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Default StepMother vs Son


Daniel is a 17 year old boy, loves mma a lot and is adored by girls, 6ft tall and 182lbs weight, brown hair and eyes. He trains regularly in the gym, in fact he has a good physique. His father is 43 years old and has been divorced for a few years, but for about three months he has been living with Adele, his current partner, Adele. Adele is 46 years old, 5'5 feet tall and 125lbs. She is a very attractive woman, breasts are not abundant but just right, butt is muscular thanks to training in the gym, but not excessively large. One day Daniel and Adele were having dinner at home alone (the two got along well) Daniel: Could you leave me the TV in the living room, there's a UFC meeting I'd like to see.

Adeleri replies: of course it's fine, I'll see her with you then. Daniel makes a slightly smiling face: are you sure? it is not a sport for women. He says teasing her but sure of himself. "I don't want you to impress yourself with blood." A little annoyed by the comment, Adele replies: "look, I've also practiced mma, I know how it works and trust me that girls can beat boys, even where I trained". Daniel, who doesn't believe it, replies: "Probably where you trained the boys did it on purpose to lose, if you and I were to fight seriously, for example, you could never beat me even if you are trained". Adele: "ah are you challenging me?" Daniel: "I didn't say that" Adele: "are you afraid of losing against your stepmother?" she says teasing him. Daniel: "it's not better if you challenge me", "do you want to try?", "okk, but let's put a punishment". "Ok, what do you want to do?" Daniel: "Whoever wins does the other's household chores for a week". Adele smiling replies: "Pff... get ready to wash the dishes for a week, son."

The two move the furniture and go to change, the playing field is the carpet in the living room. Daniel is wearing black socks, shorts, and a black short-sleeved shirt. Adele instead barefoot, with a pair of black leggings and a pink top. As she ties up her hair, Daniel can't help but notice how beautiful she is as his stepmother's woman, from head to toe. Adele: "Are you going to look at me again with that face or shall we start?" Daniele stops staring at her: "yes yes... let's set some rules". “We only do grappling, no kicks and punches.” “How do we win?” asks Daniel. Adele: "who makes the other say "I submit", okay?"

"Understood". Adele does a three second countdown and they start the fight. A showdown starts immediately, where the two shake hands with each other. Daniel notes that he is better in the upper part, in fact he manages to put his stepmother on the ground and straddle her belly "Ah I knew, I'm taller, more muscular and I'm a man, I can't lose against you" but Adele pushing herself with her feet makes a bridge with the body and throws the son to the ground. A fight begins over who should be on top, Daniel begins to feel a little uncomfortable, he hoped to finish the match first and then see it immediately on television, but the stepmother is stronger than she thought. The two separate for a few seconds, and seeing the scene Daniel is not happy, he is destroyed while Adele is fresh as a rose. "You're finished, now your mother is teaching you a good lesson" Adele as she says this, she manages to climb on her son's back and put her right arm around her neck. Daniel tries to detach the stepmother from the neck, but he can't do it as the grip is very tight. Adele locks her legs around Daniel's torso, bodyscissoring him, making things even more difficult for him. Daniel begins to sweat, especially as he notices his stepmother's strong legs, now wrapped around him. “Surrender” “N..No…slut”.

Adele doesn't get angry, on the contrary she vents her frustration in the fight: she hooks her right hand into her left arm, her feet move towards the ends of her groin, with her heels facing the boy's shaft. Adele whispers in her ear: “Hey, it's better to give up, you can't free yourself, you're at my mercy, I won, a woman is beating you, and it's your stepmother, and after all you'll kiss her feet, isn't it a bit embarrassing? ” Daniel freaks out and starts writhing, he didn't want to lose to his stepmother, let alone kiss her feet. But it's too late now, Adele tightens her grip on the neck again, "you have a few seconds to free yourself, touch my thigh to submit" Daniel whispers again in the suffering ear, while to humiliate him a little more, touch the soles of the feet boy's shaft, making it harder and harder. Daniel now desperate, decides to submit, beating once on the thigh of his stepmother, who decides to free him.

He is lying on the ground trying to catch his breath, while Adele gets up and adjusts her tail, looking at her opponent on the ground, while the boy tries to avoid his gaze. “So, what do you have to say?” "I submit" admits Daniel "Judging from below, you enjoyed being beaten by your mother" while he puts his right foot on the boy's rod, starting to rub it. Daniel was getting harder and harder, and he couldn't believe this was happening. After a while adele moves and puts her foot just above the boy's face: "kiss" Daniel can't help but obey and starts kissing his stepmother's foot. Slowly she lowers her foot and puts her fingers on the boy's mouth, who starts massaging them with his tongue. "Good boy," Adele says in a sultry voice, which drives him crazy. This continues for another 10 minutes, when Adele removes her foot from the boy's mouth, wiping it on his face. The stepmother walks off, leaving her son lying on the ground, humiliated and defeated, who strokes his shaft into his pants, shortly after releasing a huge load.

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Default Re: StepMother vs Son

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feet domination, step-mother

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