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Old 10-Nov-11, 21:09
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Default smothered by sister in skirt

Not my experience, found this on the net:
This is another on e that I thought was worth mentioning. I was the same
age of 12 as the previous experience. My mom had told me multiple times to not
drink anything while sitting on the living room couch and when she was out I was
doing exactly that and happened to drop some coke on it. My sister who was
sitting there saw it happen and told me to get some napkins and clean the mess
which I did but said she'd tell mom anyway unless I agreed to be punished by
her. Later that day when my mom was out again my sister had changed into, you
guessed it, a short black plaid skirt and told me to come lie down on the
carpet. I knew what was coming. She stood over my face for a second giving me a
view of her red panties and then sat down comfortably on my face with my nose
pressing against her red panties. As usual I had disappeared into darkness
inside her skirt and lay there bearing the pressure of her full weight while she
comfortably sat on me and lectured me about how I should listen to mom and how
she had saved my ass from being grounded. Whenever she sat on me she made sure
to not cover my nose completely so that I could breathe, though it was always
difficult as her panties would be pressed against it, and every breath I took
would have her scent in it I think she knew if I could just about breathe she
could continue sitting on me for long periods without having to get up. After
about a minute of lying still I started feeling like my head was going to cave
in and started moving a bit ,so she got up and sat on my stomach and I finally
got some deep breaths in. she then completely got up and said she was going to
use the bathroom and told me to conitnue lying there she then came back in a
couple of minutes and plonked herself right back down on my face and I was
plunged yet again into darkness and when I say plonked I mean it there was
no gentleness she sat down with almost a thud. Now there was an additional
urine scent. This time she sat for almost 2 minutes. Every time she sat on me it
was fullweight from the beginning there was no gradual taking her weight off
her knees or anything like that she sat down on me like I was a chair. This
time in addition to the sitting she thought it appropriate to put her hand
inside her skirt and grab my hair firmly from time to time. Finally after the 2
minutes, she stood up my jaw was hurting from her sitting and the back of my
head was hurting. But it wasn't over she made me lie down on the couch on my
stomach and with my head turned towards the tv, she sat down on the side of my
head and said she was going to sit there till mom came . she told me to watch tv
which was not possible as my head was completely inside her skirt. soon after
my mom came home and she got off but said my punishment would continue later
the strange thing was when my mom came in she asked why there was a crease on
the side of my face.
The most common reason for her sitting on me was either me losing some
silly game to her or me being punished for some ridiculous thing though
occasionally she would just push me to the ground and sit on my face for no
reason. Whenever I won the game my reward was basically that I did not get sat
on. She always played the game in a skirt and if I was to be punished for
something it would be when she was wearing one.
My sister is now married and I often wonder if she did the same stuff with
her boyfriends and if she does so with her husband for a couple of years
during my childhood she sat on my face almost every week and sometimes twice a
week or so - always in a skirt. I had gotten so used to it that I almost started
anticipating when she would sit on me. the sitting was always a bit painful but
there was something about plunging into darkness under her skirt that appealed
to me it was almost serene inside there. Though it was usually a plaid skirt,
most of hers being black, she had pushed me inside long skirts and once inside
one of those frilly dresses. I think she liked the plaid skirt the best. There
were a couple of rare occasions when sat on me in a pair of jeans which was
really uncomfortable im glad she stuck to skirts I preferred being inside
them than have denim rub on my face.

Did any of you have such experiences growing up with your older sister
sitting on your face, especially in a skirt?
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Old 11-Feb-12, 16:48
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Default Re: smothered by sister in skirt

I had very similar experiences with both my older sister and younger sister. They did not sit on my face in a skirt but whilst wearing short skirts they very regularly sat on my upper chest and neck with their crotch jammed into my chin.
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Old 21-Sep-16, 20:00
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Default Re: smothered by sister in skirt

Yes I have had my sister sit on my face, in a skirt/dress as well. When we were both pretty young 5-9 I can't really remember but she used to just sit on my face a lot. Sometimes after everyone got out of the car and we sat in the back and she told nobody to open it that we would just hop over the seats. But after everyone had gotten into the house she would just lay me down on the floor and hover over my face for a second and then she sat on my face. I am so horny thinking about it. Once or twice she would do it inside but after a while she stopped doing it I don't know why but I miss it. So like 8 years after my other sister accidentally sat on my face when we were fake wrestling. And since I was old enough know to know about getting horny I was sooooo horny. I did it soooo many times. I would purposely lose in games so she would sit on my face. After a while I decided to just have her lay down and I would put my face to her butt crack and smell it so nice. But I wouldn't have to worry about breathing because I was in control. That hasn't happened in like 3 years now and it will never happen again I know it. I hope that the first sister does it again though because she has a huge perfect ass now and I hope she sees my dick all hard. I've had a girlfriend before and she gave me head. But my sister I've just hoped for for so long because she got me horny first. When she always did it I didn't know what being horny was because I probably wasn't but I was super excited and loved it
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Old 02-Aug-19, 10:22
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Default Re: smothered by sister in skirt

I wrestled with both my older sister and older female cousin when I was a kid, I'm certain they were experimenting with their sexuality and used the wrestling as an excuse to stimulate themselves, there was certainly a lot of facesitting and smothering scissor holds with my face pressed firmly into their crotch.
That's what started this lifelong fascination for me, it wasn't until my mid twenties that the fantasies I had been harbouring were realised. I started going out with a girl who replied to an advert I placed in a paper called LOOT, where you were able to publish an as along with your phone number (sadly not allowed anymore).
So by virtue of the fact that she replied I knew she was actually interested in wrestling. I have written an account of the first encounter on this site, not sure if it's still there. Essentially, all my dreams were realised that first night, we had talked extensively and completely openly on the phone a good few times so there were no inhibitions by the time we met, and no illusions that this was anything but a sexual fantasy, nothing to do with sport.
I had told her in depth about all my fantasies and she had shared hers with me. Once we met, in a pub in Holborn, we both couldn't wait to dispense with the formalities and get back to my flat to wrestle. Within minutes of reaching my place we were stripped down to very minimalist underwear, (I'll never forget the tight, almost see through, little panties she wore, obviously in anticipation of our encounter) and wrestling on the duvet I had spread on the living room floor. Without too much preamble I soon found myself pinned down beneath her in a classic 'schoolgirl' as she slowly and tantalisingly edged herself forward until my face was buried beneath her now wet crotch.
I won't labour the issue, we had an amazingly erotic night where we fulfilled all of our fantasies and desires. She came many times through rubbing her wet, bulging lips onto my willing face and I had some of the most powerful orgasms I'd ever had. I smashed the record for the amount of times I came in one session. We would both be laying there, exhausted, in a post orgasmic daze, then alook would pass between us and we'd start all over again.
During the course of our two year relationship we always used wrestling as foreplay and we developed special rules to allow her the advantage to compensate for our differing levels of strength. Having said that she developed such a leveL of skill and cunning that we reached the stage where she would regularly beat me without to need of the rules, she would use them anyway just to enjoy her dominance over me.
On her suggestion we introduced a forfeit rule for the loser (always me). The forfiet was I had to be her total slave for the night and carry out her commands to the letter, this often left me with a very tired and aching tongue and jaw muscles, and a very sticky face.
This is a completely true account of this relationship and I very much regretted it's ending.
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