she said that, she let out a savage ‘Kiai!’ and slammed both her heels on the rapist’s ears with incredible power and precision. Like two godly hammers her heels shattered both the rapist eardrums simultaneously, as well as the internal cartilage of his ears: blood began flowing out of the maniac's ears. With a single kick the young woman had just turned her opponent into a deaf man for the short reminder of his sorry life. The Martial Arts Lady's fierce ‘Kiai!’ scream and the thudding noise of her heels hitting his ears were going to be the last sound he’d ever hear: after all, his earing was the only sense that she had not completely disabled with her feet. Moreover, by destroying his eardrums the young woman had also compromised her opponent's sense of equilibrium forever: he will never be able to stand up or walk straight again without feeling sick and falling down on the floor. From now on, he will only crawl, like the lowdown worm he had always been. ‘And now you are deaf too’ - she told the dying man coldly - ‘It’s curtains for you, pig!’. The deafened man could only see her move her mouth though...
The lady opened her legs again and fired another powerful double kick to the rapist's head, this time hitting both his temples with her heels: a bolt of unbearable pain shot through the broken man’s body, as blood started spilling out from both sides of his head. The young woman followed that with an elegant side kick to the face that made him fall down sideways, at the end of her beach towel. The former sex offender’s head hit the sand at the lady’s feet: he was almost out cold, but not yet. The young woman kept her sexy foot in the air where the man’s head once was, attentively checking the tan on her leg: her skin was already taking on a pleasant honey tone, she noticed with satisfaction, as the man she just knocked out was sobbing in pain at her feet. She could now relax and maybe get some sleep: the lady turned to one side again and put her hands under her head to take a little nap. Nevertheless, the painful moans of the man whom she had just deprived of his manhood were still disturbing her and spoiling the wonderful silence of the beach. She had a remedy for that, however: to silence him, she put one foot behind his head and the other one right into his semi-opened mouth. Even in his sorry state, the maniac understood that he had to stop whining. He did not want to further annoy the woman who has just mutilated his body forever with her feet. He could feel her deadly toes stuck into his mouth, touching the back of his throat: he had learned the hard way how this incredible woman was perfectly capable to drive her feet through the back of his neck and make them come out on the other side, if she wanted to. With a mouthful of female foot the man was now silent and the peace on the beach was restored. After a while though, the woman took out her foot out of the male chauvinist’s mouth and placed it on his face, so that her heel was on his chin and her toes rested on his forehead. The former sex maniac thought that she was going to execute him with a foot smother: his eyes almost popped out of his head in fear as he felt her sole touch his face. The castrated man started crying quietly waiting for her punishing foot to put him out of his misery. Feeling the hot tears of the rapist wetting the sole of her foot, the martial arts agent couldn’t help but smile as the sun was kissing her body. She fell asleep: she was absolutely relaxed, knowing that now the broken creep under her feet represented no threat whatsoever to her or to anybody else.

From an outsider’s point of view, the scene on the beach was almost surreal: you could see an incredibly fit and sexy woman in a bikini, sunbathing close to the water. She seemed to be sleeping with a beatific smile on her face: however her gracious feet were resting on the head of an ugly, massive man all covered in blood. Around them a perfect and peaceful silence: it was like seeing heaven and hell in the same picture.
Indeed the woman was in heaven, but she was putting the man below her through hell. After a while the lady got so relaxed that she casually released the pressure of her feet on the sex maniac’s head. When he realised that he’d been given a chance to escape by his slumbering female punisher, the rapist slowly crawled away from her: creeping like a snail, he disappeared in the woods behind the beach, leaving a trail of blood behind him. The young lady was aware of what she was doing. She was just letting the man whom she had reduced to a vegetative state dispose of his own carcass. She did not want to be bothered with having to get rid of his disgusting corpse with her hands. Moreover, she wanted him to crawl all the way to the end of the path she had designed for him: a path made of suffering, humiliation and mutilation. He had to suffer for a longer time: she wanted him to fully experience the pain that his female victims had to endure for his retarded male lust. So many beautiful, smart and life affirming women had suffered to satisfy the sick urges of an inferior male. Finally, he was now in his rightful place: slowly dying from the incomparable devastation that the pretty feet of a superior female had brought upon him.

The Martial Arts Lady had singlehandedly demolished some of the biggest crime organisations in the world: destroying a petty local sex offender was child’s play for her. Nevertheless, by disposing of the sex maniac in just a few minutes, she had accomplished the work that the local police had been trying to do for months: and she didn’t even have to stand up from her towel to do it! Even while on holiday, her Weapons of Mass Male Destruction had inflicted another lethal blow to the vilest form of male oppression and made the world a safer and better place for women.
Now it was finally time to enjoy her day at the beach. She changed her towel, which was now drenched in the man’s blood and other disgusting bodily fluids. The always zealous Slave Bob had put a spare towel in her bag, so she laid down the new one to accommodate her hot physique. By the way, she still had to wash the rapist’s blood and gore from her pretty feet: time for a swim. Finally, she got up and dove into the water: as she plunged in, a peaceful feeling grew within her, embracing her body and her soul. In the meantime, a once dangerous sex maniac was suffering and bleeding to death in the nearby forest, thanks to this beautiful bathing beauty’s lethal footwork. Who said female martial arts justice and a lady's leasure time cannot coexist?
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