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Old 03-Feb-18, 22:20
Atanas BG
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Default Rage reviews

I greet you all!

No matter the richness of one's vocabulary, few words exist that can resemble a description of Rage's magnificence. Firstly, she is beautiful. That is the first thing one realises. Secondly, her hospitality is indeed commendable and warms one's heart. Then, once the battle starts she demonstrates much might and dexterity. One experiences a boost of competitiveness. I wrestled her in a semi-competitive/competitive match for an hour and a half and must admit that it was truly hard-fought, yet I was repeatedly crushed. Our session was in Belgrade where she provided an apartment space where it was most comfortable to wrestle. Communicating with her is a pleasure and for every single one wrestling her would be a privilege.
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Old 03-Feb-18, 23:10
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Default Re: Session with Rage

6 reviews have been posted of Rage on her Fight Pulse profile in the last 2 months. Here's a screenshot:

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Old 04-Feb-18, 08:13
Atanas BG
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Default Re: Session with Rage

Thanks, mate. Yeah, I know. I have seen the other reviews. I do often visit the "Fight Pulse" site. Many reviews have also been posted on her "sessiongirls.com" profile. I actually wrote one on her "sessiongirls.com" page, too, but it is yet to be approved. Many thanks.

Take care,


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Old 25-Feb-18, 18:53
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Default Re: Rage reviews

I’m supposed to meet Rage tomorrow in Frankfurt. I’m still waiting for her location details ... (hope to receive them quickly )
Can’t wait to give you my report guys
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Old 25-Feb-18, 22:41
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Default Re: Rage reviews

Hi ! I met Rage recently and the session was the best I had so far ! She is a nice and fun girl ! She looks great and you cant imagine how good her legs and ass are....Best facesits and scissors haha

I also received location détails late but everything was ok, dont worry with that ! Let us know how your session was
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Old 27-Feb-18, 11:34
Atanas BG
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Default Re: Rage reviews

Yeah, mates! She is indeed one hell of a wrestler. I am glad that you all enjoyed your sessions and I am bloody sure that you wouldn't miss the opportunity to meet and wrestle her once more.

Sie ist wirklich eine wunderschöne Ringerin. Es freut mich, dass sie, nach ihren Sessionen, ein angenehmes Gefühl haben.

Wishing you much luck in future undertakings,

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Old 04-Mar-18, 09:49
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Default Re: Rage reviews

I recently had a wonderful session with Rage. Just meeting Rage is really great fun. She is a very pretty curvy girl. Moreover she is friendly, talkative, humorous, smart. Wrestling Rage is even more fun. She is strong and flexible. Technique is still developing, which gave the wrestling the feel of a spontaneous friendly match, while at the same time she beat me convincingly. And with obvious pleasure. Clear communication, nice rental apartment. Highly recommended!

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Old 04-Mar-18, 18:09
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Default Re: Rage reviews

Awww guys, thank you all for the nicest words! I'm happy you enjoyed our sessions, and may many more come in the future too. Cheers!
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Old 23-Jun-18, 12:26
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Default Re: Rage reviews

I met this beautiful young woman last week in Holland.
I'm always a bit nervous before sessions but that disappeared as soon as I entered the apartment and talked to her.
I wanted a light wrestling session with main focus on schoolgirl pins. And that's exactly what I got.
I'm taller and heavier than her however her technique and stamina is way better than mine so she easily dominated me without breaking a sweat.
When she was sitting on me she told me that she could hold me like that forever if she wanted to. And I did not doubt that, absolutely nothing I could do.
This was one of the best sessions I've had so far and I definitely want to session with her again.
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Old 25-Jun-18, 11:10
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Default Re: Rage reviews

Hello fans of Rage
A few days ago I had a exciting wrestling session with Rage in Prague. I know her from Fightpulse where i saw a few her matches. She impressed me so much that i decide to contact her and ask for private session. I was lucky she had free schedule at that time in Prague and we agreed a session at 7th June 18.
My name is Frank – 183 cm, 83 kg , 40 years old
Ms. Rage – 170 cm, 65 kg, 24 years old
We agreed a semi-competitive match (rules: submissions, pins counting to 10) for 40 minutes. Winner can continue in bondage, domination activity for another 30 minutes.
We had started with armwrestling to check our arm strength. Finally I won 2:0, however I had to push as much as I can to overpower her. It was first warning that I will have hard time with her.

1. Round
Match started, we pushed to each other in the middle of a mat. She was similarly strong as me, but quicker so she managed grab me to a headlock and then she fall down on her back and pulled me between her legs, she started scissor my belly. I escaped and tried to pin her but she still control me by her legs. She pushed me on side and then she got on top of me. She started to pin me down under her thighs. I struggled violently by she was stronger and finally she was sitting on my chest my head between her thighs. It was real schoolboy pin. I tried to disballance her by my legs but it was even worse, she grabbed my legs and push them down. I was afraid she would break me on two peaces. She applied me leglock on my neck. I was totally trapped by her powerful legs without chance for escape. Finally She applied legscisor and squeezed me so tightly that I had to tap out.
Match time: 5:00 Min, Score: 1:0 for Rage.

2. Round
After pushing in the middle of ring She grabbed my neck and applied handlock, then she disballanced me and I was lying under her. She wrapped hands around my neck and pressed my head to her breasts. I managed to escaped from that hold and put her aside. However she was still controlling me by the headlock and pushing my back on the mat, we circled around, she applied to me very strong headlock, I was losing breath and weakening. She was smiling to my face “ no way – you must give up” she whispered to my ear. Suddenly She released headlock and quickly caught my head and pulled it below her ass, then she sit on my head by her full weight and even more wriggled her ass on my face. I was trapped by her ass I couldnot breathe. Then She moved down and applied reverse headscissor. It was incredible squeeze and I tapped out for second time.
Match time: 10:00, Score: 2:0 for Rage

3. Round
I attacked her aggressively and I got her on the mat, I tried to pin her but she was flexible and caught my head by her legs. She scissored me by leglock, I managed to escape. We were in neutral position in the middle of the mat. She quickly grabbed my head to handlock from a top and pushed me down. We circled in the ring. Finally she got my head between her thighs and scissored me. I released my head but she jump on me and smashed me down on the mat. I was laying on my chest. She applied body scissor from my back and finally she got me in heavy Full Nelson hold. She pushed strongly until I summited.
Match time: 14:20, Score: 3:0 for Rage

4. Round
I attacked and catch her to headlock, pushing her shoulders to the mat. I started to count but she managed to release and suddenly she got my head between her thighs and scissored me in reverse headscissor. She sat on my head and wriggled her bum. She provoked me and smiled how much helpless I was. I was trying to turn and lay on my stomach but she was stronger. She grabbed my hand and turned over me to my back, quickly she jumped on my chest to schoolboy pin. She pressed my biceps by her knees. I was unable to push her away, she was again smiling to my eyes. I was more and more tired. She sat on my neck and pushed her pubic bone to my chin. She smiled to my eyes, catching my nose by fingers. It was very humiliating. I cannot breathe. I couldn’t throw her down. I couldn’t do anything. She pulled my head to her crotch and squeezed her powerful thighs. I was about to submit, but she suddenly released and let me breathe for a while then she repeated that hold again. She was playing with me. She could make me submit anytime but she wanted to torture me. Let me breathe a little and squeeze my head again. I was broken, my resistance fall down to minimum. She felt it and played with me even more. Finally she applied demonstrative front headscissor and squeezed strongly until I tapped out.
Match time: 22:00, Score: 4:0 for Rage

5. Round
We pushed in the middle, Rage was quicker and caught my head in handlock, she pushed me on my back and put right hand between her thighs. She pinned me and started to count, I managed to roll over on my side, she straddled me and trying to put me on my back. I managed to get face to the mat, but she then jumped on my back and give me full nelson again. I lay down on my belly. She was a top of me in full control. She was trying to apply full nelson. I protected myself push her on her back, but she got my bell y from reverse to bodyscissor. She was still choking my throat me by handlock from reverse. I was losing my strength a resistance. However with last force I managed to escape and I attacked her. I push her to the mat and pining her arms. I have started to count “1,2,3 … at 8” she bent herself and with big effort she push me aside and quickly straddle me, hug my head by her arms and pull it to her breast. She choked me by her cleavage. My arms were pinned and unable to push her off. She easily counted to 10. I was overcome again with no resistance in my body and mind. She sat on my chest in victory pose, smiling to my face.
Match time: 28:30, Score: 5:0 for Rage

6. Round
My camera unfortunately stopped to record. I remember that Rage was in total control. This and next round she was playing with me. She caught my body in bodyscissor and squeezed my belly. It was very painful. I was about to tap out when she released and changed position. She was sitting on my chest in reverse position. Then wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed hardly. I have tears in my eyes, she released and after while squeezed again. She tortured me like that several times. Finally she sat on my face. Her beautiful ass smothered me. I could not breathe or do anything. I had no strength to push her off. I gave up and tap.
Match time: 33:00, Score: 6:0 for Rage

7. Round – last
It was clear who is boss there. Rage was smiling to me and she was very self-confident. She let me to push her down and straddle her. It was good chance for me to get at least one point. I pin her arms down and started to count. It 1,2 3, -8. At 8 she managed to raise herself and escaped from my pin again, the she was quickly a top of me straddled me in schoolboy pin. She put my heads between her thighs. She was in total control. It was very humiliating exciting for me.
She played with me catching my nose by fingers, she was slapping me gently. Finally she pushed pubic bone to my throat I quickly could not breathe and gave up again. She was sitting on me in nice victory pose.
Match time: 37:40, Score: 7:0 for Rage
Wrestling part of our session ended. Rage won this combat 7:0 by convincing way.
I did not expect such a defeat before our match because I overweighed her nearly by 20 kg and I’m man. Nevertheless it was my big mistake about strength and abilities of this yang cute lady.

After wrestling started domination part of our session which I will not described in details.
I can say it was very painful, humiliation and very exciting for me as well. She tied my hands and legs so I was totally helpless. She was torturing me by many kinds of wrestling holds like bodyscissor, front and reverse headscissors, facesitting, smothering, trampling etc. I tapped out many times. I was ultimately exhausted and totally beaten, broken and defeated when she finished. However I can say that I was very happy when the session ended because one of my dreams comes true.
I need to point out that Rage was all the time very friendly and kind to me. I’m very looking forward for another wrestling session with this beauty called Rage. I’m dreaming my sweet revenge.
Be well.
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